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Kate decides to take matters into her own hands in order to get information out of the camp's hostage. However, this idea may cause a problem with the camp's new leader, Locke.

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  • About Kate, but more about Locke

    "Eggtown" is Kate's flashforward about her day in court for murdering her father, but it's also another power-mad Locke is a prick episode. He's so unlikable, and he tries to be such a god-like character, but he's nothing more then the loser he is off the island.
  • Omg I was waiting for Kate's flash-forward because she is one of my favorite characters on LOST. FANTASTIC episode, top to bottom SPOILERS INSIDE....

    I'm sorry if most of the people in the forums say it was predictable, I believe if you read spoilers or theories even then it wouldn't be predictable because the writing on this episode kept you second guessing throughout. I remember once someone on this forum saying something about Kate referring to Aaron as the "he will be wondering where I am" to Jack in the S3 finale, but I always thought why would someone say that unless someone read spoilers and the spoiler revealed Kate lived with Claire off the Island. Anyway I still didn't think it was Aaron. I kept going back and forth with Jack or Sawyer. I'm a HUGE Jater so I desperately want Kate to end up with Jack (it WILL happen, it HAS to) so when Kate said "my son" I was screaming at the TV wanting to kill her. I was sooooo p*ssed at why she got pregnant with Sawyers baby but wasn't sure until Jack in the courtroom said 'he doesn't love her now', I was like 'B*tch had Sawyers baby. However, I still wasn't sure until I saw Kate go to Sawyer and sleep with him AGAIN and then I thought, yea the Sl*t had sex with him AGAIN and later on in the season Jack will find out and hate her for sleeping with Sawyer AGAIN (that's why he doesn't lover her anymore in the flash-forward). However, AGAIN I was surprised when in the parking lot Kate and Jack meet and I was like, omg there is hope for Jater cos it sounded like it might be Jack's child and not Sawyers (I couldn't figure out why Jack wouldn't want to see the baby but I knew now it wasn't sawyers cos Kate didn't sleep with Sawyer the 2nd time and Kate said she wasn't pregnant in the first place). Then I thought right at the end when we see the baby, even though the baby was blonde… a la Sawyer, I was praying for Kate to say some reference to Jack but was SHOCKED when she said "AARON" There you go, NOT predictable at all.moreless
  • The title's confusing enough, but this one's a disappointment

    This is an episode that appealed to me a bit less then some of the other ones. After all, the flashforward doesn't reveal much that we didn't already know. It also raises a lot more questions that the other flashbacks should have told us.. Then again, maybe it's because I've seen so many trials on the various Law and Orders and David E. Kelley shows that I can't help but look at the flaws. But then again, maybe the writers of Lost don't consider courtroom fare part of their work.

    The list of charges levied at Kate is impressive, yet I'm pretty sure that the D.A. could've gone further. Wasn't she responsible for a bank robbery that led to the deaths of four other people in 'Whatever the Case May Be'? Or shouldn't she have been tried for accessory for the death of Tom in 'Born to Run'? We know the marshal knew about it in 'Exodus'; why didn't the D.A. even try? Even if the charges were dismissed, it certainly would have made Kate look guiltier. And if Diane hadn't flaked on the murder of her father (we'll get to that in the middle) she would have still had to stand trial for those charges.

    And the presentation was even more wrong. Everyone who's seen an episode of L.A. Law knows that the prosecution presents its entire case and then the defense starts playing character witnesses. And why didn't Kate want to testify? From all the evidence we've seen, her father was an abusive drunk who might have molested her for years. Even given the extenuating circumstances, I find it hard to believe that any jury, celebrity status or not, would have found her guilty. And this is the same jury pool that let O.J. walk.

