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  • --------contiued in review---

    john lock and the new china man do good in it, as well as jack in the future but wtf, it was awful there was no "oh my gods","or wow i didnt excpect that" it was all about dumb ass kate and her kid. she thought oh i might love jack mom youre a **** and i hate you. wait, what happeded to everytinh good about lost the suspense. that wasnt an episode, it should have been a 1 minute clip from lost not an episode. i love lost as much as the next by but come on, that wasted an hour of my life.
  • Who is Eric?

    I love this season so far. I enjoy that the story is current off the island with the flashbacks being of the island where in past seasons it was current on the island with flashbacks off the island with a few flashforwards. I can see that Kate's so may be Claire's, however why is his name eric? At the end of the episode Kate called her son Eric and I wonder what the importance of it is? I do not think Kate's son is Claire's, that would be too easy. The writers like to keep us guessing. Any idea what Eric might mean?
  • Kate's fugitive status is dealt with very haphazardly and sucks out all potential from that plot point.

    For a series with major themes of redemption and salvation, Kate's story should have been as central as Jack made it out to be while committing perjury. I'm not saying Kate should have been the de facto leader of the survivors, although that is what Lindelof and Abrams had originally envisioned. I am saying her return to the U.S. should have presented more than just a paparazzi circus for the likes of E! online to cover. From a literary standpoint, there could have been a major moral dilemma dealt with her, either internally or externally. In line with this , we get a brief conversation with Kate's mom from which we only learn that she's dying and then not over and over again. (don't care). Then we get the plea deal, where it is made clear that the State of California wants to keep her under their thumb for reasons not yet known and Kate wants to stay out of prison for the purpose of caring for Aaron.

    From a legal standpoint, not only was Jack's testimony perjury, it was inadmissible character evidence. Sorry to nitpick but he should have been limited to opinion and reputation evidence only not specific acts like "she saved my life!" From an emotional standpoint, Sawyer needs to tell Kate where to go and leave it at that. I don't buy the arguments that he was insensitive. He has always been this way and she knows this. They are also in a high stress situation and he "proposed" to her in the last episode for crying out loud. He was just calling a spade a spade. As for spades, this episode was a misfire for the season. I was pretty disappointed that the baby was Aaron. That adds a mystery that we don't need at this point. Having the baby be her's and Sawyer's explains why she wants to leave the island and lie to Sawyer and treat him like crap. Having Aaron raises a whole new set of questions I don't want to go into here other than to repeat what other reviewers have said - is Kate the evil force or "another" that Claire's psychic warned about? I would believe it.
  • lost season 4 episode 4.... hmmm, what is going on still? not much it seems.

    it seems that lost season 4 is falling into the trap that season 3 did where there was a brilliant few episodes... and the suddently it starts showing you less and less of what the actualy plot is and more of what happenned after the events of the island. come on writers? its season 4 and we still know hardly anything different to what we knew at the end of season 2

    this needs to get so much better, we still not know what the black smoke is? why the island cant be found, where the people actualy are. what the others were doing on the island.
  • 9.3 are you joking?

    Again, another overrated episode on the basis of it being new, logic new= better, how quickly we forget older, better episodes eh?

    The centric story is fairly boring, again, as typical with most Kate centric, the plot twist at the end, wasn't particularly jaw dropping (if you haven't been told what it is I'm sure tv.com's user reviews will force it in your face without permission)

    The Island portion was little more interesting, but ultimately, if feels like more stuff being piled on top of each other, groundwork layered on groundwork without finishing the project, this can be frustrating, like the last episode, it feels pretty static.

    There are a few scenes that feel forced, a scene between Locke and miles comes to mind and fairly obvious gratuitous show of body between two main charecters that seemed completely un-needed and to be honest, lame.

    Overall, pretty weak episode, probably the weakest thus far in the season, as usual, tv users overate it, on the basis it's new.
  • Mhh… why do I feel a bitter aftertaste after this episode? *Spoilers*

    It wasn't an unwatchable episode, only a weak one… First of all, the path they're leading Locke into is getting ridiculous. As much as I enjoyed seeing Miles with a grenade in his mouth, it was stupid from Locke doing it… what if it accidentally falls? How is he going to get his answers? Come on! Locke is more intelligent than that! And that's one of the things that bothered me about this episode, characters felt out of character… Sawyer wasn't our old Sawyer, not even Kate was recognizable… Kate's trial… well… for Lost it would be more believable if she got away with it because some big influences (similar to those who planted the fake plane) had pulled the strings into making Kate look innocent, but she got free because her mother's heart finally worked and decided not to testify? Come on!!!! Too much rush for having only 48 episodes left? It seems like they wanted to finish with that business as fast as Kate... I think it was a big deal from season 1 how Kate was going to deal with her guilt and finishing it this way, well… It just doesn't make that storyline justice… Some people have complaints on how Claire isn't grieving after Charlie's death… well, If someone has read my previews reviews and comments on Claire, I've always said she never loved Charlie… It felt like she always was tired from him, trying to put him aside… maybe that's why she feels ok with it, but Hurley acting all normal and ok with his best friend's death… that is not believable…

