Season 3 Episode 4

Every Man for Himself

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on ABC

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  • Awesome.

    Colleen dies and her husband Pickett takes out his anger by beating Sawyer. Sawyer is deceived into thinking that a pacemaker has been implanted in him and that his heart will explode if his heart rate exceeds 140 bpm. Ben reveals to Sawyer that trying to escape is futile because they are on a separate island off the coast of the island where the survivors' camp is. In flashbacks, Sawyer cons his way out of prison and finds out that he has a daughter. After claiming that he doesn't care about her, he anonymously gives a large sum of money to his daughter. I love Desmond in this episode. We learn that he kind of knows the future. I love the Jack scenes and the Sayer and Kate scenes too. I love the way Danny's wife dies and he wants revenge so he takes it out on Sawyer. I love Sawyer's backs tory. I love the Ben and Sawyer scenes - awesome. I love the way Jack walks through the yard of Kate and Sawyer - awesome scene. I also love the Juliet and Jack scene, there awesome together I think.
  • Some interesting twists, but not as good as we've been getting

    The last couple of episodes have shown us that Sawyer seemed more than a little used to being in prison. Now, in this Sawyer- centric episode we find out that this was indeed the case. We also find out even there, he managed to keep up his cons. It also tells a little more about his character then we thought we knew.

    While he was in prison, Sawyer learns that there was a man with a lot of money. And being Sawyer, he managed to run a con to do it, even if this time, he was on the side of the angels But that's not the only part of the story we get. We also meet the victim of his last con--- Cassidy, who Sawyer ran a long con on in order to get her life savings. She retaliated by pressing charges against him. And then a little later, she had a daughter named Clementine. A popular fan theory was that Cassidy was running a con of her own on Sawyer, and this was the second part of it, in order to get even more of his money. It's an interesting theory, but later episodes will reveal that she was being honest. So at least Sawyer could take solace in the fact that he was doing right by his daughter. Not that it probably made him feel much better at the time (if that last expression on his face in the final part of his flashback is any indication) Now Sawyer tries to get a chance to break for it when Colleen is brought back to the Others camp. Sawyer tries to use it as a way to get out, but he doesn't know about the cameras. As a result, he gets beat the crap out of by Ben (are we ever going to learn why the Others get their super strength) and they tell him that they've placed a pacemaker in his chest. One that will cause his heart to explode if he over exerts himself. Sawyer has no reason to doubt them which once again demonstrates how easy it is to con him However, it doesn't answer the bigger question: what the hell kind of games are the Others playing? Is this some kind of experiment?

    As for Jack, he gets pulled into another part of the camp when Juliet's efforts to operate on Colleen end up going nowhere, and she goes over the head of Ben in order to do it? Nevertheless, Jack does his level best to save Colleen, but fails. When he finishes though, he makes an effort to try and comfort Juliet, who seems genuinely upset about what's just happened. Of more interest are two other revelations. First of all, Juliet says that she is a fertility doctor. Since I sincerely doubt there's a medical school on the island, that would seem to imply that Juliet hasn't lived here as long as Ben. Once again, how did she get here? And why is a fertility doctor on the island? Is there some problem with reproducing we don't know about?
    Secondly, Jack sees a set of X-rays while scrubbing up. He know enough to recognize them as belong a man in his forties with a tumor on his L4 vertebrae. This seems to indicate that someone on this island does need his help But if that's the case, why all of this espionage? Why not come to them on the island, introduce themselves as longtime inhabitants, and say they need your help? Of course, we know from Rousseau that the subtle approach is not used in their arsenal, but why not ask? And why go through all this manipulation? There's a larger plan here, but even now, I'm still not sure what it is they're trying to pull.

    Kate also reveals that she can escape her cage, and does so with no apparent repercussion, even though we know that Ben is watching them. Maybe, it's because after Danny Pickett, taking out his vengeance against Sawyer for the death of his wife, beats the stuffing out of him, forcing her to say she's in love with him She later tells Sawyer she lied, but Kate is very good at keeping her cards close to the vest. Is there more to it? This at least, we'll get some leverage on

    The final revelation occurs when Ben removes Sawyer from his cage, and shows him that they are not even on the same island that they were. The idea of the second island is intriguing, and does play to the idea of where the Others are coming from, but there are a lot of other questions that arise. For starters, how come Sawyer and Michael never noticed the other island when they were on the raft near the end of Season 1 Why didn't Sun, Jin and Sayid see it when they were trying to track the Others? For that matter, why didn't Desmond notice it when he was on that same boat a few weeks earlier? And even if they are on a separate island, what about the little commune that we saw at the opening flashback in 'A Tale of Two Cities'? There the writers seemed to indicate that they were on the same island. Is this is in fact where the Others live, or are there more points too it?? There are a lot of inconsistencies that have never been truly cleared up by this even near the end of Season 5.

    And while were focusing almost all of our interest on the Others, what the hell is happening on the other island? About the only thing we see doesn't make much sense--- Desmond tries to get Claire to move from her tent, borrows a golf club from Paolo, constructs a makeshift lightning rod, and just like Locke did in Season 1, predicts when it's going to rain, just before the lightning electrocutes Claire. Has Desmond truly become psychic? And why is that the only story we get?

