Season 5 Episode 12

Dead is Dead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2009 on ABC

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  • Great episode, but why did it take so long to get here?

    Are the Ben and Not-Locke scenes great? Sure. The flashbacks are good too, even with the bad hairpieces (if there is one thing Lost is bad at, it's fake beards and hairpieces). But here's the question I find myself asking: why did it take so long to get here?

    It takes nine episodes for Jack and company to get back into the action on the island, and now in episode twelve, Locke finally returns.

    This episode was so good one wonders why it took over half the season to set things up. I think the answer is that the writers wrongly believed that having the Oceanic Six back home for the first half of the season would be somehow compelling; however, the truth is that Jack, Kate, and Hurley's exploits off the island were as dull as can be (Sayid is another matter). In fact, most of it seemed rather silly: Hurley's scenes were meant to be comic, but mostly just seemed forced, and Kate and Jack's problems seemed overly dramatic and unrealistic (e.g., the viewer is really supposed to believe Jack is this jealous over Kate's phone calls?) This reviewer would like to posit that the Oceanic Six never should have left the island. If you keep them on the island, they could have dealt with similar issues in a more interesting way, and they could have been dealing with the mythology in a more concrete fashion.

    More importantly, and relevant to this episode, rather than killing Locke for an absurd reason (to bring the Oceanic Six back to the island), we could have seen him act like a hero and attempt to take on the Man in Black, or we could have seen him seduced by the dark side. Instead, we are treated to Not-Locke, which for me, seems cool only on the surface. He's more assertive than the old Locke, but this is empty because he's not really Locke.

    How much better would it have been to have stayed on the island and allowed Locke to confront the darkness head on? Much, much more satisfying, in my opinion.
  • Monster turns out to be a lot more than smoke and mirrors--- and that's just the smallest revelation

    By now it's become clear that the episodes that center around Ben are probably the best of the series. Part of it is because of the incredible talent of Michael Emerson, part of it is because we always seem to come away from them knowing more about the mythology, but most of it is because of the interaction between Ben and Locke. And considering that the last time the two were in the same room, Ben wrapped a laundry cord around Locke's neck, you know that there's going to be tension. What's surprising it's that it's all coming from Ben. For the first time in the series, Locke seems relaxed, even amused, by the events that are taking place. He used to be full of questions, now he seems to know everything. (In retrospect, this would appear to have been a big tell by the writers, but we've been down so many blind alleys on this show that we could overlook it.) Ben's attitude towards Locke's resurrections differs depended on who he's talking to. He tells Locke that he killed him knowing that he would come back to life, but he tells Sun that he has absolutely no idea how this has happened. He tells a variation to Caesar, but that's clearly just to gain control of the situation. What's especially telling in all three scenes is how unsettled Ben seems to be. He can spin a web better than 'LaFleur' ever could, but now that he and Locke have very clearly switched roles. He might think that this means Locke really is the Chosen One, but it might me for the first time, he's in a situation he can't control, and that's clearly got him on the defensive.

    As we see in the flashbacks, Ben's always been going at attacking. After he was healed in the Temple, he had his first meeting with Charles Widmore, who appears to have been the leader of the Others. What's never been made clear is how much about the island Widmore has ever understood. When Richard tells him that Jacob wanted Ben to be healed (though it's never been clear whether he even had anything to do with it), Widmore nods and shuts up, as if he knows what the man is talking about. Eleven years later, he sends Ben on a mission --- kill Rousseau. We've seen Ben cold-bloodedly kill a lot of people (hell, he does it in this episode) but at this point, he still has nerves. Instead of killing Danielle, he takes Alex, and warns her never to try and find him or any of the Others. (Suddenly, her actions in Season 3 make a lot more sense) When he brings Alex back, Widmore demands he kill the baby, but he refused, asking if that's what Jacob wants. Again Widmore retreats. Somehow, Ben manages to parlay this maneuver into taking the leadership of the island away from Widmore, eventually exiling him from the island. It's never clear what rules he broke (or, for that matter, whose rules they were) by Widmore clearly has no intention of going quietly.

    Ben clearly loves Alex like she was his own daughter, even though he seems to have no qualms about having kidnapped her. Despite everything that he does--- for the island or not--- he does have compassion in his heart, and it was clear that when Alex was killed, a vital part of him has broken. His first instinct was to swear vengeance, and the minute he got off the island, he told Widmore he would seek blood for blood. Now, we see how Ben spent those last hours before boarding the Ajira flight---- he was tracking down Penelope. What's never been clear is why, when he finally saw Penny, he blinked. We'd already seen him murder six people, was responsible for the slaughter of the Dharma Initiative and everyone Sayid had kill, so there was already enough blood on his hands. But as soon as he saw young Charlie, again he couldn't kill a mother in front of her child.