    And talking about Claire, although she isn't one of my favorite characters, what happened to Desmond's vision of her getting on the helicopter with Aaron… and why leaving Aaron to Kate? If something happened to Claire, wouldn´t it felt more natural that she left Aaron to Sun (She has baby-sit for Claire before, she's pregnant, she's not a fugitive, she has a "Family"…) They have some HUG explaining to do with this matter and I hope they elaborate that explanation better than Kate's trial…

    Now… I still love Lost and there are a some new interesting questions that we can say saved this episode from being unwatchable: *Millionaire Ben … interesting… although Miles black-mailing him only for the money? Too shallow for Lost… *Jack's comment: There were 8 survivors… if so, why only Oceanic six?
    *Daniel "Remembering" some cards?... Well, a little bit "Desmondiac" feeling here… eager to see where that's going to…

    I don't like to criticize Lost, because for me is one of the best written shows on TV -if not the best, but it worries me that in order of finishing the show in 48 episodes and give "answers" to those who can't wait, they're rushing thins up and sacrificing the show's quality… I know they can still deliver great stories like The economist and I'm really expecting next week's episode, because not only is Desmond's centric (I hope they don't kill this character) and is written by Carlton and Damon, but also will explain some more things about the people behind the rescue and the freighter… I hope one day Eggtown gets lost into context and we manage to appreciate it as much as other episodes…
  • OMG that was a terrible episode. the island scenes were just filler so they could set up the spoil-foward twist ending. did m. night shamylan write this episode?

    kate's motivation for talking to miles made absolutely no sense whatsoever. she wanted to know if he knew who she was? really?? why wouldn't he? she's a well-known fugitive. anyone can go on to the fbi website & get a list of criminals. a criminal on a crashed plane? even easier to google. google was around in 2004 so it made no sense for her to do all that work & lie to everyone just for him to confirm that she's not an anonymous person on a plane. if the others can find out things about their past why couldn't the people from the freighter? give me a break. it was so lame. there were so many other ways to have a kate-centric episode without having her behave in such an irrational manner. i mean, she smacked sawyer for saying something. which was insanely out of character. he's said things before, but for her to smack him in the face? & claire didn't seem affected at all by the fact that charlie had just died. it hasn't been that long & she's acting like everything is perfectly fine. a little mention of that by kate or maybe claire not being so happy would have made this episode better. who wrote this episode??
    at least ben asked the question i had: 3.2? why not 3.3 ? maybe there's meaning in the amount. who knows. miles is such an annoying character because he is motivated the same way that nicki & paulo were, by greed, that i'm barely interested in it. luckily locke stuck the grenade in his mouth to shut him up. a great scene. sure the spoil-forward twist at the end was great & i can find a little solace in that they are trying to really stick it to all the l&o fans who clamored for answers because they are getting their precious answers with some brand new questions. either way i hate spoil-forwards & they detract from the show.
  • lost season 4 turning into soap

    after a nonsensical second season and it's over the top dilluted narrative, and a strong third season (or at least half season, the second half), due in part to two new great characters, Juliet and of course, Ben Linus (playing an extra in the 2nd, Henry Gale), the best bad ass villain in years, the forth season comes as an unpleasent surprise to me

    first of, ben and juliet are completely underused, pushed back to playing extras. instead, four far less interesting new characters are introduced in brief flashbacks, the asian mind-reading (duh), the pain in the ass redhead, the nerdy scientist, played by all-time-favourite nerd Jeremy Davies (kudos to his ability to create empathy, as always) and the uninteresting but friendly father figure chopper pilot. The 3rd season finale's twist briliantly changed the whole deal; instead of wanting to escape from the island (now that we know that they, or at least six of them, do escape) we want to stay on the island and uncover it's secrets. And although, some of the secrets are revealed (yeah, time flows at a diffrent speed, we already figured that out by now, especially after we've seen walt talkin to locke, someone is indeed after ben but we already knew that too, miles wants 3.2M$ to shut his mouth and lie to his boss, right, who cares), no real answers are given. But I guess that's the whole lost-concept: every time someone gets to talk to a character that knows al the answers, no one bothers to ask the right questions, or, for that matter, any questions at all.

