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  • Omg I was waiting for Kate's flash-forward because she is one of my favorite characters on LOST. FANTASTIC episode, top to bottom SPOILERS INSIDE....

    I'm sorry if most of the people in the forums say it was predictable, I believe if you read spoilers or theories even then it wouldn't be predictable because the writing on this episode kept you second guessing throughout. I remember once someone on this forum saying something about Kate referring to Aaron as the "he will be wondering where I am" to Jack in the S3 finale, but I always thought why would someone say that unless someone read spoilers and the spoiler revealed Kate lived with Claire off the Island. Anyway I still didn't think it was Aaron. I kept going back and forth with Jack or Sawyer. I'm a HUGE Jater so I desperately want Kate to end up with Jack (it WILL happen, it HAS to) so when Kate said "my son" I was screaming at the TV wanting to kill her. I was sooooo p*ssed at why she got pregnant with Sawyers baby but wasn't sure until Jack in the courtroom said 'he doesn't love her now', I was like 'B*tch had Sawyers baby. However, I still wasn't sure until I saw Kate go to Sawyer and sleep with him AGAIN and then I thought, yea the Sl*t had sex with him AGAIN and later on in the season Jack will find out and hate her for sleeping with Sawyer AGAIN (that's why he doesn't lover her anymore in the flash-forward). However, AGAIN I was surprised when in the parking lot Kate and Jack meet and I was like, omg there is hope for Jater cos it sounded like it might be Jack's child and not Sawyers (I couldn't figure out why Jack wouldn't want to see the baby but I knew now it wasn't sawyers cos Kate didn't sleep with Sawyer the 2nd time and Kate said she wasn't pregnant in the first place). Then I thought right at the end when we see the baby, even though the baby was blonde… a la Sawyer, I was praying for Kate to say some reference to Jack but was SHOCKED when she said "AARON" There you go, NOT predictable at all.
  • A Kate-centric flash-forward episode.

    Let me start out by saying that I absolutely loved this episode, and I really enjoyed getting to see the flash-forwards of Kate's life after she gets off the island. I already knew that Kate was raising Aaron as her own son after she got off the island since I've already seen the second half of the season, but I was very surprised that she's telling everyone that Aaron is her biological son. I still don't know why she's choosing to act like Aaron is her own son, but I'm very eager to find out the reason she's doing that. Another thing that I really liked about this episode was just Sawyer in general, but that's mainly because he's always been one of my most favorite characters on Lost. All things considered, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to watch the rest of season four since I've only seen the episodes that aired after the writers strike ended at this point in time.
  • Great comeback!

    Kate has flashfowards to when she is on trial for all the crimes she committed before the crash. Jack testifies as a character witness. He lies about life on the island to make Kate look good. Kate has a son...named Aaron.

    Kate and Miles make a deal. Miles will tell Kate any information he knows about her, if she gets him to talk to Ben for 1 minute. She asks Sawyer for help and they plan it. Locke falls for the trick. Miles and Ben talk and Miles offers to lie to his people on the ship if Ben can get him some money (like 3.2 million or something like that). Jin has improved in his English. Dan has a strange remembering problem that Charlotte is helping him with. Sayid and Desmond have not made it to the freighter yet. Locke banishes Kate, so she goes back to the beach after sleeping with Sawyer.

    This episode was great! The ending was so mysterious! If it's Claire's baby Aaron, then that is really weird. I like Miles! He's so funny! I can't believe what Locke did to him with the grenade and everything. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Lost is definitely back on track

    While i was really bored with season 2 and 3, i think with the flash-forwards, lost is definitely back on track. the kate-centric episode kept me on the edge of my seat and i really liked the twist in the end. also the whole oceanic six thing is great, i really want to know who the rest of them are. Lost is finally an exciting show again and i'm really curious what really happenend on the island once the oceanic six are saved. they must have made a hell of a deal- otherwise jack wouldn't break like that and turn into some kind of a screw-up or in this spitting image of his father.
  • great episode

