Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • Very Good Exploration!!!!


    After the Last time that Hurley was the Main Character, his flashbacks wasn´t impressive, so the writers had a second chance to do the right thing and to explore this great character.

    So they Choose to explore his psychology. Is Hugo Crazy? Could all be his imagination, since he won the lottery and had some bad luck, it make sense that the writers explore this side, because his story his really crazy. There is no plot holes, it makes perfect sense what happened with him in this episode.

    This also explains why he eats so much.

    Nice Details:

    The way that the writers explored the Hurley psychology was very well done. His last conversation with his friend DAvid is a great Example of that.

    There is also a great detail about "Henry", his scenes with Sayid and after with Locke was great. What he said make sense, but again, you don´t know if he is telling the truth.


    This episode is about confusing the audience and give them a twist. There are funny scenes like when Hurley fights with Sawyer or when he destroy all his food and someone put more food in the Island.

    Even Henry Scene with Locke is confusing, since you don´t know if he is telling the truth or if he is playing with Locke.

    Discovering what is Hurley friend and why he reminds of seeing Libby is a nice surprise.

    We have some drama too, when we discover why he eats so much.


    This episode did is job, to point A to point B, is all about character development and not about doing something big happen. So Hurley problem is addressed and solved in a single episode as expected.


    An essential income to finish in the best form and to change the opinion in general about an episode. This episode had a very good ending.


    You can expected great Character development, funny scenes and confusing scenes too, drama and a good ending, make this episode deserves at least a 9.