    'Every Man for Himself' isn't a bad episode--- it reveals quite a bit more about Sawyer's dynamic (along with the fact that he's always been something of a reader), and some interesting questions, but it doesn't do much to illuminate what's happening with the rest of the castaways, or where Sayid, Jin and Sun are, or a lot of other questions So far in Season 3, the writers seem to be having trouble balancing what's going on between the groups. Furthermore, we don't seem to be getting a lot of info as to why so many of these Others have the attitudes they do. All we know now for certain is that making a run for it is pointless Bt considering where they are, is there any kind of escape for these people?
    My score: 7.8
  • Interesting but not Great!!!

    Logic/Details - » Another episode that not only is predictable, has some filler scenes with it. It makes sense to center in Sawyer and with this another Flashback, however, this time his flashback are below from the previous one, simple because the writers tried to copy "the long con" and made a bad copy, since the flashbacks was predictable.

    Sawyer situation on the island with the pacemaker was well done, until Ben revealed that pacemaker was not real and made this episode just pure filler, since Ben could tell Sawyer from the beginning that why they could not escape from this Island.

    Like the previous episode, the producers think that is better to only focus on Jack, Kate and Sawyer. It was not a bad idea, but this could transform this episode in a failure, but all the scenes have some quality on it. The psychology game was interesting and Desmond predicting the future was nice to see.

    Progress -» Nothing really happened, which is bad. Desmond continues to predict the future, Sawyer was conned and someone from the Others died.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» The interesting thing here was the psychology game made by Ben. Was interesting to see Sawyer behavior. The flashback give us a little information about Sawyer. Sawyer been beaten up was a nice drama, when Kate is forced to say that she loves him. Jack discovering what he suppose to do was interesting to see too.

    Ending - » The last Scene was good, but made all the episode seems like a pure filler, since the important information was revealed only in the last scene.

    Overall - » Not great, but still watchable and is interesting to see that Sawyer has a heart and how he was manipulated.
  • InnerWar

    Cada personaje que aparece en esta temporada se me antoja interesantísimo y esto hace que la serie vuelva a despegar una y otra vez. Benjamin y su arte del distraer, la ex de Desmond y su cínica bondad, Desmond himself y su don de saber lo que va a pasar.
    Mataron a Colleen, lovely Sun did it, y la guerra empezó... empezó? La isla revela más secretos: el sólo verla desde afuera nos introduce en un nuevo plano.
    Qué es ese submarino? Realmente perdieron contacto with the outside world? Entonces no está todo bajo control? Bueno, al fin y al cabo son humanos y tienen errores como cualquiera de nosotros.
  • Season 3 shifts another gear with its best episode so far.

    Sawyer's episodes(like Locke's) are the most entertaining and smart episodes of Lost. And this one is no different. With Sawyer in charge of the running time, you can expect many twists and turns and this one delivers. The final denouement this time round is that there are two Lost islands, not one. The last Sawyer episode twist was that Charlie was part of a con Sawyer implemented against the other survivors so he could gain access to the armory guns from the Hatch. This episode's twist is much grander and also stems from a con implemented not by the con-meister himself but by the Others, namely Benjamin Linus. Despite this twist working to shock the audience, it initially has many flaws. Hopefully the series or its creators can clarify how none of the survivors have noticed this second island before whilst on the raft or Desmond's sailboat. Twists only work in the long-run if they make sense. This one has great potential but some imminent problems still exist that harms its potential future as one of Lost's great twists.
    It is quite strange that this twist occured, though, considering that I had a theory that the Losties and the Others wern't on an island at all but on a very remote stretch of mainland somewhere. To back up my theory, I went to the tip of the Northern Scottish coast, a year ago, and there was this extended area of land that was only generally used for the military as a training ground and base camp. This extended mainland was called Cape Wrath and could be reached only by foot across a beach or alternatively by a boat and then a tour bus across to the other side where stood a lighthouse. I remember thinking that if a plane crashed here, it would not occur to many instantly that they were on the mainland. I thought that this could be where our 815 survivors could be.
    Not since Do No Harm back in Season 1 have we been subjected to such a harrowing hour of television. You can't help but feel every blow that poor Sawyer has to take from Danny. Woah, that was truly brutal, and I remember thinking how the censors allowed this scene to be shown. It is surely the most violent moment of television. But it doesn't stop with Danny's outburst. Ben gets his two-penny's worth with him too and so too does a white rabbit (a reference to both Alice and Wonderland and Stephen King's memoir, On Writing). For a moment there I thought that Lost would have to face the Animal rights activists, but then the Rabbit survived...or did it? I think the writers are stepping on shaky ground here and certainly the tortury toward the bunny, whether it killed it or not, is nonetheless very unpleasant to watch, making this the most controversial moment of Lost to date.
    As controversial, harrowing and overtly violent as this episode is, it does help to retain the creepiness of the Others, that was sadly dissipated once we knew that they lived in a tranquil suburbia, and they seemed, on the surface, to be like us. This reminds audiences of how creepy, menacing and mysterious they were meant to be in earlier episodes. We also get a clue as to the reason/s why Jack has been held captive by The Others - his medical/surgical skills. The blatant presentation of a tumor-infected spinal X-Ray to Jack was there to pique his attention and his curiosity and now believes, with good reason, that he was brought here to operate on The Others. Maybe there are many on the island in need of a doctor with skills that Jack has. But then Juliet did tell Jack that they've never had any medical emergencies before Colleen's gunshot wound. So the X-Ray is not a medical emergency? Is it an X-Ray of someone that is not an Other? Maybe Locke? As with every question raised we are forced to wait patiently for an answer.
    The flashbacks were okay, and served the story well, despite not being that exciting or revelatory, save for the fact that Sawyer has a Daughter! Unless that is a con by Cassidy.
    Overall this episode was a solid hour of television and the best of the season so far. However, despite the consistent quality of the season so far, no episode has yet found the perfect mark just yet. Season 2 had 2 already by now and Season 1 had 3. This one was close but not close enough, I'm afraid.
    The next batch of episodes will be interesting, as this where Season 2 lost momentum, not regained until past the half-way mark.
    Let's hope things get going much quicker this time around.
  • A Sawyer-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that as a whole, I absolutely loved this episode. Although, this is a Sawyer-centric episode, and Sawyer is one of my most favorite characters on the show, so naturally I always love Sawyer-centric episodes. This is definitely my favorite Sawyer-centric episode that they had for the series as a whole so far. The flashbacks of Sawyer's life in this episode were great. I can't believe that Sawyer has baby girl. That was really surprising. I thought that Josh Holloway did a great job in this episode. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost by everyone involved, and I can't wait to watch the rest of my copy of the Lost: Season Three DVD set.
  • Desmond is on the beach and chillin' when he starts to pay attention towards Claire and the baby, approaches and offers to fix her shelter roof, that he's make it real good.Charlie shows up and says that he's handy and if it needs fixing then he'll do it.

