Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on ABC

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  • Major revelations and some memorable moments make this another great installment. However, I feel the last scene was played out wrong. - Read my review for why!

    The main focus of this episode is Kate, and like all previous episodes that focus on her it doesn't quite hit the quality bar compared to other main character-based episodes like of say Jack, Locke or Sawyer.

    Still, in my opinion, this is the best Kate-centric episode of LOST so far because it contains some pretty memorable scenes that stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

    First, the on island events of this episode that involved Kate were quite boring. Anything that didn't focus on her was quite interesting: Locke's encounters with Ben, Miles and Ben and lastly the classic final "Miles and Locke confrontation".
    The moment where Locke sticks a grenade in Miles' mouth and tells him to enjoy his breakfast was brilliant!

    When Jack came into the picture in Kates flashforward, things got very interesting indeed.
    We learn that Jack has been lying quite heavily about the events that occured on the island after the plane crash. He tells a court room under oath that Kate was the hero who saved him and everyone else, only according to him, only 8 people survived the crash.
    A clear coverup to protect their friends they left behind from the large organisations that are yet to be revealed, who are trying to get to the island to use it for reasons not yet known!

    Jack and Kate have a nice little scene together outside of the court room, this possibly shows us that they were involved for a short period but Jack clearly has some issues off the island, probably due to having to lie constantly about the on-island events and forgetting about the people they left behind.

    The final scene: I feel was played out wrong, and heres why.
    We learn that "Kate's Son" is actually Aaron, it is my belief that some tragic event must occur where they have to make a split second decision to take Aaron off the island and split him up from Clare, either that or Clare is no longer with us.
    The scene ended with "Hey Aaron" and then some "Duh Duh Duh" music, I think this should have been more of a "Hey Aaron" and then about 30 seconds of slow, sad music making the viewer think "Why is Aaron off the island, what could possibly happen to make that happen?"