Season 3 Episode 11

Enter 77

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on ABC

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  • Locke shows how he is a loose cannon

    I'm just reeling in the waste of all those resources at Dharma Flame esp the cattle and horse (s?) how useful would they have been to the Losties? Not to mention all the techie equipment and more. Locke goes freestyle, ensnared in his romance with the island, very little forethought. Plonker! Sayid is projecting again too - having experienced forgiveness from one of his former torture victims (flashback) he now seems unable to reduce risk and take a pop at the Soviet 'Other' or 'hostile' and instead Mikael joins the merry brigand on the onwarch march to rescue JAck.

    Back on the beach, the light mood is sustained. Maybe Charlie did beat death, foretold by Desmond, by participating in the daring car ride last ep. And after golf we have pingpong, a solitary ball, which has to be won from Sawyer, who is missing his 'stuff'. Totally nonplussed at the thought of a shared magazine stash, ITs OK, Hurley understands and sorts him out with some gentlemans' literature, to satisfy his need to own stuff.

    Very perceptive of Hurley who seems to be growing in confidence. His warmth and generosity are very welcome. NB Sun is looking very slim indeed for a pregnant lady, and... she has maintained great hair.
  • Awesome.

    Locke, Sayid and Kate investigate a Dharma communications station in the jungle and meet its inhabitant, Mikhail. As they are leaving the station, Locke blows it up. Sawyer competes in a ping-pong competition against Hurley to get back his belongings, but loses and has to go without calling people nicknames for a week. In flashbacks, Sayid meets one of his former torture victims in Paris. I love the whole thing about the ping pong table - awesome and fun storyline. I love the way Sawyer thinks everything is his, I love the scenes with the ping oing games - thought it was awesome and the way it was Hurley against Sawyer and then of course the deal - hilarious the way Hurley wins so easy. I love the way Sayid, Kate, John and the Frech chick finds a 'Others' place, the whole storyline with that is awesome, all the scenes are amazing there. I love Sayids back storyline. I love Johns part in this episode too, awesome to be honest.
  • Enter 77

    Ah, the good days of Lost when there were special interactions among the cast members on the beach. Who would have thought to a game of golf, or in the case a game of ping-pong would be among the best times on Lost, but that is exactly what happens with this show. Everything was really fun, the show was the best on television, without any argument, and things were just fun.

    You had these bizarre buildings and monuments on the island and you never knew what would show up. Lost truly was a mystery series, and not a mystery as to knowing what questions would be answered.
  • A mental chess games that leads to a shcoking conclusion

    With the exception of Locke, the most engaging character of the survivors of the plane crash has always been Sayid Though not as fascinating as those of Kate and Locke, Sayid's backstory has the potential for the most searing moments because of his history in the Republican Guard. He wants to leave it behind, but on the island he has cause to call upon it over and over. Because of this (and considering he's been delegated to the background for most of this season), it's great to have an episode focused on him. In 'Enter 77', we learn that his past caught up to him, long before he came to the island--- and now it seems to be reminding him of it in a subtler way. Set sometime between 'Solitary' and 'one of Them', Sayid once worked as a sous chef in Paris when he had an encounter with a fellow Iraqi. A bit too easily for his own sake (it's a bit difficult to believe Sayid would be lured in so easily by Sami's story) he finds himself the prisoner of a man whose wife he once tortured while in the Guard., and he has determined to avenge. Sayid lies to his face (we know this because he swears he would never torture a woman, and we saw what he did to Nadia, who he loved) and maintains the facade , even with his impending death a possibility.. But what ends up crushing him is not the abuse, but the story of the woman who he torture. When she tells him a tale of how he rescued a cat from abusive children, it's enough to break the humanity that is at Sayid's core. It's a powerful moment that shows Naveen Andrews at his most poignant

    Now he finds himself in another confrontation, when he Kate and Locke come across a strange structure in the island (they've been walking for least two days and tempers are running short) There they mean a man named Mikhail Bakunin(yet another philosopher, this one of the 18th century school of anarchism) who claims to be the last surviving member of the Dharma Initiative.. Even now , it's hard to tell how much of what he tells Sayid was just a lie (the Dharma purge happened, but it's hard to tell which side was on at that time), but he is present at the communication station known as the Flame. A lot of the information is true, but we're still not sure what it means: How did he keeps his food supplies? What was he writing in the typewriter? What did he use the satellites for (we'll find out they were working before they came)

    Eventually, the game moves to the next level, and Sayid and Kate take Mikhail prisoner. As they search the place they find two ghosts. The first is harder to fathom--- the cat that belonged to Amira now seems to be present in Mikhail's tent. It's doubtful that it's the same one, but is it possible it's a version of the boar that Sawyer thought was the man he killed, or the black horse that Kate thought was the ghost of her father? There is a real possibility that the island is tapping into the fears or desires of their subconscious and finding their greatest vulnerabilities. (Something which will become very possible in just a couple of episodes.)

    The more legitimate ghost is the return of Bea Klugh, the woman who interrogated Michael and was present at the abduction of Jack, Kate and Sawyer. It's more than possible that Klugh knows all of the island secrets, but we never get a chance to find out, because Mikhail ends up killing her. But we'll get to this in a minute.

