Season 6 Episode 7

Dr. Linus

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2010 on ABC

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  • Benjamin Linus in LOST = Robert DeNiro in Gadfather II

    Yep , it's true . Benjamin Linus with 10 sec he can really steal the show . with one emotional face he really can blow up your minds ! . his confrontation scene with Illana was THE BEST scene i ever saw in Lost since " we have to go back Kate , we have to go back " .

    it's a redemption episode for Ben and Richard . and an Amazing scene at the beach when they all together and Hugging each other a Little of joy from season 1 . and i Notice something ! that this season is complex of answering some answers and a character development with Sawyer , Kate , Jack , Ben , Sayid and the others will come . as always an EMMY nominations for Ben , Jack , Locke and Sawyer so far ! . and with all this we have to have a weekly cliff hanger ! amazing show .. 10/10 .