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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • Not sure why everyone seems to think that this was a filler episode. I found it full of information, and revalation.

    As I said, I\'m not sure why everybody seems to think that this episode was a filler episode. To me, what the writers are doing is giving information that they want to give, and doing it in such a fashion that they get to keep us in suspense between \'Lockdown\', and the \'Dave\', and the next episode, \'S.O.S.\'. It makes us all want to see the show more, and makes us watch \'Dave\' in case there is going to be important information in it, before getting to \'S.O.S.\' which will most likely be a \"continuation\" of \'Lockdown\'. I believe that it\'s meant to do those two things, as well as make sure that we all watch it, so that the story keeps growing with the characters, as well as the plot, instead of levelling off with only the characters which we already have backstories for. I mean, don\'t we all want to learn all about all of the characters? It may help us figure out more of the secrets as to why they were all brought there.

    My guess is that no episode or information that we see/we\'re given is without a reason. We just can\'t put it all together just yet. So my advice to everyone that thinks it was just a filler episode is, be patient. I fully concede that I may be wrong, but I don\'t believe so. And either way, we won\'t know until we\'ve seen everything, as to if it was important or not.

    Regardless, I think this episode was very good, and interesting, and very well done, just as every episode is.

    I was a big fan of finding out the exact truth about \"Henry Gale\", although IMO it was easily predictable. And I thoroughly enjoyed Hurley\'s story and backstory throughout this episode. I agree that it was fairly easy to predict that \"Dave\" was a figment, but still, the storyline was very interesting, and I enjoyed watching Hurley conquor him the first time by having him go out the window, but not follow him. And I believe that he has conquored him once again (at least for now), when he let him jump/fall off the cliff into the sea.

    The only two things that TOTALLY threw me, were that Libby was a patient in the institution with him. I didn\'t think that she was going to be his doctor, b/c they showed what\'s his name from X-Men as his doctor, but I didn\'t think she would have been a patient.

    She had said that she was in medical school for a year or so before she dropped out. Maybe something happened to her at medical school, that she just couldn\'t handle, and she just needed to recuperate for a while, and that\'s why she was in there. And sometime afterwards, she became a psychologist.

    From a lot of what I understand, people that have had a lot of problems in their past tend, more than people who have not, to become psychologists, so this could help corroborate this theory.

    These are my thoughts on the whole thing. Now... back to work.

    I think it was a revealing episode for Hurley. I like Hurley I hope that Libby isn\'t out to get him or something. He seems to have some problems. Maybe while she was in she became obsessed with him and started following him around. thats why they were both on the same plane.
    anyway those are my thoughts.
  • Hurley opens up to Libby and she tries to help him through his problems when he sees his "friend Dave" on the island. Locke's begins to have doubts about the island's powers when the prisoner tells him new information about the hatch and it's numbers.

    This episode was a let-down after last weeks "Lockdown" episode. Lots of Hurley information including flashbacks. Hurley finely starts to open up to Libby. He tells her about his hidden stash of food and together they destroy it. This made Hurley feel good about his choice until moments later it is revealed that another shipment of food had arrived.

    Locke is told by the prisoner (I refuse to call him Henry Gale) that after climbing through the air duct he had let the counter run all the way down. He claimed that nothing happened other than some symbols that looked like hieroglyphics cam up and the numbers reset themselves to 108. he also said there were some strange noises. Locke didn't believe him and called him a liar. the prisoner said "No, I'm done with lying." Locke doesn’t know what to think or who to believe anymore.

    Back to Hurley and the nut house he was in. You see once again that his friend Dave is not real. You also see that his new found friend Libby is in the same hospital as him.

    I am still convinced that all of the flashback episodes are implanted memories and not real ones. I don't think there was a plane crash and that all of the people are connected because they were only give memories of people and things on the island. That is the reason that Kate's black horse was in her memory from the United States and on the island. The horse indeed is on the island and the DHARMA initiative decided to use it in Kate's memory.