    Though Sayid is the focus of the episode, Locke's behavior is getting more and more borderline insane. First, they seem to be following a compass bearing that came from after Eko he died, but since it seems to lead them to the Flame, we'll let that pass. Then, when Sayid first approaches the hut, he stops Kate from immediately coming to his assistance after he gets shot. Then, while searching the house, he comes across a computer chess match, and becomes fascinated by it. Then, when the fight breaks out, he only comes in at the last moment after the battle is won. Then, rather than stand guard over Mikhail, he wanders back to his chess game, so focused on beating it (how is a question that has never been answered) that he doesn't even notice until Mikhail has a knife to his throat. It's as if he can not resist the urge of another button to push. Even the actual hatch is less important to him than the machine. within it. Of course, when he does beat it, he finds another appearance by Marvin Candle of the Dharma Initiative. Then when Mikhail holds Locke hostage, and ends up killing Klugh--- apparently(even if you don't speak Russian) on her orders, he wanders back to the computer again. And somehow he figures out enough to follow the code that is listed in the episode title--- an disastrous results. Why is he doing this? Is he following the island's path again?> Or is he being used by the island. Whatever the case, he seems determined to isolate himself from his friends on the island.
    Equally odd--- though not as self defeating--- is Rousseau's behavior. The second they come within sight of the station, she leaves the party. However, the second that they have the upper hand she returns and seems very bent on killing Mikhail. Some speculating she might have belonged to Dharma once, but the answers to her behavior will be resolved, though not til season 5.

    There's a pretty enjoyable back and forth back on the beach, as the rest of the castaways discover a Ping Pong table, and try to play. Naturally, as is almost inevitable when they islanders need something, they run into Sawyer, who's already royally pissed that his stuff--- which was never his, by the way--- has been taken from his tent while he was kidnapped. He offers to try play to get it back, and the castaways choose Hurley to represent them. As always, Hurley is underestimated, and he beats the stuffing out of Sawyer. The horribly appropriate punishment--- Sawyer has to go a week without using a nickname. Sawyer doesn't realize his problems are going to get worse. All of which is a mask for the fact that Kate is gone, and he's afraid for her, Sawyer would sooner light fire to his hair than admit that.

    Ultimately, Sayid chooses to spare Mikhail's life, more for his sake than Mikhail, (which probably is good, given what we will later see) and they do get a lead to the Others. But bad things are still happening. Even as the series begins moving again, we're about to see that things are headed to darkness. And it turns out, finding the Flame is just the start of a new set of problems.
    My score:8.7
  • Entertainment and Quality!!!

    Objective/Focus - » This time the objective was more attractive compared to the previous episode, this time was about how Locke, Sayid and Kate finding the Flame Station and the New Intriguing character. There are 3 focus are: Sawyer on the Beach, Sayid and Co and Sayid Flashbacks.

    Flashbacks -» Like the previous flashbacks, this was not important, however, there are some things to consider, since Sayid truly regrets of what he have done (about torturing). Not only that, but his flashbacks was entertaining and the last Scene is what only a show like Lost can deliver. The Presentation is nice, the Presentation Break made in the second Scene was great, the Conflict managed to be interesting, the Climax was not anything spectacular, but the ending was dramatic.

    The Beach -» Sawyer and Hurley did excellent funny scenes, was better since creating a problem in the beach could be ridiculous.

    The Main Event - » It is not only because they found this Station, but the intriguing character that appeared. All the scenes was very well done, typical of Lost superb episodes. The fights, the dialogues and even the funny scenes and the mysteries. The Presentation is a surprise, even the Presentation Break too, The Conflict was nicely done and very interesting, The climax was very interesting to see and the ending was very well Done too.


    Plot Holes Or Development: Gold. Didn´t Notice. Time And Scenes Management/Story Development -» Gold. Very Well Done. You miss to notice that there are scenes to buy any type of time and this episode make you want more scenes.

    Surprises/Shock: Gold I never expected that they would found another Station and someone inside it.

    Twist: Silver. Sayid flashbacks and Mikhail provide that.

    Curiosity/Mystery/Doubt/Revelation: High. You expect that Mikhail will reveal more and more things.

    Drama -» Sayid Flashbacks delivered this, the last scene.

    Funny: Silver. Sawyer and Hugo did it.

    Tension/Suspense/Cliffhanger: Gold. The tension and suspense is created by the main event. There is no cliffhanger left in this episode.

    Action: Silver. Provided by the Main Event.

    I have no doubts that this episode deserves at least a 9. Finally after 2 weak episodes without the usual Lost Quality, this episodes show up and make Lost fans hope that the rest of the season can keep up.
  • May Ala be wih you, Sayid

    Al fin Sayid! Se lo extrañaba sobremanera. Él ecuentra al piratín y su misterioso hogar. Él vive el infierno que le tocó gobernar cuando torturó a esa pobre mujer. Él interroga tan bien a piratin para darse cuenta que lo estaba engañando (o tratando). Deja a Locke como el tarado que parece está condenado a ser. Y marca el rumbo en la peligrosa excursión hacia el campamento-ciudad de los otros. Definitivamente están en guerra y no parece haber forma de solucionarlo. Esos dos nuevos personajes del lado de los buenos no me convencen ni un poco. Ahora me falta un buen episodio de Claire.
  • It's lucky number "77" for Lost Season 3!

