Season 1 Episode 19

Deus Ex Machina

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2005 on ABC

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  • Another great episode...

    FLASHBACK: Locke is working in a toy store. He is setting up a game of Mousetrap and a young boy asks to see how it works. He notices a woman that is standing off to the side. She is staring at him. Locke approaches her but she only asks for a football. Locke tells her what aisle they are in and goes back to his work.

    On the island, Locke and Boone finish building the trebuchet so they can use it to open the hatch. Boone wonders about Locke's life before the crash. Locke says that it would bore him. Locke then uses the trebuchet to try to open the hatch. It slams down on the hatch and doesn't even leave a dent. The trebuchet itself shatters and falls apart. Boone points out that there is shrapnel sticking out of Locke's leg. Locke can't feel the pain and doesn't even notice it until he pulls it out of his leg. That night, Locke is sitting by the campfire. He decides to test his reflexes by taking a branch from the fire and pressing against the bottom of his foot. He feels nothing and is scared that he may become paralyzed again.

    The next day, Locke tries to convince Boone to help him rebuild the trebuchet. Boone doesn't like the idea anymore. He's not sure what they should do. Locke says the island will send them a message and tell them what it is they are supposed to do. Boone starts to doubt Locke. At the same time, Locke is starting to have trouble walking.

    FLASHBACK: Locke is in the toy store parking lot. He sees the woman again as he is about to leave. He chases after her. When he finally catches up to her and asks her why she is following him, she says "I'm your mother."

    Locke is now sitting with his mother at a diner. She tells him that their meeting is a sign of great things and destiny. Locke asks about his father but she tells him that he doesn't have a father. "You were immaculately conceived." Locke is shocked by her comments.

    On the island, Sawyer asks Sun which leaves he can use to cure a headache. Kate overhears and talks to Sun once Sawyer leaves. Sun says that Sawyer has been having headaches that aspirin can't cure. Kate goes and tells Jack about Sawyer's condition. Jack says he would help, but he knows Sawyer won't let him.

    Boone finds Locke at the hatch. He tells him that he is giving up. He doesn't think they can open the hatch. "The island will send us a sign..." Locke looks overhead and sees a plane fly by. When Locke looks back at Boone, he sees him covered in blood. Boone is chanting the phrase "Teresa falls up the stairs, Teresa falls down the stairs..." Locke is confused and then sees his mother pointing in the direction of the plane. Then Locke looks down and sees that he is paralyzed and wheelchair bound again. Suddenly Locke awakes from his sleep. He gets up and wakes Boone to head off into the jungle.

    FLASHBACK: Locke is meeting with a private investigator. He wants to know about the woman who claims to be his mother. It is confirmed that she is Emily Annabelle Locke, his mother. He tells Locke that she has schizophrenia. Locke then asks about his father. "Your mother sought you out, so she's fair game. This guy may not even know you exist." Locke wants to know anyways. The investigator gives him a red folder with information about his father.

    Locke pulls up to a gate and asks a guard if he can see Mr. Cooper and explains that he is his son. He waits in his father's den and looks at photographs. His father comes in and offers him a drink. Cooper says that he didn't know he existed because Emily said she wasn't going to have the baby. He also says that he has no family. He asks Locke to go hunting with him the next weekend.

    At the hatch, Locke tells Boone about his dream. He thinks the plane is the sign they've been waiting for. Boone thinks Locke has lost it. This prompts Locke to ask "Who is Teresa?" Boone says it was his babysitter that he used to torture by calling her up and down the stairs over the intercom. He says that one day she missed a step and fell. Boone tries to figure out if he ever mentioned this to Locke before. Either that or Locke's dream holds the truth.

    Jack goes to check on the raft building. He sees Sawyer sitting against a tree with a wet cloth on his forehead. He goes and asks him about the headaches. Sawyer isn't happy that Kate told him and brushes him off. Jack goes to leave, but Sawyer starts talking. He is genuinely concerned that he could have a brain tumor, like the one that killed his uncle. Jack says he wants to run a couple tests on him at the caves. Sawyer says he can't because "my insurance ran out."

    Locke and Boone are trudging through the jungle when Locke's legs give out on him and he falls. Boone wants to know what's wrong. Locke says he is fine. He looks up and sees a decomposed body fall from the tree above them. They figure out that it was a priest, by his clothes. However, they find a gun in his pocket. What priest carries a gun?

    FLASHBACK: Locke goes to the estate again. He is going hunting with his father. He gets there early and finds his father hooked up to a kidney dialysis machine. His father's kidney is failing and since he is older he is near the bottom of the list for donors. He didn't tell Locke because he didn't want it to ruin their time together.