    What is more key to this scene is that it reveals the blind spot Ben had the entire time he was on the island --- Desmond. As 'Henry Gale' he told Locke that the timer in the Swan station didn't mean anything. He was clearly lying because he wanted to try and take out Locke. But Desmond returned to the island, and ended up (indirectly) saving the day. When he gave the order to Mikhail to destroy the Looking Glass, he clearly thought it would block the transmission for the outside--- Desmond again managed to save the day, though he couldn't save Charlie. When he killed Keamy, he clearly thought he no longer had to worry about the people on the freighter. Penelope had been tracking the signal, and ended up saving Desmond and the Oceanic 6. Now he shoots Desmond and leaves him, clearly thinking the threat was negated. And once again, Des gathers his strengths and opens up a can of whoop-ass on Ben before he can kill Penny. When he goes under the temple to be judged, he talks to Sun as if he's never going to see Desmond again. Is it possible that Desmond will be the flaw that destroys him?

    Right now, he has more immediate worries. He tells Locke that because he came back to the island, he has to be judged--- by the monster. That happens in more ways than one, but we don't know it yet. He clearly has no desire to see it happen--- he keeps stalling throughout the episode--- and eventually Locke is the one who has to take him to his judgment. We see how the monster is summoned--- kind of disappointing, after the build up. He goes to the room in his house he went to in 'The Shape of Things to Come', opens up a secret staircase, climbs to the bottom--- and appears to unclog a sink. When it doesn't show up immediately, he seems concerned--- especially when Locke tells him that he knows where he has to go. Again, it's possible to misjudge this because Ben is such a good liar--- he knows the secrets of the island, after all. But we're in a familiar place --- back to the Temple, or to be accurate, under it. By now, Ben has realized what he has come back to be judged for --- killing Alex. Up until now, he's blamed Widmore for this, but in the last scenes he finally seems to take responsibility for this particular action. That is what he has to deal with, and which he comes face to face with.

    We finally enter what appears to be the smoke monster's lair. We encounter more of the hieroglyphics and symbols we've be seeing around the island. They would seem to post date the monster as far back as Ancient Egypt (and it may have been there for even longer) and it emerges from a miniature grate and surrounds him, a lot like it did when it confront Eko the first time. Again he sees flashes of his life, mostly with Alex, and painful memories He doesn't look away, and it seems to spare him. Then Alex steps out into the room (more evidence that Smoky can assume the form of the dead) and slams into him demanding that he not try and kill Locke again, and that he will follow him loyally. For the first time on the series, Ben looks truly frightened. It's not clear whether it's seeing the monster or coming face to face with his daughter in the flesh (so to speak) has unnerved him, but after this, something fundamental changes in him. For the rest of the season, and almost until the end of the series, Ben behaves like he is broken, as if all the power he once wielded has been taken from. He's been judged and spared, but just like Locke, he's not the same.

    And it's easy to see why. Locke has come back from the dead a very different man. He smiles a lot more than he did, he doesn't seem afraid or surprised by things (when Ben shoots Caesar, he doesn't even blink), and every time that he talks Ben now seems to flustered. From the discussion in 'Ben's office' to the time that he starts leading him to the Temple, Locke seems far more at ease and content than he's ever been on the island --- hell, in his whole life. His assurances to Sun to the contrary--- you don't tell people that your the same person when you are--- something fundamental has shifted in Locke as well. Terry O'Quinn has always been a dynamite actor, but from this point on, his performance takes on a completely different level. (Again, it makes perfect sense when you consider what's going to come, but that would be giving away the store a little early.)

    If that wasn't bad enough, it would seem like there is now a different contingent on the island. Ilana seems to have been more than some hot chick who arrested Sayid. It's not clear "what lies in the shadow of the statue", but whatever it is, she seems to know a lot more about the island than she let on-- as Lapidus discovers before taking a blow to the head. Unfortunately, this particular avenue would seem to have been another blind alley, or at least one they never filled out in a satisfying matter
    'Dead in Dead' is arguably the high point of the seasons so far (and it's small wonder Michael Emerson won his first Emmy for it) Bad wigs and inconsistencies as to when the Purge took place, the flashbacks reveals levels to Ben that we just haven't seen before. We learn a lot more about the monster (more than we think, actually) see more fine work by O'Quinn and Alan Dale (no bad hair days for him), and hear the seasons best line so far After Ben explains very patiently to him why he killed Locke in the first place, Locke smiles and says: "I was just hoping for an apology." Turns out the new Locke has a sense of humor. Maybe that should've been a clue too.
    My score:10
  • Mind-Blowing!

    Ok, I'm still not over the excitement of this episode. I am SPEECHLESS!!
    This was the best of the season and an instant classic. ;)

    All I'm going to say is: The smoke monster surrounding Ben and flashing moments of his life with Alex.
    WOW, just WOW! Simply mind-blowing!! :D
    Now I am going to hat having the Oceanic 6 back next week. That means no more Ben & Locke. Ugh!! We need these two heroes every week. :)

    Happy to learn MORE about the monster and what it can do. So it judges people and decides whether or not to let people live or not....which makes me wonder if we'll ever know why the monster killed the people it did like Mr. Ecko?

