Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • Nice episode... And it was revealing

    This 18th episode of Season 2 focussed on Hugo and his obsession to food. It was a great plotted story and I loved it. Henry Gale is one of them and it just comes to show, "Who can you trust?" That's right, probably no one. We're learning more about the others slowly, and I am glad that Ana-Lucia stopped Sayid from pulling the trigger directly at Henry. Hurley meeting his imaginary friend Dave on this island, wow... The whole flashback business of Hugo's life was sad, but so damn cool. Dave was excellent in the mental hospital. The part where Hugo realized the truth, a sad one... Dave doesn't exist. So Hugo is even more in mental shape. The Hugo beating up the smart-a** Sawyer scene was a crack up. Then of course, Kate the big mouth steps in to make fun of Sawyer. Annoying person she can be sometimes lol.
    Libby was a great character throughout this episode, lending Hurley support, helping him get rid of the food. But no one was expecting for her to be in the same mental hospital as Hugo...! Crap, they all seem connected in some way.
    But my favourite parts were learning about Henry Gale's real identity and what his intentions were. But yeah, "DAVE is the man!".

    Overall, it was a great episode, more of a revealing week. Next week's looks better though, as looking in the promo.