Season 2 Episode 4

Everybody Hates Hugo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on ABC

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  • Its all good.

    Excellant show.A little offcourse according to my liking but still okay.What you gonna do,its a Drama series afterall.
    The mystery elements are on the backburner again, but it's a strong character-based episode, and Hurley's always good value (we want more of him!). There's the impression that the flashbacks are less interesting than in the first season, while the real action should be taking place on the bunkertastic island. The hatch, which took forever to be opened, is now retreating into the background again.
  • Great episode!

    Omg! I cried when we found out Bernard is alive! It was so sweet how concerned he was about Rose! I'm so happy!!!

    The dream sequence at the beginning was pretty brilliant. Very similar to the beginning of the season, but with some originality. Everything seems so real untl...

    Hurley's flashbacks were pretty good. Interesting references to Charlie (through Drive Shaft) and to Locke (the box company and Randy). And I think DJ Qualls was an excellent choice for Hurley's best friend.

    Finally, someone includes Rose in all the craziness of the island. I was glad Hurley decided to confide in her. It's good to know the writers and producers are still thinking of her. Between that and Bernard being found alive, it looks like she'll stick around for a while. Of course, on the island, you never know.
  • we find out that the tail end of the plane survived. now wondering what happened.

    so there are 5 surivors on the tail end of the plane. there were originally 23 but it looks like they either died or they got 'sick' and joined the others. we see how hurley won the money and how he lost his best friend. then he actually goes and touches the dynamite because he wants to blow up the food room. however, rose convinces him not to.
  • Change in Hurley

    This episode centers around Hurley's, (Hugo), life before and after the crash. We learn that he had a crush and a best friend in his life. Hurley's personality is revealed when he is forced to have good and cursed fortune. When he won the lottery he wasn't too excited, he wanted everything to remain the same. Same as when he is forced to keep control of all the food on the island. After losing his best friend, some family members and new friends on the island, Hurley finally recieves good luck as relaxed Rose and Calm Jack allow him to exert his anger. Hurley finally gets a chance to give what is his to others without getting them hurt. His personal battles are at an end as is the end of the episode.
  • Hurley wins money.

    I love this ep. it was really good and i thought this was a sad flashback like at the end when hes afarid that no one would like him anymore after he gets the money because he would have to share with everyone and have nothing lefted to give. I thought it was kool when they gave all the people food.
  • Yet another repeat?! Are we going to see the same flashbacks the entire season?

    Oh good, we see (yet again) that Hurley won the lottery... oh, wait - we saw that in season 1! I am getting majorly tired of the same scenes rehashed in a different way every week! Have they already run out of new storylines that we have to take up half the episode with these damn flashbacks?

    Major plot point issues: Hurley states the food in the room is enough for 'one person for three months'. Excuse me, but Desmond has been there for probably years and I don't see a single gap on a shelf, let alone empty ones! Not to mention, some of the items, like shampoo, gets used quickly. Then there's the obvious: malnutrition. Let's assume there's powdered milk, fine, but no meat or fresh fruit (as Desmond admitted not leaving the bunker)?! Hello scurvy! And the peanut butter?! And chocolate?! Give me a break! Do you have any idea of the shelf-life of canned goods?! There's a reason they're called perishables!

    While on the topic: what are our survivors eating? The boars moved inland mid-season 1, the fruit trees were picked bare, Sun's garden won't produce food for years (let alone more than for a handful of people) - are they living on fish? Because last time I checked, only about three people even know how! And one of them was on the raft!

    Plus, their wonderfully clean and intact clothing - though granted we actually saw Rose doing washing.

    The writers have completely lost grip on reality, they're treating this like a soap opera, not even trying to keep it within the realm of possibility. We already have the incredible happening, some reality thrown in would help ground the story.

    Whereas before, my friends and I discussed the mysteries of the island endlessly, now we discuss the flaws in the storylines instead. Shouldn't that tell the writers something?
  • This episode was very blantanly,comfusingly. told with little reality to the plot.

    For The Love Of God, please enlighten me to why Huego Is Acting Like a 5yr old baby with his Thumb Up His Ass.everyone wasn't even freaking out like mad, they just found a civilised home/bunker underground and it had a closet of food of that day and frekin music a shower and computer, jesus. why are they just acting like everything is normal, we already know the island is hell or heaven and thes no big deal if your get a cup of mornin cave tea and see the messiah readin a frekin news paper and saying hello they'll just be like they always are and say oh hello how are you today messiah, Good day huh. I guess this odd, shall I investigate?No i'm just gonna go back to camp and not tell anyone.STFU.
    this episode sucked. Why Dose HUEGY FATAZZ Act Like a 6 YR OLD BABY?? waaaaa i'm gonna blow it up bcuz noooo oooone liiiikkes meeeee waaaa. STFU U FATTY, dude get over it. it's stupid this has no real big plot to anything. stop with it.
  • The best episode of this season so far.