    If there was any doubt that "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" was the episode which got Lost back on the rails in the eyes of its fans, then "Enter 77" left never a doubt. Season 3, up to this point, had been struggling to keepviewing figures up and to hold on to many fans who were hooked from the series'start. Perhaps the only problem I saw with the first half of this season was the lack of adventure and with it forward momentum. Being stuck in cages on Hydra Island with Jack, Kate and Sawyer didn't help matters, neither did the lack of Beach coverage.
    The Others' true identity had been revealed and a substantial amount of the creepiness of the island had evaporated. "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" brought back some of the Season 1 character drama back. There was a little adventure too. But "Enter 77" managed to feel like a classic episode of Lost for many reasons. The mystery was back, the adventure was back, and we were getting a lot of answers to long-standing questions. Lost was exciting once more.
    This was a fantastic episode - not perfect - but still a superior slice of episodic TV.
    Finally, the survivors are on the move again, exploring the island and its mysteries. The A-Missions are one of my favourite aspects of Lost and this is what the first half of the season sorely lacked. A new DHARMA station is revealed - The Flame [Hoorah! Another Bonus!] and a new Other [Mikhail - Again Hoorah!]. Those seeking answers to the mythology of Lost will be rewarded hugely. This is the first episode since the Season 2 finale that has been so expository on the mythology. Many people complained of the lack answers thus far but if you think about it three of the four previous episodes to this all have offered answers.
    "Not in Portland" was revealing about The Others, including how they recruit people to the island like Juliet. "Flashes Before Your Eyes" revealed what happened to Desmond after the Hatch imploded/exploded. "Stranger in a Strange Land" revealed where Jack got his tattoo and what it means, however mundame it may be.
    "Enter 77" is one of those episodes which every season has had at least once. Season 1 had "Solitary", Season 2 had "Orientation" and Season 3 hadd "Enter 77", where much exposition on the mythology is revealed and also the general plotline of the show is dramatically altered because of these answers. In this episode we learn the following:

    1) Mikhail is actually an Other, living in a DHARMA station called the Flame.
    2) The Flame is a DHARMA station which is used to communicate with the outside world.
    3) The Others [aka The Hostiles] were engaged in a war called "The Purge" with members of The DHARMA Initiative, after which The DHARMA folks died.
    4) The Flame Station connects to all the other DHARMA stations on the island by wires. 5) The Others do have a submarine which explains how they managed to capture Desmond's sailboat from Sayid, Jin & Sun. The submarine was used to bring the DHARMA Initiative recruits to the island.
    6) The submarine and possibly other vessels are guided by an underwater beacon [another station and some of the connection wires lead into the ocean to this underwater beacon. This explains the wire Sayid found all the way back in Season 1.
    7)Mikhail was brought to this station because the Others lost communication when the hatch imploded and the "sky turned purple".
    8) The Flame Station was probably used for the Pallet drops and supply drops seen in Season 2. The Flame station had manuels about pallet drops and the Flame computer video starring Marvin Candle mentioned to press 24 pallet drop.
    9) The electrical cabling also connects to a close-knit community marked on a map obtained by Sayid and Kate, a community called The Barracks, which is the place we saw in the the season 3 premiere teaser.
    10) Mikhail kept farm stock, including Cattle. His fridge was also full of Meat. This also explained how Juliet managed to make Jack his Cheeseburger. She mentioned she killed the Cow. Maybe she did raid Mikhail's farm and steal a cow, just like Mikhail said two men had done. Or did Mikhail just hand her some of the meat he had in his fridge?

    So many answers and yet from them we raise more questions but at least this time things are starting to fit together and make alot more sense.
    This episode may take several viewings to take all the information inbut it is well worth it. Aside from all the heavy exposition the episode still has ample time to have some fun. The Hurley and Sawyer scenes are funny and the line to Nikki [of Nikki and Paulo fame], "Who the hell are you?" is classic, a nod to fans.
    The fact that Hurley won the table tennis match so easily was a nod to Jorge Garcia, as he is apparently good at any sport he plays and frequently beats his fellow cast members.
    The Sayid flashback is not too prominent, which helps to keep the momentum of the Flame Station action going. The final scene in Sayid's flashback is very emotional and the performances are watertight. To top it all Locke blows up the Flame and it is an inmpressive explosion, the first of Season 3, I believe. I noticed a degree of inconsitency surrounding the cat that supposedly appears in both Sayid's flashback and on the island. Amina called the cat a "He", yet Mikhail said he called it "Nadia". Is it really supposed to be the exact same cat or a striking similarity which punched Sayid's buttons. Was the cat another manifestation of the "Monster"?
    Anyhow, this was an exciting addition to Lost which once and for all revitalised Lost to take it to the Season 3 finale, which would change things forever!
  • A Sayid-centric episode.

    As a whole, I thought that this was a really great episode, but at the same time, I didn't think that this was the best episode ever of Lost. I thought that the flashbacks of Sayid's life in this episode were great. I also thought that they were very surprising. I never would have guessed that Sayid had worked had at one point worked as a chef before the plane crashed on the island. I absolutely loved the whole ping pong tournament story line with Sawyer. In closing I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to watch the rest of my Lost: season three DVD set, but like I said earlier, I didn't think that this was the best episode ever of Lost.
  • "Why don't we stop playing this little game when we all know it moved to the next stage?" Bit dry, but it was revealing enough to overcome that.