    All-in-all an ok episode. Mainly just a filler until may sweeps come and the big Finale. Was hoping for more from the prisoner, at least his real first name. I truly was hoping that Sayid would have taught him a few more lessons.
  • We learn more about Hurley's past, and we get more info out of "Henry Gail".

    Hurley reveals to Libby that he has been hoarding food.
    Hurley begins to see a man named Dave, his imaginary friend from when he was in a mental hospital. Dave tries to get Hurley to believe that he is dreaming and that is he jumps off a cliff he will wake up.

    Libby catches up to Hurley before he can jump and convinced him that he is not dreaming.

    We learn that Libby was in the same mental hospital as Hurley.

    The man who said he was Henry Gail has still not given us his real name.
    He tells Locke that he never entered the code and pressed the button, and even though he didn't the clock still went back to 108.
  • not bad

    It was really selfish of Hurley to steal the food in the first place, but then he adds insult to injury by throwing it out all over the ground??
    So who else thinks eko is building a church?
    I really could have cared less if they killed hurley off tonight. In a fair fight, Sawyer would have kicked hurley's ass.
    I don't think they were trying to hide the fact that Dave was invisible. Or maybe it was a red herring to make it more of a surprise when it was revealed that Libby was a patient, not a therapist. But then again, she may be a therapist who went nuts.
  • Dave

    I liked this episode alot for a few reasons. I like how they had a One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest thing going in the mental hospital with Dave being the McMurphy, i was half expecting Hurley to throw something through the window. I was a little suprised as to why Henry, or whatever his name is, didnt make more of an effort to prove he wasn an 'other' and say he was traveling with the real Henry, but who knows what is up with him. We'll probably find out next week.

    Maybe next week brings back Michael and/or Walt.
  • Hurley-centric.

    Rivals "Walkabout" as one of the best. Several important reveals (in the non-technical sense), a few good twists with just enough foreshadowing to make you feel smart if you "get it" beforehand(not pandered to, like with "The Long Con"), and some fine acting - especially "Henry", who has been a riveting delight throughout his tenure. Oh, and even a classic LOST tear-coaxer in the opening food frenzy bit. And what great use of past information - the writers and producers must have really enjoyed envisioning and anticipating this episode for quite some time. Extremely satisfying -- thanks, TeamLOST!
  • A long awaited serious-toned Hurley episode...

    When I saw trailers for this ep last week, i was concerned that something would happen to Hurley. Thus far, he had always been the source of comedic relief in an otherwise twisting and often deadly serious story.

    We finally get to a look into Hurley's deeper past. And we learn he wasn't always happy-go-lucky. Though the twist with Dave was pretty predictable, it provided for some excellent mystery. Why did he need Dave? Why was he in the asylum? The answers gave Hurley a new dimension beyond the loveable fat guy.

    And thank God for the relationship between Hurley and Libby, finally a TV couple that's not a bunch of "pretty" faces. Though her look at the end as they walk away seemed rather suspicious.

    But perhaps there's a reason for this. The mystery behind Dave served as a cover for another bigger surprise, one which I will say is definately worth not spoiling here.

    On a side note, there's a great scene between Henry and Locke. With last week's revelation, can anything he say be trusted? What is he really doing there? The show this season has done an excellent job of fleshing out old mysteries while giving us new ones to muddle over.
  • Completly fogettable

    A total waste of an ep. nothing happend. Hurley's flashback was so lame, the reason he was in the institution was lame. the only good part of the ep. was when Locke talked to "henry". the Libby angle was so predictable, they have been hinting at it for weeks. Boring!
  • Hmmm...

    Well this was an interesting episode. Somehow the ending surprised me in the fact that it didn't surprise me, though. For some reason it seemed obvious that Dave wasn't real from the beginning, and I thought we were all supposed to see that, and somehow the twist would be that he WAS real, or something... I don't know. That's not my point, I guess. Of course there was the other surprise in that Libby was a patient in the same asylum. That one, I did NOT see coming.

