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  • this show never fails to entertain me

    this show never fails to entertain me. i love lost. i think its the best show on tv. the way the creaters tie in the numbers and keep you wondering is amazing. it is really hard for me to wait a whole week for the next episode to air. --Joe
  • Hurley finally getting some development.

    It is nice to see more of Hurley since he always just seems to be there because he is the "fat guy". I hope Hurley becomes more of a main character anyway, they spend an a lot of time on Locke and Jack. I mean, i know they are the "beautiful people", but big guys need love too.
  • She should have let the porker jump in the end.

    I was really looking forward to seeing this episode after the shocking revelation at the end of last weeks episode (with the Henry Gayle thing) and I'm glad to see that they continued to develop that part of the shows storyline even though this was episode was focused on someone else...good job writers.
  • Hurley's alter ego, Dave, returns to haunt him, pushing him to the edge of suicide. The survivors discover the supply drop, Hurley beats up Sawyer, and Eko and Charlie start building something. Meanwhile, Sayid and Ana Lucia interrogate Henry, who reveal


    This episode was, without a doubt, one of the better episodes of Lost this season, following up on the revelation in “Lockdown” while at the same time probing deeper into Hurley’s character. Hurley has always been the main comic relief of the series, but we begin now to see past that and deeper into his psyche. While we do not know what Hurley’s condition is exactly, we know he is possibly schizophrenic and has a compulsion to eat. The revelation about Libby was perfect also. It’s possible that Libby was planted in the asylum by Dharma and is an Other, though I just think that she was in the asylum before becoming a psychologist. I do not think for one second that “Dave” is gone for good. I think at some time in future Hurley episodes he will return and continue to plague Hurley. But, for now it seems that Hurley has once again conquered his alternate personality.

    Now I would like to get to the second plot line in this episode, the Henry(we’ll just call him that, because, like Henry himself, we have gotten used to it) arc. Sayid is starting to lose control over himself, and would have killed Henry had Ana Lucia not intervened. Sayid needs to somehow find some way to gain self-control, and stop looking for someone to punish, as Henry said. I found Henry’s revelation about the Others and the hatch to be very interesting indeed. It seems very likely that the “He”, Henry mentioned is Alvar Hanso, the man bankrolling Dharma, and as the Orientation Video put it, the reason that the project existed. I believe Henry is not an Other, but rather that he somehow fell in with them and knows at least some of their secrets.

    Finally, Henry’s “revelation” about the hatch. I am not sure if this is true, as at this point we can’t trust anything Henry says without other proof. Henry continues to manipulate Locke. I believe that Locke will, even now, defend Henry. Henry knew exactly what he was doing when he saved Locke. Henry saved Locke’s legs, and I believe that Locke would rather die than lose the use of his legs again. We will have to see how this plot line unfolds.

    In addition, Sawyer, apparently, has not given up on his desire to be the one on the island holdin everything of value, the merchant prince, as another review put it. Now that he has lost control of at least some of the medicine, he wants to monopolize the food. However, I enjoyed Sawyer get what was coming to him, the first time he has been slugged since Ana Lucia let him have it in the pit. Jin’s reaction was great.

    In conclusion, this was one of the best episodes yet, and I just hope next week’s installment, S.O.S., is up to scratch.
  • Strangest episode of the season... so far!

    I enjoyed this episode, but I would have to say it was the strangest of the season so far. Made me question what was real and what wasn't, then at the end when I thought I knew.. they twist it up again. Gotta love the writers!! Next week should be insightful as well.
  • All in all a very good episode.

    This episode was of course a good one as always. I was a little concerned how ever about the ending of the episode. They brought this really close to revealing what is really going on. I don’t like this fact, as I like to be kept in the dark about what’s really going on.
  • Feel the love.. =D

    I love that Libby and Hurley conect so well. It shows that nomatter how you look you will always find someone perfect for you. Also great flashbacks and that DAVE!! o wanted to kill him! This also explains why Hurley gains weight and never looses. I think that Hurley was very strong in saying no to watching over the food.

    This would be a great last episode because it would explain alot about the freaky thing going on. But now that aint an option anymore. But howlong will this be fun? I love lost i do but the Charlie episode and the Sawyer ones didn't tell me anything and where weird.
  • We've learned much about Hurley through the course of his flashback episodes. This one is no exception.

    Perhaps it's a bit unfair to review Dave, primarily a character development, slow paced episode, right after watching Lockdown. Either way, this episode held its own. It was very good.

