Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on ABC

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  • Bad deals are made...

    Kate episodes are not really the best episodes of Lost. She had some great ones, but for the most, they are very average.

    This is yet again another average episode. It mostly took place at Locke's camp which means we don't get too much action. The episode mostly focused on Kate's (as usual) troubled relationship(s).

    Kate wants to find out if she's still wanted, and of course, she turns to Miles. This was rather silly I thought. Miles asks Kate to get him together with Ben for a few minutes. This of course means Kate has to con Locke, and risk their safety.

    Pretty complicated, yes? So why didn't Kate just ask Dan while he was with Jack, or Miles BEFORE he was captured? Anyway, Sawyer and Kate conning Locke was fun, but Locke's behaviour was way too out of character. First of all I enjoyed the scene at the beginning of the episode: Locke bringing food to Ben who won't reveal a thing to poor John which makes him angry - just like in season 2.

    But, this wasn't the same Locke from the first 3 episodes. He seemed way too unsure about himself. This was the Locke from season 2: but after seeing Ghost Walt, finding out that the button has a purpose, meeting Jacob and leading a whole group of survivors, this barely made any sense.

    Locke banishing Kate after she tricked him was very childish too and out of character. Luckily though, he did punish Miles too by making him bite on a grenade - now that was the Locke we came to love.

    Another character acting odd was Claire: all of sudden she wanted to talk to Miles and she was all happy and cheery: it's been only about 2 days since Charlie died! Not cool.

    Kate breaking up with Sawyer - not cool either. First of all, why was Kate pissed off? Because Sawyer was happy that she wasn't pregnant. Wait a bit. How does she even know, all of sudden, that she's NOT pregnant? This made VERY VERY little sense, Kate is aware of that if she is pregnant and stays on the island, she and the baby could die.

    Luckily for us, the flashforwards were better. We find out who Kate referred to as "him" in the Jack flashforward: her son, who really isn't hers. It's Aaron - makes us wonder, how did he end up with Kate instead of Claire? While this wasn't as big as the reveal that Sayid's working for Ben, it was definitely awesome and "WOW" worthy. Kate's court scenes were good, though unrealistic. However her interaction with Jack was superb, just as her interactions with her mother. Emotional, and full of information. Kate's deal that she won't leave the country for years was a nice little thing. If she wants to obey the laws, there's no way for her to "Go back"...

    Verdict: on a whole, much like with "The Economist" the island portion of the episode was weak, but the flashforward was great. Island: 6/10, Flashforwards: 9/10, which gives us a score around 7: very average for Lost. Enjoyable, yes. But slow moving, sometimes a bit illogical and lots of out of character moments.
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