Season 3 Episode 11

Enter 77

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

Sawyer walks along the beach, watching the group bring a ping-pong table out of the jungle. Hurley tells him that Jin found it while he was gathering firewood, and that it must have come out of the hatch when it exploded. (Or imploded. They still aren't sure what happened) Sawyer asks about Kate, but Hurley only replies, "She's not back yet? Huh," and heads over to the ping-pong table with the others. Sawyer turns around and sees Paulo walking off with one of his magazines. Paulo explains that the group shares things now, so Sawyer's stash has been distributed among the group. He then offers to give the magazine back to Sawyer, but Sawyer angrily tells him to "Just keep it," and storms away.
Elsewhere in the jungle, Locke, Sayid, Kate, and Rousseau are heading into the depths of the island on the compass bearing of 305 degrees, the bearing on Mr. Eko's stick. They've been walking for two days, and haven't found anything yet, but Locke is steadfast that this is the correct heading. Sayid is not as certain. He is in the jungle picking fruit, hears a sound like a bell. He goes to investigate and finds a belled cow chewing grass. As he watches, someone whistles for it. The cow wanders off and Sayid follows, to find a farm house with a satellite dish and other animals. The cow approaches a farmer, who turns around, revealing himself to be the mysterious Patchy, the man Sayid and Locke saw in the Pearl's monitoring video back before Eko was killed.
Sawyer approaches the ping-pong table with a ball, but says he won't give it up unless they give him the chance to win his stuff back. The group agrees, but only if Sawyer agrees to give up his name calling for a week if he loses.
The jungle explorers gather around Patchy's farmhouse. Sayid gives his weapon to Kate, explaining that if he approaches unarmed, the man may be more likely to give him information, since he won't feel threatened. Danielle decides to head back to the stream, since she's survived this long on the island by avoiding people like Patchy.
In a flashback, Sayid is working in the back of Le Portail D'Arabie, a restaurant in Paris, France. He is summoned onto the portico by a man named Sami, who compliments the meal Sayid cooked for him, and offers him a job as a chef in his new restaurant. Sayid is reluctant, wondering why this man is offering him a job after "only a single meal." Sami explains that they are both outsiders in this country (he is also an Iraqi), and furthermore, his chef quit.
Back in the jungle, Sayid approaches the farmhouse, watched by a suspicious barn cat. As he gets near the house, Patchy suddenly appears and shoots Sayid in the shoulder. Kate begins to run forward, but Locke stops her. "This is my line!" Patchy screams. "We had a truce!" Sayid shouts back that he is not who Patchy thinks he is, and that he is a survivor of a plane crash months ago. Patchy starts to come out of the house, and Kate and Locke race forward to disarm him. Patchy reveals his name is Mikhail Bakunin, and that he is the last living member of the DHARMA Initiative. They bring Sayid into the farmhouse, and Patchy explains that he has experienced treating gunshot wounds in Afghanistan with the Soviet Army. Patchy explains about more about his past, saying that his unit in the Army was decommissioned after the Cold War. While looking for something to do, he responded to an advertisement in the newspaper asking, "Do you want to save the world?" The DHARMA Initiative, he explains, is very secretive and very rich, and very smart. Patchy has been on the island for eleven years, staying in the station called The Flame, where he communicates with the outside world. Kate and Locke have been investigating the inside of the house, and Locke finds a monitored computer which asks him to play chess. Several years ago, the DHARMA Initiative launched a purge against "the hostiles," but Patchy didn't participate in it. As a result, the hostiles let him live, provided he did not cross the line around his house. They only took two cows from him, causing Kate to wonder why they didn't take the satellite dish too. Patchy explains that it hasn't worked for years. He also explains that the hostiles, whoever they are, were on the island long before the Initiative.
Sayid recalls arriving at Sami's restaurant and meeting Sami's wife. His wife has strange scars on her arm, but their introduction is cut short when the woman confirms that Sayid is "him." Sayid is suddenly attacked by the men in the restaurant and brought to the ground. Sami kicks him in the face, knocking him out.
In the farmhouse, Patchy stitches up Sayid's wound, and has to chastise one of his cats – Nadia, much to Sayid's shock – from clawing at the carpet. Patchy goes to check on Locke, who is losing to the computer at chess. He tells Locke that he has yet to beat the machine, as it was programmed by three Grand Masters, and it cheats. Kate wonders why the Others let Patchy stay here after the purge. Sayid tells her that it makes perfect sense, since Patchy isn't with DHARMA; he is with the Others, and moreover, he isn't alone.
The ping-pong match begins between Hurley and Sawyer.
Patchy explains that there are wires all over the island that connect the stations, and confirms that there is a cable that runs out into the ocean. (Sayid found this cable when he first explored the island, just before he met Danielle) This cable leads to an underwater beacon that emits sonar pings to guide vessels (submarines) to the island. He believes the hostiles have destroyed or commandeered the submarines, which explains h