    Instead of it all, we get to see a good show turning ino real down-to-earth old-school soap opera: sawyer talks to kate on the porch, kate talks to sawyer, sawyer reads Marx in boxer shorts (does that look like bad soft-porn ?), kate makes her entrance, they talk and kiss, and get up in the morning and she gets mad for whatever reason and leaves again for the 26th time (damn, no one has ever warned them about relationships beeing so hard?... ouch, watch out for that heartbrake sawyer), hugo is feeding miles, sawyer and roomate hugo watch a movie, kate and claire do the laundry and talk about babies, sawyer and locke play chess,... i'm bored. There's still some good moments here and there, locke feeding a grenade to miles, the good old cliffhanger, yeah, we learn that Aaron is the 6th survivor from the island: jack, kate, hugo, ben, sayid and aaron ? do i get that right ? No more flashforwards involving any other characters possible then ?

    Come on Damon, stirr things up a little bit. At least episode 405 raised the barr - remember watching back to the future when you were 12 thinking everything was possible ? But please!! damon and carlton, let go of the soap.
  • After a solid start to Season 4, this episode comes as a little disappointment.

    Of all the season 4 episodes I have so far seen, "Eggtown" is easily the weakest of the 4, which most people would probably agree with. It is strange when looking back that some of the weaker additions of the series have been Kate episodes. Subsequent to her solid centric episode debut, "Tabula Rasa", the character of Kate hasn't been given as strong a backstory of depth of personality as the others, and given her past history and how it should affect her present situations is surprising. The root of the problem lies with her hormones, unfortunately. As with most great TV shows, the writers have to employ a little romantic tension into proceedings once in a while and this will obviously please the shipper fans. This would be fine if one romantic partnership existed on the island that concerned Kate. The writers try to complicate the situation, uneccesarily so, by bringing in other characters. The decision to choose between two men has never been so difficult for any female charcater, fictional or otherwise in history, yet Kate manages to make even the most indecisive person appear positive. What makes matters worse is that even the men have contracted the illness and will continue to throughout the remainder of the series. Is this the Sickness? Has a Lost mystery been answered? Sawyer can't choose between Kate or Juliet and even had a fling with Ana-Lucia. He seems to have some affection for Claire as well. Jack seems to bounce between Kate and Juliet with each passing episode. At this stage of the series you would have thought that things would have settled down but unfortunately not and, for me not being a shipper, I find this element of the series to be the weakest area. Yes, Lost is essentially a character driven series and the romantic tensions created is a part of that, but it shouldn't be too much of a focus, as it appears to be in this episode. There are better ways to explore the characters, particularly at this stage of the game. Nethertheless, there is enough in this episode to almost balance things out. Like the last episode the island events don't seem to move very far. Much more happens on the island than it did in "The Economist" but you can definitely feel that this is a ploy by the writers. They are building the tension up, that you feel that at some point things will just explode. That explosion would be largely delayed until "The Shape of Things to Come". For all of the Kate moments, "Eggtown" is as much a Locke episode as anyone. It even begins on Locke's eye, tricking the audience from the get-go. Locke has come a along way since Day 1 on the island. Fans of the gentle, island worshipping would-be hunter of old will probably be disappointed in the direction that this character has took since midway through Season 3. At the end of the day, Locke's actions are only driven by what the island has and still can offer him, as has been case since the beginning. The only things different is his methods, which have become more demonstrative. Locke has found his true home, and, unlike his parents, the island, has taken care of him and, now in some way, he wants to return the favor by giving it what it needs at this time, a new leader. Since the end of Season 3 Ben has felt his grip on the island controls slipping because of this man and now Ben tries to rub salt in Locke's wounds. Locke, once again, is in a fragile state. He has lost contact with Jacob and, in this episode he has lost contact with everyone else. Taunting Locke at the beginning of the episode is Ben's way of cutting through Locke. Ben employed the same tactic on him in Season 2's "Maternity Leave" and with very similar reactions from Locke. Despite, all that the island has given him and shown him and helped him face, to the extent of seeing his father dead at the hands of Sawyer, Locke remains angry, tormented and far from being free.
    But instead of sitting down and thinking about his next moves quietly by himself cross-legged, as he did so often in the early days on the island he now takes his frustrations out on people and Miles gets it the worst. Never before have we seen him so violent. Just as we can't understand how Kate can not choose between two men, so radically different from each other and her own personality, so too can we not fathom how Locke can be so bitter and remorseful after being on an island that not only saved his life from a plane crash and from a skeleton pit but brought life back to his legs. Off island, for a second, we finally get to wrap (or so it it would seem) Kate's fugitive storyline, which is a consolation because we don't get to see Kate's love life settle down. On island we see Kate leave Sawyer alone in an Other's bed (oh, the thought!) and off island in the future she has distanced herself from Jack also. So, it would seem that the Kate tennis ball ended up not bouncing to anyone but the back of the court. Of course, as we would see later the two of them did share a rather short-lived relationship. But the highlight of this flashforward is not the rather straightforward trial, which netherless features a revealing cover story for the events on the island, nor the reunion between Kate and her mother, but the reveal of Kate's "son", who is none other than Aaron, Claire's baby. The writers do a clever job in setting it up that Kate really has a biological son and that the father is Sawyer. That Sawyer is the father would make sense as Jack would naturally have a problem with wanting to see the baby, due to jealousy. The fact that it wasn't adds a further mystery to events off island. It is likely that both the fact that the baby is being protected by the cover story/lie the survivors have concocted to prevent any reveal of what happened to Claire and subsequent others on the island. Add to that Jack's guilt that he would be, as step-sister to Claire, Aaron's nephew and you have a lot of burden for Jack to carry on his shoulders. The biggest question, however, is what becomes of the beautiful Claire. The end of the season doesn't help is solve the mystery. We discover she suddenly disappears but pops up a la Christian Shepherd in the jungle and in Jacob's cabin. Has Claire become an apparition of Jacob or the smoke monster? Speaking of Claire, many fans were annoyed at her behaviour following Charlie's death. Sure, she seems to have gotten over the loss quite quickly, but some people do get over these things more easily than others, either due to inner strength or maybe happy pills! At the time of writing this review I am witnessing someone acting similar to Claire. So, trust me, it does happen!
    Back on the island and we see an odd scene between Daniel Faraday and Charlotte Lewis, playing cards. Faraday is trying to remember what the three cards laying down on the table are but fails to remember all of them and is disgusted. Take this moment with Faraday's very first flashback scene in "Confirmed Dead", where he says he can't remember why he is upset and we are led to believe that somehow Daniel has a memory problem and that also he may be involved in some time travel.
    The whole memory plot thread would be further developed in the following episode. One of the most impressive elements of Lost, is its continued ability to pull storylines and themes from seasons past and recycle them or even elaborate, expand and develop them, proving that nothing stays dead and untied up on the show [okay, except Libby!]. In this episode and this season's case it is the early Season 1 episode, "Raised by Another", which is given another spotlight and audiences are made to re-evaluate the events of that episode in light of the events seen in "Eggtown". Both creepy Locke in Claire's dream and Richard Malkin, warn Claire to not let anyone but her raise her baby or danger will befall them. Has this sequence of bad events begun? Also, Locke said to Claire in her trippy dream that she gave the baby up and that now everyone pays the price now. Of course, this dream was on island and we know that she hadn't and wasn't any time soon going to give the baby up. She was off the island but never did. Locke is saying in the dream that she DID give it up. If Claire's dreams were a premonition of events to come [Lest not forget that she dreamt that her baby was in danger and that someone was coming to kidnap her, which died happen] then this episode is quite a foreshadowing, proving that the writers knew where they were going to take the show from Day 1. This, in some ways, was a bit of a filler episodes, despite all the important revelations, which depends alot on Kate's undefined and over-romantic character. Lost Unless it is Penny and Desmond, romance isn't the best aspect of the show. And this episode only proves this. All in all, a disappointing addition to Season 4.
  • Best so far!

