Season 3 Episode 11

Enter 77

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In the Flame Station, after beating the computer at chess, Locke sees a series of messages of Dr. Marvin Candle. In those videos he has the prosthetic left arm already. We can assume it was recorded after the one in the Pearl Station, where he had both arms.

    • The gymnast, Nadia Comaneci, whom the cat in The Flame station was named after, was part of a gymnastics club entitled "The Flame" during her childhood.

    • The second handwritten note on the Russian typed page (closer to the bottom of the page, as Locke is holding it) says: "I have forgotten so much about Afghanistan".

    • On the Russian typed page, the handwritten notes on the margin in red ink translate as "My name is also Andrei" (the word "Andrei" is underlined on the typewritten portion).

    • The letters C H R I S T, using the order of the alphabet, sum to 77.

    • There are typewritten notes in Russian. The visible text says:

      "[...] lost in his country, and they must [...]
      and, if necessary, through full social [...]
      repulsed Andrei to some extent. Nadji wasn't a [...]
      of Afghan resistance, however he was an excellent [...]
      He was a second-cousin of an influential [...]
      who controlled one of the north-western [...]
      specialist, who was helping [...]
      mujahedeen used against [...]
      of courage Nadji compensated with his wits [...]
      Like all radical people of that time, Nadji [...]
      of his madrasah believed that they were deterring the West and laying the road for Allah, so that he would wipe the infidels from the face of the Earth, while Andrei believed that the fall of Afghanistan will act as an impulse for [...]
      social revolution. "The Pakistani have arrived today", said Nadji with strong accent in stilted Russian. We knew that the ISI will get involved in this. And you [...]
      tell this?". Andrei knew that he [...]".

    • The Numbers:
      -Computer codes:
      1)Enter 2-4: Pallet drop (8+16=24).
      2)Enter 3-2: Station up-link (16+16=32).
      3)Enter 3-8: Mainland communication (15+23=38).
      4)Enter 5-6: Sonar access (4+4+8+8+16+16=56).
      5)Enter 7-7: Hostile incursion (4+15+16+42=77; 4+8+23+42=77).
      -The chess game Locke played against the computer would have ended with checkmate on move 42.

    • Goof: As Sayid is following the sound of the cowbell through the jungle, his rifle instantaneously changes from level to 45 degrees up between shots.

    • The Russian dialogue that occurs towards the end of this episode is as follows:

      Klugh: Mikhail! Mikhail! You know what to do.
      Mikhail: We still have another way out.
      Klugh: We cannot risk it. You know the conditions.
      Mikhail: There is another way.
      Klugh: They captured us. We will not let them to get into the territory.
      Klugh: You know what to do. That's an order.
      Mikhail: We still have another way!

    • When Sayid is being held hostage by the husband of the tortured woman; the husband hits him on the face and he gets blood all over his mouth and on the right side of his neck, then the husband moves to take a tube to hit him harder and as the camera moves to Sayid again his face and neck are clean, then the camera moves and then his face and neck are bloody again.

    • When Mikhail is extracting the bullet from Sayid's arm, we can see the wound is in the upper part of the arm, right below the shoulder. Nevertheless, in the scene where Mikhail is captured after shooting Ms. Klugh, the curative in Sayid's arm has a blood stain in the biceps area instead of right below the shoulder.

    • By the position of the chess pieces on the board when Locke first defeats the computer, there were still two valid moves available for the computer.

    • In the Flame station, Sayid finds several folders from the DHARMA Initiative. The two that he looks at in more detail are titled "DHARMA Initiative Food Drop Protocol" and "DHARMA Initiative Operations Manual", also we can see that both of them have the same serial number: DI 90M1654-21644.

  • Quotes

    • (Sayid points his gun to Mikhail)
      Mikhail: Finish it!

    • Sawyer: (to Hurley) So, you really the number one draft pick, Grimace?

    • Sawyer: You a shrink now?
      Hurley: She'll be ok, dude. Kate? I know you're worried about her. She's with Locke and Sayid. She's gonna be fine.
      Sawyer: Yeah, well, thanks for the pep talk Lu...
      Hurley: Uh uh dude. It's Hurley. Hugo if you want.
      Sawyer: Get bent, Hugo.

