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  • Another great flash-forward continues the give-and-take relationship we love about this show. Lost continues to give you answers, and once you think you know what's coming, boom, it takes your breath away.

    I knew from the moment Kate uttered the words "My Child" that she was talking about Aaron, but damn if this wasn't one fun ride. This episode reveals one of the key points that I wondered about since season one. What would happen if Kate got off the island? Flash forward to some unknown time in the future and we get to see Kate's trial. Of course, as this season of Lost often does, it takes a while before you can really get your barings and know if you're looking at the future or the past, but once we find out we're looking at our favorite criminal's life post-island, things start rolling.

    I really dug the whole trail flashforward. It was a nice surprise to see Jack testify and an even nicer thing to see what I'm guessing is the "offical" story about the plane crash. Kate getting off from the crime rubbed me the wrong way a bit (come on, who gets to see the defense's key witness before he/she testifies?), but really, if you're going to advance the story Kate can't be in prison.

    I guess it was right around the time of Kate and Claire doing laundry that I realized Aaron might be taken off the island by Kate. I'm interested to see how this shapes out.

    As for the island mechanics itself, I absolutely loved Locke's breakfast treat to Miles and giggled like a school boy when he left him in the room alone.

    Interesting note about Sayid and company not being back to the freighter yet, can't wait to see that played out.

    Other than that, another fine installment in a season full of them and it's got me drooling for the next episode.

    So much for those worries about jumping the shark back in season three, huh?
  • An episode that centers around Kate.

    I have to admit for a Lost episode this was a pretty average one, (if you haven't seen this episode please don't read this review spoilers are to follow). Nothing much happened to me except for two things. One, the people from the boat don't know much about what is going on themselves. I think they are speaking the truth when they say they are after Ben, but besides that I think they are just as lost as the castaways are. Second thing that happened in this episode is we learned that Clarie does not make it off the island. This is pretty evident when we see Aaron and Kate at the end of the episode hugging. Poor Claire hopefully she does not die horribly! Other than that nothing else much happened. I did love all the Locke stuff as always but I am a huge fan of Locke so... Anyway next weeks episode looks to be awesome!
  • I never had a bigger heart attack watching Lost than I did with this episode! (spoiler free)

    Season 4 of Lost is topping all other seasons as the best season ever. Because everything is absolutely unexpected and each episode becomes more shocking than the previous one.

    But Eggtown is the biggest of "shock" episodes of the entire series. I've never felt a greater need to be jumping around screaming OMGWTF but I was watching with my dad so I had to hold it in. My heart is still racing from watching that episode. Since it's too early to reveal stuff, I will save that for later reviewers. While there is interesting stuff with the on-island storyline, the real shockers are in Kate's flashfowards. Every single revelation in this episode was absolutely nothing like I expected. I want to congradulate the writers of this episode for such a wonderful episode of good writing and great suspense. Keep on writing and keep up the greatness that is Season 4!!!
  • --------contiued in review---

    john lock and the new china man do good in it, as well as jack in the future but wtf, it was awful there was no "oh my gods","or wow i didnt excpect that" it was all about dumb ass kate and her kid. she thought oh i might love jack mom youre a **** and i hate you. wait, what happeded to everytinh good about lost the suspense. that wasnt an episode, it should have been a 1 minute clip from lost not an episode. i love lost as much as the next by but come on, that wasted an hour of my life.
  • Kate-centric episode, very well done, with a lot more of a split in storylines. *SPOILERS*

    Well, as said in the summary, this is a Kate-centric episode. We find out that Locke has Ben held captive, and is looking for more answers, and what to do next, since he can't find Jacob. Ben, obviously, is still capable of toying with people, and does a fantastic job of getting under Locke's skin, yet again. It seemed like this one final showing of how Ben still has control, even though Locke thinks he has control, pushes Locke over the edge. It seems as though the Locke for the remainder of this season will be very different from the Locke of the previous 3 seasons. One prime example is his statement of how this is not a democracy...and what he does to Miles (grenade in mouth)...it's more of something to see, especially the way that Locke is acting during the entire scene.
    Well, for the flash forward, we find Kate back in the mainland, and on trial for her numerous crimes, murder of her step-father included. Jack testifies, and to help her, stretches the truth, as well as saying that there are only 6 total survivors. We know this already, but we have yet to find out the reason WHY these specific people are saying there are only 6 survivors. Kate eventually is released from custody through a series of events, and invites Jack over to her house, but he wont go, because of her Baby. Now, her baby's name is Aaron...why?!?! What happened to Claire?? Did she chose to stay on the island and give Kate her baby?? Doubt it, so I guess we'll just have to wait and find out.
    Finally, Miles gets to talk to Ben, and basically says give me lots of money, and I'll tell the rest of the world you're dead...very interesting!
    All in all, this was a great episode, with 3 or 4 various storylines all running together, yet still having equal presence during the episode. We find out a bit more about the survivors on the mainland, but there's much more to come! With Ben still being held captive, and Locke going off the deep end, and the survivors unable to contact Sayid or Desmond, there is sure a heck of a lot to look forward to in the upcoming episodes!!
  • Miles, Kate, and Sawyer get one over on Locke. Ben is playing them all. Kate is free in the future and has baby Aaron.