    Nevertheless, even though the revelation didn't work for me this week (I guess it can't all the time), I found it a very cool episode despite that. More of Hurley's back story is revealed, and I enjoyed watching it. I can certainly see how some viewers would judge this episode as more "padding," or a cheap sidestep to last week's episode, but I think some people might be overlooking the clever thing the writer's did with this one:

    You know how a lot of hyped TV shows or shows with big changes in the past seemed to cop out in the final episodes with the old, "It was just a dream!" ending? Well I think that's what the writer's were addressing with tonight's episode. They play with you through Dave, making you think it might all be someone's imagination. They taunt that old stereotyped ending, yet they do it in such a way as to just address it and show the audience that this will NOT be the case with Lost. I think some might have feared such a finale, that it was all just an illusion, and would have therefore become one of the most hated shows in history. Ha ha. But I take this episode as personal assurance from the writers that they won't be pulling that kind of crap on us in the final episode, since they are bringing it to the forefront now. Good!

    Well, anyway. I liked this episode... but then, I pretty much like all of them.
  • Another example of the formulaic season 2.

    So here we have another character episode. In itself a decent enough storyline, from the always entertaining Jorge Garcia.

    So what's the problem?

    In case anyone hasn't noticed, this is further proof of the writers trying to pad out this season. Whenever an episode builds momentum to a dramatic point in the storyline, 9 times out of 10 the following week will bounce off on some irrelevant tangent and treat the previous important episode as background filler.

    This episode would have been great mid-season but follows on from some of the most important revelations of the season and where it should have been building on that, instead stops your curiosity dead in it's tracks with barely 5 minutes of screen time.

    This has happened continuously this season. One week the episode will finish on a potentially huge plot device and the next week it will be barely a b-story. The week after it will be back upfront again and finish on a nother dramtic cliffhanger. The week after that ... well, just start this paragraph again.

    As we approach the end of this season I'm still asking myself "what are they attempting to do? Where are the characters going?" The first season had solid goals that pushed the story along all season - build a raft and open the hatch.

    This season has nothing driving the characters. The potential army has fizzled, the investigation of the medical bunker ignored, attempting to escape has vanished, nobody is bothered about Michael (and the audience doesn't remember him anyway), the monster is a background curio, the hatch is basically a storeroom bereft of any further investigation, the mystery of the computer has been relegated to a button pushing ritual, the map ... well we could talk about that but as usual the writer's skipped it this week.

    No doubt the majority of TV.com viewers will rate this episode a 10 purely because Hurley is in it. But ask yourself this question - what did you want to learn more about this episode? The map and the mysterious Henry Gale, or that Hurley has an imaginary friend?
  • Hurley is such a great character!!!

    This episode is mostly about Hurley. He has such a great sense of humor too. This one really got into his head, literally. It left us with even more questions. The conversation with Dave in the jungle really makes you question things! I knew there was something with Libby from the moment Hurley told her she looked familiar--I thought she worked at the hospital Hurley where Hurley was a patient--not, she was a patient to! Didn't see that coming... And, the look on her face as she and Hurley walk away from the cliff is disturbing to say the least. I can't wait to see her back story. Hurley and sawyer get into a fight. Every time Hurley hits him he yells out one of the names Sawyer has called him...it was great all while Jin is grinning ear to ear-before he helps to pull Hurley off of him-very funny!

    Henry Gale has some interesting things to say in this episode. I wanted to hear more! Sayid almost shoots him. So did he or didn't he push the button? He tries to convince Locke that he did nothing but, saw some strange things happen when the alarms stopped. He also made an interesting comment about God not seeing the island like the rest of the world can't... And, who is the "He" he is referring to when talking to Sayid and Anna Lucia? The devil? This episode makes the viewer question everything they have seen to this point as being real or not.

    It seems that a number of people on the island have an "imaginary friend" of their own since being stranded there. The subconscious level of the survivors has something to do with what is going on. Maybe the magnet force near the hatch has some effect on the brain and is causing some of them to see things from their subconscious-maybe that is why the island is invisible to some as well--like an invisible force field...I am grasping here can you tell?

    Either way this was an interesting episode that leaves the viewer glued to their TV, TIVO and VCR playback!

  • More mysteries...