    Kate tricks Hurley into telling him where the new hostage is being kept. Kate finds the hostage and asks him something about her standing on the US? Locke catches Kate transferring the hostage out of his cell. Locke asks Kate to leave the barracks. In the flashforward, Kate finds herself having to face the court regarding her past crimes. When her mom decides not to testify against her, it gives her the leverage she needs to walk free but on probation. it's a really exciting story. The flashforwards are done so well, i can't wait for the next episode. It's a really exciting episode.
  • "Jate"...¢¾

    What can I say about this episode? It was awesome! I loved every minute of it! I always love Kate's flashbacks, but her flashforward was amazing! I loved it so much. I think it was her best episode so far in the whole of Lost and there has been some very good ones! I loved when Jack was in the court room, it was so sad when he said he didn't love Kate anymore, but after it he said it wasn't true I was so happy when he said that I cried my eyes out! I just love the whole "Jate" you got to say "Jate" is better than "Sate" Jack and Jack are just wow! Well, I loved every second of every minute of this episode! I cant wait to see more!
  • A flash forward episode focused on Kate. Her fate lies in the hands of her mother. Although its also a current episode focusing on Sawyer and Kates relationship. In the end, we see Kate holding none other than Claires baby, Aaron! Its a cliffhanger!

    We still have no clue as to what happened exactly when the "oceanic 6" got rescued. These flash forward episodes are brilliant, while entertaining and irritating. Im so impatient, its hard to watch! I just want to know what happened to them! Kate getting off with 10 years probation is fair I think. We wouldn't want her sitting in a jail cell. When Kate said that her son wouldn't be put on the stand, I was like, son? What son? Of course they were showing the Sawyer scenes where you automatically assume that its his son they speak of. But then, how could it be? They couldn't have flashed forward that far! And then when Kate walks up the stairs, into the bedroom, you see the boy for the first time, and she calls him Aaron!!! I can't wait for this to be explained! Did something happen to Claire? Or did Kate steal Aaron? What an episode!!
  • I never had a bigger heart attack watching Lost than I did with this episode!

    Season 4 of Lost is topping all other seasons as the best season ever. Because everything is absolutely unexpected and each episode becomes more shocking than the previous one.

    But Eggtown is the biggest of "shock" episodes of the entire series. I've never felt a greater need to be jumping around screaming OMGWTF but I was watching with my dad so I had to hold it in. My heart is still racing from watching that episode. Since it's too early to reveal stuff, I will save that for later reviewers. While there is interesting stuff with the on-island storyline, the real shockers are in Kate's flashfowards. Every single revelation in this episode was absolutely nothing like I expected. I want to congradulate the writers of this episode for such a wonderful episode of good writing and great suspense. Keep on writing and keep up the greatness that is Season 4!!!
  • The best Kate-centric episode yet!

    I am so impressed by this amazing Kate-centric episode! Throughout the episode we are given answers in questions that the 3rd season finale had created. Evangeline Lilly as Kate was outstanding,her flashforward was so interesting and informative and the island storyline was great. The most shocking moment comes at the end, one of the best cliffhanger of lost ever!
    Kate encounters Miles in the cabin near the dock where he is being held by Locke and ask him to tell her what he knows about her. They make a deal when Miles tells her to take him to Ben and then he would confess everything he knows about her. Meanwhile at the beach Jack returns with Juliet,Dan and Charlotte. They communicate with the freighter to learn if Desmond and Sayid have arrived safely but they seem not knowing anything about them. The helicopter did not arrive.
    Back at the othersville Kate takes Miles to see Ben and he demands 3.2million dollars in order to keep his mouth shut and don't tell anything about him to his boss.
    In Kate's flashforward we see her in the court of law trying to prove that she is innocent when she is actually guilty about her stepfather assassination. Her ill mother encounters her and tells her that she is no longer against her,she does not want to testify against her anymore since things have changed when she thought her daughter was dead. In addition Jack goes to the court to defend Kate by saying lies about her being a hero when she saved 5 out of 8 survivors from the crash.
    Since Kate's mother does not testify against her they come to an agreement with her lawyer and Kate cannot leave the country for 10 years. Kate is positive about this fact,since she is not going anywhere as she says because she has a child.
    In the end, Kate goes to a house to see her son. She enters the bedroom, sit to the bed where her son sleeps and when the child wakes up and tells her "hello mom",she replies "Hello Aaron" !!!
  • We follow Kate's questo obtain information from Miles on why he is looking for Ben, parallelled with her future need to avoid jail time for killing her father and committing insurance fraud.