    The show seemed to drag. Can one character not be played by Ben? I love Locke, but does this guy always have to get played by his father and now Ben. A lot of wasted time about Kate. We could have avoided the trial by just starting will her getting off and a quickly explaining. Use the rest of the time to give us some clues about Jack and Kate in the future. As for on the island, we got nothing new except the chopper did not get to the boat easily. Did anybody expect it to? I love the show but the same characters keep acting the same way (getting conned in the same way or playing the same tired love triangles). I want to see the characters evolve some. Overall average progression from eggtown.
  • For the 1st time this season, the island retread loses steam, the flashforward isn't intriguing or too emotional, and the characters' motivations aren't very clearly defined. Yet, there are some redeeming scenes that make for an entertaining watch.

    Kate episodes usually aren't Lost's best moments. Her strongest episode, Tabula Rasa, was also her first, and benefitted from the 'blank slate' of her character, and from the momentum from the pilot episode. Some members of the Lost fanbase find Kate's off-island stories unappealing, weak, or repetitive. True, they don't have Locke's extreme pathos, or Desmond's direct connection to the story. Yet, perhaps like Sawyer's flashbacks, they often stand alone as compelling stories, while managing to tell a cohesive tell about her journey to become the person we see on the island. Why the bad rep then. Perhaps Kate episodes suffer because they are often transitional ones that don't need to be connected to her story. "I Do," for example, had a wonderful flashback, but the episode really hinged on Jack's daring move to get Kate and Sawyer off the island.

    Eggtown felt similar. If this was anyone's story to own, it was Locke's. His struggles with leadership were far more compelling than Kate's new contemplation of motherhood tied with her stale concern about post-island life. The episode tried to feed both stories, and wound up shortchanging both. The Kate story in particular was confusing. What was her justification at the end for leaving Sawyer and the barracks? "I can't tolerate that you can't handle the thought of settling down to raise a family, you just-want-to-have-sex pig?" (1) This is news to me that she would find his relief at her non-pregnancy so unappealing. (2) The ending of her flashforward story, in which Jack refuses to see her kid, doesn't really amplify or justify the emotion of this choice, but rather just took us on a different path of curiosity, away from Kate (why won't JACK see Aaron?).

    Locke's story suffers in that at the end, I wasn't driven to believe that he would really pull that kind of action hero move of the grenade in the mouth. Was he really driven to such extremes by Kate's lackadaisical betrayal? I know that the opening scene with Ben was supposed to establish his journey toward being a very insecure leader, but instead I found myself waiting for the rest of the episode to justify such a strong opening.

    Thankfully, this doesn't seem like a jump-the-shark episode, or even a mid-season lull. The episode wasn't a bomb, and the next few will be populated by the always-intriguing Desmond and Juliet.
  • Though season 4 of Lost continues to elevate itself, this episode falls a bit short of the bar that's been raised after the previous episodes this season.

    In general, I thought this episode had far less revelations (or even questions) than episodes past. In fact I can't really say what I feel like I learned from this episode, aside from the very last scene with Kate and the baby. *SPOILERS*

    We find out that Kate's baby is named Aaron, and presumably, is Claire's baby, Aaron. Though that's as far as you get as the episode ends. After greatly leading the viewer on to believe that Kate's baby was fathered by Sawyer, I admit, this was a cool twist.

    That being said, the rest of the episode didn't seem to do much for me. Especially with the level of satisfaction and intrigue I've come away with from the other episodes this season. Not a bad episode, but not a classic, either.
  • Very good Episode.