    Because the flashbacks are full of these loopholes, this undercuts 'Eggtown'. Which is a bit of pity because what's happening on the island is fascinating. Locke has taken over the barrack (popularly referred to as New Otherton) and is trying to get information out of Ben. And once again, even though he has the advantage, Ben is still toying with him What's more, Locke is revealing that he's got an ultra-violent streak that is not at all appealing. The scene where he puts a grenade in Miles' mouth, awesome as it was, is not something that Locke would have done even a month ago. However, this is Kate's story, and despite what Sawyer reminded her of just one day earlier, she still needs to know if they know about her. So she gets Miles out the boathouse, and then does a master juggling act of getting Miles and Ben in the same room. This leads to another of the high points where, even if you understand it, it still has the propensity to thrill, as Ben admits more to Miles in one minute than he has to Locke in three days of captivity. It's also clear that Ben, for the first time, seems at something of a disadvantage, but then he such a good poker player, we can't really tell if he's being level. What crimes did Ben commit? Who does Miles work for? Believe it or not, we're actually on the verge of getting some answers.

    Then there's more of the relationship between Kate and Sawyer. Kate seems overly concerned about getting pregnant (we assume that's what's happened because of the flashforward) but why is she so concerned about it here? The obvious answer is that she's talked with Sun or Juliet and they've told her that all pregnant women die in their second trimester. But the way that Kate behaves in the episode, I'm pretty sure that she doesn't know that. Considering that, I think Sawyer's attitude towards Kate in their final scene together is somewhat justified. Kate does seem to be flitting between Jack and Sawyer for the past three seasons, and now that rescue does seem imminent, she's doing it again, under much harsher circumstances. Does she not want to set down roots? Is she always someone who has to be on the run? Seems that way.

    Of course, when the final flashforwards are taking place, it seems that's what's going on. Kate is a mother, and she seems more than willing to stop running for her child (Even if, as we find out in the last word of the episode, that's it's not really her son.) But maybe Kate doesn't want to lie anymore. Perhaps that is the reason that she doesn't want Jack to tell his story, because she doesn't seem to want to accept the cons that have been spinning (Or maybe she finds that the cons are so obvious that it would be hard enough for anyone to believe. After all, everyone seems to be going to pretty elaborate means to say that during her testimony and after everything that we're supposed to believe here, especially when everyone seems to be bend over backwards not to mention who Kate's son is.)

    Kate also manages to face down the last ghost that has been stalking her---- dear old Mom. Yes, it's nice that she found a place in that cold black shell that Diane calls a heart not to testify against her daughter, but it doesn't change the fact that she hasn't so much as come to visit her since whatever rescue is coming. And even then, she wants something --- to see her grandson. One of the strongest scenes comes when Kate tells Diane she'd rather rot in prison then let her dying mother meet him. Good for Kate.

    Of course, right now, it's beginning to look like no one is going to get rescued. After all, the helicopter that was carrying Sayid and Desmond took off yesterday, and yet somehow has not reached the freighter. What the hell is going on now? Is there some significance in the fact that Dan whispered that he had to stay on the exact same coordinates? Maybe that's why the first helicopter we saw near the island crashed.

    In many way Lost has been all about cons, and that's certainly true of 'Eggtown'. Jack, who seemed to be the most forthright person on the island, now is maintaining the largest con of all on the rest of the world, and Kate seems willing to do so. Sawyer and Kate pull one of the better cons against Locke when they managed to get Miles and Ben into the same place. Miles seems to be willing to maintain another con, as long as he gets his. And Kate is now willing to con the world into thinking she was a great hero when in actuality the child she was supposedly carrying isn't even hers. As is often the case on the show, Kate seems to get away with it, and unlike Hurley and Sayid, she doesn't seem to be paying any huge price for it.

    Yet one can't help but remember the words of that supposed psychic Richard Malkin when Claire came to him about her pregnancy -- he told her that her child "must not be raised by another". At the time his actions seemed designed to get Claire on the island, but now that it actually seems to be happening, is there something to it? Will Kate eventually have to pay a price for raising Aaron? And, if so, what form will it take? (This is a hint to the writers, too; you'd better explain if Aaron has more significance than you've given him, and you're running out of time.)

    My score:7.5 (more because of the legal issues than any specific problem with the episode.)moreless
  • Kate Centered Episode even fails to deliver a Strong Flash ForwarD!!!!