    • Sawyer: You bastards put up your best player. One game. And, when I crush them, y'all gotta bring me every piece of my stash back.
      Hurley: If you lose?
      Sawyer: I ain't gonna lose but, if I do, tell you what, name it.

    • Mikhail: I grew up in Kiev and joined the Soviet Army. I was stationed at a listening post in Vladivostok. After the Cold War, after we lost the Cold War, my unit was decommissioned. I was dismissed from my life in the military, and after years of conducting unpleasant actions against our enemies, I found myself wanting to do something good, so I replied to a newspaper advertisement.
      Sayid: An advertisement?
      Mikhail: "Would you like to save the world?" It read. That's how I met the Initiative. They're very secretive, very rich and very smart.
      Sayid: So when did you come to the Island?
      Mikhail: 11 years now. I liked computers, communications equipment and being alone like a lighthouse keeper, so they put me in this station. They called it "The Flame."
      Sayid: What's the purpose of the Flame?
      Mikhail: To communicate with the outside world, of course.

    • Kate: (Regarding Rousseau walking away) Hey, where are you going?
      Rousseau: I have no interest in that man inside the house. I have survived on the Island precisely by avoiding these types of encounters. I'll wait for you by the stream...For those of you who survive.

    • Locke: I'm sensing a lack of confidence.
      Sayid: We've been walking for two days, following a compass bearing provided by the carvings on a stick.
      Locke: And?
      Sayid: You really think we're just going to chance upon where the others are?
      Locke: I don't know what we're gonna chance on, Sayid, but my bearing is the only bearing we got.
      Sayid: I'm going to find some fruit, and then, John, we're going to have a rational conversation regarding our next move.

    • Rousseau: Your friends, did he kill them?
      Sayid: No, they're collecting whatever may be useful from the farmhouse. And now, we have our ticket to where the Others live, where we'll find your daughter, and Jack. And, finally, perhaps, a way home.
      Mikhail: There is nothing you could do to me that would make me lead you there.
      Sayid: I didn't say you were our ticket, did I? (He pulls out a sheet of paper) This is a map showing electrical and data cabling running from "The Flame," here, to a place called the "Barracks," here. It's comprised of houses and dormitories with water and power large enough to accommodate an entire community. Sounds like a place well worth visiting, don't you think?
      Mikhail: There will come a time when your guard is down and, when it is, I will not hesitate a moment before killing you.

    • Sayid: Why? Why are you letting me go?
      Amira: We are all capable of doing what those children did to this cat. But I will not do that; I will not be that.

    • Amira: After my husband and I first arrived to Paris, I was afraid to ever leave our apartment. So, I would stare out the window, into the alley, and I would see this cat looking for scraps. One day, some children came into the alley and trapped it in a box. I watched them light firecrackers and drop them in the box. I could hear him howl from three stories above. So, finally, I had a reason to leave my apartment. I rescued this cat and I brought him home. He sits with me when I read, sleeps with me, and he purrs. But, every once in a while, he will bite me or scratch me. He does this because, sometimes, he forgets that he is safe now. So, I forgive him when he bites me. Because, I know what it is like to never feel safe. And that is because of you. So, today, I ask only one thing of you: I ask you now that you show me the respect of acknowledging what you did to me. That it was you who questioned me, that tortured me, and that you remember me.
      Sayid (crying): I remember you. I remember your face. Your face has haunted me ever since I left Iraq. I am sorry. I'm so sorry for what I did to you.
      Amira: I forgive you.

    • Sayid: Tell me something, were you ever a member of the Dharma Initiative or was everything you said a lie? Of course, I'm wasting my breath.
      Mikhail: I was never a member. But everything else I told you was true. I moved into the station after the purge.
      Sayid (Doubtful): The purge in which a group of scientists attacked your people?
      Mikhail: Believe what you want but that is what happened.

    • (Sami is hitting Sayid because he thinks he tortured his wife)
      Sami: Admit it! Admit it!
      Sayid: I cannot admit to something I didn't do.