    I thought that this episode was very interesting. It had a very great storyline. And it is some what sort of a cliffhanger. I really want to find out what is going to happen with the oceanic 6. Are they the only ones that get rescued? If anyone know please let me know.
    But overall I'd give the episode a 9.5.
    It was very exciting and kept me watching. Next weeks episode looks okay... The preview hasn't shown me anything interesting. But I'm sure it will be another great episode. Along with all the other ones. I can't wait until next week!
  • This episode is a really "busy" one. Lots of things are happening where in other episodes, it kind of lingers on and on at some points. In this episode there were so many surprises about who supports who and who TRUSTS who.

    A perfect example of why this show is so good. Keeps you wondering and you can't even get away to go to the fridge. Am I correct in assuming Kate's baby is Sawyer's? Sayid is the most intriging character on the series I think because of how his personality, on one hand, is a "stone cold" torturer and killer and on the other hand, he gets so involved with anyone of his "captives" that he loses sight of his main mission, except for the flash forward where he kills the guy on the golf course. Now that's the Sayid we all have come to know and love! This was a very busy episode where we find out (or think we do) who trusts who and who supports who. Are they all just in it for themselves or do they really care about each other?
  • Who is Eric?

    I love this season so far. I enjoy that the story is current off the island with the flashbacks being of the island where in past seasons it was current on the island with flashbacks off the island with a few flashforwards. I can see that Kate's so may be Claire's, however why is his name eric? At the end of the episode Kate called her son Eric and I wonder what the importance of it is? I do not think Kate's son is Claire's, that would be too easy. The writers like to keep us guessing. Any idea what Eric might mean?
  • Great ending!

    While the overall episode did raise some interesting questions, it was the ending that really solidified why I love this show. By scattering a few smudges of information throughout the episode, it really raised some great questions in terms of overall plot, as well as did well as a standalone episode of its own.

    I really enjoyed the whole not knowing when something was happening angle at the beginning of the ep. Up until Jacks testimony, I was wondering if Kate was at trial before or after the island. Interesting - how did she escape.. etc but after Jack's testimony, it really left no doubt when it was set. Then was the question of the pregnancy was forgrounded, who was the father? Jack or Sawyer? The ending was great and raises yet more questions. What happened to make him not want to see Aaron? Many many possibilities. I hope Clare is one of the ones that are still on the island... rather than.. oh lets not go there.
  • Lost is mind expanding goodness.

    ( spoiler ) When Miles said to Ben "I know what you can do" I FB to an earlier episode when desmond turned the key and woke up in Penny's apartment. Then I FB a little further when ben said the island had a box. Then I FF to 2010 and saw the finale and yep Ben has a time machine. I saw more but only that bit of info is relevant to this episode. Lost is mind expanding goodness.

    Don't be scooby-dood. This episode is only playing with your mind. Just wait till episode 8. Then you will know what season 4 is really about.
  • Amazing!

    For some reason Kate centered episodes seem to have way more depth than other-character centered ones. Glad that we finally got to find out what had happened to Kate's mother, Dianne, cos I really thought she was dead.

    I really feel sorry for Sawyer, the guy's trying so hard, he's finally found the woman of his life but all he gets is a slap. Kate better be pregnant and hormonal, otherwise no excuse for treating Sawyer like some random guy she's just slept with and now feeling guilty about it.

    The episode raised so many questions (as if that's something new lol). Is the boy really Claire's? And how old was he, 2? Older? Obviously some time will pass from Kate getting off the island and Kate going on a trial. And why wouldn't Jack accept the boy?
  • Absolutely stunning conclusion!!! Kate's first flash-forward-centric episode is a doozie.

    There's so much to "chew on" in this episode. Also, I might note I'm going to have to have a few spoilers in order for this to be 100 words minimum. :P First of all, Kate's developing court case takes center stage in this episode. She's a celebrity known the world over for fabricated (unbeknownst to the world) heroic acts. There's also a very effectively directed dramatic moment when Jack enters the courtroom to testify. The future LOST's creators have envisioned feels entirely aligned with the long term story arc, and I'm so happy with where it's going. It feels right, no matter where it's leading.
  • lost season 4 episode 4.... hmmm, what is going on still? not much it seems.

    it seems that lost season 4 is falling into the trap that season 3 did where there was a brilliant few episodes... and the suddently it starts showing you less and less of what the actualy plot is and more of what happenned after the events of the island. come on writers? its season 4 and we still know hardly anything different to what we knew at the end of season 2

    this needs to get so much better, we still not know what the black smoke is? why the island cant be found, where the people actualy are. what the others were doing on the island.
  • Another mystery opens up...

