Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Numbers: Henry lies to Sayid, saying that the real Henry Gale was already dead when he found him 4 months ago.

    • When Hurley was playing Connect 4 with his friend, Leonard, Leonard kept repeating all six of "The Numbers" over and over.

    • Island events in this episode take place on November 22nd 2004.

    • Numbers: 8 and 23

      The deck that collapsed was meant to hold 8 people but had 23 on it.

    • In the beginning of the episode when Hurley falls over, while chasing Dave, Jorge cut his hand open on a piece of glass left in the jungle. In a following scene when Hurley picks up a box of DHARMA crisps he has a plaster on his hand, as both scenes were shot on the same day.

    • So far this is the only episode of the entire show which ends with a flashback scene.

    • On Libby's table is a Mancala game board.

    • During Hurley's flashback to the basketball game, the meditating patient and his doctor move across the court several times (Compare their positions to the central blue line on the court. They cross it at different points during the scene).

    • In the first scene when Dr. Brooks is taking the picture, Hurley removes his hand around Dave backwards but in the last scene of the episode Hurley removes his hand forward.

    • Photo goofs:
      1) When Dr. Brooks took the photo there was sunlight coming in through the windows behind Hurley. But when Brooks shows Hurley the photo the windows are pitch black.
      2) Two people sit by the left side of the table behind Hurley when the photo is taken and should be visible in the photo, considering the angle at which it was taken (the angle seen in the photo later). But in the photo only one (the one on the right) appears (barely visible, behind Hurley). Was the guy on the left imaginary too?
      3) In Libby's flashback Hurley turns his head towards invisible Dave after the flash hits, while in Hurley's flashback, he turns his head just before the flash kicks in (he turns it back just in time to look at the camera when the photo gets snapped).

    • Charlie was there with Jack and the others the previous evening in the last episode when they found the food. But now he acts surprised along with the arrivals as if he didn't know the food was there.

    • We learn that the reason for Hurley being institutionalized, is due to the fact that he feels responsible for the deaths of two people. They died when an overcrowded deck collapsed after Hurley stepped onto the deck. After the accident, Hurley went into a catatonic state basically doing nothing but eating.

    • Hurley and Leonard are playing a game of Connect Four. 4 is one of the numbers. Also, in Connect Four there are 42 counters used in the game. 42 is also a number.

    • Continuity - When Hurley is emptying his stash. He starts dumping the ranch container and clearly splashes it on himself. Then the scene cuts to him emptying the orange crackers and he has no ranch on him. Also, when Libby is getting ready to kiss him his hair is tucked behind his ears. Then the shot changes, and when she is holding his hair, it's hanging down. Then It's back behind his ears again for the next shots.

    • When Hurley is in his doctor's office, behind him, there is a painting of an island that looks just like the island that they crashed onto. This is probably a connection to the island. Edit: Aside from the connection to the island (thus adding another way to tie everything together, Lost style), this was probably done to get viewers wrapped up in Dave's claim that everything which happened on the show is just Hurley's imagination running wild, while he is actually still in the asylum. Having an island picture in Dr. Brooks' office could further support the claim that Hurley imagined the whole thing based on real things around him, just like dreams are collections of memories mixed up at random.

  • Quotes

    • Hurley: But I got better. I changed.
      Dave: Changed? What, are you kidding me? Take a look at yourself. You've been on a deserted island for over two months and you haven't dropped ten pounds. How is that even possible, man?

    • Hurley: So this is all just in my brain?
      Dave: Every rock, every tree. Every tree frog. Even me. The real me, the one they told you was imaginary? He went out the window, man. Right now he's probably bouncing from hot chick to hot chick, unlike me, who's really you, who's got more important things to do.

    • Hurley: You don't know me.
      Libby: I was starting to.
      Hurley: Yeah, well did you know I'm so fat that I killed two people? And that I have an imaginary friend?

    • Hurley: This isn't real life.
      Libby: Why would you say that?
      Hurley: Because in real life, no girl like you would ever like me. Remember when I said I knew you from somewhere? Well, maybe it's because I made you up?