    • (About Mikhail, who is tied up)
      Kate: How do you know he isn't alone?
      Sayid: The horse outside is still saddled and the stirups are set up for someone much shorter than this man.
      Locke: You think the Others sent someone to keep him company?
      Sayid They sent someone out here because they lost communications.
      Locke: Maybe when the sky turned purple.
      Sayid: That would be my guess
      Locke: Well, if there's someone else here they're hiding pretty good. I checked ever nook and cranny (Sayid lifts up the carpet to reveal a hatch in the floor) in... this... place.
      Sayid: Not every nook and cranny, John.

    • (Sayid is being held prisoner. Sami walks in and lays a bowl of water and a bag in front of him)
      Sami: Drink. (Sayid proceeds to do so) You were a torturer, were you not? In the Republican Guard. Do you not recognize one of your victims? Do you not recognize the woman that you tortured? Do you not recognize my wife!?
      Sayid: No, I've never seen--! You've confused me with someone else.
      Sami: Amira was arrested for harboring an enemy of the state; she was held for three months while she was questioned. Her arms bear the scars of those questions. So, I assure you, Najeev, I am not confused!
      Sayid: My name is not Najeev. I'm Sayid Jarrah. I was in the Republican Guard and, yes, I was an interrogator but, I have never seen your wife! Maybe she saw me at the same facility but I do not know her! I can remember every face of every person I've interrogated.
      Sami: She remembers your face. She remembers it so well that she recognized it from a mere glimpse when we walked by the restaurant where you worked!
      Sayid: What do you want from me?
      Sami: I want you to admit to what you did. And if you don't, you will leave this room in that bag.

    • Mikhail: I grow the tea myself so pardon its bitterness.
      Sayid: Any tea is good tea.
      Kate: You know how long it's been since we've seen ice?
      Sayid: I noticed a series of thick wires as I walked around the station.
      Mikhail: This is the hub but they go underground to various stations all over the island.
      Sayid: And these cables, do any of them run into the ocean?
      Mikhail: Yes, there is an underwater beacon that emits sonar pings to help guide in the vessels.
      Sayid: By vessels, you mean submarines?
      Mikhail: Yes, the Initiative used one to bring us here; but, I can imagine only that the "hostiles" have either destroyed or commandeered it, by now.
      Sayid: That explains how they were able get around my position and capture our sail boat.
      Mikhail: You have a sail boat?
      Sayid: Until we lost it to your "hostiles."
      Mikhail: That's very unfortunate.
      Sayid: Well, at least we were able to kill one of them.
      Mikhail: Why are we continuing to play this little game when we all know it has moved to the next stage?

    • Sayid: What's wrong?
      Kate: It just, it doesn't make any sense. Why would they let him stay here; with all this stuff, all this equipment?
      Sayid: Actually, it makes perfect sense.
      Kate: What are you talking about?
      Sayid: The reason they let him stay here is because he is not Dharma. He is one of them.
      Kate: He shot you and you just let him - Why are we still sitting here?
      Sayid: We are sitting here, Kate, because I am certain he is not alone.

    • (Mikhail walks in and sees Locke playing chess on the computer)
      Mikhail: Heh, don't waste your time. For ten years I've tried to defeat that game. But, it was programmed by three Grand Masters. And, it cheats.
      Locke: Hm, well, I've played a lot of computers and I'm pretty sure they don't know how to cheat. That's what makes being human so distinctly wonderful.

    • (Mikhail says something to his cat in Russian and calls her Nadia)
      Sayid: What did you just say?
      Mikhail: I told Nadia to be polite because you are my guests.
      Sayid: Nadia?
      Mikhail: After Nadia Comaneci, the greatest athlete the world has ever known. We have the same birthday.

    • Sayid: What happened to the Dharma Initiative?
      Mikhail: They're all dead, of course. They foolishly initiated a war against the "hostiles." A purge, they called it.
      Sayid: And how did you survive this purge?
      Mikhail: By not participating in it. I told you, I like being alone.
      Sayid: And the "hostiles" allowed you to stay here?
      Mikhail: After it was over, four men appeared in the yard. They offered a truce. They said to imagine a line that extended all the way around the valley. As long as I did not cross it, I would be left alone. Then, they took two cows and I never saw them again.
      Kate: They weren't interested in the satellite in the yard?
      Mikhail: Why would they be? It hasn't functioned in years.
      Sayid: Who are they, these "hostiles?"
      Mikhail: I do not know. But they were here a long time before we were. A very long time.