    Des then goes off to the guy playing golf, borrows a 5 iron, gives him some golfing advice and then goes back to create something.

    Jack is still in the Hydra Station, watching cartoons, Juliet brings in some food, Jack tries to get her to get Ben to come and talk to him, she explains that he's not the leader and that the group decide on things. Ben comes in an says they have a situation, then outside we see a flash of the woods and Colleen being rushed back and all the others going to assist.

    Sawyer says that this will be their ticket out of prison and he goes about making a waterlogged entrance to his cage, he tells kate that Pickett will not be expecting the shock whereas he will and this will be their first part of their plan to escape.

    Sawyer has a series of flashbacks regarding his previous life behind bars, a visit of his last con and her telling him he has a daughter, then the situation regarding a prisoner who has stolen 10 million dollars of us treasury funds, we see he getting close then succeeding, then getting the last 6 years knocked off his sentance and his % of the finders fee being used to set up a new account in his daughters name.

    Back in his cage, Ben asks Sawyer about his weight and age, then approaches the bars, Sawyer gets a few punches in, but the electricity has been turned off, before he is overcome, led away and he awakes on a table where he is getting something implanted in his chest, that later he gets told is like a pacemaker, but if his heart races over 140 then it will explode his heart, this is nearly put to test when Kate gets new clothes to put on.

    Back on the beach, Desmond is building something using bamboo sticks, wire and a 5 iron, it is quite tall, maybe 12 -15 feet in the air, he begins talking to Hurley, who with a plate of fruit is about to step out onto the beach, when Des says he might want to wait, the rain comes, thunder roars and the lightning strikes the conductor that Desmond made, otherwise it would have probably hit Aaron and Claire, spooky insight.

    Jack is asked/pleaded with to help save Colleen, he tries but they just don't have the means and she dies on the op table, causing Picket to go and take his anger out on Sawyers by giving him and beating and Sawyer accepting it, he only stops when Kate admits she loves him. After which, Kate realises that she can fit through the bars at the top part of the cage, so climbs up, out and down to Sawyer who says that she must leave him behind, she won't and lets herself back in her own cage.

    Ben wakes Sawyer in the middle of the night and then takes him for a long walk, at the end of which, he gets shown the bunny with the 8 on its back, Sawyers not impressed but he does understand when he is shown his own island from the one they are on at the moment, he then understands that there is no point in trying to escape.
  • terrible!

    i almost gave up on lost because of this episode. the flashbacks had officially become irrelevant. and have little or nothing to do with the plot. what did we learn from the flashback? sawyer is good at conning people. that being said the whole episode wasnt bad. there were some good moments. finding out the others were on a separate island was interesting and so was the hinting of desmonds ability to predict the future. but it wasnt enough to make up for the painful and predictable plotline of sawyers. my advise skip this episode and move on to more important ones.
  • awesome suff

    Colleen dies and her husband Pickett takes out his anger by beating Sawyer. Sawyer is deceived into thinking that a pacemaker has been implanted in him and that his heart will explode if his heart rate exceeds 140. Ben reveals to Sawyer that trying to escape is futile because they are on a separate island off the coast the island where the survivors' camp is. In flashbacks, Sawyer cons his way out of prison and finds out that he has a daughter. Great to see Sawyer back to his old tricks, I found this episode of lost very entertianing as you would expect from your favourite show.
  • Oh my god !

    Wow !!! Best season three episode ! Jack is needed to save Cole's life ( The woman Sun shot on the boat )but fails to do so. Jack notices X-rays on a wall with a spine and a tumor on it so he asks Juliet about whom they belong. Ben implants a pacemaker inside of Locke which will make his heart explode if it exceeded the limit of heart beats that the others set for him but then Ben tells Saywer that it wasn't real and that all they planted in him was doubt. Now that is what I call powerful writing. Desmond starts acting weird and predicts things before they happen. At the end of the episode Saywer is takento the end of the island where he sees another island rigt infront of him which turns out to be his island. Very eventuful and exciting and surprising. I loved it. Also Saywer has flashbacks of how he conned his way out of prison. Favorite character from this episode : Saywer. I loved his prison hair lol.
  • I LOVED this episode!

