Season 2 Episode 4

Everybody Hates Hugo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on ABC

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  • Not bad.........

    I liked this episode. All Hurley episodes are great. The only problem was, there wasn't enough action in this one.
    The episode starts, we see Hyrley in the pantry surrounded by food.Unfortunitely for him, it's only a dream and he wakes up.
    He gets a job to do in the hatch. He is in charge of the food.He thinks that eveerything will change because of this and he will be hated.
    So, he keeps the food in the hatch a secret.On the other side of the island, Mike, Sawyer and Jin are lifted out of the hole and told that Anna and the rest are not the others.
    They are survivors from the plane also,the tail section. We find out there was 23 of them, but most got captured and they are down to 5.
    The good news is that one of the survivors is Rose's husband Bernard.The talies bring them into a bunker and they discuss what to do next.
    On the beach, Charlie pressures Locke for answers about the hatch. Claire finds the bottle with the messages from the raft.
    It has washed up on shore. It leads her to beleive the worst. She tells Sun and they decide not to tell anyone and bury it.
    Meanwhile, in the hatch, Sayid discovers that the magnetic wall was covered up.
    Also, the pressure gets to Hurley and his job is too much to handle. He is thinking about blowing up the food, but is stopped by Rose.
    Hurley comes up with an alternate idea, he decides to give out loads of the food right now to everyone.
    It keeps everyone happy and Hurley feels much better.The flashbacks are good too. We see Hurley keep his secret (Winning the lotto) from his best freind.
    He fears that everything will change if he knew.He quits his job and go's out to do what he has always wanted to do.
    In the end, his freind finds out Hurley had lied and is really sad.
    He asks his best friend to promise that no matter what happens, their relationship will never change.
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