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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • Makes you doubt everything thats gone on on the island. **warning review will contain spoilers**

    This is a great episode and really does plant a seed of doubt in your mind that everything we have seen is just a figment of Hugo's imagination. I absolutely love the scene where **SPOILER ALERT**

    Hurley attacks Sawyer. Lost has made me laugh in a number of ways but this scene made me howl. brilliant. Good on ya hurley. Its good to know hurleys back story too, it explains a lot. Aww i love this episode i can watch it over and over. wooo.
  • the greatest show ever has brought out another great episode.

    this episode was great for many reasons:
    1: its centric character was my favourite character of season 2, hurley.
    2: had the right ammount of adventure in.
    3: was funny aswel.
    4: posed a new theory on what was going on on the island.
    5: really mysterious episode, which are my favourite type.

    i have never rated an episode of lost lower than a 9.1 and my reasons are that even the worst episode of both seasons, fire + water, was the worst episode, it deserves a 9.0 or a 91 still, cause thats how good the worst episode was. the best parts of this episode where: the part where hurley discovers dave isnt real in his flashbacks, the part where dave jumps off the cliff and the part where everyones getting food from the crate of food.
  • Again, I remind you that I've seen few episodes and perhaps would have benefited from more experience of Hurley in season 1 before seeing this particular episode.

    I did enjoy this episode, although the main plot seemed like filler while the series story-line only moved on right at the end.
    I think I would have liked this episode more, though, if I hadn't seen it done elsewhere just as well. It reminded me 100% of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer''s 'Normal Again', which is one of my favourite episodes of all of Buffy. So, it was good that Lost still managed to compete a little with that legacy.
    I don't know if the truth was supposed to be quite obvious and predictable, but I felt like the program wasn't really trying to disguise anything from us this episode. Unless there's another level I've managed to completely miss, that is.
    I'm also enjoying the relationship between Hurley and Libby, they're cute together and the end between them was particularly predictably mushy.
    The final ending was very intriguing though! I can't wait to see more about Libby's past now.
    The non-Hurley bits were also good this episode, what with the deepening confusion over Henry, and the idea that he possibly may have wanted to escape his own people.
    The number 1. scene has to go to Sawyer and Hurley's fight though! And Jin just standing there laughing before he intervened...
  • Have you ever asked yourself why Hurley was in a mental institute?

    In this episode you will find a lot of emotion and mystery. On the island, you can see how things between Libby and Hurley have changed. Libby helps him to loose weight but he confesses he has been stealing food since the discovering of the hatch.

    But, suddenly, something strange happens: While everybody is wondering about the way a huge amount of food arrived to the island, Hurley sees a familiar face... a bald man is looking at him... smiling.

    The flashback shows us the time when Hurley was in a mental institute. He was always manipulated by a friend, the same man that misteriously appeared on the island. Dave, as he wa called, tells Hurley not to take his medicine and convinces him to escape from the mental institute. But Hurley was not totally sure about Dave´s existance, as his doctor had already told him that Dave didn´t exist, and everything was in his mind. However, Hurley decides to escape with Dave but, when they both were escaping, Hurley changes his mind and decides not to believe in Dave. After this, he stays in the mental institute and Dave disappears from his live... Until now.

    On the island, Jack decides to go where Mr. Friendly to trade prisoners. He takes Kate with her and they spend hours waiting for Mr. Friendly´s appearance. But they find somebody they wouldn´t have expected...
  • It brings most of the fans theories with the itself.

    Ok Hugo, maybe you havin'a dream, who knows?????

    It's important to light the episode... A lot of fans have the theory that its only their imagination, we can tell the Hugo have the problem, so, why isn't his imagination working out???
    He was on the nut house, takin meds for hallucinations, the guy that was playing a game with him, said the sequence... Libby was there... too much info of the island and the theories on this episode...

    If you don't press the button, there will be a clung sound, and thats all!!

    Thats all for now...

    Thx Guys, I hope you agree with me!
  • Great episode!

    This episode is really cool and is one of my favorite, I like a lot plots where one thinks that he is going crazy especially if they have imaginary friends, such as Asylum in Smallville, but this episode is really great, Hurley begins to remember a lot about before get to the island and remembers having a friend named Dave, but when talking to his physiatrist discovers that Dave never exist and a lot of things that are cool, and Hurley confronts him about not being real, and is a really cool episode!
  • The revelation about Henry has opened a can of worms. And Hurley’s only the latest person to have visions on the island.

