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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • Maybe it's all in their heads.

    Is Lost like that movie Identity in that everything is just in the character's minds? This episode leads us to believe that the whole show may be in the charcters minds in fact. It helps us to better understand Hurley and his past. There is many troubling features to it though. He apparently has an imaginary friend among other problems. This did make the episode very exciting. The writers also tied in weight issues and the distribution of food and Libby and Hurley's relationship. I think the most important development was when we find out that Libby and Locke's mom were in the institution. So Libby is obviously a pathological liar and not really a shrink.
  • The Bottom line is that every single person in that island {including the \'others\'} were and still are in a mental hospital dreaming that they are in a island where eveerything coneects and is similar to another thing.

    They are all sleeping and dreaming the same dream on there own prospective. A man name dave who happens to be hurley\'s imaginary friend who just distinguishly happens to be the part of hurleys mind that grows an attraction to food. I loved this episode. The character that plays \"dave\" is very Cynical, but smart. The island which they are in is just a dream 22 retards from a mental hospital are dreaming.
  • Another boring dose of Hurley.

    Another boring dose of Hurley.

    His obsessed with food.....we all know that. His obsession caused him to be in the Nuthouse when he blames his weight for for a boating accident that killed two people.

    What we didn't know is that the man good be "Really" crazy since his a grown man with an imaginary friend.

    I already figured out that Libby was a nutcase too, but it was nice to see when you are right.

  • very intresting

    This was the secound time we learned about Hurley's past and I loved it. To where he may not be as intresting as Siade or someone he does have an intresting past. I was so shocked when we found out Dave wasn't real. but I did sorta have a feeling that it was Hurley discouraging himself form loseing wieght. I was also really nervous at the end thinking that he may follow Dave and kill himself. because the have been saying that someone else on the island maybe dieing this season [besides shannon] I loved the end too! Libby in the mad house!!! what's next?!?
  • I think that this is one of the most "-centric" episodes so far. During most episodes, the characters having the flash backs are only part of the storyline. However, this week, Hurley is in almost every scene.

    I think that this is one of the most "-centric" episodes so far. During most episodes, the characters having the flash backs are only part of the storyline. However, this week, Hurley is in almost every scene. There are only three short scenes in the hatch or anywhere not featuring Hurley.

    It was a nice change of pace, as I have been growing bored with the focus always being on Jack, Locke and the Hatch. I just realized something by the way, during the first season the Island was practically a main character. This season, however, the Island has been sent down to the reserves and the Hatch has taken its place.

    These were some of my favorite flashbacks so far. They seemed to function and flow well on their own and telling a story of their own. It seemed more like "two days in the life of crazy Hurley" rather than assorted flashbacks taking place over a several months or year period.

    Here is something I noticed. The picture that the doctor shows Hurley is fake. When Hurley is playing Connect Four with Leonard, it is daytime outside. It is bright and shiny in the room. There is a table and two guys behind and to the left (our left) of Dave when they are playing Connect Four, but no one is there in the photograph. When playing Connect Four, the celery is facing towards the camera, and is at a different angle in the photo. There is a checker right next to the plate when playing the game, yet there is a six or eight inch gap between the checkers and the plate. The background (walls) does not even seem to be the same, as if this picture was taken facing a different wall. Other stuff on the table is out of place as well. Sure, this could be a production goof, but on a show like this... I doubt it.

    I think the Dave in the mental hospital was real. Maybe The Powers That Be (or whoever is orchestrating the events that occur on the island and the events that led up to the people getting on the island) wanted Dave out of Hurley's life. Therefore, they had the shrink take a picture of Hurley when he was somewhere else, and then lied to Hurley and told him it was a time when he was with Dave. It would be pretty easy to make a person that already doubts his or her sanity doubt it more. IF you think about it, Hurley said that once he said he admitted that Dave was made up he was out of the hospital a few weeks later. That does not make sense to me; it is almost as if once they convinced Hurley that Dave was imaginary they let him go back to the real world.

    I do think, however, that the Dave on the island was imaginary. Especially with the whole jumping off the cliff part. Maybe Hurley is starting to realize that Dave was real and that the shrink had been lying to him. Something like that would make you question a lot in your life, especially if at one point in your life you were in a mental hospital.