    I said I'm speechless but I still can't shut up. :D
    So, Ben will now HAVE TO follow the orders of Locke? Man, this will be a BLAST! :
    Can't wait to see if Ben actually tells Locke this. :)

    10 out of 10. Every episode needs to be like this.
  • Oh My God! Best episode of the season so far!

    I can't believe they've done it again! Another Classic Locke/Ben masterpiece! So many stuff! The Alex Kidnap, Charles Widmore banished, Ajira folks going mad, The smoke monster house, The Wall of the temple, Desmond and Penny! This episode just show how good mithology is on this SHOW!

    And what about the ending! hyeroglyphs all the way (some great easter-egg right there) and the home home of the smoke monster!

    Locke finally became real John that we all waiting for... and that after 4 season of this amazing show it's an amazing relief! In other word best episode of the season... yet!
  • Awesome episode, with some very great symbolism and mysticism.

    Definitely the best of the season so far. A couple of nice reveals are in this episode. The reveals though aren't what made this episode so great. It's more about the mystical energy and the overall feel of the episode. The episode had that great feeling of omnipotence and beauty that fans look forward to and hope for every time they watch Lost. When Lost is in this mode, it gives a resonating feeling of cosmic connectivity and perfection unlike any other show that has ever been made. The historical significance of the island plays so well into the show. The Egyptian symbols gave this episode a very unique quality, especially the symbol that showed the Egyptian god Anubis control what appeared to be the smoke monster. The symbolism really gave me shivers up my spine.
  • OMG AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben/Locke Centric

    Just when you think Lost can't get any better, they decide to give us this MASTERPIECE!! Not only is it qualified as a Ben centric, but also a Locke centric as well....you CAN'T EVER go wrong with that combo. I loved the reunion of Locke and Sun, and I can't wait for everyone else to see the NEW John Locke, that is going to be exciting.

    My favorite parts:

    -Locke and Ben interaction
    -Charles Widmore being banished
    -The scene of Ben and Ethan stealing Alex
    -Ben not killing Penny...and of course seeing Desmond beat the snot out of Ben.
    -Sun/Frank/Locke/Ben conversation
    -John Locke knowing EVERYTHING...AWESOME!
    -Ben's judgment scene.
    -And Alex telling been to follow John and do everything he says.

    AMAZING episode, 10/10!
  • We learn Ben has a soft spot. Other than that, we're still not sure what's going on his mind, what he's planning, or whether he truly has the best intentions of the island at heart. All the better for keeping the series a wonderful, exciting mystery.

    I can't remember looking forward to an episode of any show as much as this - and I'm not a young man.
    I was not disappointed. I might have ended this episode slightly differently: John - "Let me help you, Ben." Ben - "Please, John."

    Other than my imagined dialogue, it was pitch-perfect. The never-ending twists get twistier. Ben killed Locke on purpose? The entire Ajira Flight 316 was populated with Widmore's people? Penny will live? The statue isn't just a four-toed set decoration.

    On and on and on - and ALL in a great way; great acting, great plot, great fun.

    The one thing I'll think about during my standard second viewing - Is John really alive? (The Monster may be working overtime on that manifestation.)
  • Brilliant...

    I'm not the best writer there ever was, so it's hard for me to explain in big fancy words, just how awesome this episode is. Ben and Locke have always been my favorite characters of the show, so getting an episode entirely about Ben's back story, with a bit of Locke thrown in, is simply amazing. It's like first discovering peanut butter and chocolate. Without going into too much detail, I can say you discover a lot about Ben's past through good ole fashion flash backs jumping from when the others first take him, right up until the day he plans to head back to the island.

    Back on the beach we have new mysteries stirring with the new survivors that has me a bit confused, but you can't watch Lost and not love getting confused every week. It'll be interesting to see what happens to Lapidis and the rest.

    It all comes down to a touching conclusion with Ben and the smoke monster that, to me, will be one of the most memorable moments in all of Lost. To be able to make the audience feel for the most evil person on the show is definitely something the writers should be proud of. To me this episode belongs at the top of the list with the likes of The Constant and The Shape of Things to Come.
  • What lies under the statue's shadow?? Temple, Monster, Ben, Widmore, Alex, Locke and Penny!!!!!

    What lies under the statue's shadow?? I DONT KNOW!!
    Dead is dead is an episode full of unexpected and lots of revealing for Ben's past. It will left you wanting for more and more!

    Ben and Locke go on a journey to the main island and on the small island either the people are getting "sick" or they are on a mission probably Widmores.

    Ben's reaction when Sun said "His name was Christian"... I wonder, if Ben has met him.
    Im sure Alex was a creation of the monster but i dont know Christian what exactly he is?
    Lapidus left Sun with two weird people!! what a coward!

    We see when Ben visited Penny! I loved that scene, very unexpected! and Ben calling the monster and visiting the ruins was CREEPY and exciting!!