    Fake Henry said that Henry was in the basket of the balloon with a broken neck. The obvious assumption is that he’s lying. Henry wrote that he was going to the beach to light a signal fire, if he did he wouldn’t have walked all the way back to the balloon, he would have stayed with the fire which would be the best chance of being rescued. So for a moment let’s say fake Henry wasn’t lying about Henry being in the basket, his frantic insistence that he didn’t kill Henry certainly backs that up and he did seem genuinely shocked at the content of the letter. So either Henry was killed right after writing the letter, which is unlikely, or someone put him back there to make it look like he died in the crash. If that was true, who killed him because surely fake Henry would have known about it if it was the Others? My point is, it’s odd that Henry was buried by the balloon. If he did go to the beach, how did he get back to the balloon, it’s unlikely he would return there for my reasons above. The most likely explanation is that he was either killed near the balloon or that he was intercepted on the way to the beach (again, why take him back to the balloon?).

    Then there’s the burial. If he was murdered, why bother burying him? If he was killed somewhere else, why return him to the balloon? The fact that his identification was still in his wallet implies that he wasn’t buried to hide the body (the grave marker is kind of a dead giveaway!) but more because it was a decent thing to do. This also suggests that the person who buried him either didn’t kill him or did and felt great remorse over it. Very strange.

    Given fake Henry’s knowledge of Henry, either Henry was interrogated before he died or maybe an Other befriended him, maybe pretending to also be stranded. I favour the latter as this could explain the burial, maybe they became friends, maybe Henry’s death was an accident… though a broken neck is pretty suspicious. The death could have been accidental, like a fall, but if it wasn’t, breaking someone’s neck is a strange way to kill someone – military training perhaps?

    Locke raised a question I thought of long ago – how does an Other ‘accidentally’ walk into a trap? He intended to get caught which backs up the theory that he’s here to spy.

    Fake Henry has laid the groundwork for Locke’s destruction. He talks of not pushing the button, mentions the hieroglyphics and says the clock just reset. Now this is convincing – how does he know about the hieroglyphics? The Others must have been to this hatch before and obviously let the computer run down, either because they didn’t know the code or didn’t think it was important. Now as far as we know, there has always been someone in the hatch so when did they see this? It will be interesting to see if Desmond reports a run-in with the Others and if they ever entered the hatch. Or it could be far simpler – fake Henry could be telling the truth. Mentioning the hieroglyphics was brilliant – Locke will immediately believe him and this will shatter his trust in the computer.

    Fake Henry mentions ‘him’, the second time we’ve heard reference to the leader of the Others, and both times the context has made it clear: the Others are afraid of this man. In ‘Maternity Leave’, Mr Friendly acted dire when he mentioned Him, but fake Henry reacts almost with terror. Very interesting.

    Hurley’s doctor said his compulsive overeating and the hallucination of Dave was brought on by guilt over the death of two people – never explained! – and the situation is mirrored on the island: trauma and people dying (though not his fault). The discovery of the food in the hatch, and now the pallet, provides Hurley with the very thing which his eating disorder demands. Once the pieces are in place, Dave – who represents everything self-destructive inside Hurley – appears to continue in the same capacity as he did in the hospital. But this time Dave plays another role – voicing Hurley’s doubts about his sanity. And he does it beautifully and so very logically, completely convincing. While Dave could just be the hallucination he has always been, we can’t forget that people have seen manifestations before: Jack’s dad, Kate’s horse, Walt’s polar bear.

    Libby’s fondness for Hurley is wonderfully handled, very sweet. And Dave voiced a very valid point – how does a beautiful blonde fall for a guy like him? The flashback of Libby at the end explains it – she knows Hurley from the hospital, she too has had psychological problems and probably feels he’s the only person who could understand. They share a common bond, even if Hurley doesn’t know it. Of course, this raises another ‘coincidence’ (there’s now far too many of these to be considered such) – Hurley and Libby were in the same hospital and end up on the same island?