    Ok so I figured that when Claire asked Kate to hold Aaron that Aaron was the son Kate was talking about, cause logistically it didn't make sense. Now we know who the mysterious "He" is from the season 3 finale, and we also have a timeline of things, the way I figure Aaron Littleton was born sometime after October 15th and October 31st, and in this episode he looked to be like 2 or 3, so these flash forwards have to be takign place in almost current time, with the exception of the Season 3 finale, which we can tell seeing Jack in two of three flash forwards he is beardless and pretty together. So it is my belief that this is one of the first episodes this season to really reveal anything relevant, which is why it was my favorite thus far.

    So we knew all Miles wanted was money, and I think Ben must have a lot as he acted very chagrin about the amount, but it may just be one of his games. Locke has lost it, in my opinion he is grasping for somethign he cannot grasp in his current state, he is not communicating with the island in the same way, and I believe it is because his role has changed, and he is living in a new environment, maybe we need another sweat lodge?

    Now Kate has been banished but not according to Sawyer, their arguement was intense, my strong feelings are that Kate is not able to have children, which is why she was so upset by everything, I mean if I was on an island where I knew that women who conceive on the island die, I would be a bit relieved. I think she will return to Jack.

    The light funny scene of the episode was Jin figuring out where they should live, I don't think they should go back to Korea, at all.

    My questions:

    How did they hide Aaron?

    What happened to Claire?

    Does Jack know who Aaron is in relation to him?
    (He did seem like he was not interested in knowing him, and feel he knew he was not Sawyer's kid.)

    How much money does Ben have?

    When does Hurley defect to Jack's camp?
  • LOST is really heading towards an end in its series.. So far, in this season, we know that six go back to America. Jack, Hurley and Sayid were shown to be part of that six, and now Kate is revealed to be another.

    However, she apparently has a son whose name is Aaron. Could it be the same Aaron from the island? If so, then something would most probably happen to Claire, isn't it?

    In this episode, we see that Kate faced her demons of her past before she crash on the island. She was so close to being a convicted murderer, until her mother decided to not testify against her, but wanted to see her grandchild in return. Of course, Kate's mother also saw that she had changed when she thought that her daughter had died. This most probably brought her some perspective as to why Kate exploded her abusive husband in the first place, and in the end, forgive her.

    With Kate's mother not willing to testify, the Public Prosecutor had no choice but a cut her a deal which allows Kate to be a free woman, but only within the State they're in.

    Jack heard the news, and was the first person Kate saw as she was leaving the court. I have a feeling that Kate's son isn't Aaron from the island. But then, he looks to be at least 4 years old, but I may be wrong as the writers want to keep viewers guessing, and hopefully we all guess wrongly. And judging from Jack reluctance to see Kate's son, I have a feeling that it could be his son. The name is just a ploy to trick viewers...

    Regardless, we shall see within the next 3 years - in our reality, not the show's.
  • This is my favourite Lost episode so far.

