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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • Worst episode of Lost so far.

    This episode was terrible! Hurley jumps sawyer (yeah right lol), nothing happens to sawyer but hurley attacked him and sawyer didn't fight back. Hurley also has visions of his past imaginary friend dave... which was extremely lame. Also, at the end of the episode they show libby at the mental hospital... what the hell? Like i said this episode was TERRIBLE.
  • Worst Episode Yet...(at least 1 of the worst 5)

    Cos i love lost i had to review this shockingly bad episode. Firstly, there is almost no development in the central storyline (the henry gale 1), and the huge suspense created by the clifhanger at the end of lockdown is completely wasted. I was expecting huge revelations into who and what the others are, but for some reason Sayid cant get Henry to talk...why cant he just torture him like he did Sawyer? Especially when he seems to think its fine to shoot henry. The main Hurley centric storyline was boring and revealed nothing, and the flashbacks just elaborated on hurleys time in the institution and how he was crazy (which i already knew). Hurleys relationship with Libby is cheesy and predictable, and am i the only person who thinks Libby is really ugly? Also, i think this is the first episode where the end of episode cliffhanger was in a flashback...even if Libby was in the institution who cares? That cant possibly affect the direction of the story. There were a few good parts in the episode, like the few seans featuring henry gale and the part where hurley flattens sawyer :D I jus hope there is no Libby centric episode, and that the annoying character of dave never appears again.
  • Geez! Did anyone not see that one coming?

    Are we meant to be shocked? Sure it had a bunch of snarky comments that made it almost bearable but god dammint!

    Hurley goes completly crazy and is convinced if he jumps off a mountain he'll wake up. Oh and shock of all horrors libby isn't who she says she is, nope she's as crazy as hurley. didn't everyone already figure that out?
  • Probably one of the worst (of not the worst) episodes of what is becoming one of the most commercial and mentally painfull series ever.

    Probably one of the worst (of not the worst) episodes of what is becoming one of the most commercial and mentally painfull series ever.

    The sad thing is: it is working, I keep watching, just to know how it ends. However, I feel like I can't take much more of this. 1 or 2 more episodes like this and I'll stop caring about the end. It realy doesn't matter anyway.

    If they ever decide to make a third season I'll lose the respect I have left (and it's really very little) for American Television and I'm sure I'm not alone.
  • Another boring dose of Hurley.

    Another boring dose of Hurley.

    His obsessed with food.....we all know that. His obsession caused him to be in the Nuthouse when he blames his weight for for a boating accident that killed two people.

    What we didn't know is that the man good be "Really" crazy since his a grown man with an imaginary friend.

    I already figured out that Libby was a nutcase too, but it was nice to see when you are right.

  • if an episode i\'ve already seen from first season was on at the same time;i\'d watch it.


    Lost is getting worse and worse every week.Since fire+water there is nothing happening on the island; they are just walking around,dealing with their personal issues which none of us really do care;i mean come on i am really not into seeing why hurley is fat or learning that charlie was on drugs for the fifth time or whatever.

    Last week with lockdown we atleast got some new blood to the main story with the hatch locking down itself,but it was nothing like i expected.it was,like all of the episodes in this season;uniriginal , unexciting and highly expected news.This one was much bad than that.They tried to keep it exciting by throwing a theory that all of this is only the dreaming of someone in an hospital.Something exactly like that also happened in the 6th season of buffy the vampire slayer;so it is original,and the crew of buffy did so much more of a good job.it was thrilling,it made me think,but \"dave\" just made me \"hey look the writers are out of new ideas again,but they try to look interesting anyway.\" The biggest proof to that is the silliest twist in the end,with the chick also being in the meltal hospital. was i supposed to be shocked? i dont know but i\'m sure that what happened was someone from the crew saying \"hey we dont have an interesting twist in the end, what will we do\" and another replying \"why dont we tell that lily was in the hospital too ? it would rock\" so they put it..