    There’s a disturbing pattern here – the majority of the core survivors have varying degrees of psychological issues: Hurley and Libby obviously; Jack’s issues with his dad and recent emotional instability; Sawyer’s issues with his parents’ deaths; Kate and Sayid’s violent pasts; Michael and Walt; Charlie’s a drug addict and having visions; Claire – prophecies, kidnappings and amnesia; Boone being in love with his step-sister; Shannon’s abandonment issues; Ana's violence and related issues; Locke’s abandonment issues and compulsive behaviour about the button etc. And the island seems to be feeding off these issues, in some cases manifesting them and in others making them far worse. This certainly ties into the island’s boosting of psychic abilities, like Walt and Locke.

    This was a fascinating episode, very thought-provoking in both storylines. A very unusual episode and a fantastic Hurley episode.
  • Wow, Season 2 of Lost is just getting better and better!

    Wow, Season 2 of Lost is just getting better and better! The last 3 episodes have been some of the best this season and tonights episode 'Dave' just continued the great streak! It is kind of expected because there is only 5 more episodes to go but this episode was very special.

    Hurley is the most important character in Lost because of his history with the numbers. That is why I enjoy is flashbacks so much, Hurley's flashbacks are not boring like everyone else's and actually give us new information aobut him. This episode also played with out minds because of Hurley's visions and I was pissing my self laughing after I saw him ram into Sawyer and the expressions on his face was just so funny!

    I hope the 'good episode' streak continues.
  • Best episode of season 2 so far.

    This episode was a return to form for Lost. For most of the second season the episodes had been either too slow and monotonous or too quick and points were missed. "Dave" was perfectly timed, tightly scripted and was a real mental challenge.
    The introduction of the Dave character bought about a new twist in the Lost saga. The allusions to mental illness were straight out of the pages of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and challenged the viewer to decide what was real and what was not. Many people could relate to Hurley's fears of insecurity, weight gain and even the question of reality. And the final twist: what was Libby doing in a mental institute? We'll have to wait to find out the real answers.
  • What if it's all just a dream? Lost writers tackle the "St. Elsewhere" Theory.

    Like "Everybody Hates Hugo", this Hurley centric episode goes darker than its predecessor, which is a good thing, as it leaves the audience devastated over seeing the guy we could all root for's dark side take him to rock bottom. We learn a little more about why he has this dark side: Hurley blames himself for the deaths of two people. Although it was an accident and the deck had almost three times as many people as it could hold before Hurley stepped on it, Hurley is haunted by guilt. This leads us to assume that Hurley was always overweight, but the accident caused him to grow as big as he became. If he were in shape when the deck collapsed, he wouldn't be as likely to pin himself as responsible. While Hurley has a moment of clarity in the episode, he still has to come to terms that what happened was an accident.

    Although characters who are really subconscious manifestations of the protagonist have been done to the point where I initially rolled my eyes when it was revealed "Dave" wasn't real, it fits the episode. "Dave" is the way Hurley punishes himself for what he believes he did. "Dave" speaks just like Hurley and under the guise of friendship, gives Hurley a justification for his deadly overeating. Thankfully, he has been able to keep "Dave" at bay, but once a new food drop appears after he had a breakthrough destroying what was left of his stash, his dark side rears his ugly side again. One has to wonder if Hurley had similar visions in "Everybody Hates Hugo" where he was fighting another battle against food. It helps to remedy the "Hurley eats a lot because he's fat, and fat people can't control themselves" phase his character went through.

    With Hurley's secret stash, and whatever Dharma sends via the parachute drops, one major question pops in my mind: just how much ranch dressing do they expect the people in the hatch to consume? Michael shot through one, Hurley was having some in "One of Them" and if you consider the jar he dumped in this episode another, that's three large tubs of ranch dressing. Despite that, we haven't seen any salads or chicken wings. Who's in charge of what food is sent there?

    One of the most common theories, debunked by the creators frequently, is that everything that has happened in the series has been the figment of someone's imagination; call it the "St. Elsewhere" theory. It would explain the coincidences in the show and the recurrence of the evil numbers. However, a simple solution like that to the complicated mythology of Lost would be a cheat that viewers wouldn't forgive. Throughout this season, the writers have placed some jokes about the theories and nitpicks fans have toward the show. This episode is the most obvious example of such inside references.