    Was interesting to see that "Henry" finally admitted that he was an Other. I was even more surprised to hear that Jack was telling everyone that they had captured an Other. Was Henry telling the truth about the computer, numbers and hatch or was he lying. What good would it cause him to lie?

    Another interesting part of the episode was where they show Libby at the end of the episode in the mental hospital. I read somewhere that some people believe that she was just there for a routine mental evaluation that all psychologists and psychiatrists must go through. I do not believe this, she looked way off balance and was given drugs by a nurse. If it were routine checkup, then she would go to a psychologist’s office and not the mental hospital. She would be prescribed any drugs she needed instead of being handed them in a paper cup.

    Now we are lead to the interesting question of Libby's honesty. She said that she was a psychologist. One of three things had to happen. One, she is lying and was never a psychologist. Any advice she gave is based off of stuff that she learned while in the mental hospital. Two, she had a mental break down when she was younger and then after she was "cured" she went to school to become a psychologist. I doubt this, because I doubt that a person, who had a major mental illness, a.k.a. bad enough to put in a mental hospital, would be able to receive a license to practice psychology. I do not know this for sure, but I would believe it to be true. Three, that she had her breakdown after she became a psychologist. This one makes the most sense to me.

    This episode works heavily with two common theories about the show. One, that all of the events that take place are on the island are simply in the minds of one or more survivors minds. This was worked by the Hurley flashback. Two, it also works the theory that the numbers and the hatch are part of a social experiment, using humans as "lab rats." This is given credence by what Henry says at the end of the episode about the numbers.
  • Take this episode at face value and its barely average. I don't think it should be taken at face value. The fact that I have been so intrigued by it the past week rates it 9.0 on that basis alone. Sayid in hospital Flashbacks???

    If this episode is to be taken at face value then I think it was sub par. HOWEVER... I don't think it is to be taken at face value. If the fact that I have been thinking about little else for the past week is any indication then you have to rate this episode at least a 9 on that basis alone.

    I think bkerila and chiefduffer are on the right track. I read their reviews yesterday and for the last 24 hours Lost has really been stuck in my mind. Their theory fits together very well - too well I'm afraid... I think perhaps the creators tipped their hands here and I'm depressed about that. The whole 'Matrix' scenario seems very likely here and its better than the "it was all a dream" answer that the creators have always denied. It seems very likely that the survivors (at least the ones with speaking parts) are in the same hospital and all hooked up to some machine that let's them share their collective unconsciousness. It would also seem that the doctors have the ability to manipulate the situations (e.g. the monster security system).

    When you think about it every major character has sufferred some great emotional trauma which would justify their needing mental therapy:
    Jack (betrayed his father who then drank himself to death)
    Locke (abandoned by parents and betrayed by father for kidney - lost use of legs)
    Sayid (war situations and loss of love Nadia)
    Ana-Lucia (was shot and lost child)
    Hurley (deck accident)
    Kate (killed her father and later her childhood friend in car chase)
    Sawyer (father killed mother & committed suicide, Sawyer killed a man he mistakenly thought conned his parents)
    Michael (struck by car)
    Libby (apparently)
    Claire (pregnant and abandoned by child's father)
    Mr Eko (feels responsible for his brother's death and the priest he shot as a boy)
    Sun/Jin? not clear yet
    Shannon - lost rich father, left out of estate

    In some cases like Charlie, Kate, Sawyer and Sayid their participation may not have been voluntary. They may have been forced into the situation as retribution for their past illegal activities and possibly they weren't even aware they were being put in. Likewise Shannon may have been committed by her evil stepmother.

    I would guess that some of the characters may have been brought into the Lost world by other characters for example Boone (imagined by Shanon since she relied upon him so much. Perhaps the doctors made Locke feel pain in his legs which forced Boone to climb into the wrecked plane and led to his demise), Walt may have been brought in by Michael. Its unclear what the purpose would be for such a mental experiment but if it is to rehabilitate or cure the depressed or mentally ill then perhaps the doctors felt they needed to remove these obstacle presences like Walt, Boone and the Federal Marshall.