    God;it gets more boring every time.i dont know if they are trying to keep the good stuff to the end,cos they clearly have a lack of interesting stories;and if the show got to this point in second year;i\'m sure i wont be around to see how it will turn out in year five.(will be much worse then ailas\'s boring season 5 i guess)

  • why is everyone from a mental hospital. hurley beats the crap out of sawyer

    funny episode. hurley attacks sawyer who tries to get away but gets dragged bag into the fight as hurley continues to beat sawyer. everyone stopped to look and laugh for a while until jin decides to interfere. how does someone from a mental hospital become psychiatrist like libby? it just doesn't make sense. i think the producers are starting to lose it and don't know how to fill it in. the whole dave sequence was pretty stupid and useless.
  • My guess, more mysterie, more viewers of the show, no anwsers till at least the 4th season.

    And Hurley is again the center of alle the attention, it really seems to be a very very small world as well as on the island as it is before the Island. I can understand the moment on the airport where everybody accidentally walks through everybodies storyline, but before that?
    Why is Libby too in the institution as Hurley?
    Why does Kates "father" appear in the Gulf War with Sayid?
    There are more scenes of these which I cannot think of right now, but still too much coincidence.
    Another thing, DAVE?? why bring in a new character everytime?? This is not "Friends", "Will and Grace" or some televesionshow for special gueststars who bring nothing usefull to the story.
    Time for answers, they owe it to us for watching almost two seasons which only provided questions
  • Ok... What was that? Did I just watch that? Did this episode really exist? Please, let Battlestar Galactica make its premiere soon. PLEASE!

    Ok, so here's what we've got. Clearly, they're trying to get in our nerves. And clearly, they're doing it pretty well. This episode was not just lame. It was an episode to forget. And that has to happen now.
    Once again, writters give us the shocking point at the end of last episode, just to start this one from... NOWHERE! What was so exciting about Henry Gale's plot just... died. It no longer exists. For the love of God, they ruined the only plot that could get this show back on its feet. But here we are, watching the same sequence all over again. We have a big episode, surely based on Locke, Jack or maybe Kate. They put all the suspense in it. They make a whole new set of questions. And when it can't get any better, POW! the grand finale. A week to wait. And it's not worth it. Last episode's final shot is nowhere to be seen, and common sense ain't around either.
    And won't be for like four episodes. So, at the end, we have to watch another whole set of episodes where... Nothing happens. NOTHING. It sucks.

    Oh, and for the record: They'd better not be doing the "it was all a dream" explanation or blood will be spilled.
  • What a waste of 42mins

    This episode REALLY annoyed me. There wasn't enough about "henry", the flashbacks where not very interesting and i hated the way they are trying to make up this is something hurley and libby have dreamt up. If this theme of the whole "lost" thing being part of hurley+libby's imagination carries on then frankly i think i have wasted WAY to many hours watching this show. This explanation has been done for SO many shows before [e.g. sunset beach being a dream....] and always receives criticisms from its viewers for ending and explaining the happenings of a series this way, what makes the producers think lost will be any different? I really hope this theme was a one off and there is a different explanation for why everyone is on the island. please ANY explanation but this!!!
  • Completly fogettable

    A total waste of an ep. nothing happend. Hurley's flashback was so lame, the reason he was in the institution was lame. the only good part of the ep. was when Locke talked to "henry". the Libby angle was so predictable, they have been hinting at it for weeks. Boring!
  • Hmm, love Lost but a very familar episode.