    I thought this episode was amazing! The smallest tidbit part like when Sun and Jin were talking was so kawaii(cute)... this whole episode opened up a lot, like was Miles Bens man on the boat, or not. I doubt he was though. The whole flash forward was solid, the face off between Kate and her mom was just... wow. The way Jack didn't want to see the child was mysterious and strange, but in the end it was actually Aaron!!! Now I wonder what happened to Claire, did Kate just leave Sawyer, ugh! And Jack admits he doesn't love Kate anymore, but 5 minutes later he says he lied about that... what happened to Juliet!? So this episode has a lot to offer for discussion and such.
  • It was very emotional but...

    It was really great story on emotional level and the flash forawrd of Kate - it was rather interesting. First the son thing and the connection with the Claire's talking about Kate should try it. And the end - I am not even sure if I get it right but if yes - wow. Another really stunning thing for the future.

    When the flash forward was something really amazing, I cannot say the same thing about the events on island - they were somehow quite plain and I knew they tried to trick us for a while and make us think that Sawyer would have betrayed Kate but no - he would not do that.

    So, it was good episode but not as good as previous ones.
  • Interesting title, alright episode. Kate-Centric Episode.


    This was a decent episode, but nowhere near the caliber of the past three. It's hard to have a bad episode of Lost though they do exist (r.e. Nikki & Paolo's Episode), this episode wasn't bad at all just very predictable, but still revealing. I think that this episode will prove to be a valuable set up for future ones, but it was solid, not great. Though I must award .5 points for the lovely shots of Evangeline Lilly.

    Kate's Story: Flash-Forward, Kate is insisting on going in the back way, but must go in the front door through a mob of photographers for her trial. She is remanded into custody and her lawyer wants to bring "him" in to help sway the jury, by "him" the lawyer means Son (Many saw this one coming). The reason the case is going to trial is because Kate's mom is going to testify. During the trial Jack takes the stand and makes Kate out to be a saint...by lying...when cross examined by the DA, she asks Jack if he loves her, he says not anymore. Kate's Mom comes to see her and wants to see her grandchild, she is also dying and does not want to testify against Kate, so Kate asks her not to. This must of happened because Kate gets a plea deal where she gets 10 years probation and must not leave California. She returns home to her son, a little and platinum blonde (read very familiar) child of about 4, she picks him up and addresses him...Aaron! Many saw this one coming a mile away, but for many it's also a shocker.

    On the island: Locke gets Ben some breakfast and Ben manages to irritate Locke. Kate and Sawyer are dealing with her possible pregnancy and Kate is also looking for Miles. Kate manages to get Miles' location from Hurley (not a hard task) and she strikes a deal with Miles, he'll share his info about her if she can get Ben to talk to him. Kate sets up a ruse with Sawyer to lure Locke away and she gets Miles to talk to Ben, the shocker here is that Miles is willing to tell his employers that Ben is dead if Ben gives him 3.2 million dollars. Miles keeping his end tells Kate all he knows, which is that she is a felon, etc. Jack returns with Juliette, Daniel, and Charlotte and makes people aware they'll be rescued soon. He also tries to call the freighter, but nobody picks up. He gets Charlotte to use the emergency line, and we find out even though Sayid, Desmond, and Frank left the prior day, they haven't gottent to the freighter.

    Technically the show was on par with what you would expect from Lost. Solid directing, good dialogue, and some decent acting. Terry O'Quinn has been spot on this season with Locke and Evangeline Lilly did a good job of maintaining Kate's composure and demeanor during this episode. Michael Emerson was underused here, he is always awesome on the show.

    Good episode, not great, but you cannot win them all. In the overall context of the series, this episode was well above average. They have really set the bar high this season and lets hope they can keep it up. More info is being revealed, but more mysteries are still emerging. Reveals are great, but too many at once and the show becomes just like every other of it's genre. Fortunately it looks like things will be picking up next week, so it's likely that Lost will continue to remain strong this season.
  • excellent...

    as usual they make you think one thing and do another, this time the scale of the mindfunk was much larger. it seems that a showdown between locke and someone is coming, perhaps jack, based on hurley's comments in his flash-forward. hurley's actions in the future, i believe, will affect the outcome of the six. he is the only of the six that has remained with locke, and none of locke's crew (that we know of, so far) are in the six. but why didn't claire make it (apparantly) if aaron did? she was part of desmond's vision that included charlie, and his visions had been correct. ?
  • Kate centric episode. Miles talks to Ben, Kate finds out that everyone knows who she is off the island, Jin and Sun have a brief talk about how she wants to raise her baby in Korea, Jack and Juliet find out that the helicopter is missing, Bye Skate.

