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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • Dave

    This gem of an episode captures the essence of Lost in a perfect way that will leave viewers baffled with a new perspective of the series as a whole.
  • Great episode.

    This was a great episode. Was very Hurley based, but I liked that. It let us in on a bit more of Hurleys past. Many things that happened throughout this show I had expected, and im sure many others did aswell. However, the ending through me off, and im sure did the same to everyone else. The ending left me Lost I guess I could say. Another great thing about the show, they always leave you wondering.
  • A Hurley-centric episode.

    Let me just start out this review by saying that as a whole, I absolutely loved this episode, and I thought that the flashbacks of Hurley's life were very interesting. I really liked getting to learn more about Hurley because I've always thought that his back story was very interesting. I also liked getting the chance to see more of character Libby since I think that she's a very interesting character. I loved the part when Hurley attacks Sawyer and they get into a big fight. That part was so funny. This is definitely my favorite of all the Hurley-centric episodes that they've had so far. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost, and I can't wait to watch the rest of my Lost: Season Two DVD set.
  • great episode

    Hurley starts to see a man who was his friend at the mental institution that he was in. Libby helps Hurley with his mental state. This is a Hurley episode, the flashback centers on his past. At the hatch, the prisoner tells Locke something that makes him question about the things that are happening in the island. This episode centers around Hurley's past life and his friend who appears in front of him on the island. It does something with his uncontrolled eating, it's a good episode, we see more of Hurley's life in the past. It's a good one.
  • One hell of a tricky episode, Is lost even real?

    We all know about Hugo a.k.a Hurley, we also know that he was in a psych ward, we know about the Lottery, we know about the 'MAGICAL' numbers, and the whole Island. But the one thing that got me thinking, is any of this real? Or is it all in Hurley's mind? If it turns out to be a dream or one of his 'coma dreams' then this would suck big time!

    It also turns out that "Henry Gale" is actually one of the "Others". The whole story about the balloon was actually real, but not his. He stole a guy's identity and used it to cover up as being a "survivor".

    Lost is just getting more and more revealing in each and every episode.
  • Lots of people exaggerate in this part but this was honestly the best episode ever and my all time favorite of lost.

    What the hell was that all about?

    But wasn't it fantastic! Episode 18 is where last series they turned everything on its head and introduced to us 4 8 15 16 23 42. Now here we are at ep 18 again and oops they did it again.

    So Dave, a nutter from Hurleys flashbacks comes and pays Hurley a visit on the island and it turns out that he's not the only nutjob on the island with it revealed that Libby was also in Santa Rosa Mental Health Hospital. Also I'm pretty sure that in the first series they said that Locke's mum was also there in the happy little place, and also of course the numbers are linked to there. And how about when Dave was saying about Libby and, really, it all made sence!

  • One of the True Diamonds of the Season

    This was one of my favorite episodes of the season. Not only did we learn why Hurley was in Santa Rosa, but it brought up an important question about reality, and how we define it(the five senses). As far a Hurley knew, Dave was real, because he could hear him, see him, and feel him. This is with in the rules of reality, so in a sense, Dave was real. The idea that it is all just a fantasy of someone(not necessarily Hurley) is a bad idea for the show though, as it would be the hugest letdown. Seeing the way dave ran through the jungle made me think of Puck the trickster, with his impish grin.

    I hope there are more episodes like this.
  • This episode crash your mind! It's simply wonderful, it messes the whole story and makes you wonder about every character and everything that happens on the island. GREAT! (and now what's gonna happen?!)

    Well I'm crashed.
    I've just finished watching it, I don't understand anything anymore. My mind's blowing, I'm wondering if all Lost is just in Hurley's mind. I wonder if Dave is true, I wonder if the numbers are just a Hurley's allucination, I wonder the same about Libby.

    What a mess! I love this feeling, I'm looking forward to watch the next episodes and see what happens, how the story evolves. Maybe this episode is not the best story compared with others, I don't know, but I think this episode is far the most messy of the whole series, and maybe even much more messy than some movies, worth Memento or those "hard to understand" movies.

    This is a great tv show and I can't wait to know what will happen in the end!
  • OMG! OMG! OMG! it's all fake..........

    This episode started off being a typical Hurly comedic installment, However the ending...or last 30 secs is so...OH....MY...GOD.... that this deserves a 10 out 10.

    If what they are trying to say is that it is all fake, then it does make sense, all the crazy stuff that has been going on, but are the writers taking the easy way out?

    Is it all fake.......Are all the characters in Hurly's imagination or are they real but also in that insane asylum?

    LOVE IT!!!!
  • The Bottom line is that every single person in that island {including the \'others\'} were and still are in a mental hospital dreaming that they are in a island where eveerything coneects and is similar to another thing.