    This episode was something all the naysayers wanted. A 42 minute stream of information. Not literally, but - this episode was definitely more straightforward than most others.

    The rescue party bumps into a new Dharma station called the Flame and they explore it... and meet a new character called Mikhail.

    That is all. Might not sound alot, but it is. Sayid's flashbacks were very similiar; very static, and it was mostly dialouge, but heck, it was great!

    The new character is great. A big liar and manipulator like Ben... which is exactly why I knew from the beginning he's an Other. In fact, the main problem of the episode was that it was predictable. From the moment the C4 was shown and Locke starting messing with the computer I _KNEW_ he would end up blowing the Flame. And so he did.

    "The Flame went down in flames". Pun very much intended!

    The ping pong storyline on the beach was okay, I appreciate Darlton trying to make the episode feel a bit lighter. However, the fact that we weren't shown the actual ping pong game, I was disappointed.

    But now, onto the answers: The existance of the purge(Others v Dharma), the purpose of the cable on the beach, the purpose of the Flame.... Also, as I mentioned, Mikhail . Awesome dialouge. My favourite:

    "Why don't we stop playing this little game when we all know it moved to the next stage?"
  • We have Kate going on a solo rescue mission, joined by Sayid and Locke and following the wisdom of Eko's faith stick, then we have Sawyer in an ingenious way of trying to get all of his stuff back, by holding a ping pong tournament, winner takes it all.

    Kate is on her mission to rescue Jack when she is joined by Sayid and Locke, who seem a bit cheesed off that they were not asked to join the attempt, but they are going to find Danielle first. Locke tells Kate that they are following a compass bearing given to them by the light shining off of the holy stick of Mr Eko when they buried him.

    Some of the others have located the ping pong table, that used to be in the bunker, it was in the jungle, so they bought it back to the beach and Jin made a set of legs for the table. Sawyer has another go at someone who is walking down the beach with one of his magazines, he is then told that they are for everyone, not just for him. So he challenges them to find their best player and he will play that person for all of his stash, and if he loses, he says he won't, but if he does then he can not use nicknames for anyone for a whole week, real names only.

    The rescue trio become a rescue quad, as they invite Danielle into it, as Kate pointed out, one person that helped her escape was a teenage girl of about 16 and went by the name of Alex, that meant Danielle was in straight away. They are looking for some food, when Sayid hears a metallic sound, on investigating he finds a cow, he isn't 100% sure of what he is seeing until it responds to a whistle and wanders back from where it came, Sayid follows and finds that there is a small dwelling with the guy with the eye patch on.

    The ping pong tournament is about to go ahead and Hurley asks if the mercy rule is in effect, where if it is 11-0 then thats game, he says why not and allows Hurley to serve first, we see him win the first point and then a little later get to find out that Sawyer managed to get 3 points. Sawyer calls him a ringer but Hurley explains that when he was in hospital he had alot of time to practice and he found he was good at it.

    Sayid goes forward to the place unarmed, gets shot in the arm, but is not killed, then the eye patch guy says he's coming out, then Kate and Locke rush forward and get the eye patch guy to give in gently. Once they explain who they are, they get treated well, he even sows up Sayid. But it is realised that he's one of them and not alone, which they find out to be the lady from the pier. There is a scuffle, she gets shot by her own man, he gets taken prisoner and Locke ends up blowing the "flame" station up by entering 77 on the computer console, but not before Sayid gets to get alot of things out, one of them being the electrical diagram showing the barracks.
  • awesome

    Locke, Sayid and Kate investigate a Dharma communications station in the jungle and meet its inhabitant, Mikhail. As they are leaving the station, Locke blows it up. Sawyer competes in a ping-pong competition against Hurley to get back his belongings, but loses and has to go without calling people nicknames for a week. In flashbacks, Sayid meets one of his former torture victims in Paris. Who ever created the character Mikhail is a genius because he is one of the reasons the second half of the third season was so good, I hope he survives because he has brought something to Lost.
  • I loved this episode!

    Sayid has flashbacks to when he was captured and tortured briefly because of a woman he tortured during war. He says that he does not recognize her, but at the end, he confesses and the woman forgives him.

    Sayid, Kate, Danielle and Locke find a farmhouse. The man who Locke and the others saw in the Pearl station lives there. He claims that he is the last member of Dharma. Sayid thinks he is one of the Others. Locke plays chess with the computer. Sayid is right and they find Ms. Klugh under the farm house. After winning at chess, Locke finds the orientation man and other things. The man living there takes Locke, while Kate and Sayid have Ms. Klugh. The man kills Ms. Klugh. Meanwhile, at the camp, a group sets up the ping pong table. Saywer makes a deal. They send their best player and if he wins, he gets his stash back, if he loses, he can't give nicknames for a week. He loses to Hurley. Sayid finds a map to where the Others may live. Locke blows up the farmhouse.

    This episode was great! Very exciting! I really felt the emotion with Sayid and the woman. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • What a jump out of the last two episodes!

