Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on ABC

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  • WOW...

    In this episode Kate gets Miles out to talk to Ben because he promised her if they talked then he will tell her what he knows about her. After Miles gets his meeting with Ben. Turns out he will lie to his people and tell them that Ben is dead if Ben transferrs 3.2 million dollars to his account. Ben catches Kate and Miles even though Sawyer tried to stop him. On other events : Jack tries to contact the plane all day but he couldn't. When he gets help from Charlotte she calls the emergency number and they find out that the helicopter never left the island. We see Kate flashforwards. When she was put on trial, her mother was going to testifiy against her but in the end she didn't so Kate was free. When she goes home to her son we see a blonde baby which isn't possible and she calls him Araon. Very good episode. It was exciting. I think the two main questions raised in this episode where : Where is the helicopter that took Sayid and Jin ? Why did Kate call her baby Araon ? I loved the flashforwards. They were really intense. The acting was also fantastic. There was some powerful dialogue between Kate and Sawyer and some hot scenes aswell. What I didn't like about this episode was why the whole episode was concentrated on Kate, Jack and Locke. This season is about these three characters. Even Sawyer who was supposed to be an important character is getting smaller parts and Juliet barley said two lines in this episode and Sun says a few things and just disappears. Favorite character from this episode : Kate !!! I loved her flashforwards. Hottest character from this episode : Kate !!! She seriousley looked amazing. Great stuff !!!