    One thing is for certain. If everything that we're seeing is all taking place in their collective heads then anything is possible. A couple that can't have children can now get pregnant. A parapalegic can walk. Polar Bears and horses can appear and so can black smoke monsters.

    I'm curious about who Jack may really be. Is he the one Henry Gail keeps referring to? I've noticed on occasions that Jack is confident almost to the point of arrogance. He seems unemotional and detached in many situations where you would expect more reaction or emotion. He usually has no problem dealing with Sawyer. He's too cool as if he knows things the rest of the survivors don't know. For example "when I need the guns I'll get the guns". Maybe I'm reaching here. It could just be typical doctor's bedside manner.

    After rewatching "Dave" I noticed:
    Dave said to Hurley: See you in another life
    In ep 2x1? Desmond said to Jack: See you in another life. (BTW - where did Desmond go?)

    Desmond called Jack "brother" when they first met and when they met in the hatch. One of the whispering voices can be heard to say something about "the brothers."

    Is Libby the only other survivor you see at the Hospital in Hurley's flashbacks? Am I crazy or do I see a clean shaven Sayid playing basketball and wearing a red flannel shirt and some shorts and a snow cap. Later, in the scenes in the rec room of the hospital where Hurley gets his picture taken is that Sayid I see with his hair hanging down under a black baseball cap? In the final scene of "Dave" right before the camera moves over to the brown haired Libby you see Hurley get his picture taken and there is who I think is Sayid right in center screen!
  • Hurley's flashback about when he was in the mental institution. Ana Lucia, Sayid, Jack and John interview the prisioner, who tells nothing but that he's afraid of 'the others' leader.

    I always love episodes with Locke, Claire or Hurley flashbacks, because they are very interesting. In this case, at the end of the episode we discover that Libby was with hurley in the mental institution. We also get closer to the others, as the prisioner tells them that he's afraid of the leader. About the computer, he tells locke that he didn't push the botton and everything went normal, so this episode keeps the intrigue until the next episode. At the end we have a new couple, Hurley and Libby
  • if the answer is indeed a collective hallucination, then there are some things i don't understand (yet)

    if this is all an experiment of a mental institution, then :

    -where is the institution located ? some of the characters come from the US, and others from australia. we know that the characters all went to australia before leaving on the plane, but they couldn't have been put in a mental hospital at this point... it wouldnt have made sense.
    -if Walt, Boone and the other guys from the plane who don't have important roles are hallucinations, then why was dave invisible to everyone on the island ? and also why Kate's horse was visible to Jack ? it's not very coherent.
    -there's still the Jin/Sun problem... i don't see any reason why they wouldve been in a mental institution.

    this episode would answer many things... like the numbers, the weird stuff.. etc. but it makes some other things incoherent.. so yeah.. ah the writer(s) are insane, i love it. this mystery is genius.
  • now it's getting interesting!!

    i love the fact that they FINALLY came out and said what we've been thinking all along! i thought everything was tied to walt's imagination, but now that i THINK about it think about it, the comic book with the polar bears and deserted-looking island or space creatures belonged to hugo! maybe i'm looking too hard for clues, but when hurley overslept at the hotel, there seemed to be a huge black cloud (that looked particularly ominous) over one of the doors; in the next frame, it had disappeared. while he was on his way to the airport when his car broke down, we saw the 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 on the dashboard. the numbers pop up again when he runs thru the airport past the girls' team jerseys.

    on the other hand we have the "coincidental" intersections of the characters' lives: sawyer met jack's dad at a bar in oz (ooh speaking of oz -- how about henry gale is dorothy's uncle's name in the wizard of oz? hmmmm the plane crashed on the way outta australia a*k*a oz!) and kate's mom was the waitress when sawyer met the guy he owed money....isn't it interesting that sawyer met two of the main character's
    parents but his parents died such violent deaths?? john locke inspected a home for nadia, the love of sayid's life; one of the americans sayid worked for in the 1st gulf war was the man kate thought was her dad. hurley and libby were in the mental institution with leonard (who chants the magic numbers nonstop)...the list goes on and on!

    i can't wait to see how the writers pull all that stuff together. i felt a little disappointed that locke didn't tell anyone about the map he saw under blacklight; i realize abc wants to keep the show running until ratings drop, but viewers (otherwise known as fiends!! -- crack is wack, kids....get hooked on lost instead!) need a li'l luv too!
  • "Others" connection?