    I won't say that this is my favourite episode ever because I feel there are going to be some real corkers coming up in the future but it certainly is my favourite to date. Being Kate-centric it appeals to me as a devoted fan of the Freckled Fugitive and and we also see major developments in the relationships Kate has with fellow castaways Jack and Sawyer. Alongside this, the story of life for the Oceanic 6 post-island begins to crystalize: The episode is full of scenes that make you suspect one thing before knocking that theory out of the water. There are tantalising revelations - some big some small - littered throughout the 40 minutes, not enough to answer many questions, naturally, but enough to keep you salivating for next weeks episode. Full of "OMG" moments this episode has a mother of a cliffhanger. Watch this episode people!
  • Well Kate FF, and Kate wants to talk to Miles to see whether they know bout her past or not.

    Great episode, the end made it even better. Damn i really didn't see that coming, if you guys did see that coming than you are psychic. When you look back at the episode one scene now gets a lot more meaning too. I am referring to the scene of Kate and Claire with Claire asking Kate to pick up Aaron, just great.

    Always nice to see Jack in the FF's. the only lame thing in the episode is the on and off relation of Sawyer and Kate i mean make up your mind. Ok Sawyer was being a dickhead but you allready knew that, and if you need comfort it's just a little bit sad to always run to Sawyer. But i guess he's enjoying it :P. Well lets hope that the next episode is as exciting as this one.
  • One of the best episodes of Lost, ever.

    Just when Lost was continually going down hill in season 3 they brought it back to life within the final minutes of the season 3 finale. Kate is one of the most intriguing characters on the show and personally one of my favourites. Her story is a great one. She manages to trick every single person that thinks has the upper hand on her and I think thats what I love. Hurley's face was hilarious when he realized she got the info from him. The mind-game playing with Locke and Sawyer was great too, I also think she was lying when asked if she thought she was still pregnant. Bring on next week.
  • Probably one of the best endings to a Lost episode this season, no wait… ever! Who saw that ending coming? I know I certainly didn't!

    So, it's a Kate-centric episode and we learn that she was infact one of the Oceanic Six and everyone knows who she is and what she did and she is still wanted for murder, arson etc. etc. We see her on trial in her Flash Forward and from the charges it seems unlikely she'll get let off, but we all know she does from her encounter with Jack in Through the Looking Glass. So from this we're left wondering… how did she manage to get off?

    On-Island Kate wants to speak to Miles and ask him if he knows who she is - if everyone on the outside world know that she's a fugitive. He tells her he'll tell her what he knows if he can have 1 minute with Ben. This may be a hard task as Locke has him locked up under "his" house.

    Kate asks Sawyer for help and inturn both con Locke so that Kate can get Miles to see Ben. Miles tells Ben that he can tell his people that he was already dead when they got to the Island - in return of $3.2 million! How does Ben have so much money to play with? He certainly doesn't hold down a full time job with benefits After Miles' time with Ben Kate gets the information out of Miles that she wants. Everyone on the outside world does know who Kate is, and is still a wanted criminal! Oh dear Kate, what will you do?! Staying with camp Locke doesn't seem such a bad idea now - although she has no choice but to go back to Jack because Locke has banished her from camp Locke as punishment for freeing Miles to see Ben! Locke seems to have lost the plot completely!

    Back to the Flash Forward and we see Jack Shepherd as a character witness at Kate's trial. Apparantly, according to Jacks statement, only eight people survived the crash and Kate was the one who rescued everyone! We didn't get much else as Kate told him to stop! So, just why exactly have they lied about there being eight survivors? Only six got rescued so who where the two that "died"? Why were they lieing about what happened to them? Seems like this lie has gone in Kates favour, however, as Kate's mum isn't going to testify against her and the courts aren't going to go against someone who "rescued" people after a plane crash! So Kate gets 10 years probation and isn't allowed to leave the state! She claims that she isn't going anywhere… oh, and yeah, she has a son! Is it Sawyers? Did she really get pregnant on the Island and has somehow survived the third trimester (being if they were on the island that long), or had she delivered the baby off island after they where rescued?! So many questions!!

