Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • An old friend of Hurley's comes back into his life from his instituition days, Libby lends a helping hand with Hurley to get him back on the straight and narrow. Locke's faith and sense of purpose regading the bunker is put into question.

    Locke is recovering his leg, but still wants to know whats happening all the time, Henry admits to Sayid that he is one of them, but he won't divulge anything because he is more scared of them than anything. The others try to talk to Henry but the result is the same, but it is very obvious that Henry is a very good manipulator of peoples mind's.

    Libby and Hurley get more involved as she tries to tone and firm him up with some excerise, he admits to her that he needs to drop a few pounds, but also that he is sick, that he has a food problem. He takes her to his stash and after talking, he destroys his stash of food, therefore taking away the opportunity.

    As they are destroying the last item, people rush through their area and say that something is happening, they follow them and discover that a pallet of food has been airdropped to their location. Just as he was getting to overcome his problem then a new one comes along, then as people are fighting over it, someone suggest that Hurley do it, he's trusted and he's done it before.

    Hurley takes off into the jungle and starts to see his friend Dave again, then in a flashback moment we learn that Dave was also a patient in the mental hospital where they were patience together. How he was always leading Hurley down the wrong road of choices all the time.

    Henry admits to Locke that nothing happened whatsoever regarding the countdown, he did not do anything, it got to zero then some red symbols then it went back to 108 mins.

    Mr Eko and Charlie are spending alot of time together, building something, they are busy cut down wood and making a clearing.

    Dave and Hurley are having a catch up time, from the moment he left the group on the beach to go back to the caves, Dave is then permanently attached
    by Hurleys side, all the way upto the top of the cliffs, where he tries to convince Hurley that he is still in the hospital in a comatosed state from the accident, that the island is all in his mind, that by falling into the ocean the wake up process will start. He is about to, but then is rescued by Libby in an emotionally charged scene that must have had tears streaming down cheeks somewhere, the twist with Libby and Hurley being in the same hospital flashback was unexpected.