Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on ABC

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  • Kate's fugitive status is dealt with very haphazardly and sucks out all potential from that plot point.

    For a series with major themes of redemption and salvation, Kate's story should have been as central as Jack made it out to be while committing perjury. I'm not saying Kate should have been the de facto leader of the survivors, although that is what Lindelof and Abrams had originally envisioned. I am saying her return to the U.S. should have presented more than just a paparazzi circus for the likes of E! online to cover. From a literary standpoint, there could have been a major moral dilemma dealt with her, either internally or externally. In line with this , we get a brief conversation with Kate's mom from which we only learn that she's dying and then not over and over again. (don't care). Then we get the plea deal, where it is made clear that the State of California wants to keep her under their thumb for reasons not yet known and Kate wants to stay out of prison for the purpose of caring for Aaron.

    From a legal standpoint, not only was Jack's testimony perjury, it was inadmissible character evidence. Sorry to nitpick but he should have been limited to opinion and reputation evidence only not specific acts like "she saved my life!" From an emotional standpoint, Sawyer needs to tell Kate where to go and leave it at that. I don't buy the arguments that he was insensitive. He has always been this way and she knows this. They are also in a high stress situation and he "proposed" to her in the last episode for crying out loud. He was just calling a spade a spade. As for spades, this episode was a misfire for the season. I was pretty disappointed that the baby was Aaron. That adds a mystery that we don't need at this point. Having the baby be her's and Sawyer's explains why she wants to leave the island and lie to Sawyer and treat him like crap. Having Aaron raises a whole new set of questions I don't want to go into here other than to repeat what other reviewers have said - is Kate the evil force or "another" that Claire's psychic warned about? I would believe it.
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