    • Sami: Please sit. Sit. So, where are you from, Najeev?
      Sayid: I'm Syrian.
      Sami (In Arabic): Please, you are as much of an Iraqi as I am, young man.
      Sayid: What do you want from me?
      Sami: You're an excellent cook and I... I have a restaurant, much nicer than this place. Come take a look. If you like it, I will hire you. At twice your pay here.
      Sayid: You're offering a stranger a job because of a single meal?
      Sami: I'm offering you a job because we are outsiders here. And, because, uh, my chef just quit.

    • Locke: Are you sure it's completely isolated?
      Sayid: I've circled the house, there's nothing but jungle surrounding it. Here. (He hands Locke the binoculars)
      Locke: That dish still work?
      Sayid: A satellite dish of that size would have broadcasting capabilities of thousands of miles. Danielle, you once mentioned a radio tower; is this it?
      Rousseau: I have never been here before.
      Kate: The man in the house, you said you've seen him before.
      Sayid: On a video feed from the "Pearl" station.
      Kate: So, who is he?
      Sayid: There's only one way to find out: we ask him. (He hands Kate his gun)
      Kate: What's this for?
      Sayid: If I'm unarmed, he won't feel threatened. In case he is threatened, then cover me from here.

    • Sawyer: Hey, that's my Guns and Ammo! Where the hell'd you get it?
      Paulo: It was in the magazine stack. We share things now.
      Sawyer: Listen, Zorro, it was in my stuff. Stuff you all decided to have yourselves a little party with while you thought I was dead.
      Paulo: Listen, hillbilly, if you want it that bad, take it. (Paulo reveals he is using the magazine to cover a roll of toilet paper)
      Sawyer: Ugh, just keep it.

    • Hurley: Sorry I beat you so bad, dude.
      Sawyer: Sorry you hustled me, you mean.
      Hurley: My mom had a table in her basement. And, I played a lot at the instit-- this place I hung out at for a while. I got kind of good.
      Sawyer: Well, hooray for you.

    • Hurley: (speaking to Sawyer) It doesn't look like that last slam caused any long term damage to your forehead, and you got three points which is better than zero.

    • (Sun and Jin are talking in Korean about Sawyer's deal to get his stuff back)
      Sawyer: Ooh! Looks like Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon got something good. Lay it on me.
      Sun: No nicknames. If you lose, no nicknames for anyone for a week.
      Charlie: Nice.
      Sawyer: You're on. Pick your player. I'll be back in an hour, then let the slaughter begin.

    • Sawyer: We need to do a little Quid Pro Quo first. I know I've been gone a while and ya'll thought the "general store" was having a "Going-Out-of-Business" sale; but, now I'm back, and I want what's mine.
      Nikki: Yeah, but it wasn't really yours to begin with.
      Sawyer: A: It was mine when I took it. B: Who the hell are you? And, C: Because I'm fair, I'm gonna let you play me for it.
      Hurley: Play Ping-Pong?
      Sawyer: That's right, Avalanche.

    • Sawyer: Ping-Pong Table? Where'd the hell that come from?
      Hurley: Jin found it when he was out looking for firewood. We made legs for it, paddles. Now, all we need is a ball.
      Sawyer: Found it?
      Hurley: It must have landed in the jungle when the hatch exploded.
      Sawyer: I thought the hatch collapsed.
      Hurley: Look, dude, all I know is the sky turned purple. After that, I don't ask questions. I just make myself a salad and move on.
      Sawyer: Yeah, I can see that's working for you.

    • Sayid: I can see you didn't find anything worth taking.
      Locke: Actually, I just played that silly chess game again. And, now, I realize why you didn't want me to beat it.
      Sayid: Meaning what? (In the background, "The Flame" explodes) What have you done, John!? That place was our one hope of communication with the outside world!
      John: The computer said that, if there was an incursion by the "hostiles", I should enter 7-7. So, I entered 7-7.

