Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • Who cares about the stupid triangle? Jin/Sun is the great love story on this island.

    Sorry about the english.

    Unlike some peple, I always found Jin and Sun 2 of the best charactes in Lost. And, as far as "romantic storylines" are concerned, Jin/Sun is billions of times far more interesting, real, complex and deep than the annoying Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle (saving one or 2 moments).

    This episode reminded me "...in Translation", to me the best "character development" episode in this series ever. I don't know exactly why, this episode is very different from that one. Maybe because their story, even when there's nothing to do with the island and the mysteries, is interesting enough to forget about the rest. The best scene in this episode is when Sun finds out that Jin is the babe's father. She showed a incredible mix between happiness and sadness (more happiness I believe). Just great.

    Another highlight was Mikahil's return. Incredible. Some characters are so good that even with short appearences, showed more than characters that are there since the pilot episode (Charlie is still my biggest example here). Aparently the "eletromagnetic field" was not strong enough to kill him and the island "healing process" helped him. This is defenetly a guy we should look foward from now on. He seems to know a lot (and I'm not talking about the multiple languages skill).

    Naomi was also very interesting. Apparently speaks many languages (the most revealing was the line "I'm not alone" that she spoke in portuguese), and add more mystery about what the hell is going on on that island. And the final scene, to me the best cliffhanger since "Par Avion". I don't dare speculate about what Naomi said, I just expect that nobody starts to think again they're in purgatory or some s**t like that. That's just retarded. To me the answer will be either far more complex or far more simple than we expect.

    And I'm wating for it. BTW, Juliet is still full of s**t. That scene with her turning the tape recorder off just shows that she will do whatever she needs to do to get what she wants, no matter how many people suffer.
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