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  • Lost kicks ass this season which is very evident after viewing this episode.

    I hear many people have jumped back on the bandwagon after drifting away season 2 and 3. I was never one of those, well, 'fans' without faith but even the biggest fan has to admit it did go through a rough period. Yet it always still held my interest, it's sucky days weren't as bad as most TV shows out there and I'm glad it's returned to it's spectacular self. It pawns Heroes (which I have liked since the pilot was leaked way back when) ass ten times over. Lost may have gone through a slump for a while but nowhere near as bad as Heroes second season. The original cult classic has claimed it's crown back.

    Firstly, loved the end twist. I didn't see it coming.

    Loved the episode in general. It featured just the right amount of the newbies. The show has learnt from it's previous mistakes and didn't delve right in and have them front row centre like previous seasons. Not to mention they are fairly likeable. Meanwhile it featured a fair amount of the old gang.

    Haven't been the biggest fan of Kate (she grows on me and then we grow apart, it's an iffy relationship) and certainly not a fan of the triangle. But I enjoyed her scenes with both Jack and Sawyer tonight. And future Kate is rather mature and quite likeable.

    Was glad to see some Claire scenes even though she was pretty much there supporting Kate's scenes and throwing some anvils out for the twist. We still got more of her than we have in recent times.

    That said, I'm worried for her fate. Ever since the twist was revealed, they can't kill her off can they? Claire has always been one of my favourite characters and easily my favourite female lostaway out of all past and present. I may bit a bit biased since I have adored Emilie De Ravin since Roswell days, but ultimately Emilie is a great actress and she portrays Claire well. Plus Claire is a sweet character and every one of her episodes has rocked. Her first ep with the Psychic gave us one of Lost's biggest questions and mysteries - Aaron is integral to this whole thing. Then there's her episode which provided the first flashback on the actual island. That episode was packed to the brim with action and emotion and some good background concerning The Others. And drugged out Claire and her booties? Bless.

    I'll love the show no matter what but if Claire dies I will not be impressed and shall be rather heartbroken. My wish is for her to have some decent screen time this season. I still want to see her grieve properly for Charlie and find out why Aaron is so important and even if it isn't Claire or Jack, somebody to find out or already know of their connection.

    As to how Aaron ends up without her? She swaps her position on the rescue boat/plane/copter for Aaron's, it's either him or her and she gives him up so he can have a better life - entrusting Kate to take care of him (and that's why Kate never wants to leave the island, not wanting to ever 'give him back'). Jacob who is quite possibly Claire's dad has made some sort of deal to which she had to stay. The lostaways somehow think she's dead but she isn't… and after the flshforwards of Seaon 4, they return to the island season 5 or 6 and the whole Aaron mystery gets rectified... the opportunities are endless.

    Eggtown asked some questions and gave some answers. It was a good balance. Though one question I still have. What happened to Kate's tray of food she was bringing Miles? She was carrying it and then it disappeared when she opened the door? I hope she didn't waste it ala Locke!
  • Kate's future shows her getting out of trouble with the law, but barely, her semi-reconciliation with her ailing mother, the possibility for romance with Dr. Jack, and now being the mother to baby Aaron. Intense!

    Absolutely brilliant. The off island development for the future was interesting, creative, and opened up about 50 more questions as to what the Oceanic 6 had to do to get off the island and what lies they are telling the real world. Kate was beautiful and composed off island, fighting to get clear of the charges brought against her for killing her father. The court scene between Jack and Kate was high tension only to be followed more tension and the possibility of a future if Jack could only get past whatever is plaguing him.

    The on island development was just as interesting. Miles was determined to see Ben and Kate was determined to help him in order to get information about herself and her fate off the island. The most chilling part of the episode was Miles' request to Ben for 3.2 million dollars and his limited time to get it to him. Is this a true request (which leads us to... why does Ben HAVE the means to have 3.2 mil) or is it simply a code between Miles and Ben (numbers, time limits, kinda fishy, almost like how there was NOTHING fishy about "tell my sister I love her" except the sneaking suspicion of one girl (ME) that was "what if she doesn't have a sister?").

    Clearly, for me anyways, the best part of the episode was the opening scene where Ben played Locke (loser) like a fiddle, saying how it was nice to see how Locke "evolved". And then the satisfying evolution coming full circle when Locke "evolved" by throwing a tray into the wall like a baby having a temper tantrum (remniscent of second seasons shoving of the clean bowls... teehee!)
  • The best Kate-centric episode yet!