    While I love Lost and have loved all the shows this season, this one was so unoriginal. The writers should watch their back, I knew exactly what was going to happen with this episode and Hurley\'s backstory and the only reason, it was very familiar to an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy wakes up in a mental institution with her dead mother trying to convince her that her mental disease makes her think she is not a slayer. Her shrink (demon) trying to convince her if she just kills herself, she will wake up from this nightmare and her life a slayer will be over because it was never real in the first place. Writers check your back. My sister freaked out how I knew it was going to end. Of course I did I saw the same format a few years ago.
  • 5.0
    Can someone explain what does this episode mean in the story? I think is absolutely out of the context and separated to the rest.
    Who cares about Dave????
    I do need to know who is Henry Gale, who are the others, who is "no one, nothing" and a lot of other question...
  • A hurley episode and the new mystery about Libby. Key line God can't see this island anymore then the rest of the world.

    Another episode were nothing really happens, the second season has not progressed like the first season. More mystery no solutions. I think the writters are thinking more about the 3rd, 4th and 5th seasons then they are about the sophmore season. The show better have a really good season ending which is coming closer we need to see something.
  • Lost's worst episode. Painfully cliche writing, overly sentimental, and often ridiculous. Even the tempting twist ending seems to hint at bad things to come. A major letdown in a usually quality series.

    It begins badly when Hurley is willing to completely destroy the survivors' food supply on a deserted island, even if it is partly( an overly) dramatic gesture for his well-being. Add to that an annoyingly obvious romantic build-up and some really cliche-ridden dialogue. Sawyer, in another horrible scene, is used, pointlessly throwing away food once again, merely to challenge Hurley's belief in his own sanity. The we get the horrendous climax at the cliff in which the lovers poorly and again ridiculously exchange their pleas, and the show hints at a new possible twist, or likely just another dangling plotline. The finale is minorly compelling, and yet it doesn't make up for this otherwise poor episode. I've no doubt the creators and writers can make up for this, but it's a uniquely bad episode in an otherwise respectable series.
  • now it's getting interesting!!

    i love the fact that they FINALLY came out and said what we've been thinking all along! i thought everything was tied to walt's imagination, but now that i THINK about it think about it, the comic book with the polar bears and deserted-looking island or space creatures belonged to hugo! maybe i'm looking too hard for clues, but when hurley overslept at the hotel, there seemed to be a huge black cloud (that looked particularly ominous) over one of the doors; in the next frame, it had disappeared. while he was on his way to the airport when his car broke down, we saw the 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 on the dashboard. the numbers pop up again when he runs thru the airport past the girls' team jerseys.

    on the other hand we have the "coincidental" intersections of the characters' lives: sawyer met jack's dad at a bar in oz (ooh speaking of oz -- how about henry gale is dorothy's uncle's name in the wizard of oz? hmmmm the plane crashed on the way outta australia a*k*a oz!) and kate's mom was the waitress when sawyer met the guy he owed money....isn't it interesting that sawyer met two of the main character's
    parents but his parents died such violent deaths?? john locke inspected a home for nadia, the love of sayid's life; one of the americans sayid worked for in the 1st gulf war was the man kate thought was her dad. hurley and libby were in the mental institution with leonard (who chants the magic numbers nonstop)...the list goes on and on!

    i can't wait to see how the writers pull all that stuff together. i felt a little disappointed that locke didn't tell anyone about the map he saw under blacklight; i realize abc wants to keep the show running until ratings drop, but viewers (otherwise known as fiends!! -- crack is wack, kids....get hooked on lost instead!) need a li'l luv too!
  • Pretty strange episode. You are left wondering who Libby really is and no doubt it will take months to get to the answer. More questions and no answers. All in all I thought thos episode was a major dissapointment. The last few episodes have been very slo

    Pretty strange episode. You are left wondering who Libby really is and no doubt it will take months to get to the answer. More questions and no answers. All in all I thought thos episode was a major dissapointment. The last few episodes have been very slow. I hope they get better.
  • Talk about a giant step back

    At least once a season, there comes a point where the writers of Lost seem to go on their own vacation and try and fill time until the countdown till the final season begins. 'Dave' would seem to be one of those episodes, but there are a couple of points that may prove valid to the series as a whole, as well as a couple of loose ends that the writers of the series are never going to wrap up.