    Plot Details/Objective -» With 4 of the Oceanic six revealed, was time to concentrate in Kate and show us how she surpassed her Main Problem. Since the writers in the FF are doing shocking surprises, Kate couldn´t be the expectation. The event in the Island center around Kate and this time was not difficult to give her a task, involving Ben and Miles.

    What I Like/Disliked -» The Last Scene of Kate FF. Some dialogues between the characters, Kate and her mother last interaction.


    Presentation -» (6/10). Not strong, just presenting.

    Complication Phase -»(6/10). Nothing that could put you worried and filled with tension, was just Kate wanting to Know he she is pregnant and making a deal with Miles.

    Climax -»(6/10). Really could notice any in the Island event. In the FF, was Claire and her Mother conversation, but nothing from the top.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (8/10). Was nice to see the surprise at the ending.

    Flash-forward's -» (7,5/10) It is hard to manage Kate FF. The writers come up with something, which was tie something to her, to allow her FF to have some surprise, and all the surprises centers around Kate Child.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (7/10). Put Kate trial in play was the best way/move they could do to Kate scenes this time and maintain some secrets and at the same time gave us some hints. The event In the Island bring one hint, but a very vague one. It was impossible to me to not notice the time that the Island Event bought.

    Dialogues -» (7/10). As usual, even with a episode which is not great, Lost writers can maintain good dialogues.

    Action /Adventure -» (5/10). Nothing here to admire.

    Drama/Emotions -» (6/10). Maybe reunion with her mother, but I did not care.

    Suspense/Tension -» (5/10). Couldn´t notice anything.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (7/10). The usual, vague hints and the FF give another hint. Where is Sayid and Desmond?

    Surprise/Twists/Thoughts Changer -» (6,7/10). The possibility of Kate pregnancy was not something attractive, but the ending could only mean that One more old character is dead or missing.

    This episode really fails to deliver Quality, even with a FF centered in Kate, with Jack participation. The so called cliffhanger was not so strong as intended to be and only if you are a super fan, you will think that this episode is great.moreless
  • After a solid start to Season 4, this episode comes as a little disappointment.

    Of all the season 4 episodes I have so far seen, "Eggtown" is easily the weakest of the 4, which most people would probably agree with. It is strange when looking back that some of the weaker additions of the series have been Kate episodes. Subsequent to her solid centric episode debut, "Tabula Rasa", the character of Kate hasn't been given as strong a backstory of depth of personality as the others, and given her past history and how it should affect her present situations is surprising. The root of the problem lies with her hormones, unfortunately. As with most great TV shows, the writers have to employ a little romantic tension into proceedings once in a while and this will obviously please the shipper fans. This would be fine if one romantic partnership existed on the island that concerned Kate. The writers try to complicate the situation, uneccesarily so, by bringing in other characters. The decision to choose between two men has never been so difficult for any female charcater, fictional or otherwise in history, yet Kate manages to make even the most indecisive person appear positive. What makes matters worse is that even the men have contracted the illness and will continue to throughout the remainder of the series. Is this the Sickness? Has a Lost mystery been answered? Sawyer can't choose between Kate or Juliet and even had a fling with Ana-Lucia. He seems to have some affection for Claire as well. Jack seems to bounce between Kate and Juliet with each passing episode. At this stage of the series you would have thought that things would have settled down but unfortunately not and, for me not being a shipper, I find this element of the series to be the weakest area. Yes, Lost is essentially a character driven series and the romantic tensions created is a part of that, but it shouldn't be too much of a focus, as it appears to be in this episode. There are better ways to explore the characters, particularly at this stage of the game. Nethertheless, there is enough in this episode to almost balance things out. Like the last episode the island events don't seem to move very far. Much more happens on the island than it did in "The Economist" but you can definitely feel that this is a ploy by the writers. They are building the tension up, that you feel that at some point things will just explode. That explosion would be largely delayed until "The Shape of Things to Come". For all of the Kate moments, "Eggtown" is as much a Locke episode as anyone. It even begins on Locke's eye, tricking the audience from the get-go. Locke has come a along way since Day 1 on the island. Fans of the gentle, island worshipping would-be hunter of old will probably be disappointed in the direction that this character has took since midway through Season 3. At the end of the day, Locke's actions are only driven by what the island has and still can offer him, as has been case since the beginning. The only things different is his methods, which have become more demonstrative. Locke has found his true home, and, unlike his parents, the island, has taken care of him and, now in some way, he wants to return the favor by giving it what it needs at this time, a new leader. Since the end of Season 3 Ben has felt his grip on the island controls slipping because of this man and now Ben tries to rub salt in Locke's wounds. Locke, once again, is in a fragile state. He has lost contact with Jacob and, in this episode he has lost contact with everyone else. Taunting Locke at the beginning of the episode is Ben's way of cutting through Locke. Ben employed the same tactic on him in Season 2's "Maternity Leave" and with very similar reactions from Locke. Despite, all that the island has given him and shown him and helped him face, to the extent of seeing his father dead at the hands of Sawyer, Locke remains angry, tormented and far from being free.

