Season 2 Episode 4

Everybody Hates Hugo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on ABC

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  • Awesome.

    The tail section survivors take Michael, Sawyer, and Jin to an abandoned Dharma station. Hurley is tasked with dividing up the food in the hatch. In flashbacks, Hurley quits his job and his best friend turns against him after he wins the lottery. I love the start with Hurley eating all the food and then Jin is there talking English - good dream. I love the scene where Jin and Michael hey out the hole and leave Sawyer and Ana Lucia hitting him witha rock - so funny. I love the Hurley and Charlie scenes - Charlie is so funny. Hurley shows Rose the hatch, I love Rose she is very cool. I love the way Rose and Hurley are in charge of the food. I also love the way the tail end of the end are awesome, great storyline. I love the Jack and Kate scene!
  • The testament that Hugo undergoes being in charge of the food and his past experiences relate quite well.

    With Hugo being in charge of this newly found hatch-pantry if you will left me with this sense of irony about the fact that Hugo was in such a position, and we see him take full advantage of this privaledge by going to town with whatever was in sight. But after he undergoes the treatment he receives from Charlie about the fact that he is not being upfront about what is going on with Charlie and will not give in to his simple request for peanut butter because he sees down the line what is going to happen in result. The flashback is an exact relation to these circumstances that he is in on the island with him winning the lottery before the plane crash, and even though there is no actual showing of what happens to Hugo's friend, we can conclude that their friendship is destroyed after the media surrounds Hugo with this newly found lottery winner. So what else could Hugo possibly do besides blow it all up right?
  • A Hurley-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that as a whole, I absolutely loved this episode an awful lot. As a whole, I thought that this episode was very well written and well acted by everyone involved, and I loved all of the story lines in this episode. The flash backs of Hurley's life before the plane crashed on the island were great. While I loved all of the story lines in this episode, I would definitely have to say that Sawyer's story line was my favorite. I absolutely loved Sawyer in this episode. All of the characters were great in this episode. I also thought that this episode did a really good job of introducing the new characters. All in all, I thought that this was another amazing episode of Lost, and I can't wait to watch the next episode of the second season of Lost.
  • great episode

    A Hurley flashback episode, we see more stuff about him and what he was doing before he went to Australia. It turns out that there was some kind of curse that might have lead him to this island. He won a sweepstakes draw that got him millions of dollars. But it also destroyed his relationship with his closest friends. Meanwhile, at the other side of the island, Sawyer, Michael and Jin get to know who their captors are. It's an exciting episode, the Hurley flashbacks are well made, they work out well with the myth of the Lost series. I really enjoyed this episode.
  • Hurley wins money.

    I love this ep. it was really good and i thought this was a sad flashback like at the end when hes afarid that no one would like him anymore after he gets the money because he would have to share with everyone and have nothing lefted to give. I thought it was kool when they gave all the people food.
  • Man i love this show....and this is no exception!!!

    The episode starts off with Hurley and his dream where Jin is talking to him and there is a giant chicken mascot next to him. Real Funny Stuff!!! To make some sort of twist to it, Jin says hurley is talking korean. Nice joke hurley's mum has about jesus buying him a new car as well. Claire looks a bit of alright now she's not carrying the baby. Great where she finds the bottle on the beach. Honestly if you put one person in charge of the food, why would it hurley? Its just plain funny. Well im writting this as im watching the show lol, its only just on over in Australia now. Stupid adds. Anyway, good to see sawyer co-operating, even if its only just. This show is awsum. I love all its plots and little twists, not only with the island, but the characters in their past and present. Hurley working his magic on that chick haha. His so funny. Well i will stop my review here. I will finish by saying, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
  • Loved It

    While it wasn't an episode with major thrills and action it was for me one of my favourites to watch... the fear that Hurley had of everything changing I think Is a very real fear and made relate to him more. I also loved the solution that he came up with :) All the people happy!
  • Superb

    Hurley is one of THE best characters on television, period. Any episode devoted to him is above par. I like that the episode allowed Hurley to be more about the numbers and I think this episode showed that he\'s an insecure person, and that makes him even more relatable. Also, I loved the developments involving the Hatch (swan) and the tail section folks own hatch, curtesy of Dharma Industries.
  • Excellant

    A very good episode. Not to much violence but still very interesting. I like Hurly's past because it is always the funniest. I also lauhed when anna closed a opening on sawyer and her called her a ...... Its just how he said it. It cracked me up. Sawyer is one funny guy with very funny lines.
  • I know lods of you, didin't like this eps. well, I don't relly care. this was farmoste my faverit eps. of the sesun.