    The episode is centered around at what was one of the early theories of what the island is--- that it was a hallucination of one of the characters. We know now that Hurley spent some time in a metal institution, and he is probably the most popular guy on the island. Are the [people an extension of his personality? Or is there another reason that he hasn't lost any weight on this island? We've known that he has been holding on to a stash of food, and when he finally confesses his sin to Libby (we'll get to her in a minute), her reaction is not one of someone who's been eating mangoes and fish for two months. Rather she encourages him to destroy it, This leads to the appearance of someone who makes Hurley very nervous.

    The person he sees is Dave, obviously, and he was one of the people who he knew from Santa ROsa. We learn that he was nearly catatonic after an incident where he stepped on an overcrowded, causing it to collapse and two people to die. He has blamed himself and that is why he hasn't changed. Dave was a manifestation of his personality--- the part that didn't want him to get better. When he realized this, he managed a breakthrough, and things got better--- for a while.

    Now Dave is back, and his telling him this same hallucination theory. He adds the fact that the numbers are still recurring everywhere, we've been seeing them around a lot, including with the Dharma Initiative, and now he convinces Hurley that this is cycle that he has to break. Hurley then tries to find a way to break this theory.

    Here's a more pertinent question, because it's never been asked, if Dave is hallucination, why is Hurley seeing him now after all this time? Does he think that his eating is putting people at risk somehow? More interestingly, what if Dave is one of the first indication that the island is 'talking' to him? In later seasons, Hurley will show evidence of being able to tap into a vital force of the island (I won't go into details) and even when he is off the island, he will continue to see people who can't reasonably be there. Is it possible that Hurley, like Locke and Eko has some kind of communion with the island, and that it is trying to test him? Perhaps the island feels that Locke is not quite passing the trials, given his attitude of the past few weeks, and maybe it senses Hurley--- the only person who is certain they're on the island In the end, Libby convinces Hurley that this is a real by saying that she knows something that he doesn't. However, we then get the final twist--- that Libby was also at Santa Rosa. At the time I thought that this meant that this was some kind of hallucination, and Libby was another part of it. Then, of course, there's the point everyone made--- if Libby was really there, how come Hurley, who clearly remembered a lot of other patients, didn't remember? Was Libby some kind of doctor. We find out later that she has connections to a couple of other people on the island--- is it possible that she's an Other? There are definitely possibilities, but the writers never tried to explain or explore them.

    Far more interesting things are happening back in the hatch, with the re-interrogations of the Other formerly known as Henry. What's never been quite clear is how not-Henry got caught in Rousseau's. Everything this man has done is by design, so why did he come to this side of the island for? Why are the Others, who up until now have made covert attempts to move through the Others, and who threatened the Losties with violence should they try and find them deliberately infiltrate them? Not-Henry says he was following orders (even now there's a possibility that he's telling the truth), but why come like this? And, despite what we says, he knows very well what happens if you don't input the numbers into the computer, so why is he lying? If he is trying to protect the island, why would he do something that he knows very well could lead to massive casualties? We're still waiting for answers on that one

    Though 'Dave' does have some interesting moments and raises some interesting questions, for the most part, it feels a lot like 'Fire + Water,. We're running in circles, and even though interesting thigns are happening --- what was up with the food drop? what were Charlie and Eko building?--- we don't seem to be getting answers. Even if it does explode one of the major theories, they could've done that and done more in the hatch. So why keep us here anyway? It was nice to see Sawyer take a beating from the man he has antagonized the most--- but then, maybe that wasn't real either.
    My score:6
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  • Lost, lost, lost. It seems like the writers really lost it with this episode. It's just not up to the season 1 standards.

    Oh joy! Another episode with more questions asked then answered. This is really starting to turn into a trend with lost. Every episode ends with a bit of a cliff-hanger, promising an exciting follow up but then falling flat. This new episode felt mostly like a filler, Hurley is fat, he has hallucinations and so on. I don’t care, I want to know what goes on on the island!