    This episode was good. We can have many ideas (maybe not the solution!!) on what is going on now. Libby was insane with Hurley and she refinds him on the island... is this luck or not??

    I would have wanted to see more Henry Gale on this episode, they should have push him more, because of this I'm so anxious for next week, I want to know more about the others and something tells me that we'll never know what they are doing there... I hope I'm wrong.

    P.S We saw Sawyer in action again, that was really funny.
  • Amazing!!

    The begining of this episode was funny with the Mental guys playing basketball, I realized all of the problems they have. Then when the psyciatrist took the infamouse picture out I realized the problems Hurley had too...I all it was a pretty slow but great episode!I liked how it didn't just stay on ONE PERSON like Fire+Water, and how you kind of saw things from the Henry problem.I like when Henry said..."That fool means nothing!" (something or other) talkin about the bearded guy that we thought was the leader. I almost missed the end with Libby, my phone rings *sigh*
  • Very good Episode

    This episode of Lost was probably one of the best episodes of the series. This episode had many surprises in it including, Dave. Hurleys friend was not real and Libby had been a patient at the mental hospital that Hugo was at. Those to parts were to me the most surprising thing this whole season. Overall this episode is a classic.
  • Such an amazing episode. They trow us more hints, actually furthur the plot and Libby, oh my god!

    I have to finally write a review. After following this site. This episode was well written, totally satisfying. More hints, more questioning of reality and what reality might be. Can Eko be building a Church? He crossed himself when he took water. Libby, i really believed she was a psycologist. Didn't see the patient thing coming. Can she be dangerous, could she have contributed to some of the taily's dealths? But the absolute best was when Hurly has a smack down with Sawyer! Go Hurly!
  • Who is going crazy and who is sane? Or is the island just making everyone crazy? Hurley explores these questions while Locke discovers more about the hatch.

    This was a really well developed episode. The writers kept me guessing on the state of Hugo's condition while frightening me with a possible eBob Newhart type episode. I really thought it possible for a moment that it all could be just Hurley's dream, I mean all the coincidences fit, but luckily we still have at least ten episodes left this season and the writers are not that trite.

    I'm glad we finally were able to learn a bit more about Hurley's past. I mean we mostly knew what was coming, but it was really well played out. Evan Handler was absolutly wonderful. I know he was on West Wing a couple years back and did a great job there as well, so it was lovely to see him again.

    As for Locke and "Henry Gale" I'm glad Locke will soon question his faith in the island. Hopefully he'll be able to compromise with Jack more, now that he finding so many flaws in the islands mystical powers. And then there was the final twist. Libby in the mental institution. That was brilliant. I was waiting for them to turn around and see Libby working there, but they sure threw me for a loop having her as a patient. I am anxiously awaiting her centric episode, as well as next weeks. Way to once again keep me on the edge of my seat Lost creators.
  • good

    it was a pretty good episode. i was so proud of hurley when he closed the window on dave in the beginning. was 'henry' telling the truth? i highly doubt it but i want them to stop pressing the button because it is so annoying. i guess the lockdown was s o that the food drop could occur. can't wait til next week!!!
  • A really enjoyable episode with a few big shocks along the way.

    Tonight's episode of Lost was centered around the lovable Hurley. On the island, we get to see his battle with madness as he confronts his old friend "Dave", and in the flashbacks we get to see how Dave and Hurley first came to be friends.

    The events on the island with Hurley are the usual Hurley episode mix of feeling sorry for Hurley and plenty of jokes and fun. The formula isn't old at all, and the episode is really enjoyable, even though some may be angry that we aren't getting a significant main story line advancement.

    Or are we? At the end of the episode, we get "Henry Gale's" latest mind game, and a new question forms that will undoubtably fill the Lost message boards for weeks to come - did he really push the button? The episode also gives us another major revelation at the very end, and it's one that I didn't see coming the way it did.

    Although this episode didn't advance the story as much as say Lockdown did, it's a welcome break from the fast pace and gives us another great (and funny) episode that Hurley is known for. Now the painful wait begins again for next week.

    (Don't forget to check out www.theislandoflost.com for all the latest Lost information)
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