    I am so impressed by this amazing Kate-centric episode! Throughout the episode we are given answers in questions that the 3rd season finale had created. Evangeline Lilly as Kate was outstanding,her flashforward was so interesting and informative and the island storyline was great. The most shocking moment comes at the end, one of the best cliffhanger of lost ever!
    Kate encounters Miles in the cabin near the dock where he is being held by Locke and ask him to tell her what he knows about her. They make a deal when Miles tells her to take him to Ben and then he would confess everything he knows about her. Meanwhile at the beach Jack returns with Juliet,Dan and Charlotte. They communicate with the freighter to learn if Desmond and Sayid have arrived safely but they seem not knowing anything about them. The helicopter did not arrive.
    Back at the othersville Kate takes Miles to see Ben and he demands 3.2million dollars in order to keep his mouth shut and don't tell anything about him to his boss.
    In Kate's flashforward we see her in the court of law trying to prove that she is innocent when she is actually guilty about her stepfather assassination. Her ill mother encounters her and tells her that she is no longer against her,she does not want to testify against her anymore since things have changed when she thought her daughter was dead. In addition Jack goes to the court to defend Kate by saying lies about her being a hero when she saved 5 out of 8 survivors from the crash.
    Since Kate's mother does not testify against her they come to an agreement with her lawyer and Kate cannot leave the country for 10 years. Kate is positive about this fact,since she is not going anywhere as she says because she has a child.
    In the end, Kate goes to a house to see her son. She enters the bedroom, sit to the bed where her son sleeps and when the child wakes up and tells her "hello mom",she replies "Hello Aaron" !!!
  • We follow Kate's questo obtain information from Miles on why he is looking for Ben, parallelled with her future need to avoid jail time for killing her father and committing insurance fraud.

    Ok so I figured that when Claire asked Kate to hold Aaron that Aaron was the son Kate was talking about, cause logistically it didn't make sense. Now we know who the mysterious "He" is from the season 3 finale, and we also have a timeline of things, the way I figure Aaron Littleton was born sometime after October 15th and October 31st, and in this episode he looked to be like 2 or 3, so these flash forwards have to be takign place in almost current time, with the exception of the Season 3 finale, which we can tell seeing Jack in two of three flash forwards he is beardless and pretty together. So it is my belief that this is one of the first episodes this season to really reveal anything relevant, which is why it was my favorite thus far.

    So we knew all Miles wanted was money, and I think Ben must have a lot as he acted very chagrin about the amount, but it may just be one of his games. Locke has lost it, in my opinion he is grasping for somethign he cannot grasp in his current state, he is not communicating with the island in the same way, and I believe it is because his role has changed, and he is living in a new environment, maybe we need another sweat lodge?

    Now Kate has been banished but not according to Sawyer, their arguement was intense, my strong feelings are that Kate is not able to have children, which is why she was so upset by everything, I mean if I was on an island where I knew that women who conceive on the island die, I would be a bit relieved. I think she will return to Jack.

    The light funny scene of the episode was Jin figuring out where they should live, I don't think they should go back to Korea, at all.

    My questions:

    How did they hide Aaron?

    What happened to Claire?

    Does Jack know who Aaron is in relation to him?
    (He did seem like he was not interested in knowing him, and feel he knew he was not Sawyer's kid.)

    How much money does Ben have?

    When does Hurley defect to Jack's camp?
  • LOST is really heading towards an end in its series.. So far, in this season, we know that six go back to America. Jack, Hurley and Sayid were shown to be part of that six, and now Kate is revealed to be another.

    However, she apparently has a son whose name is Aaron. Could it be the same Aaron from the island? If so, then something would most probably happen to Claire, isn't it?

    In this episode, we see that Kate faced her demons of her past before she crash on the island. She was so close to being a convicted murderer, until her mother decided to not testify against her, but wanted to see her grandchild in return. Of course, Kate's mother also saw that she had changed when she thought that her daughter had died. This most probably brought her some perspective as to why Kate exploded her abusive husband in the first place, and in the end, forgive her.

    With Kate's mother not willing to testify, the Public Prosecutor had no choice but a cut her a deal which allows Kate to be a free woman, but only within the State they're in.

    Jack heard the news, and was the first person Kate saw as she was leaving the court. I have a feeling that Kate's son isn't Aaron from the island. But then, he looks to be at least 4 years old, but I may be wrong as the writers want to keep viewers guessing, and hopefully we all guess wrongly. And judging from Jack reluctance to see Kate's son, I have a feeling that it could be his son. The name is just a ploy to trick viewers...