    Is it possible that the "others" are Doctors? When someone is taken are they perhaps on the road to recovery?
    Was the "drop off of "food & supplies" really their medication?
    And When a character is "killed off" They really aren't dead, they are recovering from their psychotic break down?
    Hmmmm...something to think about! :)
  • Worst Episode Yet...(at least 1 of the worst 5)

    Cos i love lost i had to review this shockingly bad episode. Firstly, there is almost no development in the central storyline (the henry gale 1), and the huge suspense created by the clifhanger at the end of lockdown is completely wasted. I was expecting huge revelations into who and what the others are, but for some reason Sayid cant get Henry to talk...why cant he just torture him like he did Sawyer? Especially when he seems to think its fine to shoot henry. The main Hurley centric storyline was boring and revealed nothing, and the flashbacks just elaborated on hurleys time in the institution and how he was crazy (which i already knew). Hurleys relationship with Libby is cheesy and predictable, and am i the only person who thinks Libby is really ugly? Also, i think this is the first episode where the end of episode cliffhanger was in a flashback...even if Libby was in the institution who cares? That cant possibly affect the direction of the story. There were a few good parts in the episode, like the few seans featuring henry gale and the part where hurley flattens sawyer :D I jus hope there is no Libby centric episode, and that the annoying character of dave never appears again.
  • Another great episode

    I believe that anyone who writes this episode off as boring or filler, is really missing the mark. Many of us Lost fans believe, or have believed from time to time, that this is a group experiment. Either they’re hooked up Matrix style or they’re actually living on an island set up for the group experiment. Enter the writers who, we know, read the posts. We know they’re a devious group already whose purpose is to keep us guessing and coming back for more. Now the seed is even more firmly planted that this is a psychological experiment. However, we shouldn’t be led down the garden path so easily because they can be fooling us totally.

    I’ve loved every episode of Lost. We learn something new every time if we’re not always only looking for the big bang. And, how I love all the new questions that come up. I certainly don’t want all the answers yet because that’ll mean no more Lost. I hope it’s around for at least a few more years.
  • I have questions and insight to this episode...

    This episode left a lot of new, fun twists with Season 2. Henry tells Locke that he never pressed the button and the numbers reset themselves back to 108. We are now left to wonder if he really left the computer alone. Did he or didn't he? Henry also states that not even God knows where they are. What does he mean by this? The world knows God as all-knowing and all-seeing and Henry contradicts this. What is he playing at? I love how religion is brought into the story because it always makes for interesting discussions on every website from Zealots to Athiests.

    I felt Hurley's story was only but a filler...until the end. What a great way to end the show because it leaves a host of questions unanswered. Could it be that Libby was a doctor before and later hospitalized? Yes. There is not nearly enough information to deny or support this claim, however. Hurley imagining all of this would tie up so many loose ends but it seems too easy of ending to me. Besides, if this is the real reason for all that has gone on through this show why reveal it now unless Lost is to end with Season 2?

    A few more questions (some with this episode and some from other episodes):
    1. In the final scene Dave is not with Hurley when the Polaroid picture is taken. The camera scans over to reveal Libby in a chair. Watch closely as the camera scans. There is a man at in the foreground sitting at a table. Is he the fake Henry Gale?
    2. Was Libby ever a doctor?
    3. Did Henry ever press the button?
    4. Was Dave ever real?
    5. What was Mr. Eko building and why, of all people was Charlie helping?
    6. Outside note: Where is Desmond? He was last seen running into the jungle and never heard from since?
    7. What is the Monster? I saw a puff of black smoke earlier in the season but the explanation of it has never been fully revealed.
    8. Where is the psycho French Lady during these episodes?
    9. If all of this is truly in Hurley's imagination he would have had to be highly intelligent, right? With all of the symbolism and Latin references it is not likely because Hurley has not been portrayed or proven to be highly intelligent. On the contrary, symbolism of other movies and music and television shows referenced throughout Lost do make sense with Hurley's character on the show.