    It isn't long before we see her son though. She goes home and is reunited with her little boy. He looks around two years old, he's blonde… blonde?! He must be Sawyers! Zoom in on them hugging each other, he's clearly happy to see her as he says "Mommy"… and I'm like awww. And then boom - she's says his name and it's probably the most OMGWTF moment ever on Lost. She says "Hi Aaron"!

    Well, we all know Aaron isn't her son, so why is she claiming him to be? And what has happened to Claire?! This certainly puts a twist on the whole psychic telling Claire that no one else must raise her child! Is Aaron now in grave danger because he is being taken care of by Kate?

    I think now we know why Kate wasn't happy to hear Jack saying they need to go back in Through the Looking Glass, because if they were to go back and rescue the others everyone will know that she didn't actually rescue anyone and she'll probably go to jail - oh, and everyone will know Aaron isn't her son if Claire is still on the Island!

    Oh the mind boggles! Lost, I love you! My review and more at www.lost-isle.net
  • Merry Christmass to Kate! She's been such a good girl this year that not only Santa grants her her freedom but also a son of her very own.

    Problem is: that's not exactly her son but Claire's Aaron. And so Kate has officially become the Ben of Aaron's story but oddly enough she makes such a good job at it as Ben did raising Alex; Aaron is protected from the press, from her trial and even from Kate's mother which is why Kate's lawyer has no other choice but to call Dr. Jack Shepphard as Kate's character witness who tells the story of late Ana Lucia as if it were Kate's which finally allows her to go free.

    To watch this once upon a fugitive doing everything on her power to run back to Claire & Charlie's son can only be compared to how this once upon a conwoman realizes that she can't stay to play house with Sawyer no matter how much she wants it to. In only one episode Kate has grown from love interest to mother, as strong and determined as if that's what she would've been all along. No one from the outside questions her word, her devotion to Aaron is as complete as it's his love for her and it's amazing how in a life filled with wrongs raising this child turns out to be the only thing Kate Austen has ever done right.
  • John's the dictator of Eggtown, while Kate's surprisingly a mother.

    This is definitely a bombshell episode. Although 'eggshell' might be a better fit).

    Ok, where to begin. I guess the first thing is Kate. She gets off the island, which we already knew. But she takes Aaron! Why? Was he kidnapped and forced off the island? Did Claire give him to Kate so he could be raised in normal society? Or did Claire die and Kate takes Aaron as her own? (And I just have to say that when Kate came home, I kind of guessed that the kid is Aaron. Instinct. Or ESP.)

    It seems as though we know what the big secret Hurley mentioned. Jack lied that only eight people survived the crash. Could Aaron count as one of the Oceanic Six?

    Speaking of Jack, he seemed just fine in this episode, meaning the Looking Glass flash forwards takes place even later than Eggtown. Also speaking of which, it seems that we know who Kate meant when she said "he's waiting for me."

    The other events of this episode – Miles, Ben, and Locke. Locke is becoming more and more like an Other, and no matter what he says, a dictator. A torturing dictator at that. Maybe Locke believes in the "eye for an eye" philosophy, but I wish he wouldn't. He's just making an already hostile environment even more hostile. The grenade in the mouth thing is a tad unnecessary. (For a second I though Miles was going to drop it, killing himself but also killing Locke.) Anyway, Miles and Ben have something going on. They know who each other are, and Miles seems to think Ben has access to 3.2 million dollars. Maybe he does, but I'd certainly like to know where he's obtained this money from.

    Finally, I thought of this after Confirmed Dead, but I forgot to write about it. In that episode, when they identified the "location" of the island, I realised that I really don't want to know where it is! After three seasons of intense "where is the island?", I feel that if we find out, it will take away so much of the show's mythology. Knowing that it's in the south Pacific is enough for me. We don't need to know that it's in the Sunda Trench or something. There are far more pressing matters at hand.