    This has to be the best episode of the series so far for me. I loved it!

    Locke is serously irritating me, since when did he become boss?! The way he speaks to everyone and bosses them around really bugs me, and I doubt he really knows what he's doing. He's just being selfish and thinking of himself as always.

    Kate has Aaron. Oh my gosh. Unexpected twist to the story. I have so many questions in my head that I just want answers to. I can't believe they still put her on trial after what she went through on the island. You'd have thought that would have been punishment enough.
  • Lost is mind expanding goodness.

    ( spoiler ) When Miles said to Ben "I know what you can do" I FB to an earlier episode when desmond turned the key and woke up in Penny's apartment. Then I FB a little further when ben said the island had a box. Then I FF to 2010 and saw the finale and yep Ben has a time machine. I saw more but only that bit of info is relevant to this episode. Lost is mind expanding goodness.

    Don't be scooby-dood. This episode is only playing with your mind. Just wait till episode 8. Then you will know what season 4 is really about.
  • It seems like every episode written by different authors..

    My impression about this episode like..neutral. It's a bit better than previous one but still not LOSTy.. you know. Creators can do better. I'm absolutely sure about that! As for me i hope that one day there is no shipper at all. Because when they're consentrated on a love triangle they're forgetting about what LOST is about. And again - so much new details but none of previous are opened for us so i feel a bit stressed about it.)) Also i'm disappointed about Locke because he's getting angry man who can kill just for the secret he wants to check out. Yes he's been strange man before but now he's too agressive.)
  • Meh

    This wasn't such a great episode of Lost. What happened in one episode, i felt could have happened in half an episode. This season has been great so far but this what a bit of a filler. We already know that Ben has wanted and he is special in one way or another. So Miles cared more about money that Ben.

    This episode was all over the place. Nice to see Kate in the flashforward but I hope and pray that the baby isn't Claire's.

    Locke and his Grenade was cruel but it's only what they deserve for not telling the truth.
  • WOW...