    So I've been waiting three weeks now for Lost to get a bit interesting, and this episode was definitely the best of this season so far. I liked Hurley's dream sequence at the beginning, and Jin briefly speaking English. It was also cool to see some of the new survivors from the tail section of the plane. Once again, typical Jack and his select few have dominated another major secret on the island without telling anyone. I find it annoying that they leave so many people out, in particular, the other main characters. I was also a bit confused by the ending with Hurley and the food. Did he decide to blow it up, or was he handing it around to everyone to get rid of it all? I'm still not sure. I also have to wonder if the Lost writers planned this far ahead when they wrote the first season. It was nice to see that Rose's husband Bernard was still out there, and I'm interested to get to know more about Mr. Eko, Ana-Lucia and Libby. I thought this was a very good episode, and it certainly makes up for the previous weeks.
  • Man i love this show....and this is no exception!!!

    The episode starts off with Hurley and his dream where Jin is talking to him and there is a giant chicken mascot next to him. Real Funny Stuff!!! To make some sort of twist to it, Jin says hurley is talking korean. Nice joke hurley's mum has about jesus buying him a new car as well. Claire looks a bit of alright now she's not carrying the baby. Great where she finds the bottle on the beach. Honestly if you put one person in charge of the food, why would it hurley? Its just plain funny. Well im writting this as im watching the show lol, its only just on over in Australia now. Stupid adds. Anyway, good to see sawyer co-operating, even if its only just. This show is awsum. I love all its plots and little twists, not only with the island, but the characters in their past and present. Hurley working his magic on that chick haha. His so funny. Well i will stop my review here. I will finish by saying, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
  • Not as good as Hurleys first flashback!

    The focus of Hurleys firs flashback was on the numbers, they had great significance to them and we still know very little about them.

    This flashback didn't tell us too much in comparison. We find out that after Hurley won the lottery he want everything to stay the same, but when it came out it destroyed his relationship.

    I am a bit surprised that they chose Hurley of all people to look after the food and when he was pigging out I expected it to be real, but it turned out to be a crazy dream! Still hurley showed tremendous restraint!

    Hurley thinks that by being given this job it would alienate himself from everyone else and he would end up being hated by all, but in the end everyone seems happy.

    I'm not sure if there was much significance fo this episode, it seemed to be more of a filler episode. But we'll find out if its important eventually.
  • In the first episode that doesn't have to do with the first enterance into the hatch, we begin with Hugo's dream. About food. In flashbacks it shows how winning the money changed alot for him and no he believes the food will do the same.

    Since the first episode of the second season, this has to be my favorite. It seemed to fit in with the feel of the episodes from the first season. It focuses mainly upon Hugo but also the relationships of the other characters. Charlie goes to Locke for answers, Shannon feeds Vincent some of her own food, Kate and Jack eat together.

    I thought the ending, while maybe cheesey, was great. It showed that through out everything they've been through, they're still people who enjoy chips as much as the next person.

  • So they put the fat man in charge of the food? Riiiiiiight....

    I loved the episode, Hurley shined in this episode and he has great chemistry with Rose who should be on the show more often. We see into Hurley's past when he wins the lottery and fails to tell his friend about it which ultimately destroys their friendship.

    Hurley owns a box company, maybe the same box company Locke worked for, interesting. I like how a lot of things come together that just can't be coincidences.

    Claire finds the bottle of messages on the beach and think that somethings up, naturally she's right but no one believes her, Jin, Mike and James finally find out who their captors are and damn Mr. Eko is huge! I liked the guy when he played in Links for the short while, he's even better in this show.

    Liked how Charlie was kept in the dark about the food, shows how what happened in the past could repeat itself but in the end Hugo decides to just hand out the food, very stupid in my opinion, could have lasted them months, they blow it all at once. Rose stops Hugo from blowing up the food, just proves how irrational he can be at times, Rose then hides a candy bar for Bernard who is getting closer to her.

    Brilliant episode, didn't have much to do with the overall storyline but the characters need to be explored further. Although I fear that by the end of this season, there's no need for anymore flashbacks.
  • It's Hurley's turn in the flashback seat as the secretive hatch torments his fragile state and we learn more about his lotto win.