    This was the best episode this season IMO. Kate-centric episodes never seem to fail me. I can't count how many times I went "Wow? DId that just happen?" Ben, again, shows his upper hand when he clearly frustrates Locke (does he really know what he is doing?) and we find out that MIles has a weird obsession with Ben.. and 3.2 million (exact). I'm loving the character of Miles right now. This episode had a lot of depth for me. It seems like Kate and Sawyer are done for the rest of the season (what is written..) - sorry Skate fans!. In the flashforward, we see more of Jack and Kate. This clearly takes place before last season's season finale when we saw a "crazy Jack." So it would make sense why Kate doesn't want to go back (because she can't and she has Aaron). Jack and Kate's brief interaction in the back exit was a great scene. I believe that Jack's inability to see Aaron will be really important in the future.

    What a great episode! I can't wait for next week (although Desmond-centrics have not been my favorites..)
  • LOST Season 4 "Eggtown" Another great and revealing episode of Lost, many I love this show. Hells yeah there are spoilers

    first off I would like to start from the end, first things that comes to mind is WHAT THE **** It sounds like they kill Claire off if Kate somehow has Aaron. Unless it's Sawyer's kid and they just named him Aaron. I also wonder was I the only one a little dissapointed there wasn't a little girl on girl action with Kate and Claire. I know it won't happen and that's good it wouldn't fit into the story, but I have been pushing for it since season one. I also would like to see a little more of Kate if we have to see Sawyer without a shirt than they can give us a little bit more of a view of Kate.

    I'm interested to learn more about Ben, he apparently had a lot of money or at least Miles or "bruce lee" as Saywer called him thinks he does. I think Sawyer used Bruce Lee already on Gin, but I'm not sure. I'm not so sure about Miles, Charlotte and Daniel yet. I was just thiking as Desmond asked them about Penny, if maybe she has another group coming since she talked to Charlie at the end of last seasn before he died and now she knows something is wrong, and there location is now open, or is in an out. Going back to Kate I liked that at first we didn't know it was a flash foward, or at least I didn't but I guess I should have. I was wondering why she was on trial in the U.S. and then when Jack was a witness I realized it was in the future.

    Now we also have to wonder about the helicopter it's no were to be found, it looks like they will elaborate on that next week. They showed that rocket earlier or whatever it was and it was off by 30 seconds and they mentioned the bearing and taking a direct path so that could have something to do with the missing chopper as well.

    Finally, I have to say I'm really questioning Locke, has he gone nuts, or nuttier I guess. Jack doesn't really seem much better. Is one group straying and becoming wierd like the others. I thought it was funny last week when the helicopter landed on the island and they met the new people, the group tended to seem like the others did when they met them, very suspicious and not wanting to leave the island. I just thought that was interesting.
  • Wow. This episode was another great one from this season. It was Kate-centric, and I must say that the most shocking part of it came in the end.

    Wow. This episode was another great one from this season. It was Kate-centric, and I must say that the most shocking part of it came in the end.

    It was revealed that Kate's son is Aaron. I was expecting to see Kate with Sawyer's baby, and that is why Jack didn't want to see him. But in the end it is that Kate is with Aaron. So does that mean that Claire is dead? Also why doesn't Jack want to see Kate with Aaron? What happened?

    Another interesting bit was with regards to Ben. First he clearly frustrates Locke to the point that he drives him mad. And then Miles comes to him and asks him exactly for 3.2million dollars. Is Ben very rich? And why did Miles ask for exactly 3.2m?
  • 5 of the oceanic 6 revealed.

    Kate survives the planes crash only to be put in jail and remanded into custody. I think that was to be expected. Kate has a son! As soon as that was disclosed I had an uneasy feeling that she had Aaron. It turns out I was right. I don't like the fact that Claire didn't survive, and Aaron will probably not know much about his real mother. I guess Clare was one of the eight they claim originally survivd after the plain crash only to give birth and die. If Claire is still alive on the island I wonder how she is coping without Aaron Claire doesn't seem that heartbroken over Charlie's death. I expected she would still be mourning.

