Season 1 Episode 19

Deus Ex Machina

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2005 on ABC

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  • Locke: "I've done everything you asked... so why did you do this to me!?!?!"

    Locke and Boone are still struggling to get the hatch open. One of Locke's inventions to try to get it open fails, and his leg is wounded. But he doesn't feel the wound, and discovers he can't feel any pain in his legs. That night, he dreams that he saw a plane crash on the island. In his dream, he also saw Boone bloody and injured. He wakes up, and it's dawn. He gets Boone up and they head off into the jungle. Locke believes the dream was a sign from the island, and they head off to find it.

    In flashbacks, we learn how Locke met his real father. His father's kidnies are failing, and Locke decides to give him one of his. After that, his father wants nothing else to do with him. He conned Locke into giving him a kidney, then tosses him to the wind. Locke is very hurt emotionally by this.

    Meanwhile on the island, Sawyer is suffering from bad headaches, and Jack realizes Sawyer needs glasses. Also, Jin and Michael are making good work on the raft.

    Locke and Boone are moving through the jungle when they discover the body of what seems to be a Nigerian priest. However, this priest also has a gun on him. Locke's legs finally give out, and he can no longer walk. It would seem the island took this away from him. Boone carries him on, and they discover the plane from Locke's dream. It's high up, halfway off a cliff, supported only by tree branches. Boone climbs up, and luckily makes it. Inside, he discovers mini Virgin Mary statues, full of heroin. He goes up to the cockpit, and finds a radio that works. "Hello, can anyone read me?" he asks. "We're the surviviors of Oceanic Flight 815, please copy," he says. There's someone else on the line. "No, WE'RE the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815!" the man on the other end says. Next thing you know, the branches holding the plane can't support Boone's weight, and the plane tumbles off the cliff, nose-diving into the ground. Locke works his way over, and it seems the island is allowing him to walk again, slowly. After digging threw stuff inside the plane, he finds Boone, bloody and gashed up. He carries Boone back to the caves, where Jack immediately sets to work on him. Boone is seriously injured. Jack asks Locke what happened, but Locke dissappears, runs off. The episode ends with Locke kneeling over the hatch, crying. Then, a light comes on from inside the hatch, shining up into the night sky.

    What an excellent episode. It was so good I watched it again immediately after it aired. This episode sets off a chain of events leading up to the season finale, and inevitably the consequences of this episode and finding the drug plane will be revisited in season two and will play a pivotal role. Not only is the episode extremely important to the plot, it's also very moving. Locke's flashbacks are superb and tragic. And the fact that Boone's life is in Jack's hands is an excellent cliffhanger.