    I really enjoyed how this episode was from Sawyer's point of view, that's so rare to come across, really and I love it when he's the center of the episode! To tell you the truth, I was semi-surprised that Sawyer has actually read something, he seems like the type of person who wouldn't read anything, lol!
    Over all, this episode was an amazing one, with wonderful interactions between Kate and Sawyer that made me both laugh and squeel... they are such a cute couple (wow do I need to get a life). I was so glad that Kate decided that she wouldn't leave without Sawyer, just proving my point that they really are a great couple!
  • Very good!

    Sawyer has flashbacks to when he was in prison. He cheats and lies his way out. He also learns that he has a daughter.

    Desmond offers to fix Claire's roof out of the blue. Sawyer is taken from his cage and the Others claim that they put a pacemaker in him that will make his heart explode if his heart beats too fast. Kate finds a way out of the cage, but she stays there. Jack is wanted to make an operation. Colleen, the woman that Sun shot, is in danger. Jack couldn't save her, but he notices some x-rays. The person whose they belong to has a tumor in their spine. Desmond builds a lightning rod near Claire's tent and later, a storm happens and lightning strikes. Ben takes Sawyer on a walk and shows him that he, Kate and Jack are on a different island than they were on.

    This episode was trippy! The ending was great, but I think Ben is lying. Desmond is also interesting. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • The only way to earn the respect of a conman is to con him.

    What I loved about Lost was that it intrigued me week by week so much that I just couldn't wait for the next week to get my fix.

    Unfortunately, this episode felt really... un-Lost. It was just not intriguing at all. Sawyer episodes are always short on plot, they tend to have waaay more character content.

    This one is like that too, but since the character backstory wasn't as interesting as the ones before(and also it was more predictable) the great character moments didn't make up for the lousy and somewhat laughable plot.

    So, Sawyer's got a plan to escape. It's really funny, he used his high school logic, but in theory, yes, it would work. Electricity and water is a great combination. But, unfortunately, he explains his masterplan to Kate loudly - therefore, Ben gains knowledge of it, and turns electricity off, and soonly turns the tables. Ben realizes he needs to teach Sawyer a lesson, so...

    He makes Sawyer believe he's planted a pacemaker in his body, and if his pulse goes over a certain rate, it'll explode. So if any excitement gets near Sawyer, he dies. Yes, of course, the writers couldn't miss the half naked Kate joke(obviously, his heart started pumping). But anyway, it was really cheesy, and just felt predictable, that it doesn't exist.

    Flashback wise, the episode was above average, but by Sawyer-standards, it was below average... it was such a letdown that after the job in 2x13'The Long con' Sawyer got caught. I thought it was a bad decision by the writers. That episode portrayed the perfect con, yet in this one, he's prisoned for THAT job?

    Anyhow, Sawyer finds someone in the prison who's hiding aaaalot of money which this guy has stolen from the goverment... obviously, Sawyer tricks him, Sawyer gets the location of the money, he informs the warden and the police, they get the money back, Sawyer gets his out of prison card. Great. It was really predictable, especially after the amazing twists and turns of the previous Sawyer episodes.
    What saved the flashack, was actually Cassidy's visit: Cassidy has a baby... from Sawyer. Great twist. Especially pays off in the end, Sawyer gives the reward money(of course aninomously) to Clementine(the baby). This once again proved that Sawyer does have a heart, even though he was in total denial about the baby. Should be noted that, though, this flashback gave us nothing new on his character, it was just a rehashal of the things we already knew.

    So, on the island, we got him with a non existing pace maker, Kate being curious what's going on... and Jack saving Colleen's life, who's been shot by Sun. Fortunately, he can't save Colleen, but his eye catches an interesting X Ray image, which shows a spine with a huge tumor on it. Who might it be? Of course, Lost fashion, we don't get an answer just yet.

    The biggest "WTF" moment for me(in a bad sense) was when Kate climbed out of her cage. Of course, Sawyer told her to go alone, because he wouldn't survive with the pacemaker. But Kate doesn't want to go alone so she climbs back. Makes sense....

    Now, Ben reveals at the end that it was a con. "The only way to gain a conman's trust is to con him". Great line, although the dialouge was shaky other times, so I can't really say it was sharp writing overall. But you might ask, why reveal the prank if Sawyer believes it? Well, let's just say, it was a big filler. Because actually, this whole Hydra station, the cages, everything is on a seperate small island, miles from the main island where the plane crashed! Duh. Not a bad twist, but that revelation alone makes most of the episode seem like a waste.

    Overall, felt like a very amatuer episode of Lost, with alot of shaky scenes. But on the other hand, it was extremely entertaining at places.
  • That was quite ominous and cryptic.

    Don't let the classificaton fool you, it was a good episode. The thing that really made the episode good is how suspenseful the whole heart rate monitor thing got when actually it was just to keep Sawyer from escaping and then in the end they conned him pretty well, telling him there's no where to run. The whole thing was a huge shock actually. Desmond just gets more future - ific. He shocked me when Hurley was about to step in the rain, foresaw it and told him not to. It was also shocking that he made the little lighting rod to keep the lighning away from Clair and the baby from harm. Jack and Julie(I think that's her name I'm not quite sure yet), that part was really significant in my opinion when Jack told her that he didn't care to make her feel better... so and Kate saying that she loved Sawyer... did she mean it, or not? So much suspense...
  • This was a huge improvement over 'The Glass Ballerina' but probably not as good as the previous...