    I don't relly understand way pepule are so upsent. I get the face the Lost has adictid us to informashon bloauts in every singel seein, and I was getting cainda pised. The fact is, the thing I misset the most abut this show was the drama, the relashonships, and the pepuple them selfes. we don't need to always get new and coplacating informashon, let the vwiers rest a bit, and get clos to the charecters one more. we had a reel distens from the begining of the sesun and it was apseting..

    This was a grat eps. that I think we all neded. And yes, meny terse that havent yet come antil rait now... (wene sun beris the bottel, when rosw's hosbond askes abut here) and the soo sweet seens (wene we see claire soo free and happy. and when we see here and charli eting that penut butter!)....

    plese get over you'r absesiv need of the enformashon drug, and let us pesfolly engoy an eps. like this ones in a while... :) Thanks.
  • emotional, grippping, fascinating

    This is a prime example of what makes this show great. A lot of mystery, alot of action, and alot of emotion and good acting really fuel the shows sucess. Hurley is one of the most interesting characters in any TV series and I loved the flashback on him. And whatever is building on the other side of the island is very ineteresting. The whole element of the survivors from the back of the plane is eery and fascinating. Especially since there look to be ALOT less than the 20 something they said there were. Where did they go? What happened to them? How did they survive the plane? All questiong that keep me watching.
  • Hey it didn't reveal much, but why should you care when a episode is this fun?

    I don't understand those who don't like episodes that don't reveal anything. This episode revealed little, but I loved it just the same! The Hurly flashbacks were very funny, including when he was listening to Drive Shaft and when he used gnomes to write on his ex-bosses lawn. And his ex-boss was named Randy! Lockes boss was named Randy! Sawyer had some absolutly funny lines and Rose was back! We also meet some other survivors of the tail section including Libby and Bernard! (Roses husband)
  • Hugo gets some attention. One of the best written episodes to date!

    I may be being a bit over generous with the 10/10 score but for me the episode truly deserved it.
    Over the last few weeks we've experienced somewhat of a darker Lost - one with so many answers adding to the strange and eerie mysticism of the show and the island - and this week is EXACTLY what was needed - to get the show back to something more light hearted and humourous - and what better character to choose than Hurley.

    Everything was great about this. I complained last week that there were too many flashbacks ... well this week was just right. Little less flashback was what i think the show needed to keep it fresh.

    Character development on this show has actualy been superb. The relationships between Jack and Kate - Charlie and Claire - Jin and Sun, Hurley and the whole group - Locke and Charlie - even Jack/ Sayid - it's been great.

    I'm just so glad that Lost returned to something which it excelled at - it was great!

    Credit to Jorge Garcia who is such a great actor, as well as Harold Perrinaeu and although she recieved very little screen time Yunjin Kim - not to mention Dominic Monaghan whose role in the show often goes under appreciated or even unnoticed - his work truly does add something great.

    Nice to see Rose back as well! And all the new characters should certainly set up something special and add even more dynamics to the show!
    Cant wait for next week! :D
  • this was a good Episode, but more a filler than anything else... Keep the good Job ABC :P

    I thoguht this episode was more of a "Filling in the Blanks" than something else.

    The ep answer a lot of the questions we had a long the way ...

    Hopefully the next episode will give us what the show started giving us at the biggining, More suspense and Mistery.
    Something to alwasy expect from the next episode, not only from the "Up Coming" trailers but from the whole episode.
  • Though light on revelations and speculation for the most part, this is one of the most heart-felt and soulful episodes of the show. Brilliant.

    Lost fans tend to remember the more shocking moments when it comes to the Hit Parade of Lost episodes. Walkabout, the pilot, Numbers, Man of Science, Deux Ex Machina, etc. Yet perhaps it is more telling that when people talk about their favorite characters they reference other episodes. House of the Rising Sun, ...In Translation and Solitary are among the more touching Lost episodes, for they showcase character and heart. It's almost impossible to find a genre show with heart, and even harder to find one with one as big as Lost's.

    After a shocking, heart-pounding season premiere and two episodes full of plot yet hampered but slow-moving flashbacks, it's a welcome change to have Everybody Hates Hugo be as impressive as it was. In character. Despite moving the plot forward the episode contains no major plot points (the one exception being the second hatch-type place) and almost all character. This is arguably the most satisfying Lost episode since Exodus (1) because it's good for the soul.