    The last two episodes were rather bland, still good, but rather bland. This episode brought Lost to life. I loved it, although we didn't really get any feedback from Jack and The Others.

    A Sayid-centric episode. I always thought his episodes were really good, although I usually didn't favorite his. I loved this one though, very much so. The ending talk with Yami (was that the guys name) wife was perfectly staged, and seeing her cat again at the end was the perfect way to end it. Very nicely done. The whole thing with the guy holding each other hostage and the chess game was well put, Locke is good at chess? Anyway, these Others must have strange minds, killing one of their one when it was forbidden like two episodes ago and heavily punished...

    The ping pong game was classic, even when I am Asian myself the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon thing with Jin and Sun I had to laugh a little! So, very nice episode.
  • Interesting installment to the traditional Lost storyline... Flashback character is Sawyer.

    Are you ready for more lost experience? If yes, this episode is again something exciting, original and adventurous... Said, Kate and Locke are investigating the new Dharma station called "Flame", where they find Mikhail, one of the others, pretending to be the last surviving member of the Dharma initiative. They take him as a prisoner but when they get out Lock writes a code called 77 which is meant to be written if the person in the station is surrounded by enemies, and it blows the hole station... So they take Mikhail as a prisoner.

    Said is remembering the times when he tortured a woman, that found him later, but released him, because of her pride...

    The guys on the island have new fun now... They've found a ping pong table. Sawyer finds a ball and challenges the other people on the island to give him back all his things, or if he loses, he gives them the ball and calls nobody with nicknames for one week. Hurley, which used to play ping pong as young, beat him.

    Interesting episode, worth to watch.
  • One of my all-time favourites

    Honestly I must say that I was highly impressed with this episode:
    -Heaps of excitement!
    -Very suspenseful!
    -The best so far in this season!

    I'm very suprised that LOST has given a superb episode, especially after watching 10 episodes that wern't the best (well some of them were). This one kinda reminded me of the old times but with action! When I saw that house I was shocked they didn't find It sooner, BANG BANG! Some man with a black patch over one eye starts shooting attacking Sayid's arm in the process. After this event Kate, Sayid and Locke explain everything and he begins to trust them. The flashbacks were revealing and good all around. Locke entered '77' into a computer and they almost had their chance of getting rescued, but not this time unfortunetly. Sayid did not trust the man, he was one the others it turns out. When i saw that women (an other) more suspense! In the end the women (an other) was killed by her own friend why? Then the whole place exploded, so Kate, John and Sayid took the one-eyed man with them. That was the end. the ping-pong game was cool to see, lol! Overall, incredible episode, and two more great ones after this 'Par Avion' and 'The man from talahasse'. But seriously this was awesome.
  • This episode Kept season three alive.

    Locke, Sayid and Kate investigate a Dharma communications station in the jungle and meet its inhabitant, Mikhail. As they are leaving the station, Locke blows it up. Sawyer competes in a ping-pong competition against Hurley to get back his belongings, but loses and has to go without calling people nicknames for a week. In flashbacks, Sayid meets one of his former torture victims in Paris. Who ever created the character Mikhail is a genius because he is one of the reasons the second half of the third season was so good, I hope he survives because he has brought something to Lost.
  • ... at least for me. we had Sayid, Locke and Kate with Rousseau in the jungle finding something really exciting.

    Another really great episode and for me.. stunning. I just adore those characters who this episode was centered and it was so good to have Rousseau in little action again.

    For lost island without no habitation on that island - there are quite many buildings and quite many people. This time.. the new building they found.. it looked so promising.. sad that Locke blow it up.. I was so sure it will go that way when they first saw explosives.

    ok.. This flashback was much better than most of this season. Went with the good level like Hurley's last episode but it was even better. The deep story, emotions and dilemmas... adoring. And the way it was played out. One of the most moving flashbacks I most say. Sayid's one so far has been. He has not get much attention so far in this season but this episode changed it little.

    And the event on that house.. The way Sayid seemed to have answer for everything and the way his knowledges scared Kate. Like when he revealed that he is not one of Dharma, and there is someone else.. and when Locke said he has searched every where and then just Sayid moves the carpet.

  • wow, that was intense!

    to start with the conclusion ... in my opininon, this has been one of the best episodes so far (if not actually the best)! it had it all, quite a few exciting surprises, supsense, emotions and even some dashes of humour! i was sitting on the edge of my seat almost constantly. the story involving the new hatch was just incredibly thrilling! i hadn't really trusted mikhail from the very beginning (mikhail bakunin, like the famous anarchist, what a name! ;-) ). he seemed way to friendly to be believed in that very situation but i was surprised nevertheless how suddenly he would turn tables on sayid and kate. sayid was absolutely fabulous in this episode and there was some brilliant acting by naveen andrews involved in this. i was amazed about his intelligence and prevision, how he could tell right away that mikhail was lying and that there was another person around, how he could interpret the map he had found to (probabely) take them to the "other"'s community, ... and i was really moved by the flashback (i actually think, that this might have been the best one ever!). talking about intelligence ... i had felt a little annoyed with locke ever since he got obsessed with preventing the button from being pushed and this episode hasn't really improved my feelings towards him. that was just plain stupid and i really thought that he could have learnt his lesson after the whole makingthehatchimplode mess, but no way he has! this episode still hasn't really answered too many questions (especially since we don't really know whether mikhail has told the truth about dharma for instance). i dont' really mind that since this seems to be leading to even more exciting stories and revelations to come and i'm really looking forward to that!

    i also liked the scenes back at the beach since they were somewhat amusing. i guess it will take a while for people to underestimate hurley again. he's becoming a stronger character every time he's on and i really admire that! besides, by letting saywer ask nikki "who are you anyway?" the writers have shown some quite funny self-irony and if they should continue like that, i might finally forgive them for the loveless introduction of nikki and paulo.
  • Solid episode with good character moments and another part of the mystery revealed.