    Definately the best episode of the season, the writers just continue to amaze me. WE learn so much about the relationship between widmore and ben. Ben goes to see the smoke monster in order to be judged for the sins of his past. I actually teared up a little at the end. MIchael Emerson prooves to be one of the greatest actors ever. He's perfect. Is Caesar dead though? I kinda liked him and i thought that they could do more with his character, so hopefully he isn't, i think it would be sutpid to kill him off randomly for no reason.
  • Ben has to follow Locke in order to be judged for his past sins. Sun tags along. Flashbacks show up clues about the Others, Charles Widmore, and what Ben did to Desmond's family... Meanwhile, Camp Ceaser has a rebellion on its hands.

    'Dead Is Dead' was a pretty standard episode of 'Lost'. It was Ben-centric, and his flashbacks gave us a lot of clues. I enjoyed seeing how he could be monstrous -- kidnapping a mother's baby, anyone? -- and yet have the, er, 'decency' to not kill Penny in front of her young son. Ben was humanized a little bit last night... Although, I wouldn't expect him to win the Good Samaritan award any day soon.

    The acting was great last night. Terry O'Quinn, in particular, is doing a great job at playing 'resurrected' Locke; The character now has a likeability that has been missing since late Season 3, when he went loony-toons on us. Tania Raymonde's scene, in threatening Ben, was REALLY well done. That young actress has a lot to bring to any role she gets in the future, I believe. The only actor I didn't think much of was Jeff Fahey. It was hard to believe his scenes, because of the way he always raises his eyebrows... However, he's not exactly leading the storyline, is he? LOL So, I can get over it.

    Overall, it was a pretty interesting episode. Seeing the Smoke Monster's habitat was WICKED. I liked how blatant it became that the Monster reviews people's pasts, and then judges whether they should live, or die, on the Island... It makes me wonder why Mr. Eko had to die. Was it because he wasn't sorry for his past sins? Or, was it because he never existed in 1970's DHARMA-ville...? Hm...

    I'm looking forward to more of Locke's leadership, in particular. And I can't wait to see how his 'resurrection' impacts the landscape of 'Lost' mythology.
  • A Ben-centric episode.

    All things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. All of the storylines were great, especially Ben's. I think that this episode had some really good character development when it comes to Ben. This episode definitely did a really good job of showing that even though Ben is a major villain on the show, he still has a soft spot when it comes to his daughter and has some redeeming qualities. This episode did an excellent of answering some of the questions that were raised in previous episodes. I think that Michael Emerson definitely gave an amazing performance as Ben in this episode. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Lost.
  • Ben gets judged for killing his daughter Alex.

    Excellent Episode...we get to go in to the life of ben in this ben-centric episode. When ben and locke go to take the canoe and he ben blows away Ceasar with the shotgun was a great scene showing how ben is evil and a murderer. We go into the linus/witmore feud. We see Alex as a baby and we see younger rousseau get her taken away from her from young ben. The scene with penny and desmond we a good one too, i thought for sure penny was dead the second ben pointed the gun at her. Ben gets judged and we find out ben must follow locke now or else. Lost is starting to spice things up and things are getting really interesting. Just a great overall episode
  • This episode is a classic! In this episode we see in the monster's lair a drawing on a wall with Anubis and the black monster. Pictures of Anubis are very similar to the statue we've seen earlier this season in LaFleur.

    This episode is a classic! By far the best Lost episode up to date from all 5 seasons.
    In this episode we see in the monster's lair a drawing on a wall with Anubis and the black monster. Pictures of Anubis are very similar to the statue we've seen earlier this season in LaFleur.

    "Anubis is the Egyptian name for a jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology, he is a protector of the deceased and their tombs.
    "Anubis performs the measurement that determined the worthiness of the deceased to enter the realm of the dead.
    Anubis retained this aspect, and became considered more the gatekeeper and ruler of the underworld, the "Guardian of the veil" (of "death"). Consequently, he was said to protect souls as they journeyed there, and thus be the patron of lost souls (and consequently orphans). Subsequently, the god is often shown weighing the heart of the deceased against the feather of truth (Ma'at) in the presence of Thoth (as scribe, writing down the recordings) and Osiris (as judge)."

    So we have the statue and the drawings, Ben said the smoke monster was the judge. Most likely, the black smoke is Osiris and the statue is Anubis, his son. Or Anubis is the smoke monster too?

    This is the first time i really felt sorry for Ben and i was almost sure he was a gonner. I'm glad they've left more room for surprises and didn't just throw Ben out of the show. John, Ben and Richard are the most important characters in this show, they make it so interesting and exciting. I also can't wait to see more of Daniel Faraday and his theories.
    I'm one of the biggest fans of this show so i have to say thank you for the best show ever and please continue for as long as possible to entertain us.
  • Judge Smokey is now in session. Order in the court!

    So much went down here, it's hard to pick at where to start. Benjamin Linus, to me, is the most fascinating character on this show. He always seems to have a hidden agenda, but the crux of what makes him interesting is that everything he says sounds like the truth. And yet, everything he says is probably a lie! What to believe? Michael Emmerson plays this fine line perhaps better than any actor I've ever seen. S3's "The Man Behind the Curtain" and S4's "The Shape of Things to Come" are among the series' best. How does "Dead is Dead" stack up?