    Particularly of note is the final sequence. Props to Michael Giacchino on his stunning score work. How long before we can get a CD of this stuff? Also credit should be given to the tremendous editing of Hurley's final flashback. The show rarely mixes flashbacks in tiny pieces through a scene, but it works so well here. What great insight into Hurly, insight that doesn't involve the numbers' magical powers, but their natural ones.

    It may seem odd to be so satisfied by so little, but this is a truly memorable episode of Lost. There are 18 episodes left this season to deal with plot. I'm glad the Lost writers were sensible enough to remind us why their show is magic: its heart.
  • It's Hurley's turn in the flashback seat as the secretive hatch torments his fragile state and we learn more about his lotto win.

    First of all, I never really liked Hurley in season one. Maybe it was because he was always too happy, maybe it was because he was unlcuky, just maybe it was because he kept saying "Dude" all the time, what with me being British, it doesn't really have the same effect it possibly does on my American cousins. That said, my whole opinion of him changed after viewing this episode, and I actually heard nyself cheering for him at the end. Everybody Hates Hugo revealed what most of you already knew, that Hurley has the warmest, kindest personality on the island, and that he is not selfish one bit. Just a few of the things I loved were.

    1) When Hurley showed Rose the hatch.
    2) When Jack started mumbling when he found Kate in the shower. Hilarious.
    3) When Hurley gave away all the food, such a kind thing to do to get everyone's spirits back up.
    4) When Bernard started crying.
    5) When Ana-Lucia hit Sawyer, yes!
    6) When Hurley asked out his crush before revealing he had won the lottery. I wish I could do that, if given the chance of course.

    Anyway, this episode, along with "The Other Forty Eight Days" has been my favourite of season two. Warm, heart-felt and a little bit crazy, this is Lost at it's best.
  • Yes, I read comments, I've talked to people. "Nothing happened", you say. But hell, it was one great episode. We got LOST back!

    I know, you all want the action. All the mysteries and that. Well, I thank god we finally got LOST back.
    What happened to the drama in the show? the people? the relationships?
    C'mon, no way you could just sit there and watch Charlie hand Claire the peanut butter without so much as a smile, or a giggle.
    No way you didn't say "Poor Sun" when she burried the bottle, 'cause she thought her husband is dead.
    No way you couldn't say "wow. Everybody LOVES Hugo!" when he handed out the food, and no way you didn't spill one tear when Bernard asked about Rose.

    This was, so far, my favourite episode of the season. So what if the only thing that happened is Anna-Lucia beating the hell out of Sawyer? So what if we didn't find out what happened to the other people on the rear of the plane? (The ones that aren't alive).

    I think LOST has lost something in the 3 first episodes, something that I believe made us all fall in love with it at first.
    But now, in this episode, LOST proves that she's still got it, and it's not going anywhere. Thank you, Damon Lindelof =)
  • more great writing and photography

    The LOST style is like so many other series though so different. The difference is it keeps your mind on the edge releasing bits of connectivity and at the same time creating more openings that are to be answered. The number things has become very complex
    * 4 8 15 16 23 42 are Jorge’s bad luck numbers that won him the Mega Lotto Jackpot plus all the bad things along with being on the entrance of the
    * These numbers equal 108 when added together
    * 4 8 15 16 23 42 are the password numbers used to reset the time counter in the underground capsule.
    * 108 is the number of minutes reset each time.
    * 540 is the number of days the original pair of monitors (persons) was supposed to stay in the capsule for the experiment
    * There are supposed to be 5 different capsule locations. I don’t remember which number this capsule is
    * 5 times 108 equal 540
    * Does any of this make sense? I sure hope so. The question is when will it
    make sense and what sense will it make?
    * Originally there are 23 ‘Others’
    * Currently (I think) there are 42 remaining passengers.
    * The flight number was Oceanic 815 with reference to the 8 and the 15
    * 4 and 16 are unaccounted for
    * What were the seat/row numbers mentioned?
    * What was the date of the flight and crash?
    * There seems to be reason to believe some of the Others were on flight 815
    * The writing of this series is incredible with all the hidden references way
    beyond the numbers. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do
    * Ordinary people being extraordinary persons
  • Great episode!

    Omg! I cried when we found out Bernard is alive! It was so sweet how concerned he was about Rose! I'm so happy!!!

    The dream sequence at the beginning was pretty brilliant. Very similar to the beginning of the season, but with some originality. Everything seems so real untl...

    Hurley's flashbacks were pretty good. Interesting references to Charlie (through Drive Shaft) and to Locke (the box company and Randy). And I think DJ Qualls was an excellent choice for Hurley's best friend.