    Dave not being real wasn't very surprising to me. Then again, the writers didn't try to make it surprising. They gave fairly obvious hints, such as the basketball game.

    By the way, Dave was a little bit like Fight Club meets A Beautiful Mind. Anyways, I thought the ending with Dave trying to get Hurley to convince suicide was a pretty neat idea. You would never think Hurley to be suicidal.

    Everything tied together as well. Hurley obviously imagined Dave as someone who would tell him what he wanted to hear. The accident was explained as well, telling us that Hurley has just as much baggage as anyone else stuck on the island.

    The "Henry Gale" (notice that ever since Lockdown I can use quotes), scenes were nice. He explained what happened after he left Locke in Lockdown. Now the only question remains: Is he telling the truth?

    Another point of interest I had was the line: "God cannot see this place!"

    Finally, this episode was quite good, but it lacked the "umph" to push it into greatness. I never really felt any tension throughout.
  • Overall this episode was definitely not one of the best but we learned a little.

    I thought that in this episode we didn’t learn a lot but there was something there. I think the most that we learned was that Libby was also in the same institution that Hurley was in with his imaginary friend Dave. We also started to see why Hurley was in the institution in the first place, his weight. In the situation with "Henry" we now know that he is an other and this "HIM" who all the others seem to fear is of absolute power.
  • great one

    I loved how this one ended and it was a pretty good episode overall, why Hurley was in the institution, I liked the parts with Sayid as well, I think he should of been allowed to beat the truth out of " Henry Gale" to begin with, the next one looks even Better
  • A few Hurley-related things on my mind.

    a) Where is the fun-loving Hurley from the first season? The same thing happened with Charlie, major mood swings which are completely out of character.

    b) I think virtually every person on the island (certainly all the main characters) have had hallucinations. What makes Hurley a bit mental and not anyone else?

    c) If the island is really hot then how could that huge jar of mayonnaise not spoil. Is there not a fridge in the hatch?

    d) I can't understand how he is still so fat just by living off rations. It's a hot island and he seems to be on his feet every time he is onscreen. This episode tried to address it but I don't buy their explanation.

    I suppose the one thing I did find out is why he so believes himself to be cursed after winning the lottery. It probably was his fault the porch collapsed though.
  • Drop Dead Dave...

    I think the episode was fairly good, although the story line has been done before (Buffy the Vanpire Slayer did it, and much better too).

    I think like most people I saw the twist coming a mile away - it basically looked like a remake of the film "Drop Dead Fred" even down to the way Dave was played.

    It was an ok episode, and it served well to freak Hurley out, but hopefully the series isn't all based on his imagination.
  • Dave

    This episode was a little boring for Lost's standards. The high point of this episode was when Hurley attacked Sawyer. LOL.
    As another reviewer pointed out, Lost is an ensemble show and it definitely wasn't an ensemble show last night. We barely saw anyone else besides Hurley although there were some interesting things that happened. Such as:
    Hurley's imaginary friend. Okaaay.
    Libby was in the same institution. So possibly she could be making up the fact that she is a psychologist. Or if she was treated successfully maybe had the ambition to become a psychologist so she could help others that were in her situation. And maybe she is an other as there are quite of few fans who are leading towards this direction. I don't know yet.
    Anyways, it wasn't my favorite episode but if I know anything about Lost it would be that everything is shown for a reason.
  • Lost: Dave

    Okay, I have to admit that I did like this episode a lot, and I think that one more mystery is good, because it gives people something to wonder about. Also, Libby really needs her own mystery because she's turned into less of a main character and more into a secondary character like Rose and Bernard. The worst thing about this episode is the complicated elements, such as, did this episode really happen? I think everyone is real, but Dave is imaginary and is just the part of Hurley that is angry with himself for killing those people and also the bad luck that follows him all the time. Did you notice that Dave only showed up when Hurley was eating or looking at the food? That's beacause Dave is Hurley's guilt and shame.
  • Ok... What was that? Did I just watch that? Did this episode really exist? Please, let Battlestar Galactica make its premiere soon. PLEASE!

    Ok, so here's what we've got. Clearly, they're trying to get in our nerves. And clearly, they're doing it pretty well. This episode was not just lame. It was an episode to forget. And that has to happen now.
    Once again, writters give us the shocking point at the end of last episode, just to start this one from... NOWHERE! What was so exciting about Henry Gale's plot just... died. It no longer exists. For the love of God, they ruined the only plot that could get this show back on its feet. But here we are, watching the same sequence all over again. We have a big episode, surely based on Locke, Jack or maybe Kate. They put all the suspense in it. They make a whole new set of questions. And when it can't get any better, POW! the grand finale. A week to wait. And it's not worth it. Last episode's final shot is nowhere to be seen, and common sense ain't around either.
    And won't be for like four episodes. So, at the end, we have to watch another whole set of episodes where... Nothing happens. NOTHING. It sucks.