    But instead of sitting down and thinking about his next moves quietly by himself cross-legged, as he did so often in the early days on the island he now takes his frustrations out on people and Miles gets it the worst. Never before have we seen him so violent. Just as we can't understand how Kate can not choose between two men, so radically different from each other and her own personality, so too can we not fathom how Locke can be so bitter and remorseful after being on an island that not only saved his life from a plane crash and from a skeleton pit but brought life back to his legs. Off island, for a second, we finally get to wrap (or so it it would seem) Kate's fugitive storyline, which is a consolation because we don't get to see Kate's love life settle down. On island we see Kate leave Sawyer alone in an Other's bed (oh, the thought!) and off island in the future she has distanced herself from Jack also. So, it would seem that the Kate tennis ball ended up not bouncing to anyone but the back of the court. Of course, as we would see later the two of them did share a rather short-lived relationship. But the highlight of this flashforward is not the rather straightforward trial, which netherless features a revealing cover story for the events on the island, nor the reunion between Kate and her mother, but the reveal of Kate's "son", who is none other than Aaron, Claire's baby. The writers do a clever job in setting it up that Kate really has a biological son and that the father is Sawyer. That Sawyer is the father would make sense as Jack would naturally have a problem with wanting to see the baby, due to jealousy. The fact that it wasn't adds a further mystery to events off island. It is likely that both the fact that the baby is being protected by the cover story/lie the survivors have concocted to prevent any reveal of what happened to Claire and subsequent others on the island. Add to that Jack's guilt that he would be, as step-sister to Claire, Aaron's nephew and you have a lot of burden for Jack to carry on his shoulders. The biggest question, however, is what becomes of the beautiful Claire. The end of the season doesn't help is solve the mystery. We discover she suddenly disappears but pops up a la Christian Shepherd in the jungle and in Jacob's cabin. Has Claire become an apparition of Jacob or the smoke monster? Speaking of Claire, many fans were annoyed at her behaviour following Charlie's death. Sure, she seems to have gotten over the loss quite quickly, but some people do get over these things more easily than others, either due to inner strength or maybe happy pills! At the time of writing this review I am witnessing someone acting similar to Claire. So, trust me, it does happen!

    Back on the island and we see an odd scene between Daniel Faraday and Charlotte Lewis, playing cards. Faraday is trying to remember what the three cards laying down on the table are but fails to remember all of them and is disgusted. Take this moment with Faraday's very first flashback scene in "Confirmed Dead", where he says he can't remember why he is upset and we are led to believe that somehow Daniel has a memory problem and that also he may be involved in some time travel.

