Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • A sun episode mixed in with a present and flashback with the island, infertility and Juliet's ability to help, we also discuss the morale aspect of shame, the shame of one's origins.

    We have SUn tending her garden, and for some reason I am getting tired of them playing on the kidnap episode everytime we have this scene, it's getting tiresome for sure, but this time it was Jack, come to talk to Sun about her pregnancy, she is a bit reluctant, but he assures her that it is just routine type of questions and now that he is back, he has alot of people he needs to ask questions of.

    We get alot of flashbacks of Sun, they start with her getting off the cellphone with Jin, sitting at a bench and getting approached by a lady with a newspaper and asking if thats her, she says yes, then after initial chit chat, it is asked that $100K be paid or that her husbands shame would become public knowledge. She goes and asks her Dad for the money and gets it, Jin finds it and presumes it for something else and asks her to return her fathers money.

    The jolly boys outing is now turned more into a medical mystery as they have to fix up the unknown parachutist, she is incoherent and mumbling in a lot of different languages, but Hurley understands the spanish for "I'm Dying", they check her and she has something sticking out of her side, Des orders Hurley to check the medical bag, Des volunteers to run back to the beach but Charlie says that it's not safe to go running through the jungle and it is an 8 hour walk one way.

    Des says they have to do something as nobody knows they are there, just as Hurley is looking through the bag, he then fires off a flare gun, but as it wasn't dark then the impact is not quite the same, but the "oops" from Hurley was class.

    Flashback Sun and Jin are in their new apartment, Sun looking through boxes and sorting it all out, but she asks if there are any pictures of his family, but he just says that they did not have a camera when they were growing up, he gets really uncomfortable regarding the topic for sure.

    Sun talks to Kate regarding how unusual Jack has been since getting back from the others, Kate says that it is because he was kept prisoner, promised to be let off of the island. Sun tells Kate that she thinks he might be now working with the others in order to get her baby as he was asking about it earlier. Sun asks Juliet directly and gets a very blunt answer, that all pregnant women on the island have died, leaving Sun in shock.

    The boys are still having trouble with the parachutist,trying to save her when Mikhael appears, he turns and runs, but is caught by Jin, he promises he can save her if he is released at the end as if they had never come across him, which they promise to do, he is also able to translate some of the mumblings, all the same, I'm dying, but in various languages.

    The Flashbacks for Sun, incorporate two ket things, one is paying off the whore mother of Jin, she tells her that Jin believes her dead, that if she hears from her in any form, knowing how powerful her family is, she doesn't want that to become a reality. Then the next one she is walking down a fishermans pier, to a boat and meeting Jin's father, she gets invited in and has a good time, but told by her father in law she must never mention the meeting to his son, as he would then suffer the shame.

    As Sun is sleeping that night, Juliet goes into her shelter, wakes her and tells her that there may still be hope, that she may still have a safe pregnancy, but she will need an ultra-sound, that there is a medical facility nearby that will help her determine this, Sun says that they did not find one, but then Juliet says that they were not looking in the right place.

    Mikhael maanges to stabilise the wound and the patient and then says that he will leave now, they agree, he's only gone 2 steps before Jin is after him, the others play chase, then they discover that Mikhael has swiped the sat phone before leaving but spotted by Jin, they release him.

    Sun asks Juliet why she is helping, she explains that it was years ago that she was able to smile and tell other ladies that they were pregnant and all is going to be okay, it's been along time for that and she wants it to go ahead once more. Sun explains that she's been with another man, Juliet says the DOC will tell them how long she has been pregnant and maybe who the father is. After taking it we find that Jin is the father but it was conceived on the island.

    Back at the parachutist, Hurley gets asked who he is, he explains about the plane etc, but the parachutist says that they found flight 815, all were dead and there were no survivors. "What..>" says Hurley.