    In this episode Kate gets Miles out to talk to Ben because he promised her if they talked then he will tell her what he knows about her. After Miles gets his meeting with Ben. Turns out he will lie to his people and tell them that Ben is dead if Ben transferrs 3.2 million dollars to his account. Ben catches Kate and Miles even though Sawyer tried to stop him. On other events : Jack tries to contact the plane all day but he couldn't. When he gets help from Charlotte she calls the emergency number and they find out that the helicopter never left the island. We see Kate flashforwards. When she was put on trial, her mother was going to testifiy against her but in the end she didn't so Kate was free. When she goes home to her son we see a blonde baby which isn't possible and she calls him Araon. Very good episode. It was exciting. I think the two main questions raised in this episode where : Where is the helicopter that took Sayid and Jin ? Why did Kate call her baby Araon ? I loved the flashforwards. They were really intense. The acting was also fantastic. There was some powerful dialogue between Kate and Sawyer and some hot scenes aswell. What I didn't like about this episode was why the whole episode was concentrated on Kate, Jack and Locke. This season is about these three characters. Even Sawyer who was supposed to be an important character is getting smaller parts and Juliet barley said two lines in this episode and Sun says a few things and just disappears. Favorite character from this episode : Kate !!! I loved her flashforwards. Hottest character from this episode : Kate !!! She seriousley looked amazing. Great stuff !!!
  • A very interesting episode.

    When Kate and Sawyer were in his room talking and Sawyer says something about her pregnancy I immediatly thought I had missed an episode, because I couldn't remember a previous moment in which Kate's pregnancy had been mentioned. But as the story progressed the pieces started to fit. Except for the last scene and one or two in the middle I didn't find the flashforward especially interesting, they spent too much time in the courtroom for my liking; the island moments, on the contrary, were a bit better and Ben and Locke are still to big question marks for me.

    I don't think it was better than the previous two or three episodes, but it certainly was good and one that will give way to several new storylines. Revealing and a total cliffhanger.

    Can't wait for next week.
  • 5 of the oceanic 6 revealed.

    Kate survives the planes crash only to be put in jail and remanded into custody. I think that was to be expected. Kate has a son! As soon as that was disclosed I had an uneasy feeling that she had Aaron. It turns out I was right. I don't like the fact that Claire didn't survive, and Aaron will probably not know much about his real mother. I guess Clare was one of the eight they claim originally survivd after the plain crash only to give birth and die. If Claire is still alive on the island I wonder how she is coping without Aaron Claire doesn't seem that heartbroken over Charlie's death. I expected she would still be mourning.

    I'm still curious why everyone who "survived" are actively lying. Jack lies about what happened after the crash with Kate. You would think that would be something that he could be truthful about.

    Looks like Miles is worse than first suspected. I wish he would have given us a clue as to who Ben really is.

    I wonder what is up with Dan. Why is remembering two cards progress? What is wrong with him?
  • Flashforwards were the best idea that the creators could have had...

    Wow! After another jam packed forty-two minutes of Lost, I can honestly say that - although I originally thought Kate had said "Hello, Hurley!" - the revealing that Kate is now Aaron's mother was quite a shock and had my jaw on the floor for quite some time.

    It's obvious that Aaron cannot possibly be one of the Oceanic 6, because Jack made out there were only eight survivors of Flight 815. I'd imagine they're trying to get people to believe that Aaron was conceived on the island (rather than was actually born there). But it does pose the question about what happens to Claire. I'd like to see a Claire flashforward, but I'm not entirely sure whether I want to be spoiled straight away. Is she dead? Is she alive? Is she an Oceanic 6'er? Or is she still somewhere in the South Pacific? Who knows.. I'll certainly be on the edge of my seat waiting to find out.

    There was so much I loved about this episode. The flashforwards seem to be getting better with each week. Possibly, because I like Kate better than Sayid, who I like better than Hurley, who I like better than Jack.. so it's probable that when the time comes for Jin or even Sawyer's flashforward, it's guaranteed to be a killer of an episode.

    The content of this episode, for me, was extremely anticipated. Obviously, nobody knew Kate's trial was coming up, but ever since Day One the question has been posed as to whether Kate would get a trial did she ever get off the island - it was nice for that question to be answered and for her to be given Probation only. The only thing that irked me, is that should Kate ever try and get back to the island like Jack wants, it's almost impossible without getting back into trouble with the law for breaking probation conditions. I want Kate to be a free lady!

    It was also great to see Beth Broderick back. I feared for her survival for her last appearance, but if this is now going to be the last time we see her in Lost, it was a great performance. I just wanted her to wave her finger one last time for me though.

    I enjoyed so many things about this episode. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of Sayid and Desmond because I was so interested in whether or not they'll make the Freighter or not at the end of "The Economist". So, that's probably my only bugbear. Although, I was irritated by the fact that not one of them had bothered to work out that it was Christmas Day. I was looking forward to a Christmas episode. I doubt we'll get one now.