    On the beach, Sawyer's headaches get worse with every little noise around him. Kate tells him that he should go see Jack. So he does. Jack runs a few tests and then asks him a series of questions. They start out as normal questions then they get more ridiculous. Jack asks him if he has ever had an STD, to which Sawyer says yes. After asking when the last time it flamed up was, Sawyer gets mad and storms out of the caves. Kate watched all of this. She asks Jack is it was necessary to have fun with Sawyer like that. Jack laughs and says that Sawyer is fine - he needs glasses.

    In the jungle, Locke and Boone keep looking for the plane. Locke is still having trouble walking. He blames the shrapnel wound. Boone points out that he is limping with his left leg right now and the shrapnel hit him in the right leg. He thinks they should head back and find Jack. Locke demands they go on and then collapses again. Locke tells Boone that he used to be in a wheelchair and that the island made him whole again. The plane is something they are meant to find. He asks Boone to help him up.

    FLASHBACK: Locke is walking through a field while hunting with his father. Locke shoots his fist dove. His father congratulates him and says that he is happy they can be together, while there is still time.

    In the jungle, Boone carries Locke with him. They stop to rest when Locke looks up and finds a yellow Beechcraft - the same plane from his dream. It is hanging in the tree canopy. Locke says he can't climb but that Boone is going to have to go up and see what is inside.

    FLASHBACK: Locke is lying in a surgical bed next to his father. He is going to donate his kidney for his father's sake. His father says "I'll see you on the other side..."

    On the beach, Jack brings Sawyer a box full of glasses and says that he needs them since he has been reading so much lately. He tries on a bunch of pairs but none seem to work that well. Saydi takes the two pairs that work best and fuses one eye from each together. They don't look good, but they work. Jack says it's not a fashion show and leaves Sawyer to check out his new look in the mirror.

    In the jungle, Boone climbs the massive tree and gets inside the Beechcraft. Locke looks on helplessly from the ground. Boone finds a map and another body. He jumps back as he find the body and it causes the plane to lurch. Locke calls to Boone to tell him that the plane is very unsteady. Boone is too curious and won't leave. He find statues of the Virgin Mary. He throws one down to Locke and it breaks and reveals 5 bags of heroin were inside. Boone is angry and says this wasn't a sign after all. Then he finds a radio on the dash. He turns it on and hears static. He uses it and makes mayday calls. He hears a muffled voice and attempts to communicate with it until the plane lurches again. Locke yells to Boone to get out but it's too late. The plane slides through the canopy, flips over and crashes to the ground. Locke drags himself over to the plane as his legs begin to come back to him. He finds that Boone is extremely wounded inside. Locke pulls him out, throws him over his shoulder and runs back to camp.

    At the caves, Kate thanks Jack for helping Sawyer. Locke comes rushing in with Boone. He tells Jack that it was an accident - that Boone fell off a cliff while they were hunting. Jack sends Kate for towels and water. He turns back for supplies and then asks Locke for more details. He turns to look for Locke and finds that he is gone.

    FLASHBACK: Locke wakes up in the hospital and the bed next to him is empty. The nurse tells him that his father checked out already. His mother appears in the doorway and starts to apologize. She says that she needed money and went to Cooper. He told her to find Locke. Locke realizes that it was all a plan to trick him into donating his kidney to his father. Locke gets up from the bed and rips the IV from his arm. He drives to Cooper's estate but the guard, who used to be friendly, is now cold and turns him away. Locke gets out of the car and goes to the gate. He stares into the camera. The guard makes him get into his car and leave. He only drives a few blocks before pulling over and breaking down into tears.

    In the jungle, Locke is bent over and kneeling on the hatch. He yells out in pain, feeling betrayed: "I've done everything you've asked me to do! Why?" He bangs on the hatch in frustration. Suddenly a light comes on from inside the hatch....
  • interesting episode. learn that locke lost his liver in a scam

    decent episode. the flashback is kind of irrelevant. kind of wondering how locke disappeared so fast without anyone seeing because there were a bunch of people in the cave behind locke when he disappeared. interesting metal structure. doesn't look like a ship or anything that moves. boone is able to get a message out. looks like there are other survivors on the island too as seen by when boone was in the plane. wonder if locke took the gun that he found on the nigerian dude. looks like they are somewhere near africa as seen by the giant nigerian map. why would the pilots fly with just a nigerian map if they were traveling somewhere else? doesn't make sense so they have to be near nigeria.
  • Poor Lock adn Boon, will they ever open that hatch?