    10/10 rating because I don't think my jaw has dropped so many times during any episode of Lost so far (1st, when Kate said she had a son. Second, when Jack lied in court that only a few people survived the crash. Third, when we find out that Kate's child is Aaron.)
  • Kate-Centric episode and THE flashforward I was looking for.

    Kate is one of my favorite character on this show and this episode proves two things: 1) That Lost is BACK and better than ever, every episode so far is amazing, the writting is flawless and the acting superb. 2) That people will now be looking forward for Kate's centric episode (in the past it was like "yaaaw... another flashback of Freckles running and escaping blah blah blah..."

    (FLASHFORWARD) Kate now is a mom, but is LOST people... so now she's AARON'S MOM! WOW! My guess is that Claire will not make it (wich is sad 'cause I kinda like her character... when she was with Charlie) Why Jack doesn't wanna see Aaron? Maybe... just "maybe" Kate is gonna kill (by accident a-la-Ana Lulu) Claire or... Claire for some reason can't leave the island but will want the best for her baby and she'll give the baby to Kate who's make it off the island (just guessing, with this show you never know)

    (ON THE ISLAND) As always Ben is amazing in this episode, the first scene with Locke (copy/paste from season 2 but a little bit different this time... amazing) Kate and Sawyer hmmm... I don't know why (and don't hate for this) I don't like those two together, I see more hearts beating fast with Kate and the Doc. Hurley didn't have much "camera time" in this episode but it's O.K, everybody loves Hugo anyway. Miles hmmm... don't like his character, the other two were O.K (I don't know why but this "new people"... hmmm... I think the show has to show more of their background, personality, etc) And finally Sun and Jin... awww what a cute little couple they are, I always like their scenes, they're just so cute to watch. Overall another GREAT episode of this GREAT season so far. Way to go LOST.
  • LOST Season 4 "Eggtown" Another great and revealing episode of Lost, many I love this show. Hells yeah there are spoilers

    first off I would like to start from the end, first things that comes to mind is WHAT THE **** It sounds like they kill Claire off if Kate somehow has Aaron. Unless it's Sawyer's kid and they just named him Aaron. I also wonder was I the only one a little dissapointed there wasn't a little girl on girl action with Kate and Claire. I know it won't happen and that's good it wouldn't fit into the story, but I have been pushing for it since season one. I also would like to see a little more of Kate if we have to see Sawyer without a shirt than they can give us a little bit more of a view of Kate.

    I'm interested to learn more about Ben, he apparently had a lot of money or at least Miles or "bruce lee" as Saywer called him thinks he does. I think Sawyer used Bruce Lee already on Gin, but I'm not sure. I'm not so sure about Miles, Charlotte and Daniel yet. I was just thiking as Desmond asked them about Penny, if maybe she has another group coming since she talked to Charlie at the end of last seasn before he died and now she knows something is wrong, and there location is now open, or is in an out. Going back to Kate I liked that at first we didn't know it was a flash foward, or at least I didn't but I guess I should have. I was wondering why she was on trial in the U.S. and then when Jack was a witness I realized it was in the future.

    Now we also have to wonder about the helicopter it's no were to be found, it looks like they will elaborate on that next week. They showed that rocket earlier or whatever it was and it was off by 30 seconds and they mentioned the bearing and taking a direct path so that could have something to do with the missing chopper as well.

    Finally, I have to say I'm really questioning Locke, has he gone nuts, or nuttier I guess. Jack doesn't really seem much better. Is one group straying and becoming wierd like the others. I thought it was funny last week when the helicopter landed on the island and they met the new people, the group tended to seem like the others did when they met them, very suspicious and not wanting to leave the island. I just thought that was interesting.
  • Kate centric episode. Miles talks to Ben, Kate finds out that everyone knows who she is off the island, Jin and Sun have a brief talk about how she wants to raise her baby in Korea, Jack and Juliet find out that the helicopter is missing, Bye Skate.