    Regardless, we shall see within the next 3 years - in our reality, not the show's.
  • ooo!!! this episode is about kate in a trial waiting to go to jail :s

    omg!! the writers fooled me there! for a while they get u thinking that kate is pregnant with sawyers baby but i was wrong you find out at the end about aaron. omg i bet she took claires baby awya coz she died nd jake feels guilty or soemthin cos he found out that he was claires bro. i bet kate and evryone have left evryone else on the island!! that episode has got me back into lost but one thing i dont get is can kate and sawyer make up there minds if they are together or not??????!! lol
  • I think the ending was very obvious.

    When my girlfriend and I were watching this episode, we started to think that the "HE" that Kate referred on the Third Season finale was her parole officer. On the development of the episode, my theory began to change. In fact, it changed in the first ten minutes when we could see Aaron in so many scenes (when we'd never seen him too much). And when Kate said that she didn't want that her lawyer use "her son" in the trial, a new theory came up. But I think it was sort of obvious. She confirmed Sawyer that she wasn't pregnant, she didn't know how to carry Aaron, she never said to Jack that her son was "his" son, and Jack didn't wanted to see him. I think this last thing was because Aaron is his nephew and he would be tempted to tell him that Kate wasn't her mother. But, the real questions that came to me was: what happened to Claire? Is she dead or she stayed on the Island and Kate kidnapped Aaron and this is one of the things that the Oceanic 6 are hidding? How did Jack know that Aaron is his nephew? Does he really know it?
  • Flashforwards were the best idea that the creators could have had...

    Wow! After another jam packed forty-two minutes of Lost, I can honestly say that - although I originally thought Kate had said "Hello, Hurley!" - the revealing that Kate is now Aaron's mother was quite a shock and had my jaw on the floor for quite some time.

    It's obvious that Aaron cannot possibly be one of the Oceanic 6, because Jack made out there were only eight survivors of Flight 815. I'd imagine they're trying to get people to believe that Aaron was conceived on the island (rather than was actually born there). But it does pose the question about what happens to Claire. I'd like to see a Claire flashforward, but I'm not entirely sure whether I want to be spoiled straight away. Is she dead? Is she alive? Is she an Oceanic 6'er? Or is she still somewhere in the South Pacific? Who knows.. I'll certainly be on the edge of my seat waiting to find out.

    There was so much I loved about this episode. The flashforwards seem to be getting better with each week. Possibly, because I like Kate better than Sayid, who I like better than Hurley, who I like better than Jack.. so it's probable that when the time comes for Jin or even Sawyer's flashforward, it's guaranteed to be a killer of an episode.

    The content of this episode, for me, was extremely anticipated. Obviously, nobody knew Kate's trial was coming up, but ever since Day One the question has been posed as to whether Kate would get a trial did she ever get off the island - it was nice for that question to be answered and for her to be given Probation only. The only thing that irked me, is that should Kate ever try and get back to the island like Jack wants, it's almost impossible without getting back into trouble with the law for breaking probation conditions. I want Kate to be a free lady!

    It was also great to see Beth Broderick back. I feared for her survival for her last appearance, but if this is now going to be the last time we see her in Lost, it was a great performance. I just wanted her to wave her finger one last time for me though.

    I enjoyed so many things about this episode. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of Sayid and Desmond because I was so interested in whether or not they'll make the Freighter or not at the end of "The Economist". So, that's probably my only bugbear. Although, I was irritated by the fact that not one of them had bothered to work out that it was Christmas Day. I was looking forward to a Christmas episode. I doubt we'll get one now.

    Overall though, it was Classic Lost. A wonderful flashforward which gives us once again a fresh look at the story Post-Island. It was great to see the outcome of Kate's trial and fascinating to wonder what is to happen to Claire. Fantastic, and it's sad we're now half way through before we have to wait another month for the remaining half of this brilliant Season Four.
  • Best so far!

    This has to be the best episode of the series so far for me. I loved it!

    Locke is serously irritating me, since when did he become boss?! The way he speaks to everyone and bosses them around really bugs me, and I doubt he really knows what he's doing. He's just being selfish and thinking of himself as always.

    Kate has Aaron. Oh my gosh. Unexpected twist to the story. I have so many questions in my head that I just want answers to. I can't believe they still put her on trial after what she went through on the island. You'd have thought that would have been punishment enough.
  • It seems like every episode written by different authors..