    A great episode with an insight into why Lock is how he is. His mother and father put him up for adoption and then when they came back in to his life they have both lied to him. His mother told him he was immaculately conceived and his father befriended him, took his kidney and then ran off. No wonder Lock is so mysterious.

    When Boon hurts himself falling out the plane I wonder if he is going to live. Either way would wok for the writers. I hope he doesn't die as I think he is a good charcter however the writers may have run dry the available storylines.

    Sawyer wearing a mix and match pair of glasses was very funny. Will Charlie find the heroin and become addicted again?
  • Poor Locke and Boone.

    Awwww Locke's flashback was so sad with his mom and dad both playing him into getting money and a kiney and then poor Boone that sucks that he had to die i liked his character but it was aweome on the radio to hear No, we're the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 so whaqt does that mean it's going to be kool to see what happens next.
  • Lost's Finest

    This is THE Best episode of Lost Season 1. It has a superb backstory to the mysterious character that is John Locke but these flashbacks also tie in with the episode, with plenty twists n turns and more information than we can handle, this episode is just simply perfect. As soon as you watch this you will be hooked from the start but sad when it finishes as a great episode is over. Could Lost get any better
  • Rather odd isnt it?

    Lost is getting much stranger as it gets into the series but then again it makes perfect sense which seems impossible but to me it isnt cos im just a larry pretty much. The dream freaked me out but if u think about it... It predicted the future didnt it? Boone covered in blood at the end because of the plane that they saw crash. It had already crashed but it went down further. And it looks like we wont actually find out about teresa and the stairs because i was getting really excited to find out what happens. I wouldn't have thought that Shannon was there and she's not exactly going to talk about it because her character is my least favorite one.

    Great episode. I never knew that Locke actually did have HAIR! That had to be the biggest surprise didn't it! LOL! Great episode rather odd and let to some pretty interesting issues after...
  • This episode had everything

    This episode was fantastic mostly because it centered around Locke, who is the most origional character ever created. Lockes dream was even scarier than at the end of 'raised by another' and the part near the end was a good insight as to why Locke is so mysterious and never reveals anything about himself to any of the other survivors.
  • Locke - a Christ figure

    I like episodes about Locke. Well, honestly I like episodes about people other than Jack. In this episode, we found out that John Locke's biological father's family name is Cooper. That would make him John Cooper - JC...which would make sense because so far he has been a Christ figure. QED!

  • Locke shows a very different, weaker side, to his personality...

    John Locke throughout the many episodes of Lost up until now, has always been portrayed as the marksman hunter, the adventurer, the man with no limits. In Deus Ex Machina that theme continues, but throughout the duration of the episode we're shown some of Locke's weaknesses and fears.

    The episode begins with a scene set in a toy store. Playing with a board game is one of the employees, who upon being visited by a youngster, shows him how the game is played. In the background a woman is watching, before approaching and asking for help. She dissapears again but continues watching. Locke meets her again outside of work, catching her spying on him. He gives chase, and it's revealed to audience and character alike that the woman is his mother. A shocking twist, but not as big as the introduction of his father, more on that later.

    Boone has been a regular accomplice of Locke since Claire first went missing, and between them most of their time has been spent trying to open the hatch. Scenes showing them with a trebuchet feature, one that despite it's good construction, fails. Locke has a dream later that night, the island "showing" him what to do, a plane crashing on the horizon, the next day he and Boone go searching for it.

    The friendship between Locke and Boone for me, has been one of the more subdued highlights, their regular conversations, the chemistry between them, it's been a joy to watch.Such things dont last however, as upon finding the plane, Boone is injured. Locke takes him all the way back to camp, alerting Jack to his situation, merely telling him he "feel off a cliff". The camera cuts between the characters, and in a oh-so familiar style, Locke is soon gone.

    This episode is his, and as well as us finding out about both his mother and father, where he gained some of his hunting skills, and where his love of games come from, throughout the episode we get to see a lot weaker side of John. He finds out late in the episode that his dad only met with him to build trust and get a kidney transplant. An unconventional gift, but Terry O Quinn does it all superbly in this episode. Anger, frustration, determination, tears, it's all solid gold.

    Locke heads back to the hatch after dropping Boone off an camp, kneeling on the hatch he crys, begging the island to see what it wants him to do, desperately trying to find out how to open the hatch. The camera pans out, his frustration still clear, and then, from inside the hatch, a light shines through the glass...
  • sad and scary

    Very clever episode.l On one hand you totally feel sorry for Locke and how he was tricked by his own parents. On the other hand, the vision Locke had was very scary. The quick shot of Boone covered in blood gave me the chills. It was really very nicely done.
  • The Parent Trap

    An emotional hour which features an astonishing performance from Terry O'Quinn, this is the second Locke-centric episode and it easily bests Walkabout, which was also a classic.