    Oh, and for the record: They'd better not be doing the "it was all a dream" explanation or blood will be spilled.
  • Geez! Did anyone not see that one coming?

    Are we meant to be shocked? Sure it had a bunch of snarky comments that made it almost bearable but god dammint!

    Hurley goes completly crazy and is convinced if he jumps off a mountain he'll wake up. Oh and shock of all horrors libby isn't who she says she is, nope she's as crazy as hurley. didn't everyone already figure that out?
  • Dave's not here

    Ok, let's see, Hurley has to have an old Cheech and Chong album someplace in his home, he could not have gotten so fat without some munchie activity, and the name just came in handy for a guy who isn't there.

    And maybe he watched Sex in the City while he pigged out and found himself imagining he could be beautiful Charlotte's ugly husband.

    He did have an almost thing with some cute little video store clerk who was dark and small like Charlotte..so nothing is a stretch of the imagination for this show, aside from the fact that Libby being so attracted to him seems more like super glue than rubber bands...then again, the fact that she was in the same rubber room with Hurley, proves some things just stick in your mind...
  • Lost's worst episode. Painfully cliche writing, overly sentimental, and often ridiculous. Even the tempting twist ending seems to hint at bad things to come. A major letdown in a usually quality series.

    It begins badly when Hurley is willing to completely destroy the survivors' food supply on a deserted island, even if it is partly( an overly) dramatic gesture for his well-being. Add to that an annoyingly obvious romantic build-up and some really cliche-ridden dialogue. Sawyer, in another horrible scene, is used, pointlessly throwing away food once again, merely to challenge Hurley's belief in his own sanity. The we get the horrendous climax at the cliff in which the lovers poorly and again ridiculously exchange their pleas, and the show hints at a new possible twist, or likely just another dangling plotline. The finale is minorly compelling, and yet it doesn't make up for this otherwise poor episode. I've no doubt the creators and writers can make up for this, but it's a uniquely bad episode in an otherwise respectable series.
  • boring

    ok this episode i thought was realy boring and was one of the worst episodes ive ever seen. it is simply about hurly running arorund being a little crazy crybaby. i could have taken half of the episode being dedicated to this and his flashbacks about being a nutcase but 95% of it was on this. it got repeditive and pointless i got the point the first 10 min into it. the only good parts were when he kicks souyers ass nad the ending has a nice little twist.
  • An uncharacteristically off night for LOST.

    By LOST’s own standards, this was not a great episode. Yes, it was a Hurley-centric episode, but that does not excuse the fact that too much time was allotted towards Hurley, and Hurley alone. As LOST is an ensemble drama, one of the show’s strengths is that they have so many characters and character interactions. I’m certain Hurley fans loved the episode, but for those of us who enjoy other characters, and interactions between the survivors in general, we get the short end of the stick. Furthermore, Hurley’s neat little twist wasn’t neat at all, it was predictable.

    When Locke finally came in to speak to Henry, I couldn’t help but feel like LOST had only begun at that point, and I hoped that all that had preceded it was, as Hurley put it, “not real.” More alarmingly, this was the second week in a row that flashbacks have revealed long asked questions, and the answers have been creative but anticlimactic. After waiting so long for answers, I have higher expectations.
    An uncharacteristic off night for LOST, but I have no doubt they will be back on track next week.

    (If you think about LOST so much that you dream about it, come to WWW.THEISLANDOFLOST.COM)
  • This epsiode ties in with "white rabbit" But makes it much better. Was I just making up how great this epiosde was!!

    Great Epsiode better then Last weeks.

    Dave was not there even in the flashbacks!

    Analucia did not do a good thing by stopping sayid.

    Well I still dont belive Henry but maybe the others thought the same thing as Locke does and keep pushing the botton for know reason.

    Hurly destroying his stash was great like Charlie, but Charlie dosnt punish himself byt doing drugs.

    The fact that the food landed right when Hurly destroyed the food made me flinch and Libby allmost looked like she was going to puke.

