Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on ABC

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  • lost season 4 turning into soap

    after a nonsensical second season and it's over the top dilluted narrative, and a strong third season (or at least half season, the second half), due in part to two new great characters, Juliet and of course, Ben Linus (playing an extra in the 2nd, Henry Gale), the best bad ass villain in years, the forth season comes as an unpleasent surprise to me

    first of, ben and juliet are completely underused, pushed back to playing extras. instead, four far less interesting new characters are introduced in brief flashbacks, the asian mind-reading (duh), the pain in the ass redhead, the nerdy scientist, played by all-time-favourite nerd Jeremy Davies (kudos to his ability to create empathy, as always) and the uninteresting but friendly father figure chopper pilot. The 3rd season finale's twist briliantly changed the whole deal; instead of wanting to escape from the island (now that we know that they, or at least six of them, do escape) we want to stay on the island and uncover it's secrets. And although, some of the secrets are revealed (yeah, time flows at a diffrent speed, we already figured that out by now, especially after we've seen walt talkin to locke, someone is indeed after ben but we already knew that too, miles wants 3.2M$ to shut his mouth and lie to his boss, right, who cares), no real answers are given. But I guess that's the whole lost-concept: every time someone gets to talk to a character that knows al the answers, no one bothers to ask the right questions, or, for that matter, any questions at all.

    Instead of it all, we get to see a good show turning ino real down-to-earth old-school soap opera: sawyer talks to kate on the porch, kate talks to sawyer, sawyer reads Marx in boxer shorts (does that look like bad soft-porn ?), kate makes her entrance, they talk and kiss, and get up in the morning and she gets mad for whatever reason and leaves again for the 26th time (damn, no one has ever warned them about relationships beeing so hard?... ouch, watch out for that heartbrake sawyer), hugo is feeding miles, sawyer and roomate hugo watch a movie, kate and claire do the laundry and talk about babies, sawyer and locke play chess,... i'm bored. There's still some good moments here and there, locke feeding a grenade to miles, the good old cliffhanger, yeah, we learn that Aaron is the 6th survivor from the island: jack, kate, hugo, ben, sayid and aaron ? do i get that right ? No more flashforwards involving any other characters possible then ?

    Come on Damon, stirr things up a little bit. At least episode 405 raised the barr - remember watching back to the future when you were 12 thinking everything was possible ? But please!! damon and carlton, let go of the soap.