Season 1 Episode 19

Deus Ex Machina

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2005 on ABC

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  • The Island Demands That you see This Episode!!!!

    Now I understand why this show name is Lost. it is not only because the survivors are lost , it is because the audience also feels "lost" with so many mysteries about the island.

    Since our survivors really don´t know what his happening and we follow their pont of view, there is no way you don´t feel "lost" with so many strange episodes.

    The hatch is another mystery that is supposed only to be solved in season 2, even if you know what is there, there will be some mystery added with it, that will remain a secret, until the producers feel the need to reveal something to you.

    This is a Locke centric episode. But what we need to know about Locke that we already know? It is all about his faith.

    Locke flashbacks can be considered normal, but like "Lost Style", not everything you see is real, there are always something more, and this episode is not an exception. The final Scenes in the flashbacks is so powerful, that even if you did not care or did not like the content, you will like it, and give you the sensation that this flashback was worth watching.

    This is the same sensation that Locke event in the Island gave you. Locke had a strange dream, like the Island tell him to do something and of course, the audience is curious to know what that dream meant. Even that answer is unclear, but maybe the Island demanded a sacrifice.

    Curiosity apart, that are 2/3 things in the End that make this episode even more worth watching. Another airplane full of drugs, Boone fall is unexpected, also locke was losing is ability to walk, like the island do that to save him and that allowed boone to get into the plane.

    More strange is the communication that boone made, out there they think that the people of the oceanic 815 are all dead, how this is possible, only time will time.

    But this episode does even more. There will be consequences for locke, since he lied. Also the ending was powerfull, with the final scenes of the flashback, with locke sad and frustated, the same thing in the island, then the Hatch.......