    At least we got to see both stories in this one: Flight 815 survivor events and the others.

    Here we are now, on the fourth episode of the new season! I'm actually glad to be saying that because normally I'm like I hope Lost will get better; and it has! This episode gave us more answers, such as a second island which was a huge shock to many viewers. I was shocked! The flashbacks of Sawyer were pretty enjoyable all around! The part where Benjamin was shaking a rabbit's cage with a rabbit inside was confusing because I didn't know why he was doing it until he explained to Sawyer about a watch and something inside him that will explode If he exeeds his heart limit.

    As for the flashback, Sawyer sure knows how to con people but it was less disjointed as some of the other flashbacks. I pretty much hate the others except for Ben, he's funny. On the other side of the island I was wondering why Desmond was acting so strange? That's another Lost mystery to be revealed. This episode gave us heaps of answers that made it so good, along with the action! Lets just hope that this show stays cool! Next weeks episode focuses on Eko. I'll look forward to that!
  • Loved it.

    Colleen dies and her husband Pickett takes out his anger by beating Sawyer. Sawyer is deceived into thinking that a pacemaker has been implanted in him and that his heart will explode if his heart rate exceeds 140. Ben reveals to Sawyer that trying to escape is futile because they are on a separate island off the coast the island where the survivors' camp is. In flashbacks, Sawyer cons his way out of prison and finds out that he has a daughter. Great to see Sawyer back to his old tricks, I found this episode of lost very entertianing as you would expect from your favourite show.
  • Wow.. That episode really impressed me.

    Maybe the best episode so far. Many new things we can learn, many promising scenes.

    The episode is focused on Sawyer and the flashback does have some point. We learn that Sawyer coned to get out of the prison. Wow.. this man is on his own element. But he does care and even if he tries to make other think different.

    The other's have problem as the women Sun shot is seriously wounded and they try to save him. Jack is not able to do that and she dies - that leads her husband into rage and he goes to beat Sawyer... and ends only when Kate has to say that she loves him. For whom it was harder?

    Also we learn that Kate can get out of the cage... and we see the x-rays.. and we learn that there are two islands. Ok.. that ending was marvelous.
  • The best episode of Lost so far...

    Every man for himeslf is the best episode of Lost for me by now. It had great action, tension, and adventure elements, that made me waiting for more and more thruths to be revealed. In this episode, Sawyer had the flashback. He remembers the time when he was serving prison.

    The others are trying to convince Sawyer that he has been druged so he cant escape the island. Then they show him that he cannot escape because there are two islands and he is on the other one, instead of his group of survived passengers that are on the one across.

    Jack is trying to save to live of one of the others.

  • sawyer's past life

    this ep showed me how lived and loved James. I saw either how Ben gave him some medecine instead of sawing into him a thing that controls heart's work. After this ep I realized that Sawyer is not indiferent and bag guy as he wanted everyone to believe, he is good and he loves kate - it's all I wanted to learn about him. I like him. :)
  • Sawyer learns not to mess with the Others.

    Overall, not a bad episode. Season 3 is shaping up to be more like Prision Break. The Sawyer flashbacks were one of his better ones, but I'm getting tired of watching Sawyer con people, and then show he has a heart after all. Ben with the bunny was a werid scene, and I actually felt sympathy for the bunny as he died. (Or did he?) I think I'll name him Fluffy. And also more progression with the Kate and Sawyer story. (Who here hates Pickett?)

    Also Jack catches wind of a cancer, and Juliet continues to be as compelling as ever. Good epiosde, but they need to leave the island.
  • These people ever make any sense to you? -Sawyer on The Others

    Considering the mini-season’s length, it would make sense to have as many episodes focused on popular/big name characters in the series. So obviously, a Sawyer episode was a good choice. This point would be considered a turning point in the arc, with the culmination being episode six. This is probably one of the biggest problems of the mini-season, as fans saw is as something it wasn’t. This wasn’t a major storyline so much as its introduction. So while the lack of major revelations may be still frustrating, it needs to be seen in a proper context within the entire season.

    Being held captive by The Others, it would make sense that Sawyer’s mind would go to his time in prison. To complete the comparison to “House of Games” made in my “The Long Con” review, Cassidy’s revenge was far more moral, turning Sawyer in for his crimes. However, this episode introduced a new dynamic. Sawyer fathered her child, Clementine. Of course, this could be a part of another con altogether, since all he has to verify this is a picture and Cassidy’s word.

    Sawyer conning “Costanza” out of the ten million, only to turn it over to the authorities and to give anonymously his finder’s fee to Clementine adds to his reluctant good guy persona. A man so reluctant to be good that he doesn’t want anyone to know about any good he’s done. This all stems from him losing his family. He can’t be with other people and get attached without the fear that it’ll all be ripped from him. That distance is always present in Sawyer.

    When it comes to breaking out in the flashback, it could’ve gone like an old fashioned prison break, however, Sawyer “lies and cheats” to freedom. Here, The Others switch it around, having Sawyer attempt a break out scheme while The Others use their cunning to keep Sawyer from escaping. Sawyer can be incredibly clever, as successful con men have to be. However, he can be easily susceptible to cons himself.