    My impression about this episode like..neutral. It's a bit better than previous one but still not LOSTy.. you know. Creators can do better. I'm absolutely sure about that! As for me i hope that one day there is no shipper at all. Because when they're consentrated on a love triangle they're forgetting about what LOST is about. And again - so much new details but none of previous are opened for us so i feel a bit stressed about it.)) Also i'm disappointed about Locke because he's getting angry man who can kill just for the secret he wants to check out. Yes he's been strange man before but now he's too agressive.)
  • More soap opera Kate - jack - james sillyness

    Althoe almost every episode of lost ( includeing this one) keeps my attention I was left was a feeling of " is that all?" at the end if this episode. It did't really tell me much about anything and only seamed to focus on the soap opera between Kate - Jack - James. The cliff hanger ending opened up more questions but not really ones that I care about. I am loveing the flash forwards this season thoe. All in all so far the worst episode of season four. Stacked up to the first three amazing episodes this one fell off the wagon a bit.
  • Oceanic 6 so far revealed - Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid.....and Aaron????

    What an awesome episode. Even though I was LOST throughout most of the episode it was still so gripping!!! First, Kate is so gorgeous in the fast forwards. Jack looked awfully good as well. There was just so much going on in this episode. But I think it raised more questions than actually answered any questions. Whho is Miles' boss and what's the deal with Ben. He has access to 3.2 million dollars? In the fast forward there's this whole story Jack tells about there only being 8 initial survivors of the flight and Kate was only able to save 6. Does that mean that everyone else is killed? I hope not. Maybe they get left on the island. Who could kill Sun, Jin, Claire..... I don't think I would be able to continue watching! Is Aaron Claire's son? And if so, why is it that Jack won't see the baby. He helped bring the baby into the world, why would he refuse to see the baby? But if it's really Kate's baby, why would she name him Aaron? Don't miss an episode or you'll never be able to catch up!!!
  • The ending just took my breath away.

    This Lost episode didn't reveal things, in fact it opened more questions then we already have. Overall, the episode was one we would expect from Lost, really great with a shocking ending. This episodes flashback was Kate's flashback and once again we see some previously shown characters, like Kate's mother. It focuses mainly on Locke's group and Kate and Miles (ghost buster guy if you guys don't know yet). A very great episode to watch, and not a disappointment, but in fact a very satisfying, great episode with an amazing plot. And I'm not just saying that because I love Lost, but because it is really an exhilarating episode which takes your breath away, like every other Lost episode.
  • Best Kate-centric episode? YES! One of the best episodes ever? Hell, no!

    "Tabula Rasa", "Born to Run", "What Kate Did", "I Do" - Average at best.

    "Left Behind" - poor

    "Whatever the Case May Be" - one of the worst episodes ever.

    Kate never got a really great episode. One of the main problems with Kate-centric episodes are the flashbacks: since "Tabula Rasa", they're basicaly the same over and over again: Kate running. Even in ok episodes like "Born to Run", the flashbacks had no real use in the overall story. So many flashbacks and what do we know about her? She killed her father, is running from the police and her dying mother can't even look at her. That's pretty much it.

    "Eggtown" changed that. It's not one the best episodes ever, not even the best this season. However, is the best Kate-centric by far. For the first time since "Tabula Rasa" I got myself really interested on her story. The on island/off island events are very well conected, something that has never happened before on Kate's episodes.

    It's interesting how the story is made in a way to make you have shure of one thing but in the end is like the writers were saying "fooled you", using just a name to not only change everything we were taking for granted, but also to shock us. It's a great episode for a second view: On the first time, we think it's basicaly an episode about how Kate became one of the Oceanic 6 and the Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle. Watch again and you see the seeds for that shocking ending were planted throughout the episode.

    However, in general, it's a filler episode, with no "WTF" moments untill the end. Great moments like the opening scene (that was very, very funny - Ben and Locke are awsome characters, and their scenes together are aways worth watching). Miles is also becoming a personal favourite. More questions, as usual. One thing I didn't understand is why Jack says in court that the 815 crash landed on an island, when we know that the cover up story is that the plane crashed into the ocean. "They" even planted a fake 815 down there. What happened? If jack is part of the cover up, he could never tell anything different from the "official" story regarding the 815 crash. Hope it wasn't a plot hole.

    Anyway, finally I can say I've wathed a Kate episode and I liked, very much. Even the triangle looked interesting this time around (still, I don't give a dam about it).
  • This is my favourite Lost episode so far.

    I won't say that this is my favourite episode ever because I feel there are going to be some real corkers coming up in the future but it certainly is my favourite to date. Being Kate-centric it appeals to me as a devoted fan of the Freckled Fugitive and and we also see major developments in the relationships Kate has with fellow castaways Jack and Sawyer. Alongside this, the story of life for the Oceanic 6 post-island begins to crystalize: The episode is full of scenes that make you suspect one thing before knocking that theory out of the water. There are tantalising revelations - some big some small - littered throughout the 40 minutes, not enough to answer many questions, naturally, but enough to keep you salivating for next weeks episode. Full of "OMG" moments this episode has a mother of a cliffhanger. Watch this episode people!
  • Well Kate FF, and Kate wants to talk to Miles to see whether they know bout her past or not.

