Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

ISLAND: Locke tries to get information from Ben, but Ben just says that Locke is more lost than ever.

Jin picks places in the states for he and Sun to live, but Sun has an excuse for all of them and wants to raise her baby in Korea. Jin says, "You mean our baby."

Jack tries all day to call the freighter and finally Charlotte calls on the emergency line. The helicopter never reached the freighter.

Kate wants to find out what the freighter people know about her and wants to ask Miles, but Locke won't let her talk to him. Kate sees Hurley and tricks him into telling her where Miles is. Miles says he'll tell her what he knows if she gets him one minute with Ben.

Kate comes up with a plan to use Sawyer to get Locke out of the house so that she can sneak Miles to the basement where Ben is. Miles wants 3.2 million dollars to tell his boss that Ben is dead. They leave Ben and Miles tells Kate that they know all about her. They know that she is a fugitive.

FAST FORWARD: Kate goes to court for the murder of Wayne, among other charges. Against her wishes, her attorney calls Jack to the stand and Jack lies, saying that eight of them survived the crash, but two of them died on the island. The rest of them would have died too if it hadn't been for Kate. He also says that he doesn't love her anymore.

Kate talks to her mother, who is the D.A.'s star witness. Diane says that everything changed when she thought Kate was dead and she doesn't want to testify against her. Kate tells her not to, and Diane says she wants to see her grandson. Kate won't let Diane see him.

Diane doesn't testify and the D.A. offers her a deal of time served, ten years probation, and she must stay in California. Kate agrees and goes out the back door. Jack is there and she invites him to her home, but he doesn't go because he doesn't want to see the baby.

Kate goes home to her son, who is actually Aaron Littleton. Aaron calls her, "Mommy."