    The Others know how to con people, including Sawyer. When The Others were nothing but an abstract concept, it could’ve been construed that they were some type of super-human creature, even though they are as human as their castaway counterparts. Ben was a master manipulator during his time in The Swan, picking apart Locke and Jack’s head butting to his advantage. Now that he’s with “[his] people” and has access to their operations, the game is tilted in his favor.

    He plays this to a sadistic high with Sawyer. The most controversial element of this episode is the extensive beatings they gave him. It wouldn’t have been hard to believe that he did give Sawyer a pacemaker wired to blow if his heart rate exceeded 140 beats per minute. However, this cruelty serves to convince Sawyer that the threat is real and to allow him to give information willingly that they can use. Despite his wishes to be the loner and live by the credo of “every man for himself”, he cares for Kate. The Others are clearly aware of the attraction between the two of them, and it pays off for them to have Kate have the same feelings for Sawyer.

    Kate’s cage is rather odd. For something The Others use to hold captives, what’s with the huge holes in the top that can be easily climbed through? Although that is negated with the revelation that they are on another island altogether, it still feels like The Others wanted her to get out.

    Why they brought those two along is still unclear, but this episode reveals a big reason why they brought Jack. Someone has a large tumor on their vertebrae. It’s no coincidence that Jack’s a talented spinal surgeon. Why The Others aren’t pushing Jack to want to help the patient more than they are pushing Sawyer to open up is still unknown.

    Jack has smartened up with regards to The Others’ operations, and even turns the tables on them the same way Ben did when he was captured last season. Undermining Juliet’s confidence in her position played out similarly to the way Ben did to Locke in “Maternity Leave”. He isn’t out to make friends with The Others, even if he may be developing a soft spot for Juliet.

    Pickett, the most aggressively antagonistic of The Others, didn’t have any reason to be the bad guy before this episode. However, with Colleen succumbing to the gunshot Sun gave her, he feels justified in beating the crap out of Sawyer. This could be read differently, as The Others are acting in a way similar to how the castaways would react to the actions of The Others. Not every member of The Others is antagonistic towards the castaways, but because of the actions of some members, it makes sense for them to lash out at all of them. Of course, the lack of trust and disclosure from both sides amplifies this problem.

    The toughest sell for this episode would be the final reveal that there is a smaller island about a mile away from the main island. A reasonable complaint would be why hasn’t anyone noticed this island before? There have been several expeditions that would give them access to this island, like the Elizabeth voyage, the raft or the tailies journeying to the castaways’ main camp. Just how big is this island that they have never gotten around to seeing this? On the other hand, this could be brought up every time they come across a new hatch or something like the four-toed statue.

    Such an event can lead people to accuse the show of making it up as they go along, throwing in game changing twists like this simply to throw us off guard and to show how clever they are. Without being as harsh, this was my initial impression. However, producers have said that there is an island present on Rousseau’s maps seen from season one. This is a good reason to take out the DVDs again. Even reviewing this episode months later makes some of the sins of the mini-season more forgivable than when I first saw them.

    As seen in “Further Instructions”, Desmond has some degree of precognition. This episode shows that it isn’t an isolated event by building a lightning rod, saving Claire’s life. With that type of talent, Desmond will be very useful, but how much can he see and how much power does he have over this?

    While hardly a bad episode, this is a good representative of the problems of the mini-season: little emphasis on the main castaways, excessively cruel treatment from The Others and a flashback that leaves something to be desired. However, the intellectual con game is interesting enough.
  • That was a good episode!

    Every man for himself was a really good episode. I liked the flashbacks and we found out lots more about the others.
    At he start Desmond offers to fix Claires tent, saying it's broken. She tells him thanks, but it's okay.
    He wanders off again.Back at the hydra Ben bursts in on Jack and Juliet. He tells her they have a situation.
    It go's to the woods and shows Colleen on a stretcher. We see Kate and Sawyer in their cage and Sawyer spots Colleen, as does Pickett.
    Sawyer smiles and tells Kate, that he has a plan to get out of there.He tells kate how Pickett will be distracted and Ben will come to the cage instead.
    He has an idea to shock whoever comes and grab the keys.Ben comes to the cage to qusetion Sawyer about his age and weight.
    Sawyer grabs his hand and tries to shock him, but the others have turned after the electricity.
    Ben attackes Sawyer and knocks him out. Sawyer waskes up on a medical table.The others inject him with something.
    On the beach Desmond gos to Paolo and borrows a golf club.When Sawyer wakes up, the others show him a rabbit in a cage.
    They shake the cage and the rabbit dies. They inform Sawyer that it had a pacemaker in it and it would die if it got too excited.
    They tell Sawyer he has one too and the same will happen him if he gets over excited.They warn him not to tell Kate.He is brought back to the cages.
    They give him a sponge to wash up and a new change of clothes for Kate.
    Sawyer can’t help but look, which causes his watch to start beeping. He dumps water on his head to cool off before the device explodes.
    Kate tries to escape but Sawyer tells her it's useless.Jack decides to help save Colleen and when in the medical room, he notices unusual x-rays.
    Pickett loses his mind and attackes Sawyer telling Kate if she loves him he'll stop.
    He repeatedly punches him, only for Kate to say she loves him.
    Sawyer cleans his wounds, while Kate begins to climb to the top of her cage, and easily slips through the top. She tries to free Sawyer, but he tells her to escape on her own. “It’s every man for himself,” he tells her. Kate tells him, she doesn't really love him.Jack does all he can, but Colleen dies.
    The X-rays he saw were for a 40 year old man with a tumor on his spine. Since Jack is a spinal surgeon, he has realized that he is there to save someone’s life.
    On the beach Des creates a very tall rod and the lightning hits it, instead of Claires tent.Ben wakes Sawyer up in the middle of the night and takes him to the mountains.
    beeping again. Sawyer asks if this is just a way from Ben to get him killed, but Ben informs him that “the only thing we injected you with is doubt.” There was no pacemaker.Sawyer looks across an expanse of water and sees the island he has spent so much time on. Ben tells him that Sawyer is currently on an island twice the size of Alcatraz, and that there is nowhere to run. “The only way to gain a con man’s respect is to con him. You’re pretty good, Sawyer. But we’re better.” The Others take Sawyer back to his cage.
  • Cool episode with a mysterious performence of Sawyer...