    For the first time, Ben seems to not have control over a situation. When he first sees John Locke alive and well, he claims he knew this would happen. Then why so surprised? He claims it's one thing to believe and another to see, a good lie, but I feel what he tells Sun later is closer to the truth: "It scares the hell outta me."

    It was fun seeing Locke and Ben together again. "I want to talk about the elephant in the room." LOL. John seems to have a new clarity with the Island, but there is a distinct air of cockiness about him that I don't really like. John is in control now, and is relishing leaving Ben with all the questions, but I still feel Locke has no idea what he's doing. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

    Anyway, Ben tried to slight John by saying he returned to the island to be judged. Locke called his bluff and decided to take him directly to where this could happen: "I believe you call it the 'monster.'" The look on Ben's face shows that this was something he totally never wanted to do. Once faced with Smokey, Ben was confronted with his own guilt- in particular, letting his daughter Alex die.
    Much like Mr. Eko, Ben is faced with a physical manifestation of his dead loved one, and here she says he must obey John. (Whom he was already planning to kill again- Ben did not want John alive, at all apparently) This entire sequence is interesting. Ben's ultimate agenda has something to with his role on the island, of which he was exiled and replaced (just like he did to Whidmore, which we saw a little bit tonight, hmmm). Ben seems to have been dodging and slighting whatever the Island has in store for his future- including, returning to the island, something Charles could never accomplish. Speaking of Charles, Ben indeed tried to kill Penny, and thanks to Desmond (and perhaps some deep-rooted mommy issues), it didn't happen. Ben didn't kill Rousseau once he learned she was a mother, and the same happened with Penelope. His own mother of course is someone he still misses, and his father blames him for her death. This is great character development, but I wish the scene played out better because I was really looking forward to something along the lines of the stalky, dark Ben we saw in Shape of Things to Come. For such a devious, intelligent man, his assassination attempt was a little sloppy. The rest of the on goings featured Ajira airlines castaways, some of whom seem to have expected to land on this island. It was cool to see Ben blast Cesar away (he's still got it!) but I don't much like or care about this new people. I don't think we need to add a mystery with them with all this other stuff going on.
  • Excellent episode. This episode had everything I like about Lost. Everything. And spoilers from here.

    Dude. I knew I was gonna like this episode. I just knew it was also gonna be informative but confuse. I knew it was gonna be a totally "Lost" episode. And it was, indeed.
    First of all, the flashbacks. So, we had the idea Ben was the pretty bad man who kidnapped Alex. But he actually saved Alex...and Rousseau. So, I'm not sayin' Ben is a good man, but he's not as bad as we all thought. And we see the reason Widmore left the island. And then we see why Ben and Widmore are enemies. We also discover why Ben was hurt before he gets back to the island. I seriously thought Ben was gonna kill Penny. And then he sees Charlie, and for one minute I thought "OMG, he's gonna kill either Penny or Charlie", but happily he killed none. And I was pretty happy to see Des again. Quick but good scene.
    Island. It was the judgment day. So, the only thing I didn't like about the episode was that we had to wait until the end of the episode to see the judgment. If we saw it in the middle, we could go on with the story. A few scenes weren't actually necessary, but whatever... the judgment with Alex (or the monster "dressed" as Alex?) was pretty pretty cool. We got to see the human side of Ben, with the amazing interpretation of Michael Emerson. We got to see Ben's idea of killing Locke. We also got to see the disappointment of Ben, having to finally admit...Locke IS the new leader. And obviously we got to see the black loved smoke. And the inside of the hole next to the temple. DUDE, we got to see so many things it's hard to write down.
    Sun is trying to find Jin. And now that Ben had and passed through his judgment day, Sun will find Jin. Let's not worry, Locke has some ideas. What else? Of course Lapidus. I think Lapidus didn't even had to get off the other island. The scene with him talking about going outta the main island or staying was one of the unnecessary scenes. But the best part is when he finally gets back to the not-main island. That question is making me think and think and think more: What lies under the statue's shadow? Uhn? What lies there? What the fu** are the new characters (which, by the way, I do not like) talking about? How do they even know about the statue? Are the new characters themselves in those scenes or are em possessed or something? OMG, I am just crazy about that question.
    And ya see, for now that's it. I don't think there has been any episode more informative about Lost's mythology than this one. Now we know the temple's hole inside, and we know how does Ben call the smokemonster, and we know Lost is going somewhere.
    I loved 5x05, but this one is the best episode of the season and certainly at least top 15 of all episodes of Lost.
  • Lost gets back on track

    I've followed lost since the very beginning, and the last two seasons have had me scratching my head. Ultimately Lost is a character drama, and since I've accepted these characters, I feel somewhat committed to following their plight. From the perspective of a new viewer though, these last seasons have had little to offer.
    This weeks episode sets the stage for what seems like a reboot of the series. Taking the characters you've come to love, introducing some new faces, illuminating some lingering questions, and setting the adventure off a new. The only thing missing at this point is an overall goal for the viewership to empathize with. Right now Lost has great characters in a great setting, but I'm wondering when the plot is going to join the party. Here's to hoping.
  • Lost is fun again.