    They are all sleeping and dreaming the same dream on there own prospective. A man name dave who happens to be hurley\'s imaginary friend who just distinguishly happens to be the part of hurleys mind that grows an attraction to food. I loved this episode. The character that plays \"dave\" is very Cynical, but smart. The island which they are in is just a dream 22 retards from a mental hospital are dreaming.
  • if the answer is indeed a collective hallucination, then there are some things i don't understand (yet)

    if this is all an experiment of a mental institution, then :

    -where is the institution located ? some of the characters come from the US, and others from australia. we know that the characters all went to australia before leaving on the plane, but they couldn't have been put in a mental hospital at this point... it wouldnt have made sense.
    -if Walt, Boone and the other guys from the plane who don't have important roles are hallucinations, then why was dave invisible to everyone on the island ? and also why Kate's horse was visible to Jack ? it's not very coherent.
    -there's still the Jin/Sun problem... i don't see any reason why they wouldve been in a mental institution.

    this episode would answer many things... like the numbers, the weird stuff.. etc. but it makes some other things incoherent.. so yeah.. ah the writer(s) are insane, i love it. this mystery is genius.
  • Another great episode

    I believe that anyone who writes this episode off as boring or filler, is really missing the mark. Many of us Lost fans believe, or have believed from time to time, that this is a group experiment. Either they’re hooked up Matrix style or they’re actually living on an island set up for the group experiment. Enter the writers who, we know, read the posts. We know they’re a devious group already whose purpose is to keep us guessing and coming back for more. Now the seed is even more firmly planted that this is a psychological experiment. However, we shouldn’t be led down the garden path so easily because they can be fooling us totally.

    I’ve loved every episode of Lost. We learn something new every time if we’re not always only looking for the big bang. And, how I love all the new questions that come up. I certainly don’t want all the answers yet because that’ll mean no more Lost. I hope it’s around for at least a few more years.
  • If anyone believes that this episode explains it all then they haven't been watching...

    Ok folks...first off fantastic episode..."Dave" shows us that the writers are listening to the fans...and that no matter how hard you try, you will never figure this story out until the end...the writers came so close to making it all seem so simple that some...including myself almost bought it...but there are some still buying it...I for one am not...I refuse to believe that a show so deep and intricate as Lost would have every question answered in Season 2...in one episode?...now come on I know that true Lost fans would never buy into that bunch of crap...this show keeps on getting better and better...it might have been a little slow at the begining of Season 2...but it has continued to build stronger and stronger as the season comes to a close...I can't wait to see how they will leave us hanging at the end of this season...next week looks like a scorcher.
  • Super duper

    Very goooooood!!
    It will make you laugh, cry, smile, feel confused, intrigued, and beautiful.
    Jack bender directed this episode like many of his other episodes with panache. He is certainly the best director for the show. He draws out the tension in a scene wonderfully, picks the best angles to shot at, and also the episodes he directs always seem to be very important to the structure of the show; he keeps things on track and ahead of the pack.
  • this show never fails to entertain me

    this show never fails to entertain me. i love lost. i think its the best show on tv. the way the creaters tie in the numbers and keep you wondering is amazing. it is really hard for me to wait a whole week for the next episode to air. --Joe
  • At last

    This episode marks the return for my enjoyment of this series. I was hooked from the start since i find Hurleys character to be one of the most intriguing. What a wonderfull episode and a super nice twist at the end.

    Lets hope for this trend to continue.

  • wow ... now I am really confused as to where the show is going. I guess all those people are hocked up to some virtual reality machine but this is only speculation.

    Ok granted that the show was really going nowhere for a while this episode was totally unexpected for me. The one before this one looked like it was going to go in a compleately different direction with the hidden map on the wall and food dropping from the sky. By this is totally new stuff. Lost is almost starting to look like a sci-fi show. Granted that I like the gentre, I can\'t say that I\'m complaining but man talk about some u-turns. Other than the main idea of Hurley and Libby being in some mental hospital the episode is pretty uneventful ( typical for Lost ). My theory right now is that all the main characters in Lost are in some virtual reality that is somehow created by their collective subconsciousness. But this is just a wild guess and no I do not have any inside information ...

    I think it was a revealing episode for Hurley. I like Hurley I hope that Libby isn\'t out to get him or something. He seems to have some problems. Maybe while she was in she became obsessed with him and started following him around. thats why they were both on the same plane.
    anyway those are my thoughts.
  • We learn more about Hurley's past, and we get more info out of "Henry Gail".