    What a great episode of Lost again! I always like the Sawyer storylines, cause those are very different then everyone elses storylines. But I didn't see the part coming where he has a daughter. Daddy James lol. Anyways it was a very funny scene, where Kate was undressing, and Sawyers watch was freaking out!! Also, very weird that there are two islands... can't the 'survivors' see the other island from there? I mean, if Sawyer sees 'his' island from this one, can't the people on the island see this island too? Strange...
    It was kinda sad that that woman died, but she's an other, so that was the risk of standing near Sun!
    I really thought the scene where that guy beated Sawyer up was sad. Looked like he was in a lot of pain and Kate was almost crying!!
    Anyways I can't wait to see the next episode, but I don't think it will be as great as this one!
  • Its starting to get better! (finally)

    This is the first episode of season 3 where we see both otherville and the survivors storylines in one big episode. So Pickett's wife gets back and is in a really bad situation and Jack tries to save her and sees Benjamins xrays. That was really well done. I really loved the storyline where they tricked Sawyer with the "heart-bomb." Unless the writers knwe what they were doing, the drop Nicki and Paulo onto the island idea was pathetic. What, are they replacements of Jack, Sawyer and Kate? It was easy with the take section survivors because they has a story but suddenly showing new faces, stupid, stupid and stupid. Sawyers flashbacks were kind of boring but revealing, he has a daughter and deep down, a good heart!
  • Stop ! - Sawyer Time !

    Another great episode of LOST.

    The Others prevent Sawyer and Kate from escaping, leaving Sawyer perplexed by the extent of the measures taken to keep them imprisoned.

    Jack is asked to use his medical training to save the life of one of the Others.

    At the beach, Desmond's strange behavior attracts attention. He begins to construct a mysterious device. Anyway - We find out !

    1. Jack, Kate and Sawyer are on another island.
    2. Sawyer Loves Kate
    3. Jack starts to put 2 & 2 together about why he is there.
    4. Demond can see the future.
    5. Sawyer was in prison.
    6. Sawyer has a baby girl.

    I like ben's little speech .

    "A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody. It don't make no difference who the guy is, long as he's with you. I tell you, I tell you a guy gets too lonely and he gets sick." So very true !

    Overall it was a good episode.

  • Didn\'t see that coming. Great twists, good flashback. The on-island action was awesome as always.

    I enjoyed how they kept Jack disoriented with the bag over his head, and it was nice to see both Kate & Sawyer trying to get him to notice them over the loud noises, considering it feels like a REALLY long time since Kate or Sawyer have interacted with Jack. The pacemaker idea was brilliant, although new & different. I get the feel that after watching Jack (first in the hatch, then in person) for two months, and after witnessing him trying to stop being so stubborn, Juliet digs him. Now while the idea of another island that nobody noticed before seems kinda farfetched, it\'s really not that unrealistic, considering the vastness of the dharma island & the huge probability of smaller, outlying islands. This means a lot of things. The others must have means of underground/underwater travel to the other island, such as a submarine, or a tunnel of some sorts. It all leads me to conclude that the hydra\'s zoological facilities were located on the smaller island because (1) it\'s apparently a huge station & (2) so they could have a separate area for testing before they released the animals into the wild of the larger island. It seems possible that once the others saw the plane crash, they either (1) retreated from their suburbia to the small island for a base of operations and are pissed off they can\'t safely reclaim their home, or (2) they\'re only there because they have specific plans/tests for Jack, Kate & Sawyer, and there they can carry them out, undisturbed. All in all, this episode was revealing in many ways, and further deepens, in a smart/creepy way, the mystery of Lost.
  • LOST takes its most violent turn yet with a Sawyer-centric episode. From needles in the sternum to mystery pace-makers to angry beatings, Sawyer gets abused more than when Sayid stuck stuff in his finger nails. And ew.