  • Comments on bkerila and chiefduffer's reviews

    I just got my login today but has been a fan of the show since the beginning. I just had to join because of what bkerila's and chiefduffer had written about "Dave".
    At first I thought it was a (to me) disapointing episode because of the lack of answers (surprise!) and as others have pointet out the following of my favourite episode so far "Lockdown". I couldn't quite see why so many of you gave it so high ratings.
    Then I read bkerila and chiefduffer's reviews and suddenly it all made sense! I don't think they were the only ones who have thought in these directions before but the way bkerila and chiefduffer described it just hit the spot for me. Then a sat down and saw "Dave" again and I am positive that I see Locke with his shirt and tie in his wheelchair at the gym. Just before they cut to the beach in the next flashback you see a blurred man in the background between Dave and Hurley and thats Sawyer! If you have the episode tjeck it out!
    If someone now thinks that it would be too easy if this was true I just have to say that when you see "Dave" a normal episode there is no change in hell you would have noticed Locke or Sawyer. It took a lot of close looks to see the resemblens but it's there! And I'm sure the others are there too but the creators wouldn't risk anything just gave away few hints to see.
    Weel I hope this made sense to some of you. It was just something I had to get off my chest.
    I'm I crazy?
  • If anyone believes that this episode explains it all then they haven't been watching...

    Ok folks...first off fantastic episode..."Dave" shows us that the writers are listening to the fans...and that no matter how hard you try, you will never figure this story out until the end...the writers came so close to making it all seem so simple that some...including myself almost bought it...but there are some still buying it...I for one am not...I refuse to believe that a show so deep and intricate as Lost would have every question answered in Season 2...in one episode?...now come on I know that true Lost fans would never buy into that bunch of crap...this show keeps on getting better and better...it might have been a little slow at the begining of Season 2...but it has continued to build stronger and stronger as the season comes to a close...I can't wait to see how they will leave us hanging at the end of this season...next week looks like a scorcher.
  • Super duper

    Very goooooood!!
    It will make you laugh, cry, smile, feel confused, intrigued, and beautiful.
    Jack bender directed this episode like many of his other episodes with panache. He is certainly the best director for the show. He draws out the tension in a scene wonderfully, picks the best angles to shot at, and also the episodes he directs always seem to be very important to the structure of the show; he keeps things on track and ahead of the pack.
  • 5.0
    Can someone explain what does this episode mean in the story? I think is absolutely out of the context and separated to the rest.
    Who cares about Dave????
    I do need to know who is Henry Gale, who are the others, who is "no one, nothing" and a lot of other question...
  • Great episode, but "Lockdown" is a hard act to follow.

    Great episode, but "Lockdown" is a hard act to follow. I can't wait to see what the "?" is all about.

    A few things are revealed about Hurley. Evan Handler's portrayal of "Dave" was awesome. This episode leaves the character of Libby shrouded with mystery. What is her secret?
  • My guess, more mysterie, more viewers of the show, no anwsers till at least the 4th season.

    And Hurley is again the center of alle the attention, it really seems to be a very very small world as well as on the island as it is before the Island. I can understand the moment on the airport where everybody accidentally walks through everybodies storyline, but before that?
    Why is Libby too in the institution as Hurley?
    Why does Kates "father" appear in the Gulf War with Sayid?
    There are more scenes of these which I cannot think of right now, but still too much coincidence.
    Another thing, DAVE?? why bring in a new character everytime?? This is not "Friends", "Will and Grace" or some televesionshow for special gueststars who bring nothing usefull to the story.
    Time for answers, they owe it to us for watching almost two seasons which only provided questions
  • A hurley episode and the new mystery about Libby. Key line God can't see this island anymore then the rest of the world.

    Another episode were nothing really happens, the second season has not progressed like the first season. More mystery no solutions. I think the writters are thinking more about the 3rd, 4th and 5th seasons then they are about the sophmore season. The show better have a really good season ending which is coming closer we need to see something.
  • THE Pivotal episode. This is the one you'll look back to at the end of this whole thing as the turning point.

