Season 3 Episode 11

Enter 77

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on ABC

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  • Entertainment and Quality!!!

    Objective/Focus - » This time the objective was more attractive compared to the previous episode, this time was about how Locke, Sayid and Kate finding the Flame Station and the New Intriguing character. There are 3 focus are: Sawyer on the Beach, Sayid and Co and Sayid Flashbacks.

    Flashbacks -» Like the previous flashbacks, this was not important, however, there are some things to consider, since Sayid truly regrets of what he have done (about torturing). Not only that, but his flashbacks was entertaining and the last Scene is what only a show like Lost can deliver. The Presentation is nice, the Presentation Break made in the second Scene was great, the Conflict managed to be interesting, the Climax was not anything spectacular, but the ending was dramatic.

    The Beach -» Sawyer and Hurley did excellent funny scenes, was better since creating a problem in the beach could be ridiculous.

    The Main Event - » It is not only because they found this Station, but the intriguing character that appeared. All the scenes was very well done, typical of Lost superb episodes. The fights, the dialogues and even the funny scenes and the mysteries. The Presentation is a surprise, even the Presentation Break too, The Conflict was nicely done and very interesting, The climax was very interesting to see and the ending was very well Done too.


    Plot Holes Or Development: Gold. Didn´t Notice. Time And Scenes Management/Story Development -» Gold. Very Well Done. You miss to notice that there are scenes to buy any type of time and this episode make you want more scenes.

    Surprises/Shock: Gold I never expected that they would found another Station and someone inside it.

    Twist: Silver. Sayid flashbacks and Mikhail provide that.

    Curiosity/Mystery/Doubt/Revelation: High. You expect that Mikhail will reveal more and more things.

    Drama -» Sayid Flashbacks delivered this, the last scene.

    Funny: Silver. Sawyer and Hugo did it.

    Tension/Suspense/Cliffhanger: Gold. The tension and suspense is created by the main event. There is no cliffhanger left in this episode.

    Action: Silver. Provided by the Main Event.

    I have no doubts that this episode deserves at least a 9. Finally after 2 weak episodes without the usual Lost Quality, this episodes show up and make Lost fans hope that the rest of the season can keep up.
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