Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on ABC

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  • What could this mean!? Hmmm...

    I think this episode add the potential to be great, since it reveals so many things, yet once again i believe that some parts of the episode were kind of boring, because i'm getting just a little tired of Kates love story on the island, now i don't hate her character or anything but i'm just tired of seeing her jump from Jack to Sawyer and from Sawyer to Jack, i mean it's been 4 Seasons and they still keep at it, that was a down point in my opinion in regard to this episode.

    Besides this issue the episode is revealing and just like it's predecessor it leaves so many questions in the air. We learned from the ending of Season 3 that Kate would leave the island, but it appears that she does not come alone and brings a "present" with her aka Aaron (Claires baby). This makes me wonder of what will happen to Claire, i hope that it does include the word dead since i really like Claire.

    On a different note we also find a bit more about Ben, and personally i think that every information concerning Ben at this point is essential to the plot.

    So in conclusion i think that this episode, certainly makes us wonder about the future of the losties and what will happen in the future that will lead to the facts to which we are presented in this episode.

    Thanks for reading.
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