    Great episode, the end made it even better. Damn i really didn't see that coming, if you guys did see that coming than you are psychic. When you look back at the episode one scene now gets a lot more meaning too. I am referring to the scene of Kate and Claire with Claire asking Kate to pick up Aaron, just great.

    Always nice to see Jack in the FF's. the only lame thing in the episode is the on and off relation of Sawyer and Kate i mean make up your mind. Ok Sawyer was being a dickhead but you allready knew that, and if you need comfort it's just a little bit sad to always run to Sawyer. But i guess he's enjoying it :P. Well lets hope that the next episode is as exciting as this one.
  • A very interesting episode.

    When Kate and Sawyer were in his room talking and Sawyer says something about her pregnancy I immediatly thought I had missed an episode, because I couldn't remember a previous moment in which Kate's pregnancy had been mentioned. But as the story progressed the pieces started to fit. Except for the last scene and one or two in the middle I didn't find the flashforward especially interesting, they spent too much time in the courtroom for my liking; the island moments, on the contrary, were a bit better and Ben and Locke are still to big question marks for me.

    I don't think it was better than the previous two or three episodes, but it certainly was good and one that will give way to several new storylines. Revealing and a total cliffhanger.

    Can't wait for next week.
  • One of the best episodes of Lost, ever.

    Just when Lost was continually going down hill in season 3 they brought it back to life within the final minutes of the season 3 finale. Kate is one of the most intriguing characters on the show and personally one of my favourites. Her story is a great one. She manages to trick every single person that thinks has the upper hand on her and I think thats what I love. Hurley's face was hilarious when he realized she got the info from him. The mind-game playing with Locke and Sawyer was great too, I also think she was lying when asked if she thought she was still pregnant. Bring on next week.
  • Another fine example of the 4th season of Lost. THough not quite as good as last weeks, we are still offered a shocker at the end.

    THis episode was mainly about Kate and her court hearing after she escapes the island. Jack makes an appearance in this future scene, and we know that the events happening here are still long before that flash forward last season where Jack called Kate and meant her to tell her they need to go back. I wonder what exactly happened. As usual the creators of Lost are keeping us sort of lost.

    We are given scenes involving Kate and Sawyer back on the island which seems to explain the son that Kate is taking care of now in the flash forward. I'm left to wonder if the son is Sawyer's, and even if it is, it doesn't appear Sawyer made it off the island. Of course at the end we are given the big reveal about the baby which caught me totally by surprise. I won't spoil it for anybody who hasn't seen this episode yet, but it rivals last week's surprise conclusion.

    THe scenes on the island were sort of boring this week, except for the scenes dealing with Locke. Locke seems to be losing it like he did back in the hatch. Once again Ben seems to be pulling his strings, and he is allowing his emotions to get the best of him. THe scenes involving the two of them are much like when Ben was being held prisoner back at the hatch and Locke was looking over him. WHat Locke does to poor Miles was truly horrifying and not something I exactly expected from Locke.

    Other than Kate and Locke, nothing else really stuck out in this episode. We did learn a little information about the island's mysterious time changes, well I think it was this episode since I watched both this week's and last week's episodes together and might be combining the two, but nothing more. Overall a good episode.
  • I fear that something will happen. I am worried about Kate.

    Charged with fraud, arson, assault on a federal officer, assault with a deadly weapon, grand larceny, murder in first degree. And she pleads not guilty.
    During the whole trial I feel some uneasiness in my stomach.
    I fear that something will happen. I am worried about Kate.
    What will the jury think of her? The cold blooded murderer.
    From the island we know she is sensitive. But all these charges. What a contrast. She must be a Gemini woman.
    Her mother will not testify. What a relieve for me.
    Then at home she is the caring mother. This last scene fills the room with love. But another shock is to come.
    If you haven't watched this episode, then please so do now.

    This is why I love LOST so much!
  • 9.3 are you joking?

    Again, another overrated episode on the basis of it being new, logic new= better, how quickly we forget older, better episodes eh?

    The centric story is fairly boring, again, as typical with most Kate centric, the plot twist at the end, wasn't particularly jaw dropping (if you haven't been told what it is I'm sure tv.com's user reviews will force it in your face without permission)

    The Island portion was little more interesting, but ultimately, if feels like more stuff being piled on top of each other, groundwork layered on groundwork without finishing the project, this can be frustrating, like the last episode, it feels pretty static.