    The whole memory plot thread would be further developed in the following episode. One of the most impressive elements of Lost, is its continued ability to pull storylines and themes from seasons past and recycle them or even elaborate, expand and develop them, proving that nothing stays dead and untied up on the show [okay, except Libby!]. In this episode and this season's case it is the early Season 1 episode, "Raised by Another", which is given another spotlight and audiences are made to re-evaluate the events of that episode in light of the events seen in "Eggtown". Both creepy Locke in Claire's dream and Richard Malkin, warn Claire to not let anyone but her raise her baby or danger will befall them. Has this sequence of bad events begun? Also, Locke said to Claire in her trippy dream that she gave the baby up and that now everyone pays the price now. Of course, this dream was on island and we know that she hadn't and wasn't any time soon going to give the baby up. She was off the island but never did. Locke is saying in the dream that she DID give it up. If Claire's dreams were a premonition of events to come [Lest not forget that she dreamt that her baby was in danger and that someone was coming to kidnap her, which died happen] then this episode is quite a foreshadowing, proving that the writers knew where they were going to take the show from Day 1. This, in some ways, was a bit of a filler episodes, despite all the important revelations, which depends alot on Kate's undefined and over-romantic character. Lost Unless it is Penny and Desmond, romance isn't the best aspect of the show. And this episode only proves this. All in all, a disappointing addition to Season 4.moreless
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Shawn Doyle

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Susan Gibney

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Traber Burns

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William Blanchette


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • The docket number of Kate's trial was 42231815. 42, 23, 8 and 15 are all part of The Numbers.

    • Sawyer sets up the game of backgammon with Locke incorrectly. The point with three checkers should be two points away from the bar, not three.

    • Under California Ethics Rules, Kate's lawyer may not call a witness (i.e., Jack) against her wishes. Her objection, in open court, to calling Jack would be prima facie evidence of an ethical violation and would lead to sanctions by the California State Bar Association.

    • Despite Kate's murder of Wayne Janssen having occurred in Iowa (in "What Kate Did"), her case is put before a state court in California. In addition, the same court also tries her for her bank robbery (from the episode "Whatever the Case May Be"), which should actually be handled by a federal court.

    • Jack testifies in this episode that the plane wreck was found in the South Pacific Ocean. In Confirmed Dead, the ROV found the plane in the Sunda Trench off of Indonesia, which is part of the Indian Ocean and ties into the Oceanic 6 cover story.

      Also, he states that flight 815 crashed on an island, which is the truth, when the cover story is that the plane crashed in open water and the survivors floated to an island.

    • In the ABC.com clip of the scene where Hurley plays a video cassette, the audio was of "Satan's Doom", as opposed to the song "Xanadu" that plays in the actual episode.

    • According to Carlton Cuse, this episode's title referred to the fact that Locke makes some eggs for Ben at the beginning of the episode, and Kate's pregnancy (a pregnancy involves eggs).

    • Diane said she has been sick for 4 years. 4 is one of "The Numbers".

    • Island events take place on Dec. 23 and 24. Making it days 93 and 94 for the survivors.

    • In the scene where Jin is reading "Albuquerque," Sun replies, "Too hot," with her mouth full of the banana piece she bites off at the very next scene.

    • The tray Locke carries Ben's food on at the start of the episode is Octagonal, and hence the same shape as the DHARMA logo.
      Also, an octagon has 8 sides and 8 is one of The Numbers.

    • Saywer's shoulder doesn't have any scars from his bullet wound that he got on the raft.

    • This is the first episode this season to start with a close up of a character's eye.

    • The book Locke gives to Ben is 'VALIS' by Philip K. Dick.

    • When Kate is talking to Sawyer in his bedroom after they wake up, his hair changes from being down in his face to pulled back in between shots.

    • When Kate, her lawyer and the opposite lawyer are discussing a deal about her sentence, the opposite lawyer offers 4 years in jail. 4 is one of "The Numbers".

    • When Jack testifies about Kate, he tells a fake story about the crash. He says that only 8 people survived. 8 is one of "The Numbers".

    • When Locke throws the tray, with the food on it, against the wall, the wall caves in to the tray which would be impossible and indicates that this scene wasn't shot in an actual basement because cellar walls are mostly made out of concrete.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Miles: We got your name when you called the freighter. Of coure we know about you and everybody else on the 815 manifest.
      Kate: Then prove it.
      Miles: Your name is Katherine Anne Austen. You're wanted for murder, fraud, arson, whole bunch of other stuff I can't remember. You're a fugitive. You got caught in Australia and the feds were bringing you back. So yeah, we know. If I were you, I'd stay right here on the island. Who knows? Maybe you didn't survive the crash.