    It took awhile, Season 4 was disappointing and the start of Season 5 was less than stellar, but the show is finally back on track. There are no down points and there are great mysteries, dialogue and drama. The flashbacks are there and just as good as ever (well, that might be a stretch, but I did like the confrontation between Ben and Desmond).

    I kind of wish there was some light shed on Jack Shephard, Sawyer and Sayid, but I will not complain about an episode devoted to Ben.

    Glad Lost is right back on track and can't wait for this year's conclusion.
  • Ben. Locke. Smokie. Answers. Mysteries. Flashbacks. What more could you ask for?

    As soon as I saw the promo for this I immediately leapt out of my seat in excitement. The episode I had been waiting for was finally here; Ben's episode. Following the trend of spectacular Ben-centrics, Dead is Dead most definitely lived up to the hype. This episode is a definite stand-out in season 5, and of the entire series. We get some nice classic flashbacks and some awesome Island adventure. We see some of the infamously mysterious Temple, and the home of the Smoke Monster. The relationship between Locke and Ben has always been one of the best parts of the series, and it further evolved in this episode. Dead is Dead was fantastic in every way, and while some may have found parts a bit cheesy (well, some were but I'm forgiving), I for one loved every second of this exhilarating episode of LOST.
  • THE best episode of the season, and possibly the show.

    For many years we saw Benjamin Linus do questionable things - all to "protect the island", but we all knew, sooner or later, he'll have to pay the price. It's not really that he protected the island. It's weird, because he did do really bad things to do that(kill dozens of people using Sayid, help the others to kill off Dharma), but we can say that it was all for the greater good.

    However, letting his own daughter to be killed, and (obviously) planning to kill Locke AGAIN, doesn't serve the island's needs in any way.

    Judgement day it was, at least for Ben. And oh man... it was more exciting than anything I've seen on TV in a long time.

    The journey leading up to the actual judgement was fantastic. The flashbacks; giving us a little backstory on the whole Ben/Widmore conflict, awesome. I loved how Widmore was banished, and wasn't forced to turn the wheel as previously suggested.

    Another FB scene I really, really liked was the solution to why Ben was all beat up before the flight. So, he didn't kill Penny, because of little Charlie - excellent call back to the Rousseau/Alex scene earlier in the episode. A child shouldn't suffer . . .

    Now, on island, it was even better. I really loved Ben's mind games at the start, I genuenly believed he's going to have Ceasar to kill Locke, but what a surprise; Ben ending up killing "my friend", Ceasar. That was an awesome moment, really surprising too.

    Before getting onto the big ending, another thing that was really enjoyable was the whole Ben/Locke journey. It has been done before, in Cabin Fever, but this time around, it was MUCH better. I esepecially love how it seems that Locke knows alot more than he lets on... The meat of the episode is in the last 10 minutes. Ben and Locke travel to the Temple(well, under it) so Ben can be judged by the monster.

    If someone asks me from now on "Whats your favorite scene of LOST?" I know what I'll reply. The smoke monster literally consuming Ben and showing him images from his past life was not only INCREDIBLY emotional and moving, but extremely amazingly well done. It's like, we now almost know what the monster is. Given that, there were a couple of hialoglyphs, on which you could see Anubis and the monster. Egyptian mythology, anyone?

    But anyway... that was truly amazing. Alex appearing as a manifestation was incredible too. And it's always good to get confirmation. Ben sure as hell didn't know that Locke was going to be resurrected.. in fact he was already planning to kill him again!

    Overall, this episode had a tremendous emotional pay off and lots of mythology(in the dark, which elevates the mood!) making it one of the most memorable episodes of the entire show. Episodes like this is simply worth having a pair of eyes for.

    Lost - Dead is Dead : a clear 10/10.
  • Best ep ever? I think so!

    Without a doubt pure perfection can it get any better? smoke smoke smoke smoke, and more questions! yeah baby. JL has some knowledge of places we haven't seen him in before? and the Madness??? and the Widmore and the 70's and the reoccurring NOoooo i cant help but shout for 20 minutes after every episode (is this just me?) excellent flashbacks and affective make-up for BL for his younger self! would still like to know where rose and bernard are. but im sure they haven't overlooked that just yet. C'mon its lost where talkin bout here! it the daddy of them all and anything else just is a pale imitation or a no believable mess of paradoxical nonsense!
  • What a SHOW !!!

    The best episode in this season , no question about that. Episode is making around Locke, Ben, smoke "monster" and little Sun of course. What a amazing show producers give us in this week. Ben Flashbacks are really curious , now we already know why Ben has so smashed face when he going on plane. Ben is great character, I am really happy he stay on land of the leaving :)Why he doesn`t kill Penelope hmmm because he look she`s son ?? ... don`t know. Locke, John Locke who is he now ?? second island Jacob ?? now he know everything, he know what he should doing and what is most suprising for me dead ISN`T dead... WOW
    At the end smoke monster oh come on he is amazing and now I can say "smoke the judge". What a scene with Ben and smoke on Ben`s Judgement Day. I have really shivers !!