    Hurley reveals to Libby that he has been hoarding food.
    Hurley begins to see a man named Dave, his imaginary friend from when he was in a mental hospital. Dave tries to get Hurley to believe that he is dreaming and that is he jumps off a cliff he will wake up.

    Libby catches up to Hurley before he can jump and convinced him that he is not dreaming.

    We learn that Libby was in the same mental hospital as Hurley.

    The man who said he was Henry Gail has still not given us his real name.
    He tells Locke that he never entered the code and pressed the button, and even though he didn't the clock still went back to 108.
  • Hurley-centric.

    Rivals "Walkabout" as one of the best. Several important reveals (in the non-technical sense), a few good twists with just enough foreshadowing to make you feel smart if you "get it" beforehand(not pandered to, like with "The Long Con"), and some fine acting - especially "Henry", who has been a riveting delight throughout his tenure. Oh, and even a classic LOST tear-coaxer in the opening food frenzy bit. And what great use of past information - the writers and producers must have really enjoyed envisioning and anticipating this episode for quite some time. Extremely satisfying -- thanks, TeamLOST!
  • Have you ever asked yourself why Hurley was in a mental institute?

    In this episode you will find a lot of emotion and mystery. On the island, you can see how things between Libby and Hurley have changed. Libby helps him to loose weight but he confesses he has been stealing food since the discovering of the hatch.

    But, suddenly, something strange happens: While everybody is wondering about the way a huge amount of food arrived to the island, Hurley sees a familiar face... a bald man is looking at him... smiling.

    The flashback shows us the time when Hurley was in a mental institute. He was always manipulated by a friend, the same man that misteriously appeared on the island. Dave, as he wa called, tells Hurley not to take his medicine and convinces him to escape from the mental institute. But Hurley was not totally sure about Dave´s existance, as his doctor had already told him that Dave didn´t exist, and everything was in his mind. However, Hurley decides to escape with Dave but, when they both were escaping, Hurley changes his mind and decides not to believe in Dave. After this, he stays in the mental institute and Dave disappears from his live... Until now.

    On the island, Jack decides to go where Mr. Friendly to trade prisoners. He takes Kate with her and they spend hours waiting for Mr. Friendly´s appearance. But they find somebody they wouldn´t have expected...
  • great one

    I loved how this one ended and it was a pretty good episode overall, why Hurley was in the institution, I liked the parts with Sayid as well, I think he should of been allowed to beat the truth out of " Henry Gale" to begin with, the next one looks even Better
  • Dave's not here

    Ok, let's see, Hurley has to have an old Cheech and Chong album someplace in his home, he could not have gotten so fat without some munchie activity, and the name just came in handy for a guy who isn't there.

    And maybe he watched Sex in the City while he pigged out and found himself imagining he could be beautiful Charlotte's ugly husband.

    He did have an almost thing with some cute little video store clerk who was dark and small like Charlotte..so nothing is a stretch of the imagination for this show, aside from the fact that Libby being so attracted to him seems more like super glue than rubber bands...then again, the fact that she was in the same rubber room with Hurley, proves some things just stick in your mind...
  • This epsiode ties in with "white rabbit" But makes it much better. Was I just making up how great this epiosde was!!

    Great Epsiode better then Last weeks.

    Dave was not there even in the flashbacks!

    Analucia did not do a good thing by stopping sayid.

    Well I still dont belive Henry but maybe the others thought the same thing as Locke does and keep pushing the botton for know reason.

    Hurly destroying his stash was great like Charlie, but Charlie dosnt punish himself byt doing drugs.

    The fact that the food landed right when Hurly destroyed the food made me flinch and Libby allmost looked like she was going to puke.

    The Treory of its all a dream came to a real high this episode and I loved it. It all made sence In some ways but I knew they wouldnt kill Hurly I mean Its Hurly, But what I was not expecting was Libby to be a Mentel Patient though out the whole epsiode I thought she might show up in a nurse suit but No she shows up in rags. The writers are able to mkae twists even in Flashbacks I really enjoyed it The Kiss between Hurly and Libby the fight between Huly and Sawer and Jin stepping in was priceless.

    The one thing I did not like that the writers just seemed to thow in the mix was when Hurly asked about the slipper And when Libby said it was insulting that she might be makebelive sure it showed Libby had class but not the right place.

    Looks like someone cares about Walt in the next episode well Ill be back.
  • Such an amazing episode. They trow us more hints, actually furthur the plot and Libby, oh my god!