    Overall though, it was Classic Lost. A wonderful flashforward which gives us once again a fresh look at the story Post-Island. It was great to see the outcome of Kate's trial and fascinating to wonder what is to happen to Claire. Fantastic, and it's sad we're now half way through before we have to wait another month for the remaining half of this brilliant Season Four.
  • An episode that centers around Kate.

    I have to admit for a Lost episode this was a pretty average one, (if you haven't seen this episode please don't read this review spoilers are to follow). Nothing much happened to me except for two things. One, the people from the boat don't know much about what is going on themselves. I think they are speaking the truth when they say they are after Ben, but besides that I think they are just as lost as the castaways are. Second thing that happened in this episode is we learned that Clarie does not make it off the island. This is pretty evident when we see Aaron and Kate at the end of the episode hugging. Poor Claire hopefully she does not die horribly! Other than that nothing else much happened. I did love all the Locke stuff as always but I am a huge fan of Locke so... Anyway next weeks episode looks to be awesome!
  • Oceanic 6 so far revealed - Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid.....and Aaron????

    What an awesome episode. Even though I was LOST throughout most of the episode it was still so gripping!!! First, Kate is so gorgeous in the fast forwards. Jack looked awfully good as well. There was just so much going on in this episode. But I think it raised more questions than actually answered any questions. Whho is Miles' boss and what's the deal with Ben. He has access to 3.2 million dollars? In the fast forward there's this whole story Jack tells about there only being 8 initial survivors of the flight and Kate was only able to save 6. Does that mean that everyone else is killed? I hope not. Maybe they get left on the island. Who could kill Sun, Jin, Claire..... I don't think I would be able to continue watching! Is Aaron Claire's son? And if so, why is it that Jack won't see the baby. He helped bring the baby into the world, why would he refuse to see the baby? But if it's really Kate's baby, why would she name him Aaron? Don't miss an episode or you'll never be able to catch up!!!
  • Kate's future shows her getting out of trouble with the law, but barely, her semi-reconciliation with her ailing mother, the possibility for romance with Dr. Jack, and now being the mother to baby Aaron. Intense!

    Absolutely brilliant. The off island development for the future was interesting, creative, and opened up about 50 more questions as to what the Oceanic 6 had to do to get off the island and what lies they are telling the real world. Kate was beautiful and composed off island, fighting to get clear of the charges brought against her for killing her father. The court scene between Jack and Kate was high tension only to be followed more tension and the possibility of a future if Jack could only get past whatever is plaguing him.

    The on island development was just as interesting. Miles was determined to see Ben and Kate was determined to help him in order to get information about herself and her fate off the island. The most chilling part of the episode was Miles' request to Ben for 3.2 million dollars and his limited time to get it to him. Is this a true request (which leads us to... why does Ben HAVE the means to have 3.2 mil) or is it simply a code between Miles and Ben (numbers, time limits, kinda fishy, almost like how there was NOTHING fishy about "tell my sister I love her" except the sneaking suspicion of one girl (ME) that was "what if she doesn't have a sister?").

    Clearly, for me anyways, the best part of the episode was the opening scene where Ben played Locke (loser) like a fiddle, saying how it was nice to see how Locke "evolved". And then the satisfying evolution coming full circle when Locke "evolved" by throwing a tray into the wall like a baby having a temper tantrum (remniscent of second seasons shoving of the clean bowls... teehee!)
  • its more telling than you first think.

    first and foremost, WoW! Kate just made her bed with james, and in her flash forward she's "lying" in it.(I say James because I think that he is changing back into the person he was meant to be before he let TOM SAWYER and his anger take over. IE> letting in his better angels.) for what ever reason; I feel "skate" is about over. The scene in the parking garage was VERY telling. Jack does not want to have anything to do with baby Aaron. Why? Probably because of the great remorse he feels about Claire's fate. Yeah, she'll make it off the island; maybe even to the boat, but she wont go much further than that. Jack's responsable for that. I knew as soon as Claire said "you'd be a good mom" to Kate, while they were hanging up clothes, Aaron was left to Kate to raise. Aaron was the "He" in the season 3 cliffhanger, that Kate had to get back to.

    Now onto the SCI-FI part of the show...Can anyone say Groundhog Day or Quantum Leap? Maybe not everyone, Probably just the OTHER others or the BOATies. There is something like that going on. A massive magnetic power source, a Physicist, Billionaires, time anomolys and, deja vu's. The oceanic 6: Have you noticed, if your on this "LIST"; You have been at odds with John Locke. 1.Jack-the man of science/the man of faith. 2.Hurley-questioning John's leadership. 3.Kate-disobeying john in "new Otherton". 4.Sayid-captured and jailed by john in the Economist.
    5.Aaron-for reasons we'll see later, i'm sure. 6.??? Michael-knocked Locke out in the hatch and took a gun to go find Walt.(this is my guess,he's BEN'S man on the boat)(and most likey the man from NYC in the coffin). Lastly: all our LOSTies, and their "flaws" One common denominator to almost all are; they're ALONE off the Island. maybe not in totalitly but deffinatly in spirt and in there own pysche.
  • A Kate-centric flash-forward episode.