    There are a few scenes that feel forced, a scene between Locke and miles comes to mind and fairly obvious gratuitous show of body between two main charecters that seemed completely un-needed and to be honest, lame.

    Overall, pretty weak episode, probably the weakest thus far in the season, as usual, tv users overate it, on the basis it's new.
  • OMG !!!!!

    Starting by the end.... so Kate toke Aaron of the island ??? My God !!! That means that Claire was killed or choose for some weird reason to stay in the island and let someone else take her kid ? I dont think so, to me, Claire is gone :( and that sucks because we already lost Charlie, and for me that was a huge lost.

    So the helicopter didnt make it to the ship yet, could that be related to the weirdness in the island or the pilot didnt want Sayid and Desdemond in the ship.

    This episode ending was NERVE-WRACKING !!!!!!!
  • On the island, Locke is becoming unpredictable and off the island, Kate finally has to face a jury for her "crimes". All in a slow but revealing episode.

    It's not often that we find out so much things in only one episode. Having that said, it all happens in Kates Flash-Forwards. Back on the island the pace of the storyline is really slow and not much happens. We learn a bit more about Ben, but the scenes with Kate and Claire (who has become really one-dimensional) are boring as hell. The best scenes are the ones with Locke. He is becoming more and more complex and unpredictable. After such a fast start this season I can live with the few problems this episode has. But we shouldn't forget that LOST isn't just about revealing secrets. It's about storytelling and I still believe that Kate is the least interesting character of all survivors. The big twist at the end was a brilliant shocker, but it worries me that LOST might be too much about Kate and Jack in the future.

    My conclusion:
    A lot of doors for future storylines are opened here. But I hope we get back to a faster pace and more interesting characters soon.
  • Kate flashbacks start

    Eggtown" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Lost and the writing debut for supervising producer Gregg Nations (fans may recognize him as the friendly guy from The Fuselage who actually answers a fair few questions) who co-wrote this episode with Liz Sarnoff.

    There are no major revelations in this episode and it's really quite predictable in general. The Kate flashforward, while much more interesting than another 'Kate runs' flashback, mostly exists to get the 'how did Kate not end up in jail' problem out of the way, and does so in a predictable but mostly satisfying manner. The best material in the flashforward is Kate's interaction with Jack and the revelation that she is raising Claire's baby (think back to season one and the psychic and that fact gets much more interesting).

    The on island stuff is much more interesting. I love Locke's character in these episodes, and one of his best lines in the entire series so far has to be "I'm John Locke and I am responsible for the well-being of this island". That whole scene in the boathouse was interesting though I suspect the grenade is probably not real. Hey, what's up with Miles asking Ben for 3.2 million dollars? That was the funniest scene of the episode for me, as the last thing I expected to happen was an extortion attempt for such a ridiculously specific amount, and less expected were the blank stares exchanged when Ben asked "why not .3 or .4?". I have no idea if that was intended to be funny, but it was.

    We get a healthy dose of fairly annoying relationship talk in this episode with Kate and Sawyer exchanging typical and not-so-interesting dialogue, and Jack in his pre-"we have to go back" stage asking Kate out in the flashforward. All this stuff is fairly uninteresting and if I was a first time viewer randomly dropping in on ABC while these conversations were on I would hesitate to give the show more of a chance. Still, other than these relatively minor flaws, tonight's episode was a solid, well-written episode of Lost that knocks the pace down another notch, returning to the standard 'slow but good' pace Lost usually keeps at this stage of the season. I sincerely hope it picks up again though because this did seem more than a little out of place as far as season four goes.

    The most interesting part of the entire episode was the discovery that the chopper still hadn't reached the freighter (or the freighter is denying contact). I'm assuming this is going to be resolved next week.

    All in all, a solid episode that keeps things going.
  • Probably one of the best endings to a Lost episode this season, no wait… ever! Who saw that ending coming? I know I certainly didn't!

    So, it's a Kate-centric episode and we learn that she was infact one of the Oceanic Six and everyone knows who she is and what she did and she is still wanted for murder, arson etc. etc. We see her on trial in her Flash Forward and from the charges it seems unlikely she'll get let off, but we all know she does from her encounter with Jack in Through the Looking Glass. So from this we're left wondering… how did she manage to get off?

    On-Island Kate wants to speak to Miles and ask him if he knows who she is - if everyone on the outside world know that she's a fugitive. He tells her he'll tell her what he knows if he can have 1 minute with Ben. This may be a hard task as Locke has him locked up under "his" house.

