Season 2 Episode 4

Everybody Hates Hugo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on ABC

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  • Degroots. Who are they

    Did anyone else notice that the male Degroot who helped start Dharma at the University of Michigan is the same guy only with a beard on the boat who abducts Walt. Take a looke at the pictures it is the same.

    Overall I thought this episode was above average. i always like to get to know more on the background of the characters.

    Supposedly a girl character is to be killed off soon.
  • We need some answers to questions, and have the plot progress a little more before we can appreciate a truly character-driven episode.

    Typically the most satisfying Lost episodes are not the ones where tremendous secrets of the Island are revealed, but instead are episodes where, through flashbacks, we gain a deeper understanding of the characters. Episodes like Solitary, and Outlaws come to mind as outstanding examples.

    This episode should have been one to add to that list. Instead of furthering the plot, it gave new information as to where Hurley was coming from. However, this season, the show has not yet earned the right to give an episode of this nature.

    The first three episodes raised many questions about the island. In addition, they moved the plot forward very slowly, with certain scenes (Desmond holding the gun to Locke’s head), appearing in every episode. With so many questions raised, and such little development in the early episodes, the show needs to give some answers. While the discovery at the end of Rose’s husband give some sense of forward motion, the plot has felt stagnant for the past four episodes. Give some answers to questions, then we can have another great character-focused episode.
  • this was a good Episode, but more a filler than anything else... Keep the good Job ABC :P

    I thoguht this episode was more of a "Filling in the Blanks" than something else.

    The ep answer a lot of the questions we had a long the way ...

    Hopefully the next episode will give us what the show started giving us at the biggining, More suspense and Mistery.
    Something to alwasy expect from the next episode, not only from the "Up Coming" trailers but from the whole episode.
  • ...I loved the development on Hurley's character and the furthering of the story about his life after his lottery win, but all of these factors were cast under the shadow of one very large problem that this epidode had and now this show has...Michelle Rod

    OK, it wasn't as terrible as I probably would make it out to seem, but nothing happened at all. I did like however the development on Hurley's character and the furthering of the story about his life after his lottery win, but all of these factors were cast under the shadow of one very large problem that this epidode had and now this show has...Michelle Rodriguez.

    This show has, great writing, great hooks in the story, great cinematography, and most of all, not one weak actor...all great acting. Michelle Rodriguez has ruined this...if you don't know who I'm talking about, the new tough girl survivor...you can catch some of her quality acting in The Fast and the Furious and S.W.A.T. Quite possibly two of the dumbest movies of all time, although fun to watch, but only because of cool effects and definately not even average acting in either.

    Does nobody else hate how hard she tries to be tough? If I were Sawyer, I would knock her flat on her ass.

    Anyways, I hope that the next episode steps it back up and brings some new hooks and big revelations into the mix since this one lacked them so much...and I hope Michelle Rodriguez's character gets sick and dies off too...but maybe that one's and long shot...
  • So the episode goes through the life of Hugo before he wins the lottery. Once the world finds out, his life is changed.

    Very much a tearjerker. Hurley has the huge responsibility of orgainizing the food. The end with Bernard was very sad/happy. I am glad to see that he is alive. The fact that about 15 of the tail survivors died is sad. It will be interesting to see how they get to the other camp.
  • Overall, while not an overly critical episode in the grand scheme of things, this episode provided some great entertainment.

    The latest episode of Lost was an excellent episode, although it did not move the story forward as much as some would have liked.
    The episode focuses on Hurley and his struggles to accept a new responsibility. Hurley's new job is to ration the food found in the hatch, and he has a hard time saying no to the people who want some of the food.
    Hurley's flashbacks show his life immediately after winning the lottery. His life changed significantly, and he is afraid that his life on the island will change with this new responsibility.
    I was very pleased to see the whole cast back together again, and I was very glad that everyone got some lines. It was great to see the island life once again, which is a huge contrast to life in the hatch. It was fun to have a care-free and fun ending like in the early days of the island, before all the trouble.
    Overall, while not an overly critical episode in the grand scheme of things (except for the discovery of the tail end survivors and Rose's husband), this episode provided some great entertainment. Hurley is always good for some laughs, and he was at the top of his game in this episode.
    Another great episode, another long wait for more. Here's hoping we see the two groups of survivors meet in the next one. It's gonna be interesting.
  • Though light on revelations and speculation for the most part, this is one of the most heart-felt and soulful episodes of the show. Brilliant.

    Lost fans tend to remember the more shocking moments when it comes to the Hit Parade of Lost episodes. Walkabout, the pilot, Numbers, Man of Science, Deux Ex Machina, etc. Yet perhaps it is more telling that when people talk about their favorite characters they reference other episodes. House of the Rising Sun, ...In Translation and Solitary are among the more touching Lost episodes, for they showcase character and heart. It's almost impossible to find a genre show with heart, and even harder to find one with one as big as Lost's.

    After a shocking, heart-pounding season premiere and two episodes full of plot yet hampered but slow-moving flashbacks, it's a welcome change to have Everybody Hates Hugo be as impressive as it was. In character. Despite moving the plot forward the episode contains no major plot points (the one exception being the second hatch-type place) and almost all character. This is arguably the most satisfying Lost episode since Exodus (1) because it's good for the soul.

    Particularly of note is the final sequence. Props to Michael Giacchino on his stunning score work. How long before we can get a CD of this stuff? Also credit should be given to the tremendous editing of Hurley's final flashback. The show rarely mixes flashbacks in tiny pieces through a scene, but it works so well here. What great insight into Hurly, insight that doesn't involve the numbers' magical powers, but their natural ones.

    It may seem odd to be so satisfied by so little, but this is a truly memorable episode of Lost. There are 18 episodes left this season to deal with plot. I'm glad the Lost writers were sensible enough to remind us why their show is magic: its heart.
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