    I'm still curious why everyone who "survived" are actively lying. Jack lies about what happened after the crash with Kate. You would think that would be something that he could be truthful about.

    Looks like Miles is worse than first suspected. I wish he would have given us a clue as to who Ben really is.

    I wonder what is up with Dan. Why is remembering two cards progress? What is wrong with him?
  • Mhh… why do I feel a bitter aftertaste after this episode? *Spoilers*

    It wasn't an unwatchable episode, only a weak one… First of all, the path they're leading Locke into is getting ridiculous. As much as I enjoyed seeing Miles with a grenade in his mouth, it was stupid from Locke doing it… what if it accidentally falls? How is he going to get his answers? Come on! Locke is more intelligent than that! And that's one of the things that bothered me about this episode, characters felt out of character… Sawyer wasn't our old Sawyer, not even Kate was recognizable… Kate's trial… well… for Lost it would be more believable if she got away with it because some big influences (similar to those who planted the fake plane) had pulled the strings into making Kate look innocent, but she got free because her mother's heart finally worked and decided not to testify? Come on!!!! Too much rush for having only 48 episodes left? It seems like they wanted to finish with that business as fast as Kate... I think it was a big deal from season 1 how Kate was going to deal with her guilt and finishing it this way, well… It just doesn't make that storyline justice… Some people have complaints on how Claire isn't grieving after Charlie's death… well, If someone has read my previews reviews and comments on Claire, I've always said she never loved Charlie… It felt like she always was tired from him, trying to put him aside… maybe that's why she feels ok with it, but Hurley acting all normal and ok with his best friend's death… that is not believable…

    And talking about Claire, although she isn't one of my favorite characters, what happened to Desmond's vision of her getting on the helicopter with Aaron… and why leaving Aaron to Kate? If something happened to Claire, wouldn´t it felt more natural that she left Aaron to Sun (She has baby-sit for Claire before, she's pregnant, she's not a fugitive, she has a "Family"…) They have some HUG explaining to do with this matter and I hope they elaborate that explanation better than Kate's trial…

    Now… I still love Lost and there are a some new interesting questions that we can say saved this episode from being unwatchable: *Millionaire Ben … interesting… although Miles black-mailing him only for the money? Too shallow for Lost… *Jack's comment: There were 8 survivors… if so, why only Oceanic six?
    *Daniel "Remembering" some cards?... Well, a little bit "Desmondiac" feeling here… eager to see where that's going to…

    I don't like to criticize Lost, because for me is one of the best written shows on TV -if not the best, but it worries me that in order of finishing the show in 48 episodes and give "answers" to those who can't wait, they're rushing thins up and sacrificing the show's quality… I know they can still deliver great stories like The economist and I'm really expecting next week's episode, because not only is Desmond's centric (I hope they don't kill this character) and is written by Carlton and Damon, but also will explain some more things about the people behind the rescue and the freighter… I hope one day Eggtown gets lost into context and we manage to appreciate it as much as other episodes…
  • Now this is more like it! This is how the flashforwards should be used, showing crucial moments in the characters' lives that we've always wanted to see. If all the flashforwards are as good as this from now on the we'll never tire of them!

    The first thing to point out about this week's episode is that there wasn't any previously sequence (although I felt it had more need for one than the first two episodes). Also the episode began with the trademark close-up on someone's eye shot which they hadn't done yet this season. Doing this reminded me of the first season, when things were simpler and gave a comforting feel. I think that's the best thing about this episode, it felt comfortable, like an episode from one of the earlier seasons. I prefer that this one was far more character oriented than the previous ones. It focused a bit on the Kate/Sawyer/Jack love triangle, but as far as love triangles go this one is actually handled pretty well. None of the characters really moved around much either, so the island action was simply split between the barracks and the beach, which I think works out better than everyone being all over the place.

    One thing that was very different from the earlier season was that this was yet another flashforward episode. However unlike last week's this had a very definite point, it wasn't just filler until the (un)shocking ending. What will happen to Kate if she gets off the island is as big a landmark as how Locke ended up in a wheelchair. The only difference is that until last spring we thought they'd never get round to it. But here it was and it was great! I'm guessing Kate's lawyer was from those good people at Oceanic or whoever's claiming to be them, so there was a good chace he'd get Kate off. Although to be fair we knew that because she seemed free as a bird at the end of season 3. Thankfully they didn't play too much on would Kate get off or not, but rather how she would. This was done brilliantly in small steps that all led up to the believability that she would be allowed to go free.