    First of all, I never really liked Hurley in season one. Maybe it was because he was always too happy, maybe it was because he was unlcuky, just maybe it was because he kept saying "Dude" all the time, what with me being British, it doesn't really have the same effect it possibly does on my American cousins. That said, my whole opinion of him changed after viewing this episode, and I actually heard nyself cheering for him at the end. Everybody Hates Hugo revealed what most of you already knew, that Hurley has the warmest, kindest personality on the island, and that he is not selfish one bit. Just a few of the things I loved were.

    1) When Hurley showed Rose the hatch.
    2) When Jack started mumbling when he found Kate in the shower. Hilarious.
    3) When Hurley gave away all the food, such a kind thing to do to get everyone's spirits back up.
    4) When Bernard started crying.
    5) When Ana-Lucia hit Sawyer, yes!
    6) When Hurley asked out his crush before revealing he had won the lottery. I wish I could do that, if given the chance of course.

    Anyway, this episode, along with "The Other Forty Eight Days" has been my favourite of season two. Warm, heart-felt and a little bit crazy, this is Lost at it's best.
  • Toned back on the revelation of the first three episodes, this episode provides an interesting look at Hurley.

    Now that the prologue of this season has been established, we’re back in the groove season one established of story progression with flashbacks to help develop characters. This will help the viewer return to the status quo (if there is one) of this show while the first act of the season plays out. It helps even more when the character in focus is Hurley, who is a favorite among fans.

    Although this episode scaled back on the revelations prevalent through the first three episodes of the season, it was still a good character study of Hurley (who I hope will get another episode this season). “Numbers” provided a darkly comic look at his life following his lottery win and the bad luck that pursued, but in this episode, we explore a more serious aspect of what he lost. This coincides with Jack assigning him to take inventory of the food and ration it so it will last. Again, he is in control of something everyone around him wants. Now he is worried that he’ll be outcast again when people learn what he is doing.

    We haven’t seen much of this Hurley on the show, someone whose anxiety almost drives him to blow up the bunker. Before this, he has been the favorite character among many fans of the show because of his jovial attitude towards life. In this episode we see his uncertainty and reluctance to change, stemming from the day he won the lottery and lost his best friend.

    One thing I've liked about the characterization of Hurley is that his weight isn’t an overwhelming feature of his character. Also, they wisely decided not to ignore it entirely, as it would be unrealistic that no one would acknowledge it. Too often, we see “the fat guy/girl” in movies and TV as fat foremost. In this episode’s opening dream sequence, they seem to overcompensate for their lack of overt fat characterization by having Hurley dreaming of ravenously eating everything in the bunker. However, considering they haven’t had mainland food in a month and a half and even slender Kate devoured a chocolate bar, I may be overreacting.

    The imagery in the dream was interesting enough. Jin’s appearance (and Walt’s picture on the carton of milk Hurley drank) could be the island trying to tell Hurley that something went wrong with the rescue mission. The change in languages between the two of them is certainly another aspect to drive this sequence further into bizarre territory. Of course, the chicken man serves to trigger Hurley’s memory to that last day with his friend.

    Hurley and his friend Johnny (special guest DJ Qualls) had great chemistry, which is what a lot of this episode rode on. I hope that they will incorporate him in more Hurley flashback episodes. Johnny’s exuberance throughout the day with Hurley is negated when he learns the truth, which makes us understand why Hurley feels so anxious with his job. Hurley won’t have to look for a job the following day: Johnny will and that rift signifies the end of his friendship. Money changes everything, and we know that Hurley is adamant against change. This insecurity manifested itself again when he’s given control of the food, something everyone wants.

    It causes friction with his best friend on the island, Charlie. Johnny is clearly a parallel to Charlie. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much of Charlie since midway through the first season, as he has been focusing on Claire, who hasn’t had the attention the main cast usually gets. This episode changes that trend a bit. Charlie’s attitude, along with many of the politics about the hatch, is a bit childish. Since the leaders of the island appointed themselves to these positions, those not in power have reason to question why they have the power and why some people get some things and others don’t. It doesn’t help that there is no solidarity among the leaders, with Jack wanting secrecy and Locke openly asking any questions posed.