    In the full 40 or so minutes of this episode maybe 5 had something exciting in them. Hurley throws away his “stash”, and then five minutes later he’s stuffing his mouth full of crackers. He sees some guy in the forest, like pretty much everyone else already has. And it all ends up with no major effect at all to the main plot.

    I really enjoyed the first season of lost but as this second season goes on I feel more and more like I might just take a break for some 5 episodes since I won’t really miss anything. The writing is really falling apart and it feels like they are just trying to make us believe we get to know something when in fact the story hasn’t move forward since the start of season 2.
  • Another example of the formulaic season 2.

    So here we have another character episode. In itself a decent enough storyline, from the always entertaining Jorge Garcia.

    So what's the problem?

    In case anyone hasn't noticed, this is further proof of the writers trying to pad out this season. Whenever an episode builds momentum to a dramatic point in the storyline, 9 times out of 10 the following week will bounce off on some irrelevant tangent and treat the previous important episode as background filler.

    This episode would have been great mid-season but follows on from some of the most important revelations of the season and where it should have been building on that, instead stops your curiosity dead in it's tracks with barely 5 minutes of screen time.

    This has happened continuously this season. One week the episode will finish on a potentially huge plot device and the next week it will be barely a b-story. The week after it will be back upfront again and finish on a nother dramtic cliffhanger. The week after that ... well, just start this paragraph again.

    As we approach the end of this season I'm still asking myself "what are they attempting to do? Where are the characters going?" The first season had solid goals that pushed the story along all season - build a raft and open the hatch.

    This season has nothing driving the characters. The potential army has fizzled, the investigation of the medical bunker ignored, attempting to escape has vanished, nobody is bothered about Michael (and the audience doesn't remember him anyway), the monster is a background curio, the hatch is basically a storeroom bereft of any further investigation, the mystery of the computer has been relegated to a button pushing ritual, the map ... well we could talk about that but as usual the writer's skipped it this week.

    No doubt the majority of TV.com viewers will rate this episode a 10 purely because Hurley is in it. But ask yourself this question - what did you want to learn more about this episode? The map and the mysterious Henry Gale, or that Hurley has an imaginary friend?
  • An uncharacteristically off night for LOST.

    By LOST’s own standards, this was not a great episode. Yes, it was a Hurley-centric episode, but that does not excuse the fact that too much time was allotted towards Hurley, and Hurley alone. As LOST is an ensemble drama, one of the show’s strengths is that they have so many characters and character interactions. I’m certain Hurley fans loved the episode, but for those of us who enjoy other characters, and interactions between the survivors in general, we get the short end of the stick. Furthermore, Hurley’s neat little twist wasn’t neat at all, it was predictable.

    When Locke finally came in to speak to Henry, I couldn’t help but feel like LOST had only begun at that point, and I hoped that all that had preceded it was, as Hurley put it, “not real.” More alarmingly, this was the second week in a row that flashbacks have revealed long asked questions, and the answers have been creative but anticlimactic. After waiting so long for answers, I have higher expectations.
    An uncharacteristic off night for LOST, but I have no doubt they will be back on track next week.

    (If you think about LOST so much that you dream about it, come to WWW.THEISLANDOFLOST.COM)
  • Another mystery added to hundreds of other mysteries we are still pondering the answers to.

    In this episode we are introduced to the possibility that the island and everything and everyone on it is in Hurleys mind and he is still in the mental institution in a coma.
    We also find out that Hurleys love, Libby, was in the institution with him, and after they kiss at the end of the episode she has an evil look on her face as they walk away.
    First of all, the kiss was absolutely sickening, and if they should of had a romance it should have been between Kate and Jack or Kate and Sawyer, or even Charlie and Claire. This romance is disgusting from my point of view and I'm sure that many people around the world agree.
    They should start answering questions instead of creating new ones and this episode has done the latter.
  • boring

    ok this episode i thought was realy boring and was one of the worst episodes ive ever seen. it is simply about hurly running arorund being a little crazy crybaby. i could have taken half of the episode being dedicated to this and his flashbacks about being a nutcase but 95% of it was on this. it got repeditive and pointless i got the point the first 10 min into it. the only good parts were when he kicks souyers ass nad the ending has a nice little twist.
  • Drop Dead Dave...

