Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on ABC

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  • The weakest of the 4 but still pretty good.

    So Eggtown was the weakest episode of this fine start of season 4. But given the actual standards of this show, even the weakest of the 4 was pretty good.
    The problem with the episode was that some things(still few tho), including the cliffhanger was pretty predictable, which is rare. I saw the Aaron thing coming 10 minutes into the episode. Also it was clear Sawyer was fooling Locke with the backgammon thing, still funny tho.
    I love pretty much every Sawyer-Kate scenes. These two have so much chemistry between them. However, Jack and Kate=zero chemistry, present or future.
    There was some interesting points in the court, specially when Jack said there was only 8 survivors. On the island, I `m loving the way the Locke team is living, just like the others before. Sad Kate is leaving. It was a letdown we did not see Sayid and Desmond but that`s for next time I guess. I think the fact they still haven`t reach the boat is due to that relative time thing.
    Too little of Dan too, I like the character so I want to see more but that`s a big cast to supply. Looks like Dan has some memo problems.
    As for Miles, looks like he`s in some big troubles. :D(locke is badass!!) For some reasons, I`m not convinced with his blackmail thing.
    The next installment could not come sooner. Hopefully we`ll see what happens to Sayid and Desmond.