    One of the biggest complaints of the first part of the season was the lack of coverage for the Fuselagers. In this second part, they've done a good job bringing us back to the main camp and giving us episodes on our favorite characters. Sayid has unfortunately been one of the characters left on the back burner for most of the season so far, so it was about time to get another glimpse into his character, especially as he prepares for a showdown with The Others. He has been preparing for revenge against The Others since Shannon died. When Ben was taken prisoner, he found an outlet for that rage briefly. Since Ben escaped The Swan, Sayid hasn’t been able to focus this energy on anything. Now their quest to get Jack back leads them right to a reclusive member of The Others, and when he is thinking revenge, his conscience comes into play.

    The flashbacks, explaining why Sayid displayed some mercy to Mikhail when he previously had a clear desire for revenge, worked very well alongside the A-plot, even if the actual event that would trigger the flashback occurred later in the show. I prefer to give the flashbacks some leniency than being flashbacks a person would usually have. Some may accuse these flashbacks as being filler because it didn't contain any major revelations or developments. However, I think that an episode like this adds more meaning to what we've already seen with Sayid.

    Sayid undergoes a role reversal in this episode, becoming the captor seeking the revenge. Despite his desire for revenge, he remembers when one person he tortured forgave him for his brutality when he was certain that her husband would kill him. Amira provides an argument of mercy being more powerful than vengeance, sparing a homeless cat from being hurt further by kids with firecrackers. The cat with a similar appearance, aptly named Nadia, symbolizes that return of mercy overriding his quest for revenge.

    If you want to take the whole story as a direct parallel, perhaps Mikhail was trying to distance himself from The Others by working alone in The Flame. When Klugh convinces him to kill her, he doesn't seem to be as willing to go that far for whatever cause The Others have. His wanting to die at the end feels more like an admittance of defeat.

    Klugh’s brief return alleviated some complaints from some who wondered where she was among the rest of the Others who captured Jack, Kate & Sawyer. While her role in The Others’ society is still not clear (and may never be explained), apparently she has some technical prowess and was there to help Mikhail get the communications running. It has been hinted this season that The Others have been cut off since Desmond turned the fail-safe key and The Flame, which is station that allows communication with the outside world. Presumably, this is where Ben got the footage of the Red Sox winning the World Series. The communications going down symbolize a major blow to The Others’ power, but Locke’s destruction of the Station is a major setback for the castaways hoping for rescue.

    Many people criticized Locke for blowing up the station and how that action made him look like an idiot. While there is weight to this criticism, it would've been out of character for him not to do what the computer says. Locke believed that fate had originally led him to The Hatch and that what happened in "Live Together, Die Alone" was a form of punishment for his lack of faith. So when he's presented with a new station and a new computer, he wouldn't disobey it and face the consequences again.

    It could've been interesting to have Mikhail be or think he was the last surviving member of the Dharma Initiative (technically Desmond is the last Dharma). Many of the things he said made sense; things Kelvin said in “Live Together, Die Alone” support his claims. However, making him an Other works too, as he would've known that those in The Swan wouldn't be able to participate in "The Purge" because they had to stay by the button to press it every 108 minutes. Also, it might've been more appropriate to have a revelation like this last season when The Hatch was the big focus.

    Dr. Candle's automated video offers insights into what Dharma knew coming to the island. That Dharma material would acknowledge The Others/hostiles adds to the theory that Dharma knew that this island was inhabited. In addition, they felt their presence in a communication station was such a risk to their operations that destroying it by entering 77 was the only solution if communications were down. Was part of the motivation behind Dharma to study The Others? Clearly, the four-toed statue was meant to show us that this island has history going beyond Dharma in the 70s, but how would Dharma find out such a thing that the rest of the world didn’t know?

    Assuming Mikhail is honest about everything besides not being an Other (which apparently has been confirmed), this adds a lot of detail to the history between The Others and the Dharma Initiative. Now it can be said that they are two separate entities. If that's the case, how does Mittelos Bioscience figure into The Others, and what relationship did they have with Dharma if any? If the purge went as well as they hoped, is there any assimilated ex-Dharma in the ranks? And why would Dharma engage The Others in combat?

    The Flame appeared to be responsible for the pallet drops from "Lockdown", although it seems odd that they would be responsible for deciding when people in The Swan would get their rations. There were also Swan logos on various items in The Flame station. As The Flame was responsible for communications, it has to be asked how much the other Dharma stations communicated or worked with each other or if each was its own entity.

    It’s also odd that The Flame has a small functioning farm in the land around it, which explains how Juliet was able to get a cheeseburger. Unlike the other stations, which appear to be made of steel The Flame has a barn façade with a basement. This could’ve been made by The Others post purge, but it seems unlikely since The Others have more commandeered old Dharma stations and used them for their own needs rather than change them.