    This was the best episode this season IMO. Kate-centric episodes never seem to fail me. I can't count how many times I went "Wow? DId that just happen?" Ben, again, shows his upper hand when he clearly frustrates Locke (does he really know what he is doing?) and we find out that MIles has a weird obsession with Ben.. and 3.2 million (exact). I'm loving the character of Miles right now. This episode had a lot of depth for me. It seems like Kate and Sawyer are done for the rest of the season (what is written..) - sorry Skate fans!. In the flashforward, we see more of Jack and Kate. This clearly takes place before last season's season finale when we saw a "crazy Jack." So it would make sense why Kate doesn't want to go back (because she can't and she has Aaron). Jack and Kate's brief interaction in the back exit was a great scene. I believe that Jack's inability to see Aaron will be really important in the future.

    What a great episode! I can't wait for next week (although Desmond-centrics have not been my favorites..)
  • Absolutely stunning conclusion!!! Kate's first flash-forward-centric episode is a doozie.

    There's so much to "chew on" in this episode. Also, I might note I'm going to have to have a few spoilers in order for this to be 100 words minimum. :P First of all, Kate's developing court case takes center stage in this episode. She's a celebrity known the world over for fabricated (unbeknownst to the world) heroic acts. There's also a very effectively directed dramatic moment when Jack enters the courtroom to testify. The future LOST's creators have envisioned feels entirely aligned with the long term story arc, and I'm so happy with where it's going. It feels right, no matter where it's leading.
  • Amazing!

    For some reason Kate centered episodes seem to have way more depth than other-character centered ones. Glad that we finally got to find out what had happened to Kate's mother, Dianne, cos I really thought she was dead.

    I really feel sorry for Sawyer, the guy's trying so hard, he's finally found the woman of his life but all he gets is a slap. Kate better be pregnant and hormonal, otherwise no excuse for treating Sawyer like some random guy she's just slept with and now feeling guilty about it.

    The episode raised so many questions (as if that's something new lol). Is the boy really Claire's? And how old was he, 2? Older? Obviously some time will pass from Kate getting off the island and Kate going on a trial. And why wouldn't Jack accept the boy?
  • Lost is mind expanding goodness.

    ( spoiler ) When Miles said to Ben "I know what you can do" I FB to an earlier episode when desmond turned the key and woke up in Penny's apartment. Then I FB a little further when ben said the island had a box. Then I FF to 2010 and saw the finale and yep Ben has a time machine. I saw more but only that bit of info is relevant to this episode. Lost is mind expanding goodness.

    Don't be scooby-dood. This episode is only playing with your mind. Just wait till episode 8. Then you will know what season 4 is really about.
  • Very good Episode.

    I thought that this episode was very interesting. It had a very great storyline. And it is some what sort of a cliffhanger. I really want to find out what is going to happen with the oceanic 6. Are they the only ones that get rescued? If anyone know please let me know.
    But overall I'd give the episode a 9.5.
    It was very exciting and kept me watching. Next weeks episode looks okay... The preview hasn't shown me anything interesting. But I'm sure it will be another great episode. Along with all the other ones. I can't wait until next week!
  • Kate-centric episode, very well done, with a lot more of a split in storylines. *SPOILERS*

