Season 1 Episode 19

Deus Ex Machina

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2005 on ABC

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  • We have Locke as a toy sales person as he flashes back o his history, we have Sawyer with a most troublesome medical condition, Jack coming to the rescue and Boone sending out a mayday. But the background information is building up, as are the questions.

    We find out more about John Locke in this episode, from his time before the box company, when he was working at a toy store, when a lady watches him and then again she is outside the store watching as she watches him going to his car, he chases and eventually catches upto her and finds out that she's his mother. Over coffee, he finds out all the details from her.

    We go back to the island and more time for both Locke and Bonne trying to get into the window within the hatch. They try a device to deliver alot of pressure onto the the glass hatch but it fails, but it does leave a sharpnel piece in Locke's leg, which he takes out later byt the fire and realises that he has no feeling in either of his legs, that he doesn't even feel the pain fom the burning sticks.

    Sawyer is complaining of the noise people are making around the island, the banging and such like, Sun has been trying to help him herbally but to no avail, so Kate asks Jack about persistant headaches, which gets him to ask whom etc. Jack approaches Sawyer, who doesn't really want anything to give Jack the pleasure of treating him, but finally a diagnosis of the fact that he needs glasses is discovered, so they round up all the passengers glasses found, try them all on and then gets Sayid to mould the right strength lens back into a single pair of glasses.

    Meanwhile, John has a nightmare / dream that night whilst around the fire, but it has given him some insight into what needs doing, a sign. He explains it to Boone, who is not too convinced until john mentions a specific thing, which then causes him to believe. They head off in a new direction into the jungle, Boone is concerned for John's walking, that he's slowing down. John tells him the truth but convinces Boone that there is somethng in the plane that will aid him / them.

    We flash back to JOhn in discussion with a PI, with regards to his mother and his findings, those also include his father, whom we see John going off to face. They bond quickly, form a good friendship and then John discovers that his father needs a kidney transplant - which he suggests to him. On waking, John is alone in the hospital room, no sign of his father, who then refuses to speak to him or even to see him.

    On the island, John and Boone find the plane, after finding a gun wielding Nigerian priest. Then Boone explores the plane, suspended on a ledge high above, discovers statues filled with drugs, then a pilot and whilst sending out a mayday on the plane's radio, the plane nose dives into the ground. John is able to get up, rescue Boone and then carries him all the way back to the caves to get treatment from Jack.