    Another thing worth thinking about is that Rousseau has never seen this station. Considering the amount of time she has spent on this island, it doesn’t seem like she’s encountered half of what the main castaways encountered by the end of the first season. Once again this begs a Rousseau episode, but who knows when that’ll happen.

    On the lighter side, we got a fun subplot involving Sawyer playing Hurley in a ping pong match, the stakes being his stash or nickname privledges. There were some nice call outs to the fans, like whether the Hatch imploded or exploded and the awkward introduction of Nikki and Paolo into the main group. Perhaps Sawyer's excessive nicknames this season was the writers getting it out of their system before this.

    After last week’s break from the mythology, this episode returns to it, deepening our sense of the history of Dharma and The Others in the process. The flashbacks are strong because they work along the main story and explain Sayid’s motivations. Sparing Mikhail could be seen as a step forward, but who knows when the step back will come.
  • We nearly got answers!

    We take off with the story of John, Sayid, Kate and Rossouse off to save Jack from the others. They mysteriously find an old house with a "DHARMA" dude living their. The intensity was brilliant and I was on the edge of my seat since I thankfully didn't read spoilers. How come Danielle has been on the island for 16 years and she hasn't come across this?!? Now that’s stupid. Oh well. Mrs. Clue was randomly shot by the guy. We found yet another hatch which was more of a basement than a hatch. Locke is definitely up to something.
  • They find another Hatch ! + The Others !

    Great Episode !

    Things r getting interesting on the island agian.

    This was sooooooooo much better than last weeks episode !

    The flashback story was ok it was about Sayid (he is still a good character)...... but what was happening on the island was great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They find another hatch called "The Flame".

    can't wait 4 next weeks episode

    season 3 is getting really good !!!!!!!!!!!!

    overall it was great

  • This episode lived up to its hype... which was huge.

    Wow... a lot learned here. This is without a doubt the most EXCITING episode of this season. And informative (thus the classification). I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The flashbacks were GOOD, which is rare for Season 3 (thus far). I was so excited when I saw Ms. Bea Klugh! But, alas, she died. This was sad... Ms. Klugh was my favorite Other. BUT, it was very shocking. Oh boy... we found the jackpot, and Locke destroyed it. It WAS for a good reason though... he was trying to contact the outside world. Seems Dharma really hates the hostiles (aka the Others), they made the station self-destruct if the Others took control of the system! It looks to me like the Others might be stranded themselves now, we'll see though.

    The ping-pong match was ok, I liked the poker game in "Lockdown" better, though. But it was still a nice break from all the intensity.

    Sayid: What have you done, John?!
  • Episode centered around the fascinating character of Sayid!!!

    I enjoyed this episode very much...It reveals another terrifying moment in the life of Sayid after leaving Iraq...He is working as a cook and is lured by a man who is the husband of a woman tortured by Sayid...At first i thought he was Innocent, but when he admit it i must say i was appalled...In the present, Sayid, Locke, Danielle and Kate go in search for Jack...They find a building, with animals, but most important with devices that give them a hope to find Jack...A person living there shots Sayid, but he is captured and tells them a story that i thought was very convincing...Sayid due to his power of observation realizes that he is not telling the truth...This is an odd element-he was able to tell that the man was lying but when the strange person approached him, he had no suspicion as to his intention...The group also find another person, who took part in their capture at the end of the last season...Mikhail kills her on her request, before the group had any chance to see if sh knew something about the whereabouts of Jack...This is another odd element-why did she insisted on dying?...All in all, it was another excellent episode of "Lost".
  • Another station (the Flame), another baddie (?), another reason why this show is one of the best, albeit maddening shows around.

    How's this for numbers...my ratings vote was listed as the 913 vote and (unless there's someone out there writing a review right now) my review will be the 113th review. 13's...is that bad? But all kidding aside, this was a great episode. Locke's actions drove me nuts. Hey let me play computer games...let me hit the buttons! Locke and his buttons. The man hasn't met a button he didn't have to press--literally and figuratively.
    Sawyer and Hugo's side story was fun, but a bit of a waste of time in terms of story progression. My Russian speaking friend tells me Mr. Patch also asked Miss Klugh for forgiveness before he shot her. (Maybe she had a bullet proof vest under there. No one checked!)
  • Whenever you see "Written by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse", you know it's going to be good.

    I knew we'd be back to form this week. Whenever you see "Written by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse", you know it's going to be good. I was starting to really miss Locke's little beeping hatch computer, so I was glad to see him enthralled by another one. And now that we "know" that the Others and Dharma are not the same people...well...I'm not sure where that leaves us, but it's good to know anyway.

    Sayid's backstories are some of my favorite, and tonight's was very simple, yet very powerful. I didn't quite buy the emotion from the tortured woman, but I felt Sayid's. Naveen is a brilliant actor, and I'm glad he survived the show. I was informed that somebody was dying in the episode, but I was confused as to why they brought back the mysterious Mrs. Klugh, only to kill her. What was her purpose? To enforce the idea that Mr. Patch was, in fact, a bad guy? OK...but I wanted to know more about her.