    • Dave: (To Hurley) Oh, oh, oh, can you taste that? That is freedom, baby. You know what tastes even better than freedom? Cheeseburgers.

    • Kate: (about Hurley) So, he just attacked you, huh?
      Sawyer: Try to contain yourself, Freckles.
      Kate: What? I'm worried. You look like you got your ass kicked.
      Sawyer: Don't you got an adventure to get to? I think Timmy fell down a well over that way.

    • Hurley: Pulling it will only break the cookie.
      Sawyer: Well, that's what I get for not going to the expert in the first place. What can I do you for, Deepdish?

    • Dave: Hey, it's taco night, dude, let's blow this pop stand. (Hurley looks away) What?
      Hurley: Brooks said you're, like, negative.
      Dave: Well, duh. So what, you don't want to hang out with me anymore?
      Hurley: Uh, I don't know, it's just ...
      Dave: Is that quack getting inside your head, man? Do not let him. You've got much more important things to think about.
      Hurley: Like what?
      Dave: Like hard or soft shell, baby; chicken or shrimp; sour cream or hot sauce.
      Hurley: Yeah, I guess I could eat.
      Dave: Yeah, I thought so. Noche de tacos, amigo.

    • Dave: Dude, dude, I'm open, dude. It's called dribbling, not drooling - dribbling! Well, shoot it then! Shoot it! (the patient lays the ball down under the basket) Wait, oh, high percentage shot, excellent choice. (to Hurley) Do you want in the game, man? Go for it. Something tells me no one will care.

    • Libby: (To Hurley) Pretty weird, huh? So the island won't let you lose weight, you destroy your stash, then bang, more food falls from the sky.

    • Sawyer: (Everyone is fighting over the food) Hold on, take it easy. You guys are like locusts. How about a little order here?

    • Sawyer: Forget it. I'm done trading. I got enough food now to open a chain of mini-marts. Hey, you think Sayid needs a job?

    • Charlie: We need to put somebody trustworthy in charge of the food, like Hurley!
      Hurley: No, no, no way, NO!

    • (Sayid is questioning "Henry" about the body they found)
      Henry: He was dead already. Four months ago I was part of the search party. Henry Gale was hanging out of the basket ... neck broken.
      Sayid: So he was already dead?
      Henry: Yes.
      Sayid: Then you buried him and left a grave marker?
      Henry: Yes.
      (Sayid pulls a 20 dollar bill out of his pocket)
      Sayid: You really should have checked his wallet before you did that. I assume Henry Gale did not have any paper on which to compose his thoughts, so he had to improvise. There wasn't much space for that. (reads the bill) "Jennifer, well you were right. Crossing the Pacific isn't easy. I owe you a beer. I'm hiking to one of the beaches to start a signal fire. If you're reading this I guess I didn't make it. I'm sorry. I love you, Jenny. Always have; always will. Yours, Henry." So tell me, how did Henry Gale write a note to his wife with a broken neck?

    • (after Hurley says that he does not want to be the one to divide up the food)
      Libby: Okay, hey, hey, how about no one's in charge, okay? I'm sure everyone can manage to just take what they need.
      Sawyer: Great plan, Moonbeam. And after that we can sing Kumbaya and do 'trust falls.'

    • Charlie: Shouldn't we let someone a little more trustworthy take care of this?
      Sawyer: Like you, babynapper?

    • Hurley: When we first crashed here, I was like, this isn't all bad - it's, like, the all mango diet. I wasn't turning any heads or nothing but I did drop a couple belt sizes. Then we found this hatch and it was full of food - tons of food. I tried giving it all away, but I guess I kind of kept some of it for myself. I wish I could just get rid of it.
      Libby : Then get rid of it (holds out a giant jar of ranch dressing). You want to change ... then change.

    • Locke: Did you get caught on purpose? You and your people have been here for God knows how long, and you got caught in a net...
      Henry Gale: God doesn't know.
      Locke: Excuse me?
      Henry Gale: God doesn't know how long we've been here, John. He can't see this island any better than the rest of the world can.

