Season 1 Episode 20

Do No Harm

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2005 on ABC

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  • Pure Drama!!!!!

    This episode focused only in Drama, maybe too much.

    The weak point in this episode is Jack flashback. They have no importance, only for Jack fans, since if you are, you will be glad to discover some more information about him. Other than that, nothing important, just to fill the episode.

    Boone condition was well done, now I understand why I didn´t died in the last episode, was to create this painful scenes to watch. Of course, the writers managed to keep this, until the very end of this episode.

    Claire baby is born, she having complications at the same time that Jack was taking care of Boone, at the beginning seemed interesting, but then, it just feel that they need to put this claire having baby plot somewhere (like this episode), just to fill this episode and not interfere into the next ones.

    The usual CliffHanger was more weak this time, since you could predited this a miles away.

    Overall a great episode, but with the lack of some lost myth, surprises, twists and a good CliffHanger, this episode only can get a 8 this time. This episode can´t be compared with the previous ones.