    Kate asks Sawyer for help and inturn both con Locke so that Kate can get Miles to see Ben. Miles tells Ben that he can tell his people that he was already dead when they got to the Island - in return of $3.2 million! How does Ben have so much money to play with? He certainly doesn't hold down a full time job with benefits After Miles' time with Ben Kate gets the information out of Miles that she wants. Everyone on the outside world does know who Kate is, and is still a wanted criminal! Oh dear Kate, what will you do?! Staying with camp Locke doesn't seem such a bad idea now - although she has no choice but to go back to Jack because Locke has banished her from camp Locke as punishment for freeing Miles to see Ben! Locke seems to have lost the plot completely!

    Back to the Flash Forward and we see Jack Shepherd as a character witness at Kate's trial. Apparantly, according to Jacks statement, only eight people survived the crash and Kate was the one who rescued everyone! We didn't get much else as Kate told him to stop! So, just why exactly have they lied about there being eight survivors? Only six got rescued so who where the two that "died"? Why were they lieing about what happened to them? Seems like this lie has gone in Kates favour, however, as Kate's mum isn't going to testify against her and the courts aren't going to go against someone who "rescued" people after a plane crash! So Kate gets 10 years probation and isn't allowed to leave the state! She claims that she isn't going anywhere… oh, and yeah, she has a son! Is it Sawyers? Did she really get pregnant on the Island and has somehow survived the third trimester (being if they were on the island that long), or had she delivered the baby off island after they where rescued?! So many questions!!

    It isn't long before we see her son though. She goes home and is reunited with her little boy. He looks around two years old, he's blonde… blonde?! He must be Sawyers! Zoom in on them hugging each other, he's clearly happy to see her as he says "Mommy"… and I'm like awww. And then boom - she's says his name and it's probably the most OMGWTF moment ever on Lost. She says "Hi Aaron"!

    Well, we all know Aaron isn't her son, so why is she claiming him to be? And what has happened to Claire?! This certainly puts a twist on the whole psychic telling Claire that no one else must raise her child! Is Aaron now in grave danger because he is being taken care of by Kate?

    I think now we know why Kate wasn't happy to hear Jack saying they need to go back in Through the Looking Glass, because if they were to go back and rescue the others everyone will know that she didn't actually rescue anyone and she'll probably go to jail - oh, and everyone will know Aaron isn't her son if Claire is still on the Island!

    Oh the mind boggles! Lost, I love you! My review and more at www.lost-isle.net
  • Eggtown, a deal with undesirable outcomes...

    What can I say, Lost just continues to impress this season. Episodes centered around Kate have been lacking in the past seasons, but this episode was very well done and the use of the flashforward element has succeeded once again.

    The on island story was not as fast paced as the past few episodes this season, but it had a very interesting outcome. Kate decides to use Sawyer in order to get some answers out of Miles, who only wants some time with the man his team is searching for, Benjamin Linus, in return. Although Kate does not get the answers she has been searching for, she does get some time with Sawyer which in turn leads to a confrontation between the pair which was long overdue.

    Locke's group at the Barracks have started adjusting to their new lives living under roofs with electricity, and Hurley and Claire are on their road to recovery after Charlie's death, but Locke is still letting Benjamin Linus get in his head. The role reversal between Locke and Ben has taken a full turn and it is back to the good old days with 'Henry Gale' locked up with Locke being his primary source of food and in Ben's case, novels.

    Meanwhile, Jack returns to the beach introducing Daniel and Charlotte to the rest of the survivors. Sun, who is still having second thoughts, questions Jack about their motives, which may be foreshadowing a change in heart not too far in the future. When calling the freighter to check on Sayid and Desmond, Jack and Juliet discover that they have not made it yet and it has been two days...

    The flashforwards in this episode were also very intriguing. Continuing to add mystery to the events that are yet to unfold, Kate is shown sitting her trial, pleading not guilty. The result of the trial is not however, the leading force of this flashforward, but yet the reveal that Kate has a son leaves us hungry for answers. This only leads up to one of the biggest cliffhangers of the series, Kate is not only living with a son...but it's not her's, it's Aaron.
  • Not much actually "happened" per say, but we did start to learn some new info on the aftermath of the "rescue."

