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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on ABC

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  • I never had a bigger heart attack watching Lost than I did with this episode! (spoiler free)

    Season 4 of Lost is topping all other seasons as the best season ever. Because everything is absolutely unexpected and each episode becomes more shocking than the previous one.

    But Eggtown is the biggest of "shock" episodes of the entire series. I've never felt a greater need to be jumping around screaming OMGWTF but I was watching with my dad so I had to hold it in. My heart is still racing from watching that episode. Since it's too early to reveal stuff, I will save that for later reviewers. While there is interesting stuff with the on-island storyline, the real shockers are in Kate's flashfowards. Every single revelation in this episode was absolutely nothing like I expected. I want to congradulate the writers of this episode for such a wonderful episode of good writing and great suspense. Keep on writing and keep up the greatness that is Season 4!!!
  • An episode that centers around Kate.

    I have to admit for a Lost episode this was a pretty average one, (if you haven't seen this episode please don't read this review spoilers are to follow). Nothing much happened to me except for two things. One, the people from the boat don't know much about what is going on themselves. I think they are speaking the truth when they say they are after Ben, but besides that I think they are just as lost as the castaways are. Second thing that happened in this episode is we learned that Clarie does not make it off the island. This is pretty evident when we see Aaron and Kate at the end of the episode hugging. Poor Claire hopefully she does not die horribly! Other than that nothing else much happened. I did love all the Locke stuff as always but I am a huge fan of Locke so... Anyway next weeks episode looks to be awesome!
  • Another great flash-forward continues the give-and-take relationship we love about this show. Lost continues to give you answers, and once you think you know what's coming, boom, it takes your breath away.

    I knew from the moment Kate uttered the words "My Child" that she was talking about Aaron, but damn if this wasn't one fun ride. This episode reveals one of the key points that I wondered about since season one. What would happen if Kate got off the island? Flash forward to some unknown time in the future and we get to see Kate's trial. Of course, as this season of Lost often does, it takes a while before you can really get your barings and know if you're looking at the future or the past, but once we find out we're looking at our favorite criminal's life post-island, things start rolling.

    I really dug the whole trail flashforward. It was a nice surprise to see Jack testify and an even nicer thing to see what I'm guessing is the "offical" story about the plane crash. Kate getting off from the crime rubbed me the wrong way a bit (come on, who gets to see the defense's key witness before he/she testifies?), but really, if you're going to advance the story Kate can't be in prison.

    I guess it was right around the time of Kate and Claire doing laundry that I realized Aaron might be taken off the island by Kate. I'm interested to see how this shapes out.

    As for the island mechanics itself, I absolutely loved Locke's breakfast treat to Miles and giggled like a school boy when he left him in the room alone.

    Interesting note about Sayid and company not being back to the freighter yet, can't wait to see that played out.

    Other than that, another fine installment in a season full of them and it's got me drooling for the next episode.

    So much for those worries about jumping the shark back in season three, huh?
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