    Since much of the focus of the first three episodes cover what was in the hatch, not much attention has been paid towards the other survivors, whose minds must be on those who left on the raft a few days earlier since the hatch is a big unknown. Of course, they have no way of knowing what happened to them, so the writers toss them a hint of uncertainty through the bottle filled with the messages. However, this doubt remains between Claire, Shannon (who apparently has become friends with Claire) and Sun, the only other person directly connected to the raft pack (my nickname for Jin, Michael, Sawyer and Walt, mainly the first three as Walt is MIA). Sun’s decision to hide it from the others was wise, as no one needs their hopes squashed yet, but it clearly will be hard for hear to bear it alone.

    As it turns out, those who abducted the raft pack aren’t nearly as insidious as initially believed. They are the other Flight 815 survivors and they are afraid of anyone outside their group. Something has caused their initial tribe of 23 to dwindle down to five. Though some of our castaways have died, 43 are still alive. It appears that the threats looming over and occasionally visiting the original survivors, like disease and The Others, has engulfed the tailies. I wonder if they have encountered the “security” system. It will be great to see the flashbacks of the furious five to learn what happened during their time on the island.

    Aside from the main Hurley plot and the B-tailies plot, the moments with Sayid exploring the magnetic core of the hatch produced some low-key, but possibly significant moments. This concrete offers some idea as to what the “incident” Dr. Marvin Candle referred to in the Orientation film. Of course, the comparison to Chernobyl is going to get raise certain expectations as to what the incident was. It will likely be some time before we learn significant details, but this morsel is enough to keep the speculation going.

    Sayid’s attitude toward this is an interesting medium between Jack and Locke. The latter two men are clearly defined as a man of science and faith respectively. Sayid goes in with an open mind. He isn’t looking to confirm Jack or Locke’s beliefs, but to find out the truth and report it. Perhaps his time in Iraq conditioned him to keep his questions to himself for fear of what the government could possibly do.

    I enjoyed having Rose return to the show. Unfortunately, because L. Scott Caldwell had other obligations, her role in the first season was limited to the first half of the season. Rose offers something that the other characters don’t: that of a guardian. Locke is close, but he is much more of a teacher and guide to the island than anything else. Rose’s maternal nature provided a necessary way to help Hurley from detonating the dynamite. It also made a sweet moment at the end, as she tucked in the chocolate bar for her husband, when they would reunite.

    Some viewers questioned Hurley’s choice to give out all the food in the bunker instead of rationing it out. Hurley’s logic does make sense: there isn’t enough for forty people to survive on for a long period. However, this food could’ve easily been used as a form of payment in exchange for being on button duty. I don’t mind his solution, because it provides a nice moment to play against Bernard’s gratitude after learning his wife survived. “Lost” certainly benefits from feel good moments like this one considering the dark tone that’s always there.

    While fickle viewers may complain that “nothing happened”, this episode had a lot of interesting character development, as they focused on Hurley’s dark side. Although many of the island mysteries remain unexplored this week, the character study is certainly worthwhile to develop Hurley. Some complained that there was no follow up about Hurley’s number, but what could they really do that would satisfy everyone? Those numbers appear to be one of the MacGuffin’s of Lost.
  • A Hurley centric episode, that made no sense whatsoever.

    This episode made no sense whatsoever!

    I'm sitting at home staring at the tv screen wondering what is going on?

    But here's what I gather:

    Hurley's best friend, I assumed, gets mad at him at the end of the epiosde after it is revealed that he won a 160 million dollars and he neglected to tell him, which caused the break up of their friendship. Now because of what happen in the past Hurley hates keeping secrets, and tries to show us how tormented he is from keeping one.

    Man this show is getting from bad to worse.

    Now, a 160 million dollars jackpot means that everyone who plays the lotto will be playing it very hard, and the store that Hurley bought his ticket will be floored with customers.......so how on EARTH, was the Storekeeper able to ID Hurley.

    Like I said before the show is getting from bad to worse.
  • Clucking Awesome!

    Right from the get go you know this is going to be an awesome episode. Hurley is a character of genius and has evolved so much from the "loveable fat dude" he could have easily been.

    Everybody Hates Hugo sees Sawyer, Michael and Jin learning the true identities of their captors and Hurley planning on blowing up all the food in the hatch. In flashback, we see the immediate aftermath of Hurley's lottery win.

    The flashback scenes are at the emotional core of the episode, with Hurley's best friend Johnny left feeling hurt and betrayed when he discovers that Hurley never told him about his lottery win and inadvertently caused Johnny to quit his job. DJ Qualls gives an excellent performance as Hurley's closest buddy and the scenes featuring the revenge they pull on their old boss is hilarious. The words "cluck you" spelt out in gnomes on his front porch is an awesome sight to behold...