    Well, as said in the summary, this is a Kate-centric episode. We find out that Locke has Ben held captive, and is looking for more answers, and what to do next, since he can't find Jacob. Ben, obviously, is still capable of toying with people, and does a fantastic job of getting under Locke's skin, yet again. It seemed like this one final showing of how Ben still has control, even though Locke thinks he has control, pushes Locke over the edge. It seems as though the Locke for the remainder of this season will be very different from the Locke of the previous 3 seasons. One prime example is his statement of how this is not a democracy...and what he does to Miles (grenade in mouth)...it's more of something to see, especially the way that Locke is acting during the entire scene.
    Well, for the flash forward, we find Kate back in the mainland, and on trial for her numerous crimes, murder of her step-father included. Jack testifies, and to help her, stretches the truth, as well as saying that there are only 6 total survivors. We know this already, but we have yet to find out the reason WHY these specific people are saying there are only 6 survivors. Kate eventually is released from custody through a series of events, and invites Jack over to her house, but he wont go, because of her Baby. Now, her baby's name is Aaron...why?!?! What happened to Claire?? Did she chose to stay on the island and give Kate her baby?? Doubt it, so I guess we'll just have to wait and find out.
    Finally, Miles gets to talk to Ben, and basically says give me lots of money, and I'll tell the rest of the world you're dead...very interesting!
    All in all, this was a great episode, with 3 or 4 various storylines all running together, yet still having equal presence during the episode. We find out a bit more about the survivors on the mainland, but there's much more to come! With Ben still being held captive, and Locke going off the deep end, and the survivors unable to contact Sayid or Desmond, there is sure a heck of a lot to look forward to in the upcoming episodes!!
  • I never had a bigger heart attack watching Lost than I did with this episode! (spoiler free)

    Season 4 of Lost is topping all other seasons as the best season ever. Because everything is absolutely unexpected and each episode becomes more shocking than the previous one.

    But Eggtown is the biggest of "shock" episodes of the entire series. I've never felt a greater need to be jumping around screaming OMGWTF but I was watching with my dad so I had to hold it in. My heart is still racing from watching that episode. Since it's too early to reveal stuff, I will save that for later reviewers. While there is interesting stuff with the on-island storyline, the real shockers are in Kate's flashfowards. Every single revelation in this episode was absolutely nothing like I expected. I want to congradulate the writers of this episode for such a wonderful episode of good writing and great suspense. Keep on writing and keep up the greatness that is Season 4!!!
  • Eggtown is amazing!

    One of my favorite episodes of Season 4 so far, actually, it's one of my favorite episodes in all of Lost. It answered a lot of questions, I really found it informative. In the last flash-forward of the episode when Kate was upstairs with the kid, I didn't expect it to be Aaron. I was all like "What, Kate's baby Aaron?" I love how this episode is called 'Eggtown' all because of the first of the episode. Where Locke's like "This is the last egg in the house." It actually made me laugh, then Ben said something to tick him off. Hah. One of my favorite episodes of Lost, ever!
  • OMG !!!!!

    Starting by the end.... so Kate toke Aaron of the island ??? My God !!! That means that Claire was killed or choose for some weird reason to stay in the island and let someone else take her kid ? I dont think so, to me, Claire is gone :( and that sucks because we already lost Charlie, and for me that was a huge lost.

    So the helicopter didnt make it to the ship yet, could that be related to the weirdness in the island or the pilot didnt want Sayid and Desdemond in the ship.

    This episode ending was NERVE-WRACKING !!!!!!!
  • In the FlashForwards of this episode, we see Kates future trial. She meets Jack again and we find out that he does not want to see her baby, which turns out to be aaron

    In this episodes Flashforward we meet another one of the oceanic 6. We also meets post-island Jack and Kate. Back on "Island-time" Locke is feeling Lost, as he have no answears and he can't find Jacob. The karate guy from the both have a plan, and Kate is worried about the future. We also see Kate and Sawyer in bed! Meanwhile Jack and the others on the beach is getting more reasons not to trust the "rescuers" as Desmond and Sayid is missing in action. You get the feeling that it is building up to a future showdown between Jack and the "rescuers".
  • excellent...

    as usual they make you think one thing and do another, this time the scale of the mindfunk was much larger. it seems that a showdown between locke and someone is coming, perhaps jack, based on hurley's comments in his flash-forward. hurley's actions in the future, i believe, will affect the outcome of the six. he is the only of the six that has remained with locke, and none of locke's crew (that we know of, so far) are in the six. but why didn't claire make it (apparantly) if aaron did? she was part of desmond's vision that included charlie, and his visions had been correct. ?
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