    Finally, someone includes Rose in all the craziness of the island. I was glad Hurley decided to confide in her. It's good to know the writers and producers are still thinking of her. Between that and Bernard being found alive, it looks like she'll stick around for a while. Of course, on the island, you never know.
  • yhis one was not ass good as the last one it waassent exiting. to bad

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  • HELL YEAH PEOPLE!!!!... Excellent Episode As Always

    Well this was an amazing-written episode with the match of Hurley's history and his actual situation on the island.

    The episode was just like i spected... read my last review of Orientation =) and you will see that my only mistake was the Hurley Dream of Jin speaking english or Hurley speaking Korean, but who was specting that? honestly.

    ¿Good? News: Rose's Husband is fine, but call me crazy... i saw a sad rose on the end of the episode, like she has lost her hope about Bernard or something like that.. so we'll see about that on the next episode...

    Huh, just so you know, i saw this episode just right now 'cause you know, i'm venezuelan and i have to download them, my pc was dead and blah blah blah.

    Another good point was how the crew matched the Charlie-Hurley and Hurley-Friend of Hurley (i forgot the name =[), simply awesome... and, is it me or Jack just wanted to kiss Kate or something in the shower-scene?, come on, look at his eyes.

    Bye fellas, i hope to see the 5th episode in a few hours.
  • Hurley episodes have to be my personal favorite.

    We get to see flashbacks into Hurley's life right when he finds out that he just won the lotto. Most people would be happy that they won the lottery but Hurley keeped it to himself (for reasons not known) Hurley knows that all the money will change him and the people in his life, thats why he asks out the girl he has had a crush on. We will have to wait till the next Hurley flashback to find out what happened with his friend.

    Back on the island Sawyer, Jin, and Michael find out that they found the other people on the island (The people who had them in the pit) were from the back of the plane. Now we have two groups of people living on the same island and they have both found a bunker (Maybe the same one) Overall a great episode because we will have new cast members in the show. This also tells me that anything could happen in the show, we could have a ship crash into the island and bam more cast members. Great news for lost fans in this episode.
  • One of my favorite episodes from season two.

    Between Hurley's struggling with what to do with all the food, and the raft survivors being taken captive by who they think are the Alleged "others", this episode is well plotted and extremely entertaining. The last two scenes are what really got me.... When Hurley is handing out the food to everyone (especially the part where he gives Charlie the peanut butter for Claire), and Bernard finding out Rose is still alive. Besides the episode One of Them, this is defiantly high on my favorite season 2 episodes list.
  • We learn more about the bunker, more about the people that are holding the raft guys, friendships are tried and tested but resolved with a nice jar of peanut butter - hmmm wonder if that would solve all problems in the world. LOL.

    The episodes starts off with Hugo in the store cupboard of the bunker, gorging his way through bits of everything and then Jin appears speaking english at Hugo, which he comments on, only to be told that he's speaking korean and then a man in a chicken suit is standing next to him.

    We have flashbacks to where Hugo falls after seeing that he won the lottery, when asked about it he does not tell his mom, he just puts the ticket into his pocket, the same thing occurs when he is at work, he just keeps quiet about it - even from his friends.

    The others that are still at the bunker are looking around, trying to understand things, Sayid is trying to figure out what is behind the thick concrete that is causing so much magnetic interference. Hurley is getting quizzed by Charlie but he can't say anything about it.

    The raft guys are still down a pit, but the buy and girl comes back and wants Jin to climb out, Sawyer tells him not too and she aims the gun at his head and then he has no choice, he says the same thing when its Michael's turn, Sawyer gets a rock thrown at him for his cheek. Then as Sawyer refuses to climb out, he gets the top closed on him, only for it to be opened later and him to climb out willingly.

    Sayid and Jack explore the underside of the bunker, trying to find a way round the thick concrete ways but there is no way, he mentions to Jack that the only time he has heard about concrete being poured so thickly was after Chenobyll. But they still explore the different bits and pieces along the way.

    Jack puts Hurley in charge of the food storage, but he doesnt really want to knowing that it will cause many problems and be the result that all will hate him in the process. He flashes back to the day that he quit his job, as did his work buddy, them hanging out for the day, then the look on his friends face when it was discovered that it was Hurley that was the mega lottery winner.

    Jin, Michael and Sawyer are taken by the others to where the rear-end survivors are camped, there was 23 of them, but when they get there they discover that there is alot less than this number, they also are in some sort of underground bunker complex, or maybe the pipeways of the other bunker, we will see on that score.