    Let me start out by saying that I absolutely loved this episode, and I really enjoyed getting to see the flash-forwards of Kate's life after she gets off the island. I already knew that Kate was raising Aaron as her own son after she got off the island since I've already seen the second half of the season, but I was very surprised that she's telling everyone that Aaron is her biological son. I still don't know why she's choosing to act like Aaron is her own son, but I'm very eager to find out the reason she's doing that. Another thing that I really liked about this episode was just Sawyer in general, but that's mainly because he's always been one of my most favorite characters on Lost. All things considered, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to watch the rest of season four since I've only seen the episodes that aired after the writers strike ended at this point in time.
  • Great comeback!

    Kate has flashfowards to when she is on trial for all the crimes she committed before the crash. Jack testifies as a character witness. He lies about life on the island to make Kate look good. Kate has a son...named Aaron.

    Kate and Miles make a deal. Miles will tell Kate any information he knows about her, if she gets him to talk to Ben for 1 minute. She asks Sawyer for help and they plan it. Locke falls for the trick. Miles and Ben talk and Miles offers to lie to his people on the ship if Ben can get him some money (like 3.2 million or something like that). Jin has improved in his English. Dan has a strange remembering problem that Charlotte is helping him with. Sayid and Desmond have not made it to the freighter yet. Locke banishes Kate, so she goes back to the beach after sleeping with Sawyer.

    This episode was great! The ending was so mysterious! If it's Claire's baby Aaron, then that is really weird. I like Miles! He's so funny! I can't believe what Locke did to him with the grenade and everything. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Lost is definitely back on track

    While i was really bored with season 2 and 3, i think with the flash-forwards, lost is definitely back on track. the kate-centric episode kept me on the edge of my seat and i really liked the twist in the end. also the whole oceanic six thing is great, i really want to know who the rest of them are. Lost is finally an exciting show again and i'm really curious what really happenend on the island once the oceanic six are saved. they must have made a hell of a deal- otherwise jack wouldn't break like that and turn into some kind of a screw-up or in this spitting image of his father.
  • "Jate"...¢¾

    What can I say about this episode? It was awesome! I loved every minute of it! I always love Kate's flashbacks, but her flashforward was amazing! I loved it so much. I think it was her best episode so far in the whole of Lost and there has been some very good ones! I loved when Jack was in the court room, it was so sad when he said he didn't love Kate anymore, but after it he said it wasn't true I was so happy when he said that I cried my eyes out! I just love the whole "Jate" you got to say "Jate" is better than "Sate" Jack and Jack are just wow! Well, I loved every second of every minute of this episode! I cant wait to see more!
  • LOST is really heading towards an end in its series.. So far, in this season, we know that six go back to America. Jack, Hurley and Sayid were shown to be part of that six, and now Kate is revealed to be another.

    However, she apparently has a son whose name is Aaron. Could it be the same Aaron from the island? If so, then something would most probably happen to Claire, isn't it?

    In this episode, we see that Kate faced her demons of her past before she crash on the island. She was so close to being a convicted murderer, until her mother decided to not testify against her, but wanted to see her grandchild in return. Of course, Kate's mother also saw that she had changed when she thought that her daughter had died. This most probably brought her some perspective as to why Kate exploded her abusive husband in the first place, and in the end, forgive her.

    With Kate's mother not willing to testify, the Public Prosecutor had no choice but a cut her a deal which allows Kate to be a free woman, but only within the State they're in.

    Jack heard the news, and was the first person Kate saw as she was leaving the court. I have a feeling that Kate's son isn't Aaron from the island. But then, he looks to be at least 4 years old, but I may be wrong as the writers want to keep viewers guessing, and hopefully we all guess wrongly. And judging from Jack reluctance to see Kate's son, I have a feeling that it could be his son. The name is just a ploy to trick viewers...

    Regardless, we shall see within the next 3 years - in our reality, not the show's.
  • This is my favourite Lost episode so far.