    "Dave" is the latest in a series of apparitions the castaways have faced. However, this time we have to consider Hurley's mindset. He had vivid hallucinations in the hospital, so the island may not be responsible for the hallucinations he has now. It's more likely, for the sake of drama, that the island manifested Hurley's imaginary friend somehow, maybe via the smoke monster. I suspect that it is to get him out of the way. Like how the numbers were everywhere in his "Exodus" flashback, maybe the island didn't want Hurley on the island for some reason. One theory entails that an Other was disguised as "Dave", and his fall off the cliff sent him to the underwater hatch. This may be much, but it is interesting.

    The revelation at the end, with Libby being a fellow patient at the mental hospital, comes off as an anti-revelation. We knew that Hurley recognized her, and that caused some to speculate that she was a doctor at the hospital. Realizing this was obvious, the next theory would be that she was a patient herself. Perhaps a bigger shocker would've been if she was the third theory; she was a model or porn star. However, it does make us look at her in a different light. Was she ever a clinical psychologist? She could've been and driven to be committed, or perhaps she "became" a psychologist because one helped her.

    It also makes us look at her feelings for Hurley differently either (they couldn't leave the fat guy/hot chick dynamic alone!) Is she genuinely interested in him? Is she stalking him? Is she still unbalanced? Or could she be involved with Dharma? If they had a part in getting the plane there, it wouldn't be too hard to believe that they had plants on the plane to analyze the castaways. Perhaps she is one of the theorized "Dharma Recruiters", whose job is to make sure the people on the island got there? Even if she is just a patient, such a revelation will likely hit Hurley hard as she has helped him.

    Although a lot of this episode focused on Hurley's painful demons, it was funny to see him flip out and pin Sawyer, mostly for Jin's reaction. He must've been thinking "I'll pull him off Sawyer…in just a minute." Sawyer usually needs to be taken down a peg, and the fact that Hurley does it makes it rather surprising.

    Considering the bombshells dropped in "Lockdown", this episode scales back a bit, having "Henry" only in two scenes. However, these scenes are huge. "Henry" tied up in the hatch resembles a crucifixion. If this is deliberate, it is an interesting choice, one that may point to the Others being genuinely good. Sayid and Ana-Lucia's interrogation felt like "good cop-bad cop", but the results aren't clear enough to prove that. Although Sayid probably would get immense satisfaction from gunning down "Henry", he's not in the best position to do so.

    As far as Henry and his counterfeit counterpart are concerned, there is a lot that needs to be explained. How did "Henry" and Henry meet? "Henry" claims he didn't kill him, so who did? He told Sayid that he "wouldn't understand" the details. What does that mean? Did they discover that Henry wasn't "good" and had to be killed? Was it an accident? Why did "Henry" use the real one's identity when he got caught?

    Obviously, there is something up if he gets caught in one of Rousseau's traps, despite being one of the people who should know this island well. The most likely theory is that he got caught on purpose, in hopes of being brought to the castaways for his end game. He's obviously manipulative, but what does he hope that will do? Hopefully we won't have to wait too long before we get a "Henry" flashback episode to help explain any of this.

    Locke is in a very vulnerable position with his faith, and his legs place him in a position he has no intention of going back to. "Henry" is exploiting that. "Henry" knows more about the island than any of the castaways. I've speculated that Locke hopes that The Others can help set him on the right track with his faith. However, it is clear that "Henry" has no intentions to do so. Rather, he'd just place Locke in a position that this island is conning him, just like almost everyone else in his life.

    Despite not doing a lot of follow up on the previous episode, this episode does a good job with Hurley's character. It is sad to see him at this level, but it makes us sympathize with him more. In addition, it plants a lot more seeds for what is to come as the season winds down.
  • Clever mind tricks from the Lost writers.

    The writers with this episode have been very clever and must be applauded. When Lost first aired everyone was like "I bet it's not real," and "It's a dream."

    This episode was made specifically to confuse those people even more. "What if?" is the recurring theme. "What if it's actually Libby making it up in her head?"

    Interesting. I enjoyed this episode and really feel for Hurley. The character connection between him and Libby on the cliff top was well written. It softly dealt with Hurley's hopes and fears.

    The flashbacks were insightful into why Hurley was there in a mental institution to begin with. Again the numbers pop up. 23 people were on that decking whick collapsed.
    Hurley and Lenard play Connect-4. And in the game of Connect-4, there are 42 spaces for counters.