    • Sawyer: Oh, you got a secret agenda, huh? Well, if you're spying for Jack...
      Kate: I'm not spying for anyone.
      Sawyer: So why don't you tell me why...
      Kate: Because I don't trust you.

    • Sawyer: Kinda weird, ain't it? Sittin' on porches, drinking coffee out of mugs? By the way, I found some clothes about your size, in the closet. So after I kick out Hugo...
      Kate: I'm not moving in with you, James.
      Sawyer: Well. Then why did you stay?
      Kate: That's none of your business.

    • Sawyer: Beach? What, you're leaving? Because of this? That's that? You crawl up in my bed one second and the next you just...
      Kate: Goodbye, James.
      Sawyer: (angry) Don't make this about me, Kate. You didn't want a baby anymore than I did. You're just looking for some excuse to split, and now you've got one. (pause) But that's all right, Freckles, I ain't gonna hold it against you. I'm just gonna sit right here in my comfortable bed, because in about a week, you'll find some reason to get pissed at Jack, and bounce right back to me. (Kate slaps him in the face and runs away)

    • Kate: I'm not pregnant
      Sawyer: Are you sure?
      Kate: Yeah, I'm sure.
      Sawyer: (laughing) I mean, woohoo.
      Kate: Would it have been the worst thing in the world?
      Sawyer: Yes. Yes, it would have been the worst thing in the world.I mean, what we would have done with a baby?
      Kate: I'm going back to the beach.

    • Kate: You know Jack, I've heard you say that story so many times, I'm starting to think you belive it.
      Jack: I just, I just wanted to tell you, what I said in there, I didn't mean it.
      Kate: You want to follow me, come by for a visit?
      Jack: (looking uncomfortable) I actually have to get over to the hospital, but maybe you and I can grab some coffee together or something.
      Kate: I know why you don't want to see the baby, Jack. But until you do, until you want to, there's no you and me going for coffee. But um, if at anytime you change your mind, come and see us.
      Jack: Yeah, okay.

    • DA: Do you love the defendant?
      Jack: No. Not anymore.

    • Jack: Only 8 of us survived the crash,we landed in the water,I was hurt pretty badly,in fact - if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have made it to the shore. She took care of me, she took care of all of us.

    • Miles: You bring him to me, and I will tell you everything I know about you.
      Kate: Who?
      Miles: Who do you think?

    • Duncan: If you go to trial, Kate, you're looking at twenty years on each count, not to mention a life sentence on the murder charge.

    • Kate: What was that all about?
      Claire: Who knows? It's Locke.

    • Duncan: We make it about character. Not about what you did or didn't do, but about who you are.
      Kate: What do you mean who I am?
      Duncan: I want him in the courtroom.
      Kate: Absolutely not.
      Duncan: We need him, Kate. It will generate tremendous sympathy...
      Kate: Duncan, listen to me. You are not bringing him in here. Alright, you want to make this about me, about my character, fine. But you are not using my son.

    • Ben: I feel for you, John. I really do. You keep hitting dead ends. ... You couldn't find the cabin, you can't make contact with Jacob...you're so desperate to figure out what to do next, you're even asking me for help. So here we are, just like old times. Except I'm locked in a different room, and you're more lost than you ever were.
      Locke: I know what you're trying to do. It's not going to work.
      Ben: Excellent, John! You're evolving!

    • (Ben pulls out the book, "Valis", which Locke has given him.)
      Ben: From my own bookshelf.
      Locke: Help you pass the time.
      Ben: I've already read it.
      Locke: You might catch something you missed the second time around.

    • Ben: What makes you think I have access to that kind of money?
      Miles: Do not treat me like I'm one of them. Like I don't know who you are and what you can do.

    • Locke: (hands plate to Ben) These are the last two eggs.

    • Sawyer: If Hugo knows, everybody knows.

    • Locke: (puts grenade in Miles mouth) Enjoy your breakfast.

    • Aaron: Hi, Mommy.
      Kate: Hello, Aaron

    • Kate: James?
      Sawyer: Yeah?
      Kate: (banishes him) Go home!