    • (After shooting Sayid because he was trespassing)
      Mikhail: I didn't cross the line! We had a truce! This is my land! You said I could stay here!
      Sayid (In pain): I'm not who you... who you think I am! My name is Sayid Jarrah. I was on a plane that crashed here months ago!
      Mikhail: A plane?
      Sayid: I'm unarmed. I swear!
      Mikhail: Stay right there!
      (Locke and Kate run out and ambush Mikhail when he exits "The Flame")
      Locke: Drop the rifle! Drop it right now. Back up. Back up.
      Kate: (to Sayid) Are you alright?
      Mikhail: You really did crash here?
      Sayid: Over 40 of us, yes.
      Locke: I'll go in first, make sure it's okay.
      Kate: Who are you!?
      Mikhail: My name is Mikhail Bakunin and I am the last living member of the Dharma Initiative.

  • Notes

    • Naveen Andrews submitted this episode for consideration on his behalf in the category of "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series" at the 2007 Emmy Awards.

    • Although they are credited, Matthew Fox (Jack), Michael Emerson (Ben), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), and Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) do not appear in this episode.

    • This episode marks the first time on Lost that Jack (Matthew Fox) does not appear in two consecutive episodes, this being the second episode after "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" without his appearance.

    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: September 7, 2007 on Net 5
      Spain: Monday October 15, 2007 on FOX TV Spain
      Finland: October 25, 2007 on Nelonen
      The Czech Republic: November 11, 2007 on TV Nova
      Macedonia: November 29, 2007 on A1
      Germany: Monday December 17, 2007 on Pro7
      Denmark: April 7, 2007 on Kanal 5

    • Episode Title: "Enter 77" is another title that comes from a quote within the show. On a video discovered in the Flame hatch, Marvin Candle tells the viewer to "enter seven seven," if they are attacked by hostiles.

    • A Sayid-centric episode.

  • Allusions

    • 77: In the Bible, the number 77 corresponds to forgiveness. "Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, 'Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?'"; "Jesus answered, "I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.." -Matthew 18:21-22.

    • Avalanche: Sawyer calls Hurley "Avalanche," a super heavyweight professional wrestler from the 1980's.

    • When Locke defeated the computer in chess, the computer still had two moves to make, hence, making the game not really a checkmate.

      However, this final position of the pieces on the chessboard is an allusion to a famous chess match between Anatoli Karpov and Garry Kasparov in the 1985 World Championship for chess. The match that they played is known as the Brisbane Bombshell. In the match, Kasparov defeated his opponent by prolonging the game for 40 moves, not allowing his opponent to force him into a draw.

    • Mikhail: (Explaining to Sayid how he came to the Island) After the Cold War ... After we lost the Cold War, my unit was decommissioned.

      The Cold War was the period of conflict, tension and competition between the United States and the Soviet Union from 1945 until the early 1990s. Throughout the period, the rivalry between the two nations surpassed the military arena, becoming more of an ideological conflict and was responsible for a massive conventional and nuclear arms race, military, industrial, and technological developments and many minor wars.

    • The man with the eye-patch's name is Mikhail Bakunin. This name is an allusion to the real-life Mikhail Bakunin, a Russian Revolutionary who is often considered one of the fathers of anarchism. He lived from 1814 until 1876.

    • Sawyer calls Hurley "Grimace" before they start the ping-pong match. Grimace is a marketing character for McDonald's that looks like a large, fuzzy, purple gumdrop with little arms and legs.

    • The cat at the Flame hatch is named Nadia after Nadia Comaneci.
      Nadia Elena Comaneci was a famous Romanian gymnast who won five gold medals at the Olympics. She was also the first person to be awarded a perfect 10 in an Olympic gymnast event. She was born in 1961.

    • As the two are exchanging insults, Sawyer calls Paulo "Zorro." Zorro is a fictional character who is a nobleman and master swordsman living in Spanish-era California. There have been numerous films that have centered around this character.

    • As Sawyer is walking on the beach, he notices that Paulo has taken his magazine "Guns and Ammo." "Guns and Ammo" is a magazine that offers a semi-technical approach to sporting firearms for both beginners and experts.

    • Sawyer: Looks like Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon have something good.

      Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a martial arts movie that came out in 2000. It was nominated for several Academy Awards, including best picture. Among its Oscar wins are: Best Cinematography and Best Foreign Language film.