    I have to finally write a review. After following this site. This episode was well written, totally satisfying. More hints, more questioning of reality and what reality might be. Can Eko be building a Church? He crossed himself when he took water. Libby, i really believed she was a psycologist. Didn't see the patient thing coming. Can she be dangerous, could she have contributed to some of the taily's dealths? But the absolute best was when Hurly has a smack down with Sawyer! Go Hurly!
  • the greatest show ever has brought out another great episode.

    this episode was great for many reasons:
    1: its centric character was my favourite character of season 2, hurley.
    2: had the right ammount of adventure in.
    3: was funny aswel.
    4: posed a new theory on what was going on on the island.
    5: really mysterious episode, which are my favourite type.

    i have never rated an episode of lost lower than a 9.1 and my reasons are that even the worst episode of both seasons, fire + water, was the worst episode, it deserves a 9.0 or a 91 still, cause thats how good the worst episode was. the best parts of this episode where: the part where hurley discovers dave isnt real in his flashbacks, the part where dave jumps off the cliff and the part where everyones getting food from the crate of food.
  • Very good Episode

    This episode of Lost was probably one of the best episodes of the series. This episode had many surprises in it including, Dave. Hurleys friend was not real and Libby had been a patient at the mental hospital that Hugo was at. Those to parts were to me the most surprising thing this whole season. Overall this episode is a classic.
  • An old friend of Hurley's comes back into his life from his instituition days, Libby lends a helping hand with Hurley to get him back on the straight and narrow. Locke's faith and sense of purpose regading the bunker is put into question.

    Locke is recovering his leg, but still wants to know whats happening all the time, Henry admits to Sayid that he is one of them, but he won't divulge anything because he is more scared of them than anything. The others try to talk to Henry but the result is the same, but it is very obvious that Henry is a very good manipulator of peoples mind's.

    Libby and Hurley get more involved as she tries to tone and firm him up with some excerise, he admits to her that he needs to drop a few pounds, but also that he is sick, that he has a food problem. He takes her to his stash and after talking, he destroys his stash of food, therefore taking away the opportunity.

    As they are destroying the last item, people rush through their area and say that something is happening, they follow them and discover that a pallet of food has been airdropped to their location. Just as he was getting to overcome his problem then a new one comes along, then as people are fighting over it, someone suggest that Hurley do it, he's trusted and he's done it before.

    Hurley takes off into the jungle and starts to see his friend Dave again, then in a flashback moment we learn that Dave was also a patient in the mental hospital where they were patience together. How he was always leading Hurley down the wrong road of choices all the time.

    Henry admits to Locke that nothing happened whatsoever regarding the countdown, he did not do anything, it got to zero then some red symbols then it went back to 108 mins.

    Mr Eko and Charlie are spending alot of time together, building something, they are busy cut down wood and making a clearing.

    Dave and Hurley are having a catch up time, from the moment he left the group on the beach to go back to the caves, Dave is then permanently attached
    by Hurleys side, all the way upto the top of the cliffs, where he tries to convince Hurley that he is still in the hospital in a comatosed state from the accident, that the island is all in his mind, that by falling into the ocean the wake up process will start. He is about to, but then is rescued by Libby in an emotionally charged scene that must have had tears streaming down cheeks somewhere, the twist with Libby and Hurley being in the same hospital flashback was unexpected.
  • Awesome

    Hurley chases after his old imaginary friend in the jungle, and his relationship with Libby develops. "Henry Gale" tells Locke that he did not enter the numbers, and Locke questions his commitment to the hatch. Hurley remembers his time at a mental institution, and surprisingly, so does Libby. Dave was full of information and honestly had me really confused and normally I don't really get confused by this show the whole its in your mind thing was crazy but I knew it was bull crap because this episode would have happened near the end of the series.
    Overal a Brilliant and informative episode with plenty going on.
  • Clearly a filler episode, but do I care? Nope. As long as fillers are as mind bending and entertaining as "Dave", I just don't care.

    Dave is truly one of the true gems of this show, in my opinion. Many people would disagree, but to me this episode was just a huge mindtrip.

    Alot say that they seen Dave not being real from the first minute. Well I didn't... so having it revealed that Dave is Hurley's imaginery friend in the middle of the episode really shocked me. Simply put, this episode explained every single mystery by claiming it's all in Hurley's head. And how funny; it all makes sense. While it's not the case, iT'll make you think think and think even more. It was just really well done. I was ready to get a happy ending with Libby kissing Hurley, but then we get a Libby flashback sequence only to find out she was in the same mental hospital as Hurley. And she seemed somewhat dodgy too. What?



    The subplot, with Sayid and Ana trying to get info out of Henry wasn't very revealing but it was exciting so to say. But I just couldn't care because I was so invested in Hurley's super freaky storyline. It creeped me out even more than Numbers!

    OVerall, can't quite rate it perfect on the basis it's still a filler episode no matter how amazing it was. Plus there definitely was room for improvement dialouge wise, but I'll look past that for now.
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