    Line of the night
    Sawyer, talking to Nikki: "Who the hell are you?"
  • more numbers..... !!!!!!!!

    finally we have some action here.....

    oH my god!!!! what an episode....?? best episode of the 3rd season..... by far!!!!!!!!!!!

    more questions no answers.... that means lost!!!!!!

    john did again a huge mistake by entering 7 7 !!!!!!

    i cant wait for nexts weeks episode.... lost is so back in fashion!!!

    we have one pearson dead, new numbers, bomb explodes and destroys everything.... a chess game, a ping pong game....

    and we saw shayd crying for firts time!!!!!!

    here in greece we love lost..... i hope it will continue like that..... more exciting episode.... more action.... more suprises..... more mystery....... more deaths... more..... more....

    generaly more LOST!!!!!!
  • Great great great great great great great!

    This episode was what I have been waiting for! More answers! Who are the others, when did they get there, who is the patch man, where is the flame, what does the writing on Eko's stick mean! yes yes yes! Finally, this was great great great. One of the best episodes this season!
  • When the words Lindelof and Cuse find their way beneath the writers’ credit for an individual episode, it’s a good bet you’re about to embark on a rollercoaster ride so revelation heavy that your head will still be spinning two months down the line.

    And so it was (well, almost) with ‘Enter 77’, which takes the ball marked ‘plot development’ that was so resolutely thrown to the ground with last week’s Hurleyfest and runs quite the distance with it, bringing a bloody well written little flashback sequence along with it for the company. Various things we’d already sort of gleaned are confirmed (the Others have a submarine, the cables connect all the stations, Dharma vs. the Hostiles etc.), we get our first (and last) gander at The Flame station, which is a curiosity in and of itself, that strange Candle man reappears again in a wonderfully crafted way (you gotta beat that outmoded, 1981 ZX Spectrum chess game), Miss Kleugh is probably dead (her Russian is just a load of ‘Do it! You must!’ style hyperbole) and Sawyer gets to call Hurley Grimace for the last time in quite a while. Quite the recipe overall, and it’s brilliantly done. Cuse and Lindelof do a damn fine job of disguising Mikhail’s true identity (I was fooled, I admit it). Stephen Williams’ direction is fantastically eerie and effortlessly manipulates the viewer, in particular in the sequence where Sayid is patched up by the Russian Other: attention is fixed on the exposition being delivered in Mikhail’s dialogue and consequently, the ‘stitching up’ becomes secondary, its full impact only really being felt in the following scene, once all the information has been received. And, of course, let’s give Naveen Andrews his dues; after having been deprived of anything significant to do for ten episodes, he really makes the most of his screen time here, putting it an absolutely stellar performance, particularly in the flashback sequence which, honestly, is only as successful as it is as a result of his portrayal. The substance of this particular narrative strand is not especially groundbreaking, nor necessarily interesting, but Andrews draws you into it utterly… and that’s no small feat. Accordingly, Sayid’s is a strong contender for best flashback of the season thus far. Obviously, the Sawyer/Hurley ping pong match was complete and utter window dressing but, given its brevity, it made for a nice complementary bit of fluff as a B-storyline and did, at least, allow for one of the best lines of the season when Sawyer offered Nikki a rather perfunctory ‘and who are you?’ after she spoke. Good of those Lost guys to give us another fan-acknowledging in-joke… Other points worth noting:-
    · Is that cat going to turn into Ben or what?
    · Did they keep Rousseau from The Flame because her accent would’ve clashed with Mikhail’s? After all, Mira Furlan is Croatian… they do sound similar… would it have confused us simpleton viewers too much?
    · What’s with the ‘mujhadeen’ reference on Mikhail’s typewriter? Huh?
    · Fantastic decision to go the unexpected route with Sayid in his flashback and have him actually be lying to the girl: this, OC writers, is exactly how to do three-dimensional.
    · Why did I not guess sooner that The Flame’s purpose was to keep in contact with the outside world? The connotations are all there… flame is a light, a beacon, illuminated in darkness… dagnabit.

    So… thoroughly enjoyable episode. Kept me glued to the screen for forty-five minutes and has left with me with a tonne of questions to boot. Lost at its best then, and not a glimmer of a Matthew Fox in sight. Excellently written and superbly directed. Another corker in a (mostly) damn fine season.
  • Great Episode

    I liked this episode of lost. It was a Sayid episode and in it we learned a lot of new stuff. We learned that Sayid in the past had injured a lady from his days in the Republican Guard. We also met a new character named Mikail. He said that he was a part of the Dharma Intinative. One part that I really liked in this episode is when Sayid knows that Mikail is lying and they start to fight each other. I also liked when we saw Ms. Klugh again even though she got shot. We also know that Locke blew up the flame station when he entered 77 on the keyboard after beating the computer game. Overall this episode was great and I can't wait until the next one.
  • luved it

    A brilliant episode i am a massive lost fan and as a massive lost fan i find it hard to criticise anithun lost but this episode was not without its faults. The island story was great and i enjoyed finding out more about the darma initative and the others and how far they are prepared to go to protect there secrates that and the leugh out loud humore of sawyer and the ping pong tornament made a brilliant island story. the flash backs were nos disasterus and did give us a helpful insite in to sayids life but all in all did not add much to the episode.
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