    Too. Much. Violence. Wow. This episode had my cringing and squealing every two minutes for a character I don't even like all that much. Don't get me wrong, Sawyer's one-liners keep the show as light as possible, but the fact that he can just never fully redeem his unlikability makes me feel very little towards his overall well being. The idea of the pace-maker was brilliant by the Others, and conning the con man was even more brilliant. Cheers to Ben. But otherwise, I felt that this episode was unneccesarily violent and nerve-wracking. It added a lot of drama and suspense, but no more answers than all of the other episodes the reviewers are complaining about. So they are on a separate island. We didn't even know we were supposed to be wondering about that so...
  • i really enjoyed this episode

    so, there are a few things i wanted to talk about.
    the first is the intercom in jack's cell. there is something up with it-- juliet says it doesn't work, but in the first 6 episodes, we hear 'let it go' from jacks father, sawyer's 'surgery', 'do you know what they're doing to karl? it was a mistake bringing them here', and the women telling jack how to get out of the hydra. i don't know what is going on with the intercom, but there has to be something important for it

    the next this is 'of mice and men'-- there were at least 3 mentions of it in that episode, so it got me thinking 'the best laid plans of mice and men...'-- and that sometime soon, somebody's plan, no matter how good it is, is gonna result in failure.

    the next thing was desmond. i'm really thinking that claire is in danger and not charlie. even though the promo looked like des was saying charlie, claire's life has been in danger so many times now and she's got a fb coming up, that there has got to be something important about her

    i really like the chemistry between jack and juliet-- i don't know what it is, but they seem meant for eachother, and there is something i really like about them. she was really upset when colleen died.

    there seemed something strange about the whole 'time of death', and then jack doesn't see a clock in there.
    i don't know what it means, but there has got to be something to it.

    overall, i really enjoyed this episode
  • We just got our ticket 'outta here!

    The episode continues where the 2nd episode left off: the sub has arrived back to the others basement, with the shot Colleen on it.

    It's a mayhem at the others'. Which Sawyer likes. He knows that Colleen was shot by one of 'them'. He believes that the time has come: it's time to go.

    Meanwhile, we get another proof of Desmond's 'ability' to predict the future. Without his help, Claire's tent would've burnt down, probably, with Charlie, Claire and Aaron inside it.

    Sawyer's plan seems to be simply and pretty easy. He trys to use the law of electricity: he dug a little hole outside his cage which is filled with rain. When Ben stands in it, he grabs him, and pushes the button 3 times. It will shock Ben, and him too - but 'he can take it'.

    Well... the electricity was turned off. So, instead of Ben getting beaten up, Sawyer does. And that's only the beginning... Sawyer gets dragged away by the others in a dark room, where he passes out by an injection. When he wakes up, Ben tells him that he's been through a surgery, and a pacemaker is implented in his body. If his heart rate goes over a certain amount, his heart will explode.

    although as cheesy it may sound, it's basically possible. Meanwhile, Sawyer has flashbacks of what happened to him after conning Cassidy. Poor Sawyer got locked up in a prison, that's what happened. However , a good conman is a good conman even inside the prison: he basically cheats his way out by conning a convict. The warden and Sawyer make an agreement, that if the convict tells the location of his hidden money he stole from the gov, Sawyer can go free with some money.

    On the island, Sawyer cancels all his plans about the escape: with the pacemaker, he wouldn't make it to the next tree. However, Kate makes a weird discovery: she can climb out of her cage, as she's thin enough. But Sawyer doesn't want to run: and he's too stubborn to tell Kate what's up: Kate climbs back to her cage.

    Meanwhile, in the flashbacks, Sawyer receives a visitor, Cassidy, who has news: she's pregnant. This could be a con, but it could be real. Sawyer seems uninterested... till the very end. When the warden lets Sawyer free, Sawyer asks the warden to send the money to a new account: the account of Sawyer's daughter.

    On the island, Ben decides to show Sawyer something. Not only does Ben show, but he also tells something: the whole pacemaker thing was a scam. The only way to earn a conman's respect is to con him. And the surprise is... Sawyer couldn't have escaped anyway: they are on a small seperate island 2 miles from the main island. What's going to happen now?

    Overally, very nice episode with a good look inside Sawyer's complicated character. However, season 3 is so far running low on mysteries - of course, Desmond's new ability is great, but other than that, not much.
  • Juliet betrays Ben as Pickett loses his wife and Sawyer his last hope to escape from this alive...

    The episode picks up right after Colleen Pickett was badly injured by Sun, with Jack mocking Juliet‘s standing within her people and the lack of weight of her opinions, in the middle of her reply Ben enters Jack’s cell to interrupt them because he needs her to come with him, immediately. Tom has already informed Daniel Pickett about the delicate condition of his wife and a nice contrast is set between the captor about to lose his mate and the cell mates he kept captives.

    Daniel can not leave Cole’s side, Ben’s so stricken he allows Juliet to bring Jack to her table, Tom does his best trying to comfort them both but Colleen’s death is so overwhelming that Daniel’s grief takes the worst of him before anyone else could have a chance to react, and so he reaches Sawyer’s cage with a killer rage in his eyes trying to get rid of his pain punch by punch until Kate gets him to stop by saying she’s in love with Sawyer. Pickett simply can not do to someone else what it was just done to him so he walks out of that cage all alone while Kate caress a beated up Sawyer throughout the bars.

    Back at the nursery, Ben has manage to collect himself enough to pull a psych test on Jack by leaving him an extra couple of minutes with the body of what once was a loyal comrade and beloved wife, Juliet enters to apologize about the whole situation but Jack takes de opportunity to question her about the x-rays he found her studying before he was brought to Colleen, his expertice as surgeon tells him there’s another patient among them he could be able to help.

    There’s a B-plot that involves Desmond abilities and Aaron’s family as he saves them from a lighting about to strick them in the nic of time thanks to knowledge both Hurley and him knows he couldn’t obtain any other way however the episode endsnot with them but with a long walk between Ben and Sawyer as they discuss the nature of the conman, the book “Of mice and men” and pushing away the person you love the most.
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