    Dave - Chiefduffer's review got it 100% correct. Did you notice that Dave was the first character on the show that made complete sense every time he spoke? Far too many things about Hurley's story have seemed "farfetched" from the beginning. He wins the lottery? His family undergoes such misfortune as a result? He's stranded for months on the island and never loses weight? The magic numbers appearing everywhere and controlling his life? The most rational explanation for all of this is Dave's, that it's all in Hurley's head.
    Furthermore, there isn't a character on the island that doesn't have some drastic, emotionally disturbing event that occurred in their past which would reasonably explain why they might be institutionalized. Killing your abusive step-father, having an organ stolen, betraying your father and ruining his life, drug addiction, pregnant and abandoned, turned into a hired killed as a child, torturer for the Iraqi army who lost his true love, the list goes on and on but they all have one thing in common - their nuts!
    If they are all institutionalized and part of some groundbreaking experiment to help cure them suddenly it makes sense why they all seem to have crossed paths before. It makes sense that Locke can suddenly walk again - because it's in his mind. What else would explain that?
    The more you think about it as a psychological group experiment the more things fall into place. You start the experiment by hypnosis or some mind altering drug and gather everyone together by telling them to imagine themselves on a plane that strands them on a deserted island (institution). Somehow doing the experiment as a group is using each of their strengths to help the others as they think they're doing on the island.
    And any good experiment always results in a few mistakes. People overdose or don't take to the therapy and have to be removed from the experiment. Thus the "deaths" of key characters. I guess the good news is that they probably aren't dead at all and we'll get to see them again in the final 2-hour wrap up episode some day drooling onto their shirts.
    I'm guessing that some of the characters truly are figments of someone's imagination while others are participants themselves. Walt for instance is probably a construct of Michael's mind. Some affect of the drugs/therapy let the other participants perceive him as well but the "others" (doctors) remove him from the group consciousness. We'll find out why later.
    If one thing is certain it's that the show's creators have had this thing figured out from day one - be assured of that. Everything that they've been planting will have a reasonable explanation when its all over. The more creative things get the more a group mind experiment sounds like the only reasonable explanation. Perhaps some of the "long term" survivors are from the first group to try the therapy (which has clearly been going on for quite some time with limited early success - lots of deaths from the Black Rock group), the new survivors are the second try at the experiment.
    I'm also guessing that this story line is going to be left alone for a while now. They planted it here in the second season as a foreshadow of the show's conclusion so that they can say the answers have been there all along, but if they stay with this story line for too long we'll be able to see behind the curtain too quickly and the show will end. In one way it's disappointing that this might be the turning point where the truth was revealed, but if they continued to avoid it much longer it would really feel like a raw deal when they explained it only in the third or fourth season. They were obligated to throw something close to the true storyline in here soon if they were going to retain any credibility at the end. Downside is that it's quite hard to do this without going too far and giving it all away.
  • Another mystery added to hundreds of other mysteries we are still pondering the answers to.

    In this episode we are introduced to the possibility that the island and everything and everyone on it is in Hurleys mind and he is still in the mental institution in a coma.
    We also find out that Hurleys love, Libby, was in the institution with him, and after they kiss at the end of the episode she has an evil look on her face as they walk away.
    First of all, the kiss was absolutely sickening, and if they should of had a romance it should have been between Kate and Jack or Kate and Sawyer, or even Charlie and Claire. This romance is disgusting from my point of view and I'm sure that many people around the world agree.
    They should start answering questions instead of creating new ones and this episode has done the latter.
  • Pretty strange episode. You are left wondering who Libby really is and no doubt it will take months to get to the answer. More questions and no answers. All in all I thought thos episode was a major dissapointment. The last few episodes have been very slo

    Pretty strange episode. You are left wondering who Libby really is and no doubt it will take months to get to the answer. More questions and no answers. All in all I thought thos episode was a major dissapointment. The last few episodes have been very slow. I hope they get better.
  • Dave...And they woke up and it was all a dream. The End. Review includes Spoilers...probably.