    Attention to detail is astounding, isn't it? That's why I love it.

    Great episode
  • This episode crash your mind! It's simply wonderful, it messes the whole story and makes you wonder about every character and everything that happens on the island. GREAT! (and now what's gonna happen?!)

    Well I'm crashed.
    I've just finished watching it, I don't understand anything anymore. My mind's blowing, I'm wondering if all Lost is just in Hurley's mind. I wonder if Dave is true, I wonder if the numbers are just a Hurley's allucination, I wonder the same about Libby.

    What a mess! I love this feeling, I'm looking forward to watch the next episodes and see what happens, how the story evolves. Maybe this episode is not the best story compared with others, I don't know, but I think this episode is far the most messy of the whole series, and maybe even much more messy than some movies, worth Memento or those "hard to understand" movies.

    This is a great tv show and I can't wait to know what will happen in the end!
  • quite an interesting episode!

    i quite liked this one even though it put quite a shocking discovery on hurley's past (and he is one of my favourite characters in this show after all). even after having found out that hurley had actually been to a clinic for his mental problems, i still had thought him to be among the most normal and stable characters introduced to the show. so it quite took me by surprise finding out about him having an imaginery friend, so real, he could even be touched and hurt by him. i guess dave isn't all gone even though he's been throwing himself off a cliff so i'm quite curious about finding out more on this.

    and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, dear writers, don't finish this show by suggesting, that hurley really is in a coma and that all of what has (supposedly) happened has only just been in his mind!
  • Worst episode of Lost so far.

    This episode was terrible! Hurley jumps sawyer (yeah right lol), nothing happens to sawyer but hurley attacked him and sawyer didn't fight back. Hurley also has visions of his past imaginary friend dave... which was extremely lame. Also, at the end of the episode they show libby at the mental hospital... what the hell? Like i said this episode was TERRIBLE.
  • Interesting

    at the begining hurley and Libi (srry i dont know how to spell it) are running by the beach to loose weight, then hurley tells Libi a \\\"little\\\" secret, they go to the jungle and hurley shoes Libi a big food supply he made himself, Hurley wants to change, Libi helps him by throwing the food to the floor.. (they could use that food later, its senseless) when Hurley fells better hugs Libi, a little love, but then, Jin and Sun come running telling that they found something, wht could it be? Food! they found (as i can see) Crackers, risotto (Charlie holds it), Initiative breakfast (Sawyer holds it), Green Beans, Macaronni & Cheese (Charlie holds it after Hurley says \\\"no\\\") All witht he Dharma label. All the survivors want the food, and get a little rude, Sawyer climbs on top of that.

    Charlie says that Hurley could take care of the food, but Hurley says no.
    After that, hurley sees a bald man in a rope, Hurley runs after him in the jungle, he manages to take a sleeper.
    That man is called \\\"dave\\\" a Hurley\\\'s imaginary friend form the medical institution he went.
  • Not the best of episodes. It was funny watching Hurley beat the living daylights out of Swayer though.

    Hurley and Libby's relationship heats up when Libby takes it upon herself to try and get Hurley into shape. Oh give me a break! Hurley comes confesses to Libby that he's "sick". He shows her that he's been hoarding food from the hatch.

    Libby encourages Hurley to destroy it and as soon as he does, food comes falling from the sky by a plane.

    In flash back, we see Hurley's time in a mental hospital. As Hurley's addiction haunts him on the island, so does a friend from his past, who is not real.

    At some point during the episode, Hurley goes to Swayer wanting some medicine. Swayer laughs at him and Hurley beats him up. Funny stuff

    Meanwhile, Eko ask Charlie to help in build a chruch.

    Locke confronts Henry about the buttonn, Henry confesses that he did not push the button after he crawled through the vents during the lockdown . He says nothing happened. Hopefully is he telling the truth.
  • why is everyone from a mental hospital. hurley beats the crap out of sawyer

    funny episode. hurley attacks sawyer who tries to get away but gets dragged bag into the fight as hurley continues to beat sawyer. everyone stopped to look and laugh for a while until jin decides to interfere. how does someone from a mental hospital become psychiatrist like libby? it just doesn't make sense. i think the producers are starting to lose it and don't know how to fill it in. the whole dave sequence was pretty stupid and useless.
  • Absolute filler. But a filler episode doesn\'t mean it\'s a bad episode.

