Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on ABC

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  • Fabulous episode and what a great twist at the end! (contains spoilers).

    Okay, so it's been a week since the episode was on last week, but I've been really busy this week and this episode was so amazing that it deserves yet another review! So much happens in this episode that builds up more and more questions for this season and the future seasons! I'm dying knowing that some of these questions won't get answered for weeks, months, and maybe even years! Well... onto what happened!

    The most shocking and pivotal parts of this episode (in terms of things that will raise tons of questions) mostly happened in the future during the glimpses into Kate's life and trial, but there were a few other tidbits! At one point in this episode when Jin (spelling? lol) and Sun were talking about where they would raise their baby, right before they got interrupted, I was positive that Sun was about to tell Jin that it might not be his baby. When he does find that out (he most definitely will!) it should be very dramatic, but we'll push that aside and concentrate on more insane things for now! Before I get into the Kate-centric parts, I'll touch on one huge thing that I will write more about later since the next episode is about it. The helicopter never made it to the freighter! Oh my gosh! What drama!!! That leaves so much to be imagined and I am dying to see some of the explanation for it tonight!

    Now, onto the Kate-centric part! On the island in the present there was Kate and Sawyer. He was really sweet and making up for his jerkiness from the walk to the radio tower. That is, until he once again went back to saying he really didn't want to have a baby with Kate. Jerk! He so deserved it when she slapped him! *Flash forward* Kate's back home (one of the "Oceanic Six" as we've known for a while now) and on trial for murdering her mom's husband/ her stepfather. Everything seems to be normal and boring (as much as it can get for a murder trial) until her attorney mentions that she has a son! Ah! A SON!!!! Sawyer's?!? We'll soon find out. Everything surrounding the son in this episode is very cryptic and his name is never mentioned. He is just "the baby" or "my son" or "your grandson" (when her mom comes in to tell Kate she won't testify against her). Then, we're back in the courtroom and who walks in to testify in her favor?! None other than JACK!!! He tells the fabricated story about the eight who survived the crash (Eight??? That raises even more questions. Why not just say that it was the Oceanic Six who had survived?? Weird!) and how Kate supposedly saved everyone's lives. Side thoughts now... To me, this raises even more questions about what happened between them being on the island at the present and the flash forwards. Why have they fabricated this entire intricate story? What are they so carefully protecting? What are they so terrified that someone will discover if they find the island. The way they go to such extremes and are so cryptic, it seems like something far more extreme and valuable than having someone find out where the island is and who is now on it.

    Whatever... back to Kate-centric-ness!! Jack is asked if he loves Kate and in a heartbreaking moment he says that he used to, but that he doesn't anymore! :( AH! Upon hearing this, my thoughts swung from Sawyer being the baby's father to "maybe it's Jack's kid!" After a while, the trial is over, and Kate is free (but can't leave the state). She goes out back to get her taxi, where Jack finds her and tells her that it wasn't true that he doesn't love her anymore (YAY!). They are making plans to do something, but Kate invites him over and suddenly he has to get back to the hospital. He doesn't want to see the baby and Kate says that until he finally comes to see her and the baby, they can't do anything together. At this point, I was positive that it was Jack's baby and that for some reason he really didn't want to see or acknowledge it for some reason. Kate goes home to her house and her baby, where his identity is finally revealed. He's not really a baby at all, he's a toddler. And, to my shock (and to the shock of everyone I was watching it with), it's AARON!!!!

    What a fabulous ending to this episode!!! This once again raises many questions. Once again, what really happened on the island?? Between the present-time in the episode and the flash-forward, something horrifying has happened (at least that's what I'm convinced). Claire was raving about how much she loved being a mother, so I'm sure she wouldn't just give Aaron to Kate unless something horrible has happened to her (DEATH?!). What a great episode!! This is exactly why I watch this series! A twist every second!