    Charlie finds out the truth by following Locke and getting him to tell him, then he accusses Hurley of being one of them, after Hurley said that he couldn't get a jar of peanut butter for him, even Claire. Because, that what will start all the troubles and cause everyone to hate him.

    He leads Rose to the bunker, as she has been doing the washing by hand, perhaps in the vain hope that there will be a super-sized washer and dryer, or maybe as she is one to keep her business private. Hurley later decides that as he can't please everyone and that he doesn't want to be hated, that he would blow up all the food using one stick of dynamite!!! Rose talks him out of it, then Hurley has a talk with Jack and tells him it is the only way, then we see that the only way is to give out all the food in one go, let people eat it all, so there is no way of playing favourites. Of course he gives Charlie a jar of peanut butter.
  • a nice limelight on one of my favourite characters.

    i really loved this episode. hurley is one of my favourite characters and it was nice to find more about his past. it shows how very good-natured and thoughtful he is and why, despite the title's suggestion, everybody just loves him and why he has earned a lot of respect among his fellow survivors. i'm happy that the writes don't make hurley a laughingstock (even though he's adding quite some comical moments to the show now and then, especially when he is interacting with charlie, the two of them sometimes remind me of laurel and hardy) but such a lovable character.
  • Change in Hurley

    This episode centers around Hurley's, (Hugo), life before and after the crash. We learn that he had a crush and a best friend in his life. Hurley's personality is revealed when he is forced to have good and cursed fortune. When he won the lottery he wasn't too excited, he wanted everything to remain the same. Same as when he is forced to keep control of all the food on the island. After losing his best friend, some family members and new friends on the island, Hurley finally recieves good luck as relaxed Rose and Calm Jack allow him to exert his anger. Hurley finally gets a chance to give what is his to others without getting them hurt. His personal battles are at an end as is the end of the episode.
  • Hurley's past is explained. The other castaways are shown.

    Once again the show leaves a person wanting more. This was a Hurley centered episode. The flashbacks center on his life before and after he his the lottery. Because he's dealt with that, he's uniquly able to see what will happen if everyone knows about the bnker. Those in the tail of the plane, apparently, had a harder time on their side of the island.
  • So far my favorite episode this season

    Honestly, "Lost" has in my opinion, been dragging a bit this season, not exactly finding the right balance between teasing and revealing mysteries while also providing good self conatined and satisfying stories. However, this episode does a great job of, while not moving the story along too much, providing a great self contained story and entertaining episode.

    Unlike other characters' second or third flashback episodes, Hurley's second episode reveals a lot of painful memories detailing how he reacted to winning the lottery, and how the curse of the numbers wasn't the only bad thing to come of it. And the flashback fits in well with his story in the episode, which has a minor, but still entertaining, party in the ongoing overall mythos. And more revealing and touching things are revealed between Michael, Jin, Sawyer and the survivors from the tail.

    Overall, this is my favorite episode, with touching moments, good character interaction, and a hilarious opening ("have a cluckity cluck cluck day Hugo")
  • Hugo has the authority to decide what to do with the supplies in the Hatch.

    Poor Hugo has to decide who gets what supplies from the hatch. He thinks that people will get mad at him because of the decisions he makes. He doesn't want to. Even threatens to blow up the hatch. He ends up passing out some supplies. He needs to be a little braver considering the situation they are in at the moment. Jack supports his decision when he finally chooses to pass out some of the things in the hatch. The fact that the black woman, can't remember her name's husband is still alive like she was convinced he was when he was in the tail section of the airplane which broke off in midflight, tells us something. The island must be at least somewhat large for them not to have seen the other side of the island.
  • Everyone wishes for wealth. Hurley shows the other side of the coin.

    Reading the reviews of others, it seems to break into two camps: action and plot twists all the time or the show sucks; and those who appreciate the subtleties of a glance. Guess which camp I'm in.

    I'd never really thought about the problems of newfound wealth. Wealth changes everything. Unless, as Hurley proved, you make your own changes. You could say that he shrugged of the responsibility given to him, but I think he wasn't giving up on his charge. He reinvented it to reflect the lessons he learned.

    I'm very interested in the second bunker. Not as well equipped, abandoned by its lab rat. It seems the tailers have been dying off. Maybe someone didn't push the button.

    Oh, and bless the guy who created the dream. Hugo talkin' Korean, the guy in the chicken suit. Sweet.

    Well, thanks for listening, and have a cluckety-cluck-cluck day.
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