    Deus Ex Machina sees Locke having difficulty walking and having visions of a small plane crashing and Boone covered in blood. In flashbacks, we see Locke's parents deceiving him into donating one of his kidney's to his long-lost father and in the present, a venture into the woods has tragic consequences for Boone.

    This is easily the most powerful episode of the season with an equally powerful performance from Terry O'Quinn. How William Shatner won the Emmy over O'Quinn is just insane. He is absolutely brilliant in this episode, from his reaction to a woman coming to him, claiming to be his mother, to his growing relationship with the father he never knew and finally his anger and hatred after he discovers that he had been set-up.

    Locke is the most interesting character on the show and this is a seriously classic episode. All the performances are excellent, the Sawyer subplot hilarious and a shocking climax.
  • Radio change to "no, we're the survivors" reveals that the tail section of the plane DID make it.

    I feel that the decision to change the message that Boone recieved from "there were no survivors" to "we're the survivors" is revealing... as much as Lost is known for revealing. I believe that the transmission came from survivors of the tail section of the plane and that it was changed when Lost picked up for the second season and they then had the opportunity to throw in new twists for the second season. Don't ask me why they wouldn't have just put it in from the start though.
  • More Locke Flashbacks.

    Locke's flashbacks were very interesting. I picked up on the fact that him meeting his parents was a set-up from the very beginning. The father just wanted his kidney. It's so horrible that he could treat John that way. John was so innocent and genuine to his father. I felt horrible for him, especially at the end when he was driving away crying and punching the car.

    I also felt bad for Boone. I have a bad feeling that he is going to die. He's a good kid who really cares about his sister even though she treats him like dirt. I also feel bad that he could die from something that happened while he was following Locke around like a dog. He does whatever he is told and was just trying to help. To make matters worse, he only stayed in the plane because he found a radio and was talking to someone on it. Not only does could he die, but one of their chances of getting home died too. Poor kid.
  • We learn some more things about Locke, and also there's a funny storyline about Sawyer and his glasses.

    I think this was one of the best episodes of Lost, it was really moving the storyline of Locke and his father. Locke's struggle to keep what the island has given to him (his legs) was amazing... I'm not sure how that ended anyway, he was barely paralized but then he carried Boone to the caves, so I suppose that the island's purpose was fulfilled and returned him the ability to walk or something.

    Also, the interaction between Jack and Sawyer in this episode was hilarious. It was really funny when Jack made him admit that he has had sex with a hooker and contracted and STD, specially with Kate watching.

    It's been a long time since we seen a full story involving Jack or Kate, I hope that they return to the spotlight in the next episodes. Being that said, Locke is one of my favourite characters, so I'm not complaining. Would have been nice to see a little of Charlie and Claire.

    Finally, there are a lot of thinks that I hope to understand someday (the numbers, the polar bears, etc), this time is Locke's "immaculate" conception... what does that mean?? Also, the answer that Boone gets when he uses the radio is more than interesting. We'll have to wait and see, I have plenty of faith in the producers of this show that the season ending will be great.
  • This episode was really emotional, and it kept me following the show.

    This episode really gives you some backinfo on the mysterious Locke. And it has a cliffhanger ending, showing some more of the hatch.
    Locke's pain is really a touvy subject that i think will be brought into the future episodes.
    This is one of my favourite episodes of LOST and i hope they make more episodes that can compare to this one.
  • 10
    Many refer to 'Walkabout' as the best hour of this mesmerising series, but I think this follow up episode is even better. Seeing O'Quinn's character fighting desperately to retain his new found sense of purpose on the island is truly moving stuff. Equally intriguing, is watching how this 'crusade' ironically leads to the death of another, just as his own heroic gesture towards his 'father' (revealed to us in characteristic flashbacks) tragically sealed Locke's fate in a 'previous life'. Truly transencent television!
  • Locke begins to have difficulties with walking as he and Boone try to find a way into the hatch. In this episode we learn more about Locke's paralyzing encounter with his scheming biological parents. Lastly, as Locke confronts his troubled past and strugg

    This was the best episode of Lost ever. I love the flashback sequence that they gave Locke. It was also funny how they had to give Sawyer reading glasses. He looked really funny in them. It was very interesting when Boone got in touch with someone one the beech craft they found. To sad it fell and ingured Boone so bad he would die the next episode. But that is why I love this episode.
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