    Rose returns in this episode and she has been sorely missed. L Scott Caldwell gives such an underrated performance and it's excellent to see her back. Her newfound friendship with Hurley and her determination to believe that her husband is alive form the backbone of the story and the closing moments reveal that she was right all along. Bernard is alive and living on the other side of the island.

    The revelation that Ana-Lucia and co. are the survivors from the tail-end of the plane is a shock and we are properly introduced to two new regulars, the mysterious Mr Eko (played by Harold Perrineau's former Oz castmate Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) and Libby. Also there is Bernard, Rose's husband, and flight attendant Cindy from the pilot episode. The revelation that The Others murdered almost there entire group is terrifying to imagine...

    The dream sequence which starts the episode is excellent. With the hot food, the chicken outfit, the "Walt missing" sticker on the milk carton and (shock horror!) Jin speaking English, it's the most surreal Lost moment so far.

    This is an excellent episode and continues to prove that season two is going from strength to strength.
  • So far my favorite episode this season

    Honestly, "Lost" has in my opinion, been dragging a bit this season, not exactly finding the right balance between teasing and revealing mysteries while also providing good self conatined and satisfying stories. However, this episode does a great job of, while not moving the story along too much, providing a great self contained story and entertaining episode.

    Unlike other characters' second or third flashback episodes, Hurley's second episode reveals a lot of painful memories detailing how he reacted to winning the lottery, and how the curse of the numbers wasn't the only bad thing to come of it. And the flashback fits in well with his story in the episode, which has a minor, but still entertaining, party in the ongoing overall mythos. And more revealing and touching things are revealed between Michael, Jin, Sawyer and the survivors from the tail.

    Overall, this is my favorite episode, with touching moments, good character interaction, and a hilarious opening ("have a cluckity cluck cluck day Hugo")
  • Loved It

    While it wasn't an episode with major thrills and action it was for me one of my favourites to watch... the fear that Hurley had of everything changing I think Is a very real fear and made relate to him more. I also loved the solution that he came up with :) All the people happy!
  • yhis one was not ass good as the last one it waassent exiting. to bad

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  • How do we get out of a boring and pointless plot???... Oh yeah, a cheesy ending...

    Where is the mystery?
    Last series was all about exciting adventures and discoveries on the island and in the characters past now it\'s spent mostly with the characters sitting still (on the island, raft and in their past) while making 2 cent conversation.
    Why doesn\'t anything make sense?
    Why would the guy in the bunker tie up at gun point the first person he can use for shift?
    How long Sawyer stay with his shoulder like that without an infection?
    And they had to put the touchy music on at the end and have Hurly hand food to everyone in the worst cheesiest way.
    Why? Why? Why?
    I used to like this series, but now I'm only watching out of hope for a descent comeback.
  • no surprises

    This is one of the rare episodes that has no surprise in it. we all know that hugo won the lottary. i waited for this episode to see how come the korian man can speak english as it was in the previous episode end , but it was all a dream.
    overall a good episode to keep the show running.
  • HELL YEAH PEOPLE!!!!... Excellent Episode As Always

    Well this was an amazing-written episode with the match of Hurley's history and his actual situation on the island.

    The episode was just like i spected... read my last review of Orientation =) and you will see that my only mistake was the Hurley Dream of Jin speaking english or Hurley speaking Korean, but who was specting that? honestly.

    ¿Good? News: Rose's Husband is fine, but call me crazy... i saw a sad rose on the end of the episode, like she has lost her hope about Bernard or something like that.. so we'll see about that on the next episode...

    Huh, just so you know, i saw this episode just right now 'cause you know, i'm venezuelan and i have to download them, my pc was dead and blah blah blah.

    Another good point was how the crew matched the Charlie-Hurley and Hurley-Friend of Hurley (i forgot the name =[), simply awesome... and, is it me or Jack just wanted to kiss Kate or something in the shower-scene?, come on, look at his eyes.

    Bye fellas, i hope to see the 5th episode in a few hours.
  • Superb

    Hurley is one of THE best characters on television, period. Any episode devoted to him is above par. I like that the episode allowed Hurley to be more about the numbers and I think this episode showed that he\'s an insecure person, and that makes him even more relatable. Also, I loved the developments involving the Hatch (swan) and the tail section folks own hatch, curtesy of Dharma Industries.
  • The End.....Oh god the end was brilliant!