    The Treory of its all a dream came to a real high this episode and I loved it. It all made sence In some ways but I knew they wouldnt kill Hurly I mean Its Hurly, But what I was not expecting was Libby to be a Mentel Patient though out the whole epsiode I thought she might show up in a nurse suit but No she shows up in rags. The writers are able to mkae twists even in Flashbacks I really enjoyed it The Kiss between Hurly and Libby the fight between Huly and Sawer and Jin stepping in was priceless.

    The one thing I did not like that the writers just seemed to thow in the mix was when Hurly asked about the slipper And when Libby said it was insulting that she might be makebelive sure it showed Libby had class but not the right place.

    Looks like someone cares about Walt in the next episode well Ill be back.
  • Hurley-centric episode revealing Hurley's mental state and that he can kick Sawyer's ass. Also continueing the "Henry" part - what happened during lockdown and mentions certain things how nobody, not even God, can see the island.... Libby flashback at en

    I thought this was a great episode. From start to finish I was wondering what on "Earth" was going on..? Especially as Dave was explaining how it was all in Hurley's mind - He was soo believable!

    Then how the other "Henry" told Locke that he in fact did nothing to the computer in the hatch, and that "God doesn't know how long we've been here." This is was pretty big to me as I have heard a lot of rumours about how the Island is Limbo and spraff like that... But that one comment really did made me think. Henry also stated that he did not enter the numbers into the computer nor press 'Execute'. These statements leave us with a load of questions that we can only hope will be answered soon!!!

    Also, how at the end that Hurley and Libby got together (Aww!), and then the final flashback was very revealing. As Hurley said "Do I know you from somewhere?" The flashback shows us that they really do, sort of, know each other - Libby was a patient and the hospital (But she has stated before that she is also a nurse/doctor/psyciatrist person???).

    Overall, this episode was darn good. I just can't wait until episode 2.19!!!!
  • confusing but strangely familiar

    I found this episode to be intriguing, confusing and strangely familiar. The Hurley-centric(?) plot although not as well written as other episodes was extremely fansinating and fast paced.
    Other LOST fans have cited the Buffy physco-ward scene as the basis of this episode but I find the season finality of St. Elsewhere a better example (the entire St. Elsewhere series was only in the head of the austic son).
    The Libby scene at the end was truely unexpected and WOW. AND do you just hate the fake Henry or what?
  • At last

    This episode marks the return for my enjoyment of this series. I was hooked from the start since i find Hurleys character to be one of the most intriguing. What a wonderfull episode and a super nice twist at the end.

    Lets hope for this trend to continue.

  • Hmm, love Lost but a very familar episode.

    While I love Lost and have loved all the shows this season, this one was so unoriginal. The writers should watch their back, I knew exactly what was going to happen with this episode and Hurley\'s backstory and the only reason, it was very familiar to an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy wakes up in a mental institution with her dead mother trying to convince her that her mental disease makes her think she is not a slayer. Her shrink (demon) trying to convince her if she just kills herself, she will wake up from this nightmare and her life a slayer will be over because it was never real in the first place. Writers check your back. My sister freaked out how I knew it was going to end. Of course I did I saw the same format a few years ago.
  • Wow confusing really confusing. I like it.

    Guys I do not believe. Finally we'll have to do some thinking. When I watched season 1 I knew the real intent of this show is to make the spectator think, think and try to solve this island on his own. Now this thinkig has been stady for quite some time now. But this episode made my grey cells bounce. I am now really confused, I don't know what is going on and I can't connect the facts. For now. I'll just have to continue watching and hope I figure it out. Even now when I am writing this I am thinking: "what is the connection, how can it be possible"
    Anyway an exciting episode. I don't know for you guys, but I'll watch it carefuly and try to solve the big puzzle.
  • This was a very typical Lost episode, but lets keep in mind that Lost is typically great and this episode was no exception. And I'm more convinced now than ever that Libby is an OTHER.

    Good episode. Since most everyone else here has done a recap, I'll skip this part and just talk about interesting things in the episode.

    Sayid is losing it and needs to come to grips with Shannon's death, possibly by helping built that army. Speaking of which, what ever happened to Jack's army? Could that have something to do with what Eko is building?

    And what is Eko building that he doesn't want to tell Charlie about? I think it is a chapel, or alter or some kind of church-related worship area and that is why he has invited Charlie to help him build it. Charlie will find redemption by helping to sheppard the teaching of God. Since I'm not a religious person, I'll just chalk this possibility up to character-development.