    • Sawyer: (to Kate) I'll keep you safe.

    • Kate: I wanna talk to Miles. Where you keeping him?
      Locke: Why do you need to talk to him?
      Kate: Well, that's personal.
      Locke: No.
      Kate: And what gives you the right to decide whether or not...
      Locke: You may think this is a democracy Kate, because of the way Jack ran things, but this is not a democracy.
      Kate: Then I guess that makes it a dictatorship.
      Locke: If I was a dictator, I would just shoot you and go about my day. Dinner's at 6:00 if you're hungry.

    • Kate: Are you taking that to Miles?
      Hurley: Yeah.
      Kate: Locke told me to do it.
      Hurley: Good, that guy creeps me out.
      Kate: He's still in the rec room, right?
      Hurley: No, he's in the boat house......You just totally Scooby Doo-ed me, didn't you?

    • Sawyer: Yeah, I'm cool, we didn't go all the way last night. I get it, you were sad. But, I mean, how can you resist after that whole, "I'll keep you safe thing".
      (Kate turns away)
      Kate: No, Sawyer.
      Sawyer: What, what, what'd I say.
      Kate: Just forget it.

  • NOTES (10)

    • Music:
      "She's Got You" by Patsy Cline, playing in Kate and Claire's room when John walks in and wants to talk to Kate.

    • This is the first time Aaron appears off the island.

    • This is the first episode in which Jin has any dialogue this season.

    • The episode, in French, is titled "Mères ennemies" (literally, "Enemy mothers").

    • The end credits credit William Blanchette as "Two year old boy" instead of Aaron.

    • This is the first episode of season 4 which is rated TV-14, likely due to not only Locke's punishment with Miles but also the issues between Sawyer and Kate involving sex and pregnancy.

    • Susan Gibney who played the D.A: Melissa Dunbrook, played a D.A. on Crossing Jordan, which Lost Producer and Co-creator: Damon Lindelof also produced.

    • This is the seventh episode to be Kate-centric.

    • Although credited, Harold Perrineau (Michael), Naveen Andrews (Sayid) and Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) do not appear in this episode.

    • International Air Dates:
      Belgium: September 8, 2008 on VT4
      Denmark: February 29, 2008 on Kanal 5
      United Kingdom: February 24, 2008 on Sky One
      Ireland: February 25, 2008 on RTE Two
      Australia: 9:30pm 28 February 2008 on Seven
      Sweden: March 5, 2008 on TV4
      Latin America: March 24, 2008 on AXN.
      Norway: March 26, 2008 on TVNorge
      Finland: April 3, 2008 on Nelonen
      Czech Republic: April 27, 2008 on AXN
      Spain: May 22, 2008 on FOX
      Italy: August 4, 2008 on Rai 2
      Macedonia: November 8, 2008 on A1


    • The Invention of Morel
      Sawyer is reading this book by Adolfo Bioy Casares. The story is about a fugitive who hides on a deserted island somewhere in the South Pacific. Later he encounters some people that appear and disappear randomly, repeating some actions. These people don't really exist, they are merely very lifelike recordings reproduced by a machine. The people are actually dead.

    • Sawyer calls Hurley as "Montezuma" when Hurley is in the bathroom. "Montezuma" was the ruler of the Aztec empire at the beginning of the Spanish conquest of Mexico. When a tourist in Mexico gets diarrhea it is often referred to as "Montezuma's Revenge".

    • Hurley: You just totally Scooby Doo-ed me, didn't you?

      Scooby Doo is a popular cartoon dog from the 1970s television series, Scooby Doo, Where Are You.

    • Sawyer refers to Miles as "Bruce Lee".

      Bruce Lee was an American-born martial artist, philosopher, instructor, martial arts actor and the founder of the Jeet Kune Do martial arts system. Although he was born in America he is of asiatic descent.

    • Hurley starts playing a tape Xanadu a 1980 movie starring Olivia Newton-John, Michael Beck and Gene Kelly. A musical, it barely broke even at the box office, and was nominated for five Razzie awards, winning one for Worst Director. Despite this, it has endured as a cult classic.