    Hmm, actually, Dave is one of my favorite Lost episodes. Although, it is almost certain that LOST is not playing in Hurley\'s head, it was still a blast. Very well developed episode.

    Although I must agree with the people who say this is a filler: because it is.
    But it doesnt matter. Its a GREAT filler. The best on LOST! \"Maternity Leave\" comes close. That was a great filler too.

    And the ending... WOW. Libby... WOW WOW WOW. That was genious. This cliffhanger actually beats \'Numbers\' cliffhanger in my eyes.
    Long live lost, Long live Dave , 9.1 from me.

    Just perfect, just perfect.
  • Probably one of the worst (of not the worst) episodes of what is becoming one of the most commercial and mentally painfull series ever.

    Probably one of the worst (of not the worst) episodes of what is becoming one of the most commercial and mentally painfull series ever.

    The sad thing is: it is working, I keep watching, just to know how it ends. However, I feel like I can't take much more of this. 1 or 2 more episodes like this and I'll stop caring about the end. It realy doesn't matter anyway.

    If they ever decide to make a third season I'll lose the respect I have left (and it's really very little) for American Television and I'm sure I'm not alone.
  • Did anyone noticed that the lost is emulating its first season?

    I felt bugged when i learned that the series started the same, but after rewatching this episode i realize the simmetry / emulation of season one.

    take \"dave\" for instance, hurley started \"dieting\" to loose weight for libby, and when he has gotten rid of temptation new temptation falls from the sky... doesn it sounds like charlies addiction and when he was getting over it the plane is found. (By the way libby\'s death is very similar to boone\'s)

    I belive that there are more of this like sawyers look for animals that bother him... (boar on season one and frog on two). If you find any more pliz tell me or post them, ok bye
  • Take Hurley and all his problems, mix in a dose of Island Paranoia, stir well with the series eclectic mysticism and you have one brilliant stylizied epsiode.

    This is what makes Lost great. Good characters, a little dash of that eerie mysticism, a few surprises and just a little tantalizing clue as to what\'s going on out there. Dave details one of the many theories of the fans with an almost bitter, spin, spitting venom at our beloved escape character Hurley in a raging effort to bring him down to the same level of madness all the others wallow in constantly. I hope they keep going with this avenue of exploration as the series continues. After all, the characters are what will keep this show going long after we start getting our REAL answers.
  • Who here thinks that Sawyer is a complete a$$ hole??? He got what was coming when Hurley speared him through the tent and started wailing on him!!! that...

    was so AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! Although I do think that Hurley's Eating problem is getting out of hand? I mean ecspecially when he dropped the peanut butter jar on to the ground and started licking it off of the leaf?!? I thought it was awsome when at the very end you got to see libby in the sycho ward. Now we all know why Hurley thought that she looked firmiliar. I also liked when Charlie caught Ecko building the Church: "Hey, Watcha making? Is it a starbucks?" Heh Heh Heh... I like lost But I mist about the first 10-15 episodes from the First Season so that kinda sucked for me but, Hey, what can ya do?
  • OMG! OMG! OMG! it's all fake..........

    This episode started off being a typical Hurly comedic installment, However the ending...or last 30 secs is so...OH....MY...GOD.... that this deserves a 10 out 10.

    If what they are trying to say is that it is all fake, then it does make sense, all the crazy stuff that has been going on, but are the writers taking the easy way out?

    Is it all fake.......Are all the characters in Hurly's imagination or are they real but also in that insane asylum?

    LOVE IT!!!!
  • if an episode i\'ve already seen from first season was on at the same time;i\'d watch it.


    Lost is getting worse and worse every week.Since fire+water there is nothing happening on the island; they are just walking around,dealing with their personal issues which none of us really do care;i mean come on i am really not into seeing why hurley is fat or learning that charlie was on drugs for the fifth time or whatever.