    As far as this season goes so far, I'd have to say this was their 'slow' episode. It didn't have the same level of tension and mystery that the previous ones did. Not that it was boring by any means. Now I think the story will start to 'settle in', and we'll have a lot to look forward to. In typical Lost fashion, it raises three questions for every one it answers, or hints at answering. (And I consider that a positive, not a negative.)
    I think this is the first time we the whole story, or at least the main jist of the story, of the survivors' account about the crash. By the story, I mean the account they're forced to tell the world, not what actually happened. So that raises the question.... Why? Why do they need to lie? Who's behind it?
    Then there's Miles and Ben. What does Miles know about him? Who is he working for? (I'm guessing Widmore or Hanso) And why blackmail him?
    And of course, the final twist at the end. Kate gives Jack the "I know why you don't want to see the baby..." speech. I think "It's Sawyer's". She goes into his room, he has full locks of blonde hair. "Yeah, it's definitely Sawyer's." She picks it up, and says something, don't remember, but followed by "Aaron." All I can think is "What the.....?!?" That was the jaw dropper of the episode.
  • Kate present and Kate future, er...2004/5 and 2007/8? Interesting side of Kate as she has to face the music on return as one of the 6/8.

    A good episode bringing forward the story, Kate in particular, Locke, Jack and Sawyer. Kate gets the Law and Order treatment for her crimes, back on the island she seems to have some maternal instincts coming through. Locke is losing it, the self-proclaimed protector of the island has little real influence with his flock. Jack is less than forthright on the witness stand and has some issues about a child. It is said eight survived the crash - which raises the question - did all the other Losties decide to stay on that secluded little Pacific isle and join the Others? Were they casualties in another tribal war? Sadly, no techno-babble this time apart from the helicopter carrying the four to the offshore ship, a cliffhanger for next week.
  • Merry Christmass to Kate! She's been such a good girl this year that not only Santa grants her her freedom but also a son of her very own.

    Problem is: that's not exactly her son but Claire's Aaron. And so Kate has officially become the Ben of Aaron's story but oddly enough she makes such a good job at it as Ben did raising Alex; Aaron is protected from the press, from her trial and even from Kate's mother which is why Kate's lawyer has no other choice but to call Dr. Jack Shepphard as Kate's character witness who tells the story of late Ana Lucia as if it were Kate's which finally allows her to go free.

    To watch this once upon a fugitive doing everything on her power to run back to Claire & Charlie's son can only be compared to how this once upon a conwoman realizes that she can't stay to play house with Sawyer no matter how much she wants it to. In only one episode Kate has grown from love interest to mother, as strong and determined as if that's what she would've been all along. No one from the outside questions her word, her devotion to Aaron is as complete as it's his love for her and it's amazing how in a life filled with wrongs raising this child turns out to be the only thing Kate Austen has ever done right.
  • John's the dictator of Eggtown, while Kate's surprisingly a mother.

    This is definitely a bombshell episode. Although 'eggshell' might be a better fit).

    Ok, where to begin. I guess the first thing is Kate. She gets off the island, which we already knew. But she takes Aaron! Why? Was he kidnapped and forced off the island? Did Claire give him to Kate so he could be raised in normal society? Or did Claire die and Kate takes Aaron as her own? (And I just have to say that when Kate came home, I kind of guessed that the kid is Aaron. Instinct. Or ESP.)

    It seems as though we know what the big secret Hurley mentioned. Jack lied that only eight people survived the crash. Could Aaron count as one of the Oceanic Six?

    Speaking of Jack, he seemed just fine in this episode, meaning the Looking Glass flash forwards takes place even later than Eggtown. Also speaking of which, it seems that we know who Kate meant when she said "he's waiting for me."

    The other events of this episode – Miles, Ben, and Locke. Locke is becoming more and more like an Other, and no matter what he says, a dictator. A torturing dictator at that. Maybe Locke believes in the "eye for an eye" philosophy, but I wish he wouldn't. He's just making an already hostile environment even more hostile. The grenade in the mouth thing is a tad unnecessary. (For a second I though Miles was going to drop it, killing himself but also killing Locke.) Anyway, Miles and Ben have something going on. They know who each other are, and Miles seems to think Ben has access to 3.2 million dollars. Maybe he does, but I'd certainly like to know where he's obtained this money from.

    Finally, I thought of this after Confirmed Dead, but I forgot to write about it. In that episode, when they identified the "location" of the island, I realised that I really don't want to know where it is! After three seasons of intense "where is the island?", I feel that if we find out, it will take away so much of the show's mythology. Knowing that it's in the south Pacific is enough for me. We don't need to know that it's in the Sunda Trench or something. There are far more pressing matters at hand.

    10/10 rating because I don't think my jaw has dropped so many times during any episode of Lost so far (1st, when Kate said she had a son. Second, when Jack lied in court that only a few people survived the crash. Third, when we find out that Kate's child is Aaron.)
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