    Hurley was, as we all know, the primary focus of this. It was great to see him lose it on Sawyer the bully and whale on Sawyer by calling out all the names he's been called. Sawyer deserved that and I loved Jin's hesitation in breaking up the fight, since Jin knows that Sawyer had it coming. I am also intrigued by the whole "this island is in your mind" allusion, since it iseems as if the writers are putting that out there now as a reaction to some of the theories that fans have reported. I believe this is there way of saying "no, this isn't all a dream."

    I must say that Evan Handler was great as Dave and I hope he appears again.

    Jack seems to be back in control and I wish we had seen him telling everyone about Henry. Ana is right, a lot of people are going to have a lot of questions for the man who claims to be Henry. I have a lot of questions for him too but I'm not disapointed that the show didn't tell answer them. It is worth saying that if you, as a viewer, don't have the patience to be strung along then you're not really a Lost fan. This show is about small steps, character-episodes and an overarching mystery that is meant to remain a mystery. If you honestly expected big answers then your probably watching the wrong show for you, that that is an aside. Questions I have for "Henry" include: do you know about the map? Just how long have you been on the island? Did they know about this hatch too? What other kind of experiments are they running on the island? Are the survivors of flight 815 here by coincidence or fate?

    Locke had his faith shattered by the truth that the numbers don't do anything. Locke does know, however, that the map exists. And I am willing to bed that who ever said that the lockdown took place in order to keep who ever mans the hatch inside while an airdrop brings more food was right. It was a distraction. But where did the food come from? And why?

    And finally, I am very certain that Libby is an undercover other. I've felt this for a while. I have always thought that she was the woman on the boat that was behind Mr. Friendly when they kidnapped Walt. There are some inconsistencies in my story, obviously, like how did she get on the boat when her crew was treking and discovering Boone's radio call, etc... But the fact that she claims to be a psychologist and was in the mental insitution makes me believe that she was undercover then and is undercover now. But if my theory is wrong, then I want to know more about her backstory and obsession/pity with Hurley.

    The ending was awesome and I am looking forward to learning about Rose and Bernard next time the show airs a new episode.

  • wow ... now I am really confused as to where the show is going. I guess all those people are hocked up to some virtual reality machine but this is only speculation.

    Ok granted that the show was really going nowhere for a while this episode was totally unexpected for me. The one before this one looked like it was going to go in a compleately different direction with the hidden map on the wall and food dropping from the sky. By this is totally new stuff. Lost is almost starting to look like a sci-fi show. Granted that I like the gentre, I can\'t say that I\'m complaining but man talk about some u-turns. Other than the main idea of Hurley and Libby being in some mental hospital the episode is pretty uneventful ( typical for Lost ). My theory right now is that all the main characters in Lost are in some virtual reality that is somehow created by their collective subconsciousness. But this is just a wild guess and no I do not have any inside information ...
  • Lost, lost, lost. It seems like the writers really lost it with this episode. It's just not up to the season 1 standards.

    Oh joy! Another episode with more questions asked then answered. This is really starting to turn into a trend with lost. Every episode ends with a bit of a cliff-hanger, promising an exciting follow up but then falling flat. This new episode felt mostly like a filler, Hurley is fat, he has hallucinations and so on. I don’t care, I want to know what goes on on the island!

    In the full 40 or so minutes of this episode maybe 5 had something exciting in them. Hurley throws away his “stash”, and then five minutes later he’s stuffing his mouth full of crackers. He sees some guy in the forest, like pretty much everyone else already has. And it all ends up with no major effect at all to the main plot.

    I really enjoyed the first season of lost but as this second season goes on I feel more and more like I might just take a break for some 5 episodes since I won’t really miss anything. The writing is really falling apart and it feels like they are just trying to make us believe we get to know something when in fact the story hasn’t move forward since the start of season 2.
  • This episode attempts to be a mislead, but fails to leave that impression. Turns out the island's funny guy has some big mental problems.

    Lost fans' popular theories have been: they're all crazy or the whole island is just somebody's dream. However the producers vigorously denied it every chance they got. Now it seems that they are attempting to actually use this kind of theory as if to mess with the viewers' heads. But it is obviously a trick.

    The ending where Libby kissed Hurley was exaggerated, she was doing it out of pitty, just so he doesn't commmit suicide, it felt pathetic.

    Libby was mentioned to be a psychiatrist. This got me thinking that her being in the mental institution was some kind of research for her work, like to infiltrate the real atmosphere in order to get knowledge.

    The preformance of Dave was awsome, it was so hilarious, oh yeah not to even mention Hurley..

    Overall great, felt kinda fresh, a bit of a setback from the important problems, we dindn't get much out of Henry either. But somethin should be happening soon..
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