Season 1 Episode 20

Do No Harm

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2005 on ABC
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Jack tends to a severely wounded Boone after Locke returns him to the caves. In the confusion, Locke slips away to deal with his guilt over the crisis. Meanwhile, Claire unexpectedly goes into labor while deep in the forest. Flashbacks in this episode take place around the events of Jack's wedding with the soon to be Sarah Shephard.moreless

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  • Awesome.

    Boone reveals to Jack that he and Locke have discovered the hatch, and Locke has told him not to tell anybody else. Despite Jack's extensive attempts to save him, Boone dies. Claire goes into labor and gives birth to a boy. Flashbacks show Jack's wedding to Sarah, a former patient whom he had "fixed" after she was injured in a car accident. Wow, this episode is like one of the best in season one, I love the storyline, everything about it was awesome, Jack trying to save Boone with his own blood, Claire in labor and Jack's back story! The ending was so sad - I was crying my eyes out, everytime I watch it - I loved the way they did it, somebody dies and then somebody is born. I loved it!moreless
  • Pure Drama!!!!!

    This episode focused only in Drama, maybe too much.

    The weak point in this episode is Jack flashback. They have no importance, only for Jack fans, since if you are, you will be glad to discover some more information about him. Other than that, nothing important, just to fill the episode.

    Boone condition was well done, now I understand why I didn´t died in the last episode, was to create this painful scenes to watch. Of course, the writers managed to keep this, until the very end of this episode.

    Claire baby is born, she having complications at the same time that Jack was taking care of Boone, at the beginning seemed interesting, but then, it just feel that they need to put this claire having baby plot somewhere (like this episode), just to fill this episode and not interfere into the next ones.

    The usual CliffHanger was more weak this time, since you could predited this a miles away.

    Overall a great episode, but with the lack of some lost myth, surprises, twists and a good CliffHanger, this episode only can get a 8 this time. This episode can´t be compared with the previous ones.moreless
  • Best episode of season 1

    One person is born and one person dies on the island. Boone is in an accident in the jungle, and only a slightly paralyzed Locke is there to take him to the cave. Kate finds Claire and she goes into labor. Jack is preoccupied with Boone, so Kate must deliver the baby. Sayid and Shannon go on a romantic getaway. What makes me SO MAD is that Shannon's step-brother is DYING and people don't bother trying to go get her. The end was extremely sad, as Boone dies and his final thoughts and words are about Shannon. Even sadder is Shannon breaking down by Boone's body the next morning. The fact that the only person Shannon had on the island is now gone. A great episodemoreless
  • I was surprised!

    It shouldn't have happened. Boone had contributed so much to them, then he dies? It wouldn't have happened if Locke didn't lie about what happened, that way the proper treatment would have been given. I still like Locke, and I really liked Boone, but I hated it when Locke did that.

    Claire has a baby...f that. The baby may have been important to the story, but it wasn't to me. The ending depressed me, with everyone all happy when Boone died. So what there was a baby. There was also a DEATH! I would focus on that, not the freakin baby.

    Enough said though. Good episode. One of the best.moreless
  • Death comes for one of the island's castaways

    Everybody's been suffering a lot of stress ever since the crash, but of all the castaways, Jack has never been able to take a breath. He's had to be the doctor, the lifesaver, the leader, and a hero. But, outside of comic books, no man can be a hero all the time, and this is never more obvious then the way we see Jack during this episode. It's also clear that while all the pressure is killing him, the biggest amount of strain has always come from within

    The irony is that Jack has always been like this, as we can tell when he flashes back to his engagement to Sarah, a former patient whose life he saved in a car accident. (We're going to learn more about her in other episodes.) Now, you would think that remembering the day you got married would be pleasant, but like almost every other flashback, there's definitely a lot of pain here. What's going on with Sarah is probably a case of transference, and Jack should know far better than to take it to this length. But as his father tells him, "You have a problem letting go." This could be considered more poison from Christian, but by now we know it's the god's truth. That's why he became a doctor, that's why he got married, that's why he expects so much of other people, and is infuriated when they do not come through for him.

    All of this is tested when he tries to save Boone's life. From the beginning, Jack has to know that it would take a miracle for him to save Boone. But unlike Locke (where the hell is he, anyway?) Jack doesn't believe in miracles. He keeps promising everybody that he will, and is willing to literally shed his blood for Boone, but it's not going to be enough, and deep down he knows it. But just like when the marshal dying, he can not bring himself to pull away from this. Boone has to tell him that he knows it's hopeless before Jack nearly does something far nastier.