    I think the episode was fairly good, although the story line has been done before (Buffy the Vanpire Slayer did it, and much better too).

    I think like most people I saw the twist coming a mile away - it basically looked like a remake of the film "Drop Dead Fred" even down to the way Dave was played.

    It was an ok episode, and it served well to freak Hurley out, but hopefully the series isn't all based on his imagination.
  • Not the best of episodes. It was funny watching Hurley beat the living daylights out of Swayer though.

    Hurley and Libby's relationship heats up when Libby takes it upon herself to try and get Hurley into shape. Oh give me a break! Hurley comes confesses to Libby that he's "sick". He shows her that he's been hoarding food from the hatch.

    Libby encourages Hurley to destroy it and as soon as he does, food comes falling from the sky by a plane.

    In flash back, we see Hurley's time in a mental hospital. As Hurley's addiction haunts him on the island, so does a friend from his past, who is not real.

    At some point during the episode, Hurley goes to Swayer wanting some medicine. Swayer laughs at him and Hurley beats him up. Funny stuff

    Meanwhile, Eko ask Charlie to help in build a chruch.

    Locke confronts Henry about the buttonn, Henry confesses that he did not push the button after he crawled through the vents during the lockdown . He says nothing happened. Hopefully is he telling the truth.
  • Not a standout episode if you ask me...

    After watching a ripper of an episode previously in lockdown, I have to say that episode 18 ‘Dave’ is a real let down. There really wasn’t much that took the story or mystery of lost further. This felt more like a filler episode if you ask me.
    Who cares if Hurley was in a mental institute! The only interesting thing is seeing Libby’s connection with Hurly and that appears in the last scene. Sigh…
    Um…I’m still wondering what ever happened to that monster! Where the heck did that go? What’s happening with Michael and Walt?
  • Again, I remind you that I've seen few episodes and perhaps would have benefited from more experience of Hurley in season 1 before seeing this particular episode.

    I did enjoy this episode, although the main plot seemed like filler while the series story-line only moved on right at the end.
    I think I would have liked this episode more, though, if I hadn't seen it done elsewhere just as well. It reminded me 100% of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer''s 'Normal Again', which is one of my favourite episodes of all of Buffy. So, it was good that Lost still managed to compete a little with that legacy.
    I don't know if the truth was supposed to be quite obvious and predictable, but I felt like the program wasn't really trying to disguise anything from us this episode. Unless there's another level I've managed to completely miss, that is.
    I'm also enjoying the relationship between Hurley and Libby, they're cute together and the end between them was particularly predictably mushy.
    The final ending was very intriguing though! I can't wait to see more about Libby's past now.
    The non-Hurley bits were also good this episode, what with the deepening confusion over Henry, and the idea that he possibly may have wanted to escape his own people.
    The number 1. scene has to go to Sawyer and Hurley's fight though! And Jin just standing there laughing before he intervened...
  • One word "Libby"

    So is Libby crazy or is has she been stalking Hurley since the Hospiltal? or both.

    So this episode wasn't too bad and very dam confusing is Hurley crazy isn't he crazy. He needs to make up his mind.

    But is was good to know a very small amount about Libby.

  • good

    it was a pretty good episode. i was so proud of hurley when he closed the window on dave in the beginning. was 'henry' telling the truth? i highly doubt it but i want them to stop pressing the button because it is so annoying. i guess the lockdown was s o that the food drop could occur. can't wait til next week!!!
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