Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on ABC

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  • Another solid episode of Lost.

    Kate episodes tend to split the audience. Much like Sawyer episodes, Kate episodes are character driven, therefore her episodes feel "disconnected" from the main storyline. This time around, it doesn't fully apply, but partly, yes, it does.

    The island plot was really good episode. I enjoyed it more than in the previous one. Locke going season2-crazy is intriguing. I'm sure most of you have noticed, but in the opening, the writers copied a scene from a season 2 episode(Maternity Leave). Locke and Ben has almost the same conversation, and Locke has the same reaction. I'm not much of a "shipper", but the romantic storyline between Sawyer and Kate was done very well. Much better than in the 3rd season I believe. But for me, the best part was Miles' odd conversation with Ben. Why does he want exactly 3.2 million? Who Ben is? Is Ben using the island mainly to hide? Maybe, afterall, Ben isn't that connected to the island as he claims. Another scene I thought was incredible... well, Locke's and Miles'. I've never seen that grenade trick before, and I wouldn't have thought that it'd be Lost where I see it first. 24, maybe. Lost, no way. It was awesome! Such a badass moment for John. The beach storyline was good. I loved the Sun/Jin moment at the beginning. I think it sets up their flashforward. Also,Charlotte calling the boat... I got goosebumps. The helicopter never arrived on the freighter. So I guess next episode's going to be "helicopter-centric". I can't wait.

    But before jumping to the next episode, let's see the flashforward...

    It was good. It dragged at times, but it was good. First of: Evangeline Lilly is beautiful. I mean, wow. Secondly... the ending. Amazing. Such an emotional moment turned into a shocking revelation within about 2 seconds. I didn't really see it coming, although I had my suspicion when I saw that Kate's "son" has blonde hair. This raises many questions, but first and foremost: What happened to Claire? Was Desmond's vision wrong? Did Desmond lie? Did Claire die in the future?

    The scene with Kate and her mother was very moving too, but unfortunately, some of the court scenes were "meh". Jack's testemony was interesting, though. He claims only 8 people survived the crash, and 2 died later on -- that'd be the O6. Obviously they're forced to lie. Overall, great episode, but it didn't advance the main storyline much.
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