Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • Another character on the island is seeing things. That element of the storytelling may be getting a bit monotonous but this episode is still fasinating because of it.

    To say I liked this episode better than Lockdown would be an insult to Locke, but I despite my much lower rating I enjoyed it as much. There was mystery, reveals and wonderful character exploration. Perhaps the standout of this episode is not the story but the acting quality of Jorge Garcia, as Hurley. Hereally nails his character in this episode and we do really feel sorry for him in those flashbacks. That scene where he talks to the shrink is probably Jorge's finest acting moment so far of the series. I totally believed he was a mentally troubled man and suddenly my image of what someone living in a Psychiatric hospital became clear to me. And it is not that you are completely off your trolley, drooling at the mouth, screaming incomprehensively. Hurley understands what is happening to him but yet it powerless to do anything about it. In fact there may not be anything wrong with him, he just thinks there is and that is what makes him such a great example of someone with mental problems.
    "Dave" is a fasinating character and his words of wisdom (or so they seemed) to Hurley play to our own suspicions and theories as to what is going on, for example the idea that everything that has happened is just in someone's head.
    By the episode's end we are thown another HUGE plot twist with the reveal that Libby was also a patient at Hurley's hospital.
    Usually Hurley's episodes are generally light-hearted, filled with humour. While this episode has those familiar moments (particularly the hilarious brawl scene with Sawyer) this episode brings out the more serious and emotional side of his character. Hurley is not so much the lovable, cuddly, easy going, fun seeking individual we once knew him as. In this episode he is tearful, angry, bitter and impulsive.
    This behavior may make his character much more interesting in the future.
    Dave thought it odd that Libby is with Hurley. I find that odd too, not because I think that no one would find Hurley attractive, because I think they would, if only for his inner appearance, but because they look such an odd couple.
    That said I can't think of anyone else she could be best with. There is no one else!! And that's not being unfair to Hurley! You rock!
    As I'm writing this review I can't actually remember what else happens outside the Hurley scenes. I know that life in The Swan goes a little quiet after the last episode, as was expected.
    This was a cool episode, one which had good momentum, a wonderful acting job by Jorje Garcia and more for viewers to ponder over.