Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • This was a very exciting, cinfusing episode,Loved it.

    Dave was areally great and mysterios episode.Of course focusing on Hurley we expect it to be quite funny.It wasn't really funny, but it was very very good and interesting.I loved the flashbacks.They told us a lot more about Hurley's character.He still has lots of mysterys to be solved.Anywasy we start of with Libby and Hurley jogging.libby was helping Hurlay get fit and loose some of that weight.I thought that by this stage Hurley and Libby really hit it off.They were going to be great together.Then we see that tons of food has fallen from the sky and after Hurley wasnting to get fit can't stand it.He wants to start eating again.Tis is when he sees Dave.The man we still know nothing about.I thought it was great when we find out that Dave isn't real.Hurley only makles him up.He is there when Hurley wants to eat.The finale was really great when Dave was explaining that this was all his dream.I thought wow.I was very confused and didn't know what to believe.Dave had told Hurlay that he was real and he was back in real life waiting for Hurley to get out of the coma.Dave then jumps from the cliff telling Hurley to do the same thing.It was great when Libby came.She told Hurlwey that it was allreal.She really assured me that Hurlae believed her and wasn't going to jump.Then they shared their first kiss.We then see Hurley back to his old self saying"Can you do that again just to be sure".It ended in a very great mysterius way with Libbys flashback shiowing that she had also been in the same mental hospital as Hurley.This really left me puzzled and annoyed.I was so dissapointed that Libby did not have her flashbacks before she died.we will have to wait until this mystery is resolved.