    Firstly there was the reveal that she had a son. Which nicely answered who the "he" she mentioned in the season 3 finale was. Then there was good old Jack, still beardless and apparently sober. But as this episode wasn't about him it didn't matter that we didn't get much of how messed up he is (or is becoming at least). Then came Kate's invalid mother. I recognised her name on the guest credits so for a moment thought the writing staff had forgotten that the last time we saw her she seemed to be at death's door. Fortunately they hadn't and it allowed for a particularly nice and moving scene. After the trial she had another nice little scene with Jack that showed there could still be a future for the two of them. Kate's comments towards Jack about her child had me thinking for a moment that maybe he was the father, although I never strayed from my first guess as to who the kid's dad was.

    And I was right not too. In fairness I couldn't actually remember the father's name, but that didn't matter because I'd figured out that it was Claire's son Aaron who Kate was claiming as her own. I didn't think they'd have Kate be pregnant from a purely thematic perspective more than anything else. Kate's meant to be the main sex appeal on the show (although I still prefer Claire myself) and so making her pregnant wouldn't be the best move from that perspective. On top of that Claire a bit more to do than usual in an episode that she wasn't really a major part of. All that led me to the correct assumption as to the identity of Kate's child. However unlike last week's ending I was pleased with myself that I'd managed to guess the ending of an episode of Lost. I thought the ending of "The Economist" was pretty predictable and so it didn't do much for me, whereas before that I think I'd only ever guessed the ending of an episode once!

    Although the flashforwards were the main part of this episode there was still loads that happened on the island. Kate was now staying with Claire in the barracks which allowed for a couple of nice scenes between the two of them. Although they haven't had much screentime together on the show what they have has been pretty important. Kate delivered Claire's baby and helped her find the medical station, so it's perfectly believable that they're friends. There was also a lot of Kate and Sawyer scenes too, which was great because we got to see Evangeline Lily in her underwear! Always good. Of course there was just as much nudity on show for the female audience thanks to Sawyer. It would appear that there's a good gym somewhere in the barracks because there's no way he'd be in that kind of shape even if he had been living off only fruit and fish for the last three months! The chemistry between the two and well written scenes meant that the nudity always seemed necessary and never just tacked on as a ratings ploy or anything.

    Locke on the other hand wasn't so good in this episode. I'm not too happy with where his character's going this season. I understand that he wants to protect the island, but he seems to be going too far to do it. When he blew up all chances of escape last season it was understandable because he clearly didn't want any chance of his dad finding him. Here however it isn't the same, although putting a grenade in Miles' mouth was pretty cool. Because Miles is such a jerk it kind of made it ok for Locke to do that, although I couldn't help thinking that Miles should've just spat the grenade at Locke and let them both blow up. Locke's still okay for now, but they're going to have to give us another great Locke episode before they can really justify what he appears to be willing to do on the island.

    Back at the beach it was nice to see Jin and Sun again, Jin in particular as this episode actually held his first line of this season! His English has clearly come on a long way and I like that he wants to make a life for Sun in America. Their conversation is most likely to set up a later storyline, but either way it's good to see them. Then there's Daniel and Charlotte who joined the beach camp. I'm still not sold on them, in fact my favourite newcomer was Frank and he was the only one of the three who isn't a main character. As with last week Daniel seems to be showing another more supernatural side of the show, by seemingly tying to focus some kind of psychic ability. Of course I could be way off and they may have just been playing a memory game, but I'm guessing that and the time delay from last week will come into play later in the season. These little moments are good for giving hints to the fans, but I'm still not big on where the show seems to be going with them.

    Well, I think I've covered the main points of the episode. There was the issue of another con from Sawyer, but I'd guessed he was conning Locke all along. It made little difference in the end as the story would've worked either way. Miles also had a short scene with Ben, which will likely be of large importance down the line. But watching this episode in its own right, it was all about Kate. All of her scenes were done excellently and we got a whole load of information thrown at us as well as just as many new questions. But that's how Lost works and we love it. This episode worked well as a self-containing episode, and also drove forward the overall story. Despite some of the latter parts not being perfect, the main focus of the episode was excellent. A truly great episode that made the best use of the flashforward mechanic so far this season.
  • Enjoy Your Breakfast.