    I really really liked this episode. Hurley is a character you can love sooo much. He's just someone you immediatly want to hug :) Whereas the flashbacks go.....they weren't the best I've seen. They kinda were the same. I did like the way they intertwined the flashback and the real thing at the end, though :). But overall it was just:Hurley won the lottery but he doesn't want to change. As cute as that is they didn't need to explain it in so many flashbacks.

    But that was the bad part of the epi. Now on to the good part ---->
    -Kate and Jack...s.h.o.w.e.r :P. That promises a lot.
    -Rose is just brilliant, her love for Bernard is so touching, and I love the fact that he's still alive.
    -Peanut butter for Claire (L).
    -Vincent and Shannon really take of each other don't they?

    And now for the end. The end that was so brilliant, I just fell silent for over an hour or so. And people who know me can say that that isn't something you see everyday. I think Hurley's right. You'd better give people a few hours of joy instead of months of agetation for a little food. This was, everybody can get there pep up again. But besides that it was just the way everyone was smiling, and the way they were talking and the song....
    It just stole my heart, I know I loved it in "Tabula Rasa" when Kate and Jack were talking and Sayer threw the apple to Sawyer. But this, this was better. Seeing stuff like that makes me just wanna hug the television for making me feel so great! I can only hope the next epi will make me feel the same.

    Oh yeah for I forget :
    - Glory, Jin can speak English!! Okay maybe only in a dream, but anyone who has read "The Earth Children" know that that doesn't necessarily has to mean he doesn't speak it in real life :P
    - Stop hitting Sawyer!!! I'm not his biggest fan, but seriously ---> STOP IT!!
    - I don't like the Rodrigues girl, she's so..... man-like. And I don't like that. ( but who knows, I first didn't like Faith either on BtVS )

  • Excellant

    A very good episode. Not to much violence but still very interesting. I like Hurly's past because it is always the funniest. I also lauhed when anna closed a opening on sawyer and her called her a ...... Its just how he said it. It cracked me up. Sawyer is one funny guy with very funny lines.
  • Weakest episode in my opinion.

    Resented the fact that Hurley and the writers took the easy way out. Instead of taking some responsibility and rationing the food Hurley wants to be Santa Claus so no one hates him when he denies them peanut butter or whatever. Lame. So I guess the moral is don't make hard decisions and everyone will love you. And if the fish run out and there's no more berries in the woods, well who cares we'll starve but man, what a great night we had when Hurley gave all the food away so he could feel good about himself. A few more episodes like that and I'll hurl.
  • This episode proves that this show can go anywhere... and probably will.

    No, this episode didn't keep us on the edge of our seat, but does it really need to do that every week? I liked this episode for the comic relief. If you didn't laugh at "suck shaft" then somethings wrong. I was like, I know he didn't just say suck shaft. Too funny! I wonder how long it took Jorge Garcia to learn Korean. I guess it was Korean, I don't speak it so I don't know. How about Hurley on video eating chicken and Randy was like, "shall we watch more" or something like that. Another funny moment. Next weeks episode will probably make up for this weeks lack of drama, but that's ok as this episode was another great one. Keep up the great work!!
  • in this episode, we get to view hurley's past and how that affects the present situation as well as given updates on various characters such as Rose and the jin, sawyer, michael, and charlie & claire..

    this was def a good one cuz we were given the chance to look through hurley\'s eyes....and with that, it was one of the first episodes in a while where the viewer was given time to just fall in love with the character through the flashbacks instead of being so caught up in the present that they missed the character development...kudos to the producers for bringing rose back into the picture...a much needed mother figure on the island...overall, very good show
  • Best Flashback episode - quite emotional

    This episode plays in with Hurley's demeanor in dealing with the food quite well. It has a pretty sad ending for hurley in his flashback but the issue he had is handled well in the end.

    The one thing that I don't like about this episode is that it pulls away from the central theme that is going on with lost which is further delaying the unthickening of the plot. I can tell from the few episodes that we have had so far, that we are going to be in for a very long season with very little happening overall. Much different from the last season, when quite a bit happened.

    I'm not a fan of shows that drag on from episode to episode, but I am perfectly happy to have some patience with this show.

  • A disconnect from the usual LOST plot. This episode reveals Hugo's fear of change of people's content with him. Flashbacks reveal more to the lotto numbers that potentially changed his relationships with the many he loved.

    This episode was difficult for me to digest at first because it was very slow paced. But it really illustrates Hugo's inner conflicts very well. From an outsider's point of reference, it is easy to dismiss his dilemma. But this episode shows the shades of grey in his conflict.
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