    Last week with lockdown we atleast got some new blood to the main story with the hatch locking down itself,but it was nothing like i expected.it was,like all of the episodes in this season;uniriginal , unexciting and highly expected news.This one was much bad than that.They tried to keep it exciting by throwing a theory that all of this is only the dreaming of someone in an hospital.Something exactly like that also happened in the 6th season of buffy the vampire slayer;so it is original,and the crew of buffy did so much more of a good job.it was thrilling,it made me think,but \"dave\" just made me \"hey look the writers are out of new ideas again,but they try to look interesting anyway.\" The biggest proof to that is the silliest twist in the end,with the chick also being in the meltal hospital. was i supposed to be shocked? i dont know but i\'m sure that what happened was someone from the crew saying \"hey we dont have an interesting twist in the end, what will we do\" and another replying \"why dont we tell that lily was in the hospital too ? it would rock\" so they put it..

    God;it gets more boring every time.i dont know if they are trying to keep the good stuff to the end,cos they clearly have a lack of interesting stories;and if the show got to this point in second year;i\'m sure i wont be around to see how it will turn out in year five.(will be much worse then ailas\'s boring season 5 i guess)

  • After he begins seeing his old freind Dave on the island, Hurley thinks he may be having a relapse. Then when he talks to dave, he begins to wonder if i he was cured at all. Also, \"Henry Gale\" is interrogated further.

    This episode makes you wonder if the writers actually have a plan, or are just making it up as they go along. Don\'t get me wrong, it was a great episode, but it does raise some issues, as well as wreck some of the better popular theories about the island.God can\'t see them, but someone dropped a chute full of Dharma initiative supplies? Freaky.
    Apart from this, the episode shows some great character development. We find out what could have driven Hurley to a Psyche ward, as well as how Libby was able to memorize Hurley\'s face after catching a glimpse in Australia. We also see that even Hurley has his limits.
  • What a waste of 42mins

    This episode REALLY annoyed me. There wasn't enough about "henry", the flashbacks where not very interesting and i hated the way they are trying to make up this is something hurley and libby have dreamt up. If this theme of the whole "lost" thing being part of hurley+libby's imagination carries on then frankly i think i have wasted WAY to many hours watching this show. This explanation has been done for SO many shows before [e.g. sunset beach being a dream....] and always receives criticisms from its viewers for ending and explaining the happenings of a series this way, what makes the producers think lost will be any different? I really hope this theme was a one off and there is a different explanation for why everyone is on the island. please ANY explanation but this!!!
  • Catching episode.

    I love Hurley's character. He is the big innocent goof that is highly misunderstood. I loved the glimpse into his past and to see that he might be finding someone to hook up with on the island. Wouldn't it be nice if it really all were in his head? I could totally understand his confusion in whether to believe Dave or Abby. There were alot of goofs in this episode though. I read the trivia and had to go back and rewatch the show just to see them, but there were definitely quite a few in this episode. I can't wait until we see why Abby was in the institution too and how can she practice medicine after being in there? Can't wait.
  • Not a standout episode if you ask me...

    After watching a ripper of an episode previously in lockdown, I have to say that episode 18 ‘Dave’ is a real let down. There really wasn’t much that took the story or mystery of lost further. This felt more like a filler episode if you ask me.
    Who cares if Hurley was in a mental institute! The only interesting thing is seeing Libby’s connection with Hurly and that appears in the last scene. Sigh…
    Um…I’m still wondering what ever happened to that monster! Where the heck did that go? What’s happening with Michael and Walt?

    Superb. Any flashback episode with Hurley is always a good 'un and this one was one of the best.

    Its fascinating to see how the numbers intertwine and affect the lost gang. Here Hurley introduces us to Dave, (who I hope returns), a figment of his imagination....or is he? The final minute introduces us to libby....in the same institution. Just how did that happen? Is Hurley really on the island?

    And of course this is why we all love Lost. Though I must state that we are only in second season, any suttle hint to where the lost folk are would be a suttle hint in the wrong direction by the witty producers. The notion they are all in a mental institution is just a little toooo obvious for my tastes at the moment!
  • They did it again.

    Hurley... Libby... Dave... I'm at a loss for words. This episode, though some might complain does not have much to do with the overall storyline and is much adu about what will ultimately be nothing, was informative and question raising... just like almost every episode of this superb show. More of Hurley's backstory was a welcome addition, and the little bit we got about Libby was frustrating in that way that makes you say, "I can't wait for an explination." That is Lost's trademark, and, yet again, they have accomplished it extremely well.
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