    As always I like to break the episode down into multiple parts. Ill start with the Flash-Forward, which was the worst of the four so far. Which isn't saying much because I still liked this one a lot. The only aspect I had a problem with was Kate being allowed to talk to the star witness for the defense side right before he is supposed to testify against her. Jack lying ont he stand - loved every minute of that scene. I love the music that was playing in the final minutes of Through the Looking Glass being used a lot now in the flashes to the future. The music is just so mysterious and every time it plays it seems like every word of the dialouge is important in some way. The end of the episode was a blockbuster reveal. I saw the end of "The Economist" coming from a mile away in that episode but for some reason I didnt make the connection here. For people who say that this story has lost its mystery factor because of the addition of the FF you need not look any further then Through the Looking Glass, Beginning of the End, Economist, and now Eggtown. Terrific writing on all accounts, I just think Kate being my least favorite survivor goes into my judgement of some of her episodes.

    The on-island stuff was again advanced pretty slowly. This season is so much more about the Oceanic Six and establishing that mystery. In seasons past the island was always the intense mystery and the flashbacks were kind of chill. The island has taken on that chill factor while I find myself so...engrossed into the flash forward aspect of the show. I liked the flashbacks because it really made me love the island scenes for what they were but this season I almost want the scenes to be away from the island. I hate saying this because this episode was very solid - but it was the worst episode of the season. I dont view this as a bad episode, just very informative and moving towards a larger picture. The ending has me tottaly confused because as I said I didn't see it coming. I half expected Ben to be sitting at the Kitchen table eating Eggs. That...would have been epic.
  • very nice episode a good comeback from recent boring episodes

    well this episode of lost was avery good episode filled with intence moments and a lot of revelations. this episode was very well written and it was made gratly. it was not like the recent episodes that i have been seeing that have been boring. the recent episodes havent been terrible just brought back by boring conversations in between. this episode was filled with intence moments and a revelation of the future of kate and her kid. i belive that kate said erin in the lat moment of the episode which would bring and speculation that she has the other womens kid from the island. well this episode was very interesting and i hope they keep making more episodes like this.
  • A great way to use flash forwards!

    I was worried for a while that flashforwards would only be used for plot purposes only. Here we have a fine example of how it answers some questions, but still gives us some insghtful characterization. I always thought Kate was a good character despite her obvious "blandness" and this shows more depth to her, maternal concerns and it was nice to see her mom again.

    John Locke is quickly becoming quite the antagonist. He's gone from being the estranged hunter to the guy you feel reluctant to trust, to a complex guy with a plan. Now, he's just running amuck it seems. Does he really know what he's doing? That's a good one.

    And from what Miles said, Ben seems like there's far more to him than meets the eye.
  • Kate-Centric episode and THE flashforward I was looking for.

    Kate is one of my favorite character on this show and this episode proves two things: 1) That Lost is BACK and better than ever, every episode so far is amazing, the writting is flawless and the acting superb. 2) That people will now be looking forward for Kate's centric episode (in the past it was like "yaaaw... another flashback of Freckles running and escaping blah blah blah..."

    (FLASHFORWARD) Kate now is a mom, but is LOST people... so now she's AARON'S MOM! WOW! My guess is that Claire will not make it (wich is sad 'cause I kinda like her character... when she was with Charlie) Why Jack doesn't wanna see Aaron? Maybe... just "maybe" Kate is gonna kill (by accident a-la-Ana Lulu) Claire or... Claire for some reason can't leave the island but will want the best for her baby and she'll give the baby to Kate who's make it off the island (just guessing, with this show you never know)

    (ON THE ISLAND) As always Ben is amazing in this episode, the first scene with Locke (copy/paste from season 2 but a little bit different this time... amazing) Kate and Sawyer hmmm... I don't know why (and don't hate for this) I don't like those two together, I see more hearts beating fast with Kate and the Doc. Hurley didn't have much "camera time" in this episode but it's O.K, everybody loves Hugo anyway. Miles hmmm... don't like his character, the other two were O.K (I don't know why but this "new people"... hmmm... I think the show has to show more of their background, personality, etc) And finally Sun and Jin... awww what a cute little couple they are, I always like their scenes, they're just so cute to watch. Overall another GREAT episode of this GREAT season so far. Way to go LOST.
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