    I'm not going to write a synopsis of this episode- I think there have been enough of those already. I'm going to say what I thought Dave offers by way of an escape route from some of the weird goings on in Lost. Basically, as unpopular as the "it was all a dream" type plot may be for some Lost fans, I think at this point it offers the only plausible explanation for the series. So the only question is who's dream is it?

    For a long time in the first season, it looked like Walt held the key to the strange going's ons (esp. the polar bear in the comic). Then he left and you're wondering who holds the key- and the answer is...no-one. Actually, that's not quite true- I think everyone does.

    Basically, I think Lost is the story of a mass experiment in mind control gone wrong. A group of desperate suicidals opt to undergo either drug treatment or hypnosis. They're told the scenario- "OK imagine you're on a plane that crash landed on a desert island..." injected with drugs and connected to some weird machines. Lets watch the results shall we? The "Others" are simply the doctors and lab assistants. Henry is just a lab rat who volunteered to enter their world as a control mechanism and quite possibly as someone who can prepare for the plug to be pulled.

    I may be wrong- I hope I am but with each new twist and turn, I think the likelihood for a "real life" rescue diminishes. Speaking cynically, I dare say they the writers could keep it going for another series if they wanted to- and the ratings were high enough- but in Dave I think we've seen the beginning of the end. Very enjoyable anyway- the interesting thing will be to see how they tie the strands together.
  • With the build up to the final - kick-back with this more 'laid-back' Lost Episode.

    In episode 19 of the hit series "Lost" we seem to leave the regularities usually found in a normal episode of Lost.

    This is the only episode in the second half of the series that is prominently devoted to a character, which much reminds me of the earlier episodes of the first series.

    We follow Hurley through his most recent chanllenges on the island, as he begins to see a strange person from his past appearing on the island.

    No-longer are we trapped in the restlesses of the unknowing and can just sit back and forget all of this 'Henry Gale' storylines and just watch the clevery-plotted storylines devoted to one character.

    Plot Twists - really what makes a show tick. This episode has one to die for and simply left me dieing to find out more.

    I know that in the run-up to the end of the series, the writers are going to become increasingly pressured by the amount of viewers expecting an interesting and satisfying end.

    I know it's going to be great and am really looking forward to the upcoming events, especially with the nearing re-appearance of Michael and finding out what really happenned to him as he went searching for Walt.

    Good luck to the whole team - I'm sure it will be great, hopefully just as good as the stunning finish of the first series.
  • It reinforces what the producers said, this is not dream, hallucination, and or purgatory.

    Man once Dave told Hurley how to "wake up" I was terrified for the rest of the episode. Hurley is hands down my favorite character, and with the series's history of suddenly killing off characters (Boone, Shannon) I was sure he was next. Thank god for Libby, not that He knows they're on the island :), for talking him down. What about that reveal at the end? Libby in the same mental institution as Hurley, that must be where he recognizes her from. All in all another fine episode, exactly what I've come to expect from Lost.

    Keep up the good work guys!
  • Hurley's food obsession and his struggle to deal with it, resurface old issues and "Henry" reveals more interesting information about the hatch and "him".

    I really felt for Hurley in this episode. Not only do we realise hes much more insecure about his weight than previously believed but I also think that Tailie Number Three, Libby is beginning to lead the character astray. That final look on her face was not what looked like disgust in my eyes but pure hatred. Is it that a loved one of Libby's was on this balcony the doctor spoke of? Was Hurley responsible for Libby's time in the mental home? And is this what brought her to the island, was she stalking Hugo?

    One things for sure Libby has another agenda. A fantastic episode that focuses on important charcater development rather than a heap of revelations like Lockedown.
  • Slow

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  • One word "Libby"

    So is Libby crazy or is has she been stalking Hurley since the Hospiltal? or both.

    So this episode wasn't too bad and very dam confusing is Hurley crazy isn't he crazy. He needs to make up his mind.

    But is was good to know a very small amount about Libby.

  • this show never fails to entertain me

    this show never fails to entertain me. i love lost. i think its the best show on tv. the way the creaters tie in the numbers and keep you wondering is amazing. it is really hard for me to wait a whole week for the next episode to air. --Joe
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