    • Hurley: Did anyone see a man run through here in a bathrobe with a coconut?
      Charlie: No, I saw a polar bear on roller blades with a mango.

    • Dave: OK ... Look ... I know you're freaking out right now and I'm sorry, but ... It's gonna get a little worse before it gets better.
      Hurley: Worse?!

    • Locke: How long until I can walk...?
      Jack: You're gonna have to wait a couple of weeks. There's a wheelchair ...
      Locke: No! I don't need a wheelchair.

    • Kate: How are you holding up?
      Locke: Depends on Jack's best guess.

    • Libby: (exercising on the beach) Isn't this nice?
      Hurley: I kinda prefer breathing!

    • Libby: That was a real kiss.
      Hurley: Maybe, you should do it one more time, just to make sure.

    • Locke: I want to talk to him.
      Ana Lucia: I don't think that's on today's program.

    • Dave: Look at that. Marcus didn't finish his lasagna. That's a waste man. One for the road?
      (Hurley takes the plate and starts eating)

    • Libby: You know, exercising is addictive.
      Hurley: I can see why.

    • (Dave wakes Hurley up)
      Dave: Finally. You could sleep through a damn NASCAR race, man.

    • Libby: That's a lot of peanut butter.
      Hurley: Well, I'm going to need a lot of protein where I'm going.

    • Charlie: What are you making? (silence from Eko) Is it a Starbucks?

    • Charlie: Did anyone see a plane last night?
      Sawyer: Yeah, I saw it Tattoo. I just decided not to tell anyone.

    • Libby: Where are you going?
      Hurley: Back to the caves. No one lives there anymore so it won't bother anybody. I'm gonna live alone and be one of those guys ... you know, the crazy guys ... with the big beard and no clothes, naked and throws doo-dee at people.

    • Dave: Leonard's got graham crackers; why don't you take some? What's he gonna do? Call you a 23?

    • Sawyer: What stuff you seein'?
      Hurley: I don't know ... maybe like a bald guy, in a bathrobe.
      Sawyer: You mean like that guy there? (Hurley turns around and sees nothing)Got'cha !

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Kumbaya: Sawyer tells Libby, "Great plan, Moonbeam. And after that we can sing Kumbaya and do trust falls". "Kumbaya" is a standard campfire song in Scouting, YMCA and the Indian Guides.

    • The Incredible Hulk: Sawyer claims Hurley "hulked-out" on him after he teased him about Dave. The Hulk was a Marvel comic book character that was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1963.

    • Starbucks

      After Charlie sees Eko building something, he asks, "Is it a Starbucks?"

      Starbucks is one of the largest, most well known coffee shop chains in the world. Charlie refers to it because it is commonly said that there is a Starbucks on every corner.

    • Dave: ...Photoshop.
      Photoshop is a very popular image editing application for the PC. You can manipulate any image and even "erase" someone in a picture as Dave points out.

    • Connect Four

      Leonard and Hurley playing Connect Four
      Dave: "Pretty sneaky, Leonard."
      This is in reference to a TV commercial from the 70's for "Connect Four."

      A brother and sister are playing the game when the sister announces that she's won, diagonally. The brother says, "Pretty sneaky, sis." The sister then releases the game pieces from the board, as Leonard does after his game with Hurley.

    • The character Tattoo on Fantasy Island.

      Charlie: Did anyone see a plane last night?
      Sawyer: Yeah, I saw it Tattoo. I just decided not to tell anyone.

      Sawyer is referring to the famous TV character Tattoo (played by Herve Villechaize) who was a memorable fixture on the 1970's series Fantasy Island. He's most famous for the quote, "The plane! The plane!"

    • Movie: My Own Private Idaho

      Dave says to Hurley, "You are in your own private Idaho," referring to this 1991 film in which two friends that are street hustlers also have their own mental problems and issues.

    • Star Wars

      Dave says to Hurley, "You think they blew up the Death Star?" Refers to both films, Star Wars: Episodes IV & VI

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