    What aggravates this crisis is that one is playing across the beach simultaneously- Claire has begun to go into labor. With Jack unable to help, he turns to Kate to try and help get her through it. This is unusual, as Kate and Claire have had little to do with each other up until now, but she comes through like the champ she is. Both women are obviously terrified by this, and Claire is even more fragile because she's convinced that this baby somehow senses that she didn't want it, along with the obvious fears that about having to raise it here. The scenes with the two are very strong.

    Out of these emergencies, a couple of heroes arise. As Boone continues to weaken Sun serves as Jack's unofficial nurse. Right now, her work with herbal remedies have been very helpful, but she doesn't flinch from either the blood that's being shed or the worsening of the situation. On the contrary, she actually butts heads with Jack over a couple of decisions, including his unilateral one to try an amputation. We've known Sun is stronger than she looks, but this is the first episode where she demonstrates that there is steel in her spine.

    Meanwhile, Jin tries to overcome the language barrier, and help aid with Claire's labor. He hears her cries, and runs like mad to get Jack's help. And even though it's clear that he doesn't like having to have Sun translate for him, he is more than willing to do so in order to keep Claire safe. Furthermore, when the actual labor begins, and Charlie, who is understandably concerned wants to assist, he holds him back, wordlessly telling him that this is a moment that he should not interfere. (And kudos to the writers for having Jin and Sun where they are; any others would have reversed it.) The episode also brings out some of the others. Charlie is willing to do everything he can to help Jack get the blood he needs, only to be faced with the unhappy truth that most people don't know their own blood type. Sawyer, who was such a son of a jerk about giving over his supplies in earlier episodes, is willing to give all the alcohol he has over to Kate with no questions asked. (Then again, maybe Kate had to remind him of carte blanche) And Michael, who could never imagine that his work of engineering who lead him into a situation like this, is willing to help Jack figure out how to amputate. However, the two other men who have been the most help in these kinds of problems are nowhere to be found. We're not sure where Locke is (and by the end of the episode, it's pretty clear he'd do well not to run into Jack) but Sayid is off in the beaches on a date with Shannon. This is the one part of the episode that I have a problem with. I know that this was mostly dramatic license to keep Shannon offstage until the episode ended, but really, Boone's is in such a bad way, it didn't occur to anybody that maybe someone should try and find her and tell her that her brother's dying? I realize that two crisis hit simultaneously, but you'd think that maybe Hurley or Rose would have made an effort. And Sayed surely had to deal with similar situations during the Gulf War, no one thought to try and find him? There's probably not much that he could've done, but still… (I'll bring up my problems with Shannon and Sayid's relationship when we get there) Then there's the problem where Shannon tells Syed that Boone is her stepbrother, and that he is in love with her (but mercifully doesn't go into detail) but that she wants them to work around him if they're going to have a relationship. Newsflash, that won't be an obstacle (not that'll make much difference either)

    In the end, Boone finally succumbs from his injuries, and we all feel a little tug. This is the first major character on the show to die, and you can't help but feel a little tug when he dies, unable to finish whatever he wanted to tell Shannon (and it's telling that his last thoughts were of her) Shannon didn't think that she needed Boone, but she does. Whenever he's gone, she's a different person, dependent and paranoid (not that she's much nicer when he was alive) Now he's gone forever, and she feels utterly lost. The silent sequence where Jack tells her what happened to her brother was probably Maggie Grace's finest hour on the series, as she just silently collapses. IT might have been more interesting to follow her character and see how she deals with out him, but unfortunately, the island won't give her much of a chance to mourn.

    The episode features some great work, including the usually stalwart performance of Matthew Fox, as a man quietly imploding, as well as fin work from Yunjun Kim, Lilly, and De Ravin (her first real big moment since Claire reappeared a few days ago). It also features good work by Julie Bowen as the future Mrs. Jack Shepherd.

    'Do No Harm' is one of the most exhausting and draining episodes mainly because there is so much anguish after Boone dies. Other major characters will die as well, but few would cause as much pain with their deaths And Jack, unlike the rest of the island, doesn't stop to mourn. He's been pissed at Locke for awhile, and now he has a legitimate reason to confront him.

    My score: 9.8moreless
Clarence Logan

Clarence Logan


Guest Star

John Tilton

John Tilton

Tux Shop Owner

Guest Star

Zack Ward

Zack Ward

Marc Silverman

Guest Star

Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen


Recurring Role

John Terry

John Terry

Dr. Christian Shephard

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • Black and white ("Lost"'s recurring theme):

      In Jack's flashback when he is talking to Marc, the T-shirt he is wearing has a yin yang symbol on it.

    • When the baby is born, Kate doesn't clear his nose or mouth as Jack instructed her.

    • Only four people (according to Charlie) know their blood type. 4 is one of the numbers.

    • In Jack's flashback at his wedding, his best man is Marc Silverman, the boy from his childhood, who he is shown trying to help in "White Rabbit"

    • This is the first episode of "Lost" to have a main character die.

    • Numbers: 4

      When Jack and Sarah are sitting at the piano, she is wearing a shirt with two 4s on it.

    • Numbers: 8

      As Jack is adjusting Marc's tie, Marc says that he'll be fine after 8 beers.

    • Island events in this episode take place on November 2nd 2004.

    • In flashbacks Jack marries a woman named Sarah, who he saved after she broke her back in a car accident.

    • When Flight 815 first crashed, there were 48 survivors by the end of the pilot episode. In "Tabula Rasa," the U.S. Marshall died, leaving 47, a character named Joanna died in "White Rabbit," leaving 46, and the murder of Scott by Ethan in "Homecoming" left 45 survivors. Boone's death in this episode leaves 44. In a flashback, Jack's fiancée, Sarah, is wearing a t-shirt that has a rather large '44' on both the front and back.

    • In the flashback to the tuxedo shop, Jack doesn't have the elaborate tattoo on his shoulder yet.

    • In episode 11, "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues," Boone and Locke are tagging trees with red shirts to make a trail. Boone mentions that the Star Trek team members who got killed every episode wore red. Now that this episode has happened, it seems like it was a premonition about Boone's death.

    • When Sun says that Jack can't save Boone, Jack angrily shouts "Don't tell me what I can't do!" These same words were said in much the same tone by Locke in the episode "Walkabout."

    • The song that Jack and Sarah play on the piano is "Heart and Soul", which was written in 1938 by Hoagy Carmichael.

    • In this episode, Boone tells Jack that he is "letting him off the hook" because Jack promised he wouldn't let Boone die. Rose said the same thing to Jack in the episode "Walkabout" because he had promised before the plane crashed that he would keep her company until her husband returned from the restroom.

    • Jack gives blood to Boone from his left arm, which is later bandaged. After Claire shows her baby to the survivors, Jack is seen packing his bag on the beach (for a split second) from a distance as Kate approaches him and his bandage is now wrapped on his right arm. As he and Kate talk, his left arm is bandaged again.

    • Charlie was right: delivering a baby is quite simple, but if they did it the way Jack told them to there would have been some injuries to Claire to attend to. (And it could have taken dangerously long if Claire could follow the instructions) He told them she shouldn't push too hard until the baby's head is out and then push as hard as she can. It should in fact be the opposite.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Boone: (last words) Tell her i....

    • Sarah: Those girls are checking you out.
      Jack: You're in your pjs.
      Sarah: Indeed, I am.
      Jack: Are they cute?
      Sarah: Who?
      Jack: The girls who are checking me out.
      Sarah: Mmm... One of them's kinda cute. The other one's just trashy.

    • Shephard: (about Sarah) You love her?
      Jack: Absolutely.
      Shephard: Then why are you sitting out here?
      Jack: What if I can't be the husband or the...or the father that I want to be? What if I asked her because, because I saved her life? Should I marry her, Dad?
      Shephard: Commitment is what makes you tick, Jack. The problem is you're just not good at letting go.

    • Jack: (to Boone) You are not gonna die. I'm gonna fix this, ok? I am going to save you.

    • Kate: Where's Jack?
      Charlie: Couldn't come.
      Kate: What do you mean he couldn't come?
      Charlie: He's pouring his own blood into Boone's arm right now.

    • Shannon: I need to tell you something.
      Sayid: Alright.
      Shannon: My brother, Boone. He's not really my brother. He's my step-brother. Our parents got married when we were, like, 8 and 10. He's kind of in love with me.
      Sayid: In love with you? And how do you feel towards him?
      Shannon: I'll always feel something for him. But am I in love with him in that way? No. Not at all. We're here for God knows how long, and so is Boone.

    • Sawyer: You need anything else? I could come with you.
      Kate: Too many cooks already, but thanks.

    • Sawyer: Hey, mamacita. You want some fish?
      Claire: No, thanks. I'm not really hungry. (about the raft) How long do you think 'til it's ready?
      Michael: Maybe a week, maybe less. You okay?
      Claire: Yeah, I'm fine. Alright, I'll see you guys later.
      Sawyer: She likes me.

    • Kate: Boone died, Jack.
      Jack: He didn't die. He was murdered.
      Kate: Where are you going?
      Jack: To find John Locke.

    • Claire: You know I was out there for over a week...days I can't remember. I mean, what if, what if they did something to the baby? I'm not ready for this. I'm not... I'm so scared. I'm scared.
      Kate: I'm, I'm scared, too. But we're going to get through this together, okay?

    • Boone: (between raspy breaths) I know you made a promise. I'm letting you off the hook. Let me go, Jack.
      Jack: I'm sorry.
      Boone: Don't be.

    • (Jack has given blood to Boone and is very pale)
      Hurley: Dude, are you okay? You look goth.

    • Jack: (on Charlie's scant collection of responses to the "blood type" question) You only asked four people?!
      Charlie: I asked the whole sodding camp! Nobody knows their blood type! Most don't know their blood type! I don't know my own bloody blood type!

    • (We see Claire in labor)
      Kate: Claire, I think this is about the time you're supposed to start pushing, okay? So, push.
      (Claire holds her breath)
      Kate: Don't hold your breath, honey. You won't be able to push if you—Claire? Claire, what are you doing? Oh, no, no, no, Claire, you need to push, right now. Don't do this, Claire, okay? You can't stop this—this is happening. Your baby is coming and I need your help.
      Claire: It's not going to want me.
      Kate: What?
      Claire: It knows I don't want it—that I was going to give it away. Babies know that stuff.
      Kate: Do you want this baby now? Hmm? Do you want it to be healthy and safe? (Claire nods) Okay, then the baby knows that, too. You are not alone in this. We are all here for you. This baby is all of ours, but I need you to push, okay? Okay? Alright. One, two, three, push. Good. Good, push.

    • (We see Kate running through the jungle. She hears some moaning and finds Claire)
      Kate: Claire? What are you doing out here?
      Claire: Nothing. Just leave me alone, please.
      Kate: Oh God, you're having the baby!

    • Sawyer: (speaking about Jin) The man's got what I call an overzealous work ethic.
      Michael: Try obsession. He wants off this island bad, man.
      Sawyer: Can't say I blame poor Kato. His lady speaks English all this time and he didn't have a clue? I'm surprised he didn't try to swim out of here. Hell, I would've.

    • Shannon: Oh, okay. Are you lost?
      Sayid: No, absolutely not. Those trees look really familiar. It's this way...I think.
      Shannon: Did you just say 'I think'?

    • Jack: You know why they call it a tie? Because you have to tie it.
      Marc: You know why they call it a clip-on? Because you have to clip it... on.

    • Charlie: That dilating thing. How do I look out for that?

    • Sarah (toasting Jack): Because you are the most committed man that I have ever known. Because...you fixed me... I will dance at our wedding. To Jack... my hero.

    • Jack: Don't tell me what I can't do!

    • Jack: Hurley, I swear to God, if you faint-!
      Hurley: No. First-class, mesh. I'm cool. Lord in Heaven...

  • NOTES (9)

    • Zack Ward (Marc) also worked with Matthew Fox (Jack) in the episode "Significant Others" of Party Of Five, and, with Evangeline Lilly (Kate) in the 2003 movie Freddy Vs. Jason.

    • Julie Bowen (Sarah) also worked with Matthew Fox (Jack) in the episode "Unfair Advantage" of Party Of Five.

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: May 20, 2005 on Kanal 5
      - Greece: August 29, 2008 at 23.00 on ANT1

    • For the first time, Terry O'Quinn (Locke) didn't appear.

    • Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof has said Boone's death was crucial to the plot because it intensifies what the show is about - the conflict between heroic doctor Jack and enigmatic, potentially menacing Locke.

    • Despite the producers releasing actor Ian Somerhalder from the role of Boone as his character died, ABC made the blow for the actor a little easier when they signed Ian Somerhalder on a new one year talent holding deal at the network to star in another project.

    • Actor Ian Somerhalder was told by the producers in late January that his character Boone was going to die in an upcoming episode, which was a huge mystery at the time among show fans when the news of a main character dying soon leaked out.

    • The episode title, "Do No Harm" is the Hippocratic Oath that all doctors must take. In this case, Jack.

    • A Jack-centric episode.


    • This episode is reminiscent of the music video Lightning Crashes by Live, which depicts a birth and a death happening simultaneously.

    • Sawyer refers to Jin as "Kato" in a politically-incorrect reference to either television's The Green Hornet or the movie The Pink Panther and its sequels. Both the Green Hornet and Inspector Clouseau had Asian assistants named Kato.