    I won't say that this is my favourite episode ever because I feel there are going to be some real corkers coming up in the future but it certainly is my favourite to date. Being Kate-centric it appeals to me as a devoted fan of the Freckled Fugitive and and we also see major developments in the relationships Kate has with fellow castaways Jack and Sawyer. Alongside this, the story of life for the Oceanic 6 post-island begins to crystalize: The episode is full of scenes that make you suspect one thing before knocking that theory out of the water. There are tantalising revelations - some big some small - littered throughout the 40 minutes, not enough to answer many questions, naturally, but enough to keep you salivating for next weeks episode. Full of "OMG" moments this episode has a mother of a cliffhanger. Watch this episode people!
  • More soap opera Kate - jack - james sillyness

    Althoe almost every episode of lost ( includeing this one) keeps my attention I was left was a feeling of " is that all?" at the end if this episode. It did't really tell me much about anything and only seamed to focus on the soap opera between Kate - Jack - James. The cliff hanger ending opened up more questions but not really ones that I care about. I am loveing the flash forwards this season thoe. All in all so far the worst episode of season four. Stacked up to the first three amazing episodes this one fell off the wagon a bit.
  • Warning! This review contains spoilers and extreme cynicism, read at your own discretion.

    This episode revolves around Kate and her trial once she's off the island and becomes yet another member of the Oceanic 6. Not much happens in her off - island story except that she gets off. Any scene that is part of this dreary plot lags and i'm still convinced that Evangeline Lilly who plays Kate is just not a very good actress despite her looks.

    On the island however Kate beds Sawyer and tells him that she's not pregnant and busts out the prisoner Miles to speak to the other prisoner Ben where he demands milions of dollars. Not much time is spent on the beach which means that Jack isn't given much time to chew on the scenery; that honour goes to the passive - agressive Miles. Miles is sleazy, mumbles and is demanding lots of money (3.2 million to be exact) for nothing; it looks like we have an asian Marlon Brando on Lost. There have been many major twists in entertainment:

    The Others - They are all ghosts

    Sixth Sense - Malcolm Crowe is dead

    The Empire Strikes Back - Darth Vader is Luke's father

    The Crying Game - Dil is a man

    Planet of the Apes - They were on earth all along

    and Psycho - The Mother is Norman in drag.

    The so - called "cliffhanger" in this episode is that Aaron (Claire's baby) calls Kate Mom. This is meant to make us ecstatic to see the next episode but really it just fizzles for a show like Lost there're a million and one twists they could've thrown at us and this one just falls flat. The character of Ben may be beaten, tied to a chair and locked in a metal cell but he still has everyone around him cowering with Michael Emerson's subtle chilliness that has only been matched by Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs. There is yet another "Secret Clue" or "Unanswered Question" which can only be noticed by people who have Tivo and examine every frame of the episode. Clearly the people who notice these don't have a life and with the direction of this season still not clear; i'm beginning to think the same about me.

    This episode will keep a fan happy; there's plenty of mystery, drama and comedy but it's getting to the point where quality isn''t enough and the actual answers to the questions we've been asking since Season 1 is all that we demand.
  • Kate Centered Episode even fails to deliver a Strong Flash ForwarD!!!!

    Plot Details/Objective -» With 4 of the Oceanic six revealed, was time to concentrate in Kate and show us how she surpassed her Main Problem. Since the writers in the FF are doing shocking surprises, Kate couldn´t be the expectation. The event in the Island center around Kate and this time was not difficult to give her a task, involving Ben and Miles.

    What I Like/Disliked -» The Last Scene of Kate FF. Some dialogues between the characters, Kate and her mother last interaction.


    Presentation -» (6/10). Not strong, just presenting.

    Complication Phase -»(6/10). Nothing that could put you worried and filled with tension, was just Kate wanting to Know he she is pregnant and making a deal with Miles.

    Climax -»(6/10). Really could notice any in the Island event. In the FF, was Claire and her Mother conversation, but nothing from the top.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (8/10). Was nice to see the surprise at the ending.

    Flash-forward's -» (7,5/10) It is hard to manage Kate FF. The writers come up with something, which was tie something to her, to allow her FF to have some surprise, and all the surprises centers around Kate Child.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (7/10). Put Kate trial in play was the best way/move they could do to Kate scenes this time and maintain some secrets and at the same time gave us some hints. The event In the Island bring one hint, but a very vague one. It was impossible to me to not notice the time that the Island Event bought.

    Dialogues -» (7/10). As usual, even with a episode which is not great, Lost writers can maintain good dialogues.

    Action /Adventure -» (5/10). Nothing here to admire.

    Drama/Emotions -» (6/10). Maybe reunion with her mother, but I did not care.

    Suspense/Tension -» (5/10). Couldn´t notice anything.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (7/10). The usual, vague hints and the FF give another hint. Where is Sayid and Desmond?

    Surprise/Twists/Thoughts Changer -» (6,7/10). The possibility of Kate pregnancy was not something attractive, but the ending could only mean that One more old character is dead or missing.

    This episode really fails to deliver Quality, even with a FF centered in Kate, with Jack participation. The so called cliffhanger was not so strong as intended to be and only if you are a super fan, you will think that this episode is great.
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