    Uffffffffffff I must repeat that - WHAT A SHOW ?!

    clear 10
  • I've been waiting for episode like this to come along: shocking, adventurous, and dramatic. Best Ep this season

    "Dead is Dead", a Ben-centric episode, revolves around the story of his and Alex's relationship. Ben must now face the judgment of the "smoke monster" since he came back when he shouldn't have; also, he must pay for his sins as such. There is huge character development for Ben's character as he is shown in a sympathetic light. The episode had some extremely revealing flashbacks venturing into the stories concerning Rousseau, Charles Widmore, and Desmond and Penny. I thought that this episode really brought a fresh story to the table and revealing a lot than just letting the viewers on. There is also a great deal of emotional depth in shown in Ben's character. Happy to see John back in the mix of things due to the fact that he was out of story since "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham". A great play on role reversal is established as Ben is going through what John went through when first learning the secrets of this Island. Michael Giachinno's fantastic musical score brings a lot of life into this episode especially in the final minutes. I am thoroughly enjoying this season of Lost and this episode is by far the best this season. I have complete faith in Lindelof, Abrams, and Lieber for the next 3-4 episodes left until the season's finale. A truly solid start to the ending of my favorite show.
  • THe best in the season by far.

    Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! This was by far, the best episode of the season yet seen. To the point, that even if the last twenty minutes was a blank screen then i would still give ten out of ten.

    When we first get to see a young Widmore riding a horse I could not help but giggle like a little school girl with excitement of seeing the history of hostiles in the play. Also it maybe me but it seems that Ben and Locke are not the only ones who can see Jacob, it looks like that Richard Alpert can also see Jacob. Which leads to me to be bugged by the annoying question of who is Richard? It seems that not only is he unique in his age, he is also unique in not ruling or being ruled by anyone. What are you Richard?!?

    Talking about unique, let's talk about Ben. Ben is wonderment, in the sense that everytime you we think he is good, he does something evil (Like in the killing of a certain Plane crashee). And when you think he is evil, we find out that he does it for ood reasons (When he takes Alex into his care, instead of killing her). I think that we have a chink in Ben's armour, and that he is a softy for a pair of baby's eyes. Twice in this epsiode, does Ben not kill a woman because he was stunned by the baby's blues. And might I say kudos to Desmond for beating up Ben with one hand after being shot.

    When Ben went to visit the monster, I wasn't sure what to expect. I suspected that Ben would see Smokey in the jungle or at the most in the barracks. But when Locke said thaat they were going to the temple, I could not help but dribble in anticiaption. So when the smoke monster comes creeping out of the grid and wraps itself around Ben, it was nothing short of being utterly brilliant. The flashbacks of ALex's and so forth in the whiff of smoke, the smoke monster turning into Alex, basically all of it, was a fantastic ending, to a fantastic episode.

    So overall, with there being a rebellion within the ranks of the new losties, the desmise of Caesar, the appearance of Smokey, Richard, Widmore this was nothing more than the perfect episode.
  • Whenever the character of Ben takes the spotlight, Michael Emerson delivers.

    In one of the show's best hours to date, Ben states that he has returned to the island to be judged, again revealing another layer to the incredibly complex character of Benjamin Linus. Ben and Locke's new relationship, as well as appearances from Sun, Rousseau, Alex, Desmond, Penny and Charles, all helped the audience see another side of Benjamin Linus which we have not yet seen. Seeing that a ruthless killer, responsible for the purge of an entire group of peaceful island inhabitants, has a soft spot for kids really shed light on Ben's attitude towards children throughout the entire series (the kidnappings from the tail section, his relationship with Alex).

    The highlight of the episode was the scene in which Ben confronts Penny, and later seeing that he regrets allowing an innocent mother to stare down the barrel of a gun in front of her young child. It was great to see Desmond again, as his character has been absent for quite some time.

    Another fantastic episode, in one of the series' best seasons yet.
  • I missed Ben and Locke over the last few weeks...

    While watching this episode I couldn't help but think that what would the show be like without John Locke and Ben Linus these two characters are the most developed characters on Lost the both have fantastic pasts and there characters are just becoming more and more solid, when the two are both together on screen you know it's going to be a great episode. In a season dominated by Sawyer, Juliet and the rest of the hippy's it was great to see my favorite characters get some screen time Sun has been the best female character this year, Frank is always a charm to have on screen and of course Ben and Locke. I like the new supporting characters Caesar and Ilana, we see more of them here and what they are up to.

    First how awesome was it when Ben shot Caesar, it was totally unexpected and was one of those Ben shocks with come to love on the show. What was all that about when Frank returned to the other Island I feared we wouldn't see much of Frank when he went back to the Hydra island but it looks like he will be involved in a story to do with the statue and it sounds like it will be a great side story.

    Now to the flashbacks, we all know that every Ben episode so far has been Fantastic "Dead is dead" was no exception. His flashbacks explored how he took Alex, why Widmore was taken off the island and more recently how did Ben get beaten up and did he kill Penny. It was also good to see Desmond again even if he was in it for a second.

    Every Ben episode deals with the mystery of the island every single one is full of drama and great acting. His episodes have been my favorites in recent years and I must take my hat off to the writers for only giving us three episodes centered around him, they could have milked the character but they didn't and now when you see a Ben Centrics you know your in for some answers.

    Now I have left this to last and that is because it was the best thing in the episode, the monster. we saw where it spawns from, what it was like looking into the monster, like we saw with Mr Eko's episode "23rd Psalm" Eko saw flashes from his life, if you look at it Eko didn't do very nice things the flashes we saw were not positive ones why did the monster not kill him? that will be a answer we will never learn I think but back to Ben it was good to see that he was forgiven and that Alex was seen again, there was a great spin here it was revealed that Ben had plans to killed Locke but he was warned by the monster, now it will be very interesting to see if he does or doesn't kill him, you can never trust Ben. Overall "Dead is dead" was the best episode for season five to date as you probably can tell it was from the the review, maybe it was one of the best ever, it was brilliant. 10 out of bloody 10. This episode had nothing wrong with it, it left me wanting more LOST.
  • The episode which contained the worst Lost moment EVER if not the worst tv moment ever!

    I will get 20 thumbs down for this review, no doubt about it, but this episode was so incredibly awful at the end that I felt a strong desire to turn my television off as it was happening. Yes, you guessed it, I am talking about the bit with the smoke monster engulfing Ben and us seeing images of memories. This was the cheapest, most awful piece of tv I've seen in such a long time I can't even remember anything worse. It looked awful, awful, awful, it was SO unrealistically bad it was untrue, and worst of all it was ridiculous. I guess I've always dreaded the answers as I knew they would be a massive let down like this, but here we see the monster judging Ben somehow and letting him live, despite the countless deaths he's caused. Why would Ben need to go and find the monster, it seemed to have no problem finding people throughout the rest of the show. Ridiculous. The rest of the episode was ok I guess, stupid killing of Caesar, there was no need seeing as he had the gun he could just have said "listen, we're going like it or not" I also hate the way anyone would feel they had a right to tell anyone what to do or not to do once crashing on the island. Another plot failure.

    Could go on but nobody will listen or agree so I shall end it here.....
  • Holy Smoke!

    That was freaking awesome!

    Locke/Ben team just became more awesome as we come to conclusion of the series! This is definitely a Ben episode! Not a masterpiece like "The Man Behind the Curtain" or "The Shape of Things to Come", but for sure a solid one.

    The central theme here is Alex and childerns in general. Is revealed how Ben stole Alex with the help of a little Ethan.

    They finally revealed something about the smoke monster, as we know he is the system defense of the temple (yet to seen), and now we found that he is connected to ancient egypt and his job is to judge people soul. Maybe he is Ammit?

    After all a very solid episode with also a new Locke (Version 2.0), I hope it's the last and final version beacuse i very like this one!
  • It's always the Ben episodes, isn't it?

    It's always the Ben episodes, isn't it? Season three's 'The Man Behind The Curtain' and year four's 'The Shape of Things to Come' are unquestionably series classics, ranking in the top ten episodes ever and now along comes 'Dead Is Dead' to repeat the trick. Hats off to Michael Emerson: he makes this hour what it is, effortlessly veering from conniving, untrustworthy menace to rabbit-in-the-headlights wanderer, from bumbling new Other to repentant, sorrowful 'father' in the blink of an eye, and he engages our sympathies every step of the way (well, except for when he's shooting Desmond and threatening Penelope, that is.) That's no small feat for a mass-murdering sociopath. Credit must also go to Liz Sarnoff and Brian Vaughan for a stellar script that oozes mystery, from its out and out creepy characterisation of Locke as all-knowing Jesus figure, to Widmore's descent from wise leader to banished traitor (how amazing is Alan Dale throughout this, by the way? From "kill it" to "I'll be seeing you, boy" he sends shivers down your spine with every word) to *that* sequence in the Temple with the apparently Egyptian smoke monster. And how about the new Losties, eh? 'What lies in the shadow of the statue'? Pardon me? Mind-boggling stuff and all the more excellent because of it. Oh and what, exactly, is with Smokie's plug?
  • Great Ben-centric episode including the return of Old Smokie!

    Great to see more of Ben's story here especially as we got to learn more about what went on between him and Charles Widmore as well as how he came to bring up Alex after he took her from Danielle. I also liked the fact that Desmond appeared as he's not had any role in this for ages, it seems. The scenes with the smoke monster were really gripping and I loved the way Alex told Ben what was what! It was also good to see the young Ethan's role in the story too. I can't wait to see the remaining episodes of the season.
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