Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on ABC

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  • OMG that was a terrible episode. the island scenes were just filler so they could set up the spoil-foward twist ending. did m. night shamylan write this episode?

    kate's motivation for talking to miles made absolutely no sense whatsoever. she wanted to know if he knew who she was? really?? why wouldn't he? she's a well-known fugitive. anyone can go on to the fbi website & get a list of criminals. a criminal on a crashed plane? even easier to google. google was around in 2004 so it made no sense for her to do all that work & lie to everyone just for him to confirm that she's not an anonymous person on a plane. if the others can find out things about their past why couldn't the people from the freighter? give me a break. it was so lame. there were so many other ways to have a kate-centric episode without having her behave in such an irrational manner. i mean, she smacked sawyer for saying something. which was insanely out of character. he's said things before, but for her to smack him in the face? & claire didn't seem affected at all by the fact that charlie had just died. it hasn't been that long & she's acting like everything is perfectly fine. a little mention of that by kate or maybe claire not being so happy would have made this episode better. who wrote this episode??
    at least ben asked the question i had: 3.2? why not 3.3 ? maybe there's meaning in the amount. who knows. miles is such an annoying character because he is motivated the same way that nicki & paulo were, by greed, that i'm barely interested in it. luckily locke stuck the grenade in his mouth to shut him up. a great scene. sure the spoil-forward twist at the end was great & i can find a little solace in that they are trying to really stick it to all the l&o fans who clamored for answers because they are getting their precious answers with some brand new questions. either way i hate spoil-forwards & they detract from the show.
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