Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • A psycho-thrilling episode, made in a way to shock you. Hurley faces the big question - the main question of the serial - what is the island, what\'s the truth. The best episode so far.

    Not a long time ago, when I was mistaken and started to watch this episode instead of Lockdown, I instantly started to hate it because of the so badass scene when Hurley destroys the junkfood, and he's t-shirt is still clean, and Libby gives him a lot of mayonnase with a romantic-like smile, and there is music, and we see the fat man starting his new life in a really amateur scene. I mean oh man get rid of it, im not interested. But now when I saw it again, a changed my mind - what's more, I think that if we can watch the first 10 minutes, we will realise that this is one of the best episodes in the series. The plot is clever written, and it's just shocking to see ur favorite characters perish in a fool's hallucination - all your past 2 years, ur 43*44 minutes spent watching Lost was a long con, (and this time not sawyer's :-)) - the writers were really brave this time, and I appreciate it. Of course there are big problems with this episode - when we see Locke and the other characters in the hatch, we cannot believe what so called Dave is telling Hurley - this scene could have been better, I think. How nice it would have been if the writers would be real dudes and made the whole episode destroy the whole universe of Lost. I mean they could have told us that this Dave episode was a long cun only in the NEXT episode - this episode could have been a classic in the history of movie-making - just imagine it - the writers confess that they lied to the public - and later they confess that the confession was a lie too. It would have been astonishing. Anyway this is the most provocating, and most exciting episode in the whole season, and I was shocked for half an hour when I was watching it. I don't like Hurley - and that's why I think this episode was based on a really fine idea - what if Locke, Jack, Kate, and everybody was just a joke - a dream in a loser's mind. And the last flashback - oh man, it's the crown of it!

    (And the whole scene with Dave and the cliff when he tells Hurley to jump down and to wake up and when Libby appears is a huge allusion to the final scene of one of my favorite films, Open your eyes - a film directed by Amenabar - the whole episode is a tribute to him - you can call it showing respect or you can say they stole each and every idea of this episode from Open your eyes. Most of you will recognise my idea if I say Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz - it's a remix of Open your Eyes (and Open your Eyes is a lot better of course) - you should watch it - it will be familiar after Dave, i bet.)

    This episode is a must see! LOST