Season 6 Episode 7

Dr. Linus

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2010 on ABC

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  • Without a doubt this was the embodiment of Lost in one single episode, the best episode of the season so far, and hopefully the bar has been raised for the remainder of the season to deliver such brilliance week in week out! ***Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!

    WOW!! that was suspensful, emotional, heartpounding, and simply Vintage Lost. The emotional parts were touching and brought that season 1 feel back to us. Any and every Ben Linus episode has been a 10 so far in my mind, and this one delivers because we see the good Ben both on and off the island, and we can see him repenting and regretting his actions and the way that he always wanted to be. Not the Sinister, devious mastermind that has menaced and at the same time enteratined us so far. I absolutely loved the Miles/Ben scene where Miles simply states the facts that "linus killed him" and then the look on Ben's face.... that was crazy!. Richard Alpert FINALLY gave us a bit of insight on his "gift" given by Jacob, (didn't go as far in depth as i would've liked) but Jack is now beginning to see that he might have some power of his own. He can't kill himself, and doesn't seem to die. So is it true that anyone that jacob touched was 'blessed'/'cursed' in some way? Who are the six remaining candidates??!?

    It was nice seeing Alex and how Dr.Linus handled his ultimatum. Well done Benny!!!

    On the Island it's apparent that Locke or "evil incarnate' is recruiting as much as possible, and the question still lingers ..Where in the heck is SAWYER?!?!?!? Sayid, Claire and the crew are on the wrong team it seems like. Great cliff hanger finale with Widmore!! (where's Eloise Hawking?) !!?!?!?!?!?

    Cannot